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  • Cop allegedly shoots, kills uncle during dispute in St Mary

    A male cop is now in the custody of the St Mary police after he allegedly shot and killed his uncle at their home in Bailey’s Vale, Port Maria in the parish on Saturday morning.

    The deceased is 48-year-old John Anthony Davis, otherwise called Farrow, a contractor of Church Street, Bailey’s Vale in the parish. 

    Initial reports are that at about 6 am, residents heard explosions coming from the house Davis and his nephew resided. 

    The police were summoned and, on their arrival, Davis was seen with gunshot wounds. He was assisted to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

    The police officer was subsequently taken into custody and is to be questioned. 

    Investigators from INDECOM were also on the scene collecting statements in the morning. 

    Community members have been left in shock at the killing. 

    While family members remain tight-lipped about the incident, a resident in the area, who spoke to Loop News on the condition of anonymity, stated that officers from the Port Maria police station were at the house on Friday night trying to resolve a dispute between Davis and his nephew. 

    The police were allegedly at the house until late Friday night trying to resolve the differences between the two and all was thought to have been settled. 

    “A long time the two a dem cussing, but we neva imagine that it would a come to this me a tell yuh. Farrow neva deserve fi go so. Him is a hard working man,” the man explained. 

    He said that the police should have separated the parties from the household as they had always had arguments in the past.


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  • Shock, grief after 23-y-o man allegedly killed by girlfriend

    Akeem Berbick, alias Bum Bum, was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend on Thursday evening.

    There has been an outpouring of grief on social media following Thursday evening's stabbing death of a man, allegedly by his girlfriend in the Alexandria area of St Ann.

    The deceased man is 23-year-old Akeem Berbick, also called Bum Bum, a farmer of Alexandria.

    Initial police reports are that at about 2:13 pm, Berbick and his girlfriend allegedly had a dispute at their home.

    During the dispute, Berbick's girlfriend allegedly used a knife and stabbed him multiple times.

    He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

    The woman was later apprehended and taken into police custody. Her identity is being withheld as police investigators are probing the matter.

    In the meantime, several persons have been left in shock and disbelief at Berbick's killing. They took to social media site, Facebook, to comment on his tragic demise.

    A cousin of Berbick, Toni-Ann xJha'Niyah posted on her Facebook page: "U link me wah day and say Cous a nuh so we live and look deh now yuh gone. Itz Akeem Berbick RIP. Miss yuh but me affy carry on."

    A friend of Berbick commented: "Just deh a yard wid u a few days ago...... and get a call today saying tht you're gone....damn...Smh....R.I.P peace my lil bro!!!!!"

    Kadion Fashikie Lgsg Morris wrote: "Oiiii pleAse tell mi say a lie this but Jesus omg."

    Latoya Rowe commented: "R.I.P Bum Bum, mother's day was the last time I saw u smh."

    Gleneke Babyg Powell said: "What!!!! Smh I'm so shocked god know mi feel it."

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  • Gun silencers being used in West Kingston?

    Criminals, in a bid to evade police detection, are believed to be now using supressors on firearms they use to carry out attacks in volatile West Kingston, where gang members are locked in a deadly feud.

    Information reaching Loop News is that the devices have been used in at least two of the recent gun attacks in the community.

    "It is true; sometimes you hear the place quiet, but no worry feel say the war done; people still a dead," one resident said.

    The resident out of fear asked that his name not be disclosed.

    Senior police officers contacted about the information say, not only have they received reports about the development, but they have also come under attack from gunmen using supressors.

    "We can confirm that we have received reports about this development," said a senior officer in the Division.

    “We can also disclose that a team of officers were recently operating close to the market district when they encountered a group of men and saw them pointing weapons in the direction of the police," the officer said, adding that during the face off, “no shots were heard, but the police had to take cover as they realised that gunshots were digging up the ground and walls close to them.”

    The police high command has launched an investigation into the matter.

    Over the last month, at least five people have been shot dead and 15 injured in the Kingston Western Division.


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  • Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill walks free

    Carlos Hill

    Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill on Wednesday walked out of the Home Circuit Court in Kingston a free man after the fraud case against him collapsed.

    Most witnesses in the long-running case reportedly could not be located, forcing the prosecution to offer no evidence against Hill.

    Justice Chester Stamp subsequently ordered the jurors to return a verdict of not guilty.

    Hill was charged with fraudulently inducing persons to invest in his alternative investment scheme, which collapsed in 2008.

    More details to come.


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  • Fire destroys Knutsford Express buildings at MoBay Airport

    A Knutsford Express bus

    Fire on Saturday destroyed buildings that were being constructed by Knutsford Express at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St James.

    The buildings were to be used as Knutsford's pick-up base at the airport.

    The base was geared at offering a more convenient pick-up location for persons travelling to and from the airport.

    Reports are that the fire started about 7:00 pm.

    The fire brigade responded with units from the Freeport Fire Station and the Ironshore station, and an ambulance from Ironshore, with support coming from emergency responders at the airport.

    The blaze affected at least two container buildings.

    Initial investigations by the fire brigade have suggested that the fire may have started in a room where batteries for a solar panel are stored.

    The fire reportedly did not affect the overall operations at the airport.


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