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  • Miss Lou didn't liberate me' - Tanya Stephens

    Tanya Stephens

    Jamaican entertainer Tanya Stephens continues to defend her controversial stance on cultural icon Louise Bennett-Coverley.

    Stephens received backlash after defending what have been perceived as disparaging remarks against 'Miss Lou' made by fellow entertainer Ishawna.

    Ishawna triggered a firestorm of negative comments against her when she stated on her Instagram page last week that she “nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou”.

    Stephens afterwards slammed Ishawna’s critics, saying: “Jamaicans really need to stop mandating their self-imposed limitations.”

    She also challenged those criticizing Ishawna to post a photo of themselves dressing like ‘Miss Lou’ or a video of themselves reciting one of the icon’s poems.

    Stephens elaborated on her stance in a video posted on her Instagram page. In response to the argument that Miss Lou allowed the Jamaican patois dialect to be generally accepted from people like herself, Stephens said: "She didn't liberate me... as soon as I was born, I was talking patois." 



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  • Woman of unsound mind charged for hacking her daughter-in-law to death

    Residents saw the bloodied body of Debbie-Ann Morris on the floor with multiple chop wounds.

    The Westmoreland police have charged 50-year-old Simone Dennis, who is allegedly of an unsound mind, for the hacking to death of her daughter- in- law on Tuesday afternoon.

    The deceased has been identified as 21-year-old unemployed Debbie- Ann Morris of Pipers Corner district, Westmoreland.

    Reports are that about midday on Tuesday,  residents spotted Dennis, who is of a Sweet River address in Westmoreland, entering Morris' house. Shortly after, Morris was heard shouting for murder but her cries were ignored by residents.

    But the residents became curious and went to investigate at about 4:00pm, after they saw Dennis leaving the house and shouting: "Mi just chop her up".

    Upon their arrival, the residents saw the bloodied body of Morris on the floor with multiple chop wounds.

    She was taken to the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital where she was confirmed dead.

    Dennis was taken into custody and subsequently charged.


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  • Police sergeant among three busted with truck load of ganja in Hanover

    Packages containing compressed ganja that were seized in a police operation along the Green Island main road in Hanover on Thursday.

    A police sergeant is among three men who were arrested on Thursday night after they were found with a truck load of compressed ganja in Green Island, Hanover.

    The accused cop is assigned to the Savanna-la-Mar police station in Westmoreland.

    Reports are that a police team from the Narcotics Division was conducting an operation along the Green Island main road when a Toyota truck with three men aboard - including the police officer, who was in uniform - and a Nissan motor car with one occupant were observed parked along the roadway. 

    On the approach of the cops, the occupant of the Nissan reportedly opened fire and escaped on foot, while the three men in the truck were apprehended and the vehicle searched.

    The search of the truck reportedly revealed 2,000 pounds of compressed ganja.

    The three men were taken into custody and are expected to be charged for breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act on Friday.


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  • Jamaica the third coolest nation globally, says CNN Travel

    A man dances at a party in Ocho Rios last week. Jamaicans are among the 'coolest' people in the world, says CNN.

    Jamaica came in a cool third among countries which were ranked among CNN Travel's 14 coolest nationalities globally.

    CNN Travel, in an online post, declared that there is more to Jamaicans than reggae and Rastafarianism, which it described as “the most kick-back religion ever invented”.

    Jamaicans were described as having “an accent that's the envy of the English-speaking world, and the planet's most distinctive and recognisable hairstyle” — dreadlocks.

    The post also gave a frank tip to non-nationals.

    “Note to backpackers: dreadlocks only cool on actual Jamaicans,” CNN Travel advised.

    Jamaican sprint legend, Usain Bolt, was also labeled the “icon of cool”.

    However, in doses of negativity, the post said what makes Jamaica “not so cool” are its “high murder rate and widespread homophobia”.

    Brazil took the top spot as the coolest nationality, followed by Singapore.

    Mongolia came in fourth, followed y the United States of America at five, followed by South Korea, Spain, Japan, Botswana, China, Australia, Nepal, Belgium and Turkey.


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  • Ishawna feeling the heat from ‘Miss Lou diss’

    Declaring her style, Ishawna makes it clear on her Instagram page that she “nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou”, possibly naively not recognizing or appreciating the national cultural significance of the bandana outfits.

    Controversial and ultra-raunchy female entertainer Ishawna has hit a firestorm of negativity as a result of a degrading reference to the national bandana outfit and its most noted exponent, national cultural treasure, the late Louise Bennett-Coverley.

    With a compelling desire for the public spotlight, it seemed that Ishawna, having recently ventured into really hot waters and coming out victorious with her ‘Equal Rights’ tune which demands oral sex on behalf of females from their male partners, hit the controversial button again in an entirely different scenario, in which she has less chance than a snowball in hell of getting anything but wide-scale flak.

    Declaring her style, she makes it clear on her Instagram page that she “nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou”, possibly naively not recognizing or appreciating the national cultural significance of the bandana outfits that school children at the primary level and below are required to wear at least once per year as a national symbol.

    And like a ton of bricks, the critics came out to sock it to her, including the for the clearly demeaning reference to the iconic and universally loved (except perhaps Ishawna) ‘Miss Lou’.

    Among the many uncomplimentary comments on her statement were the following:

    “You call our national outfit tablecloth???? U is a f…… eediat b….”.

    “Is not even about Ms Lou, it's that the bandana is Jamaica's national outfit”. 

    “A true she irrelevant yah now, so she haffi pull off a stunt!”

    “As the years go by people get more selfish and hard. Once upon a time people could read and comprehend.”

     “Lou pave the way for our culture to be accepted, so that you can have an international career. Plz put on some clothes. Think u would look better covered in table cloth!!!”

    “Too disrespectful”.

    Girl u shouldn't have, plus that's our national dress. That tablecloth is our national dress. Certainly u don't expect Miss lou to dress like a slut. Call somebody else name, just not Miss Lou. If u want to go naked, that's ur business, but don't u dare dis a national icon. U idiot or what? U depon this freedom n equality s…, but with rights comes great responsibility. Please remember that wonder woman. U wanna sound intelligent, but didn't u read over before u post u s…? Couldn't u find a better caption? That's all u could have come with? What (happen), u song got stale n u needed one more highlight?”

    From I baan I neva c a gyal more outta order fi a talk bou Miss Lou da wear tablecloth. Maybe if u da wear d same tablecloth (bandana) u would look better than dressing in those skimpy outfits.”

    “Not even notice unu, but unu spend time a notice har. Unu big and idle nuh …”

    “Yuh brite nuh fetch. I like you, but I love Miss Lou. Yuh NEED fi apologise”.

    “Careless talking gal… Know your culture and don't be a dumb a*#”.

    Almost totally hidden among the ‘rubble’ under which she was being ‘buried’ was a single comment in favour of Ishawna:

    “(She) made a statement just referring to her sexy look. Who da f… cares. How she diss the woman? Like seriously, people need to lighten up and stop carry heavy hate. It ugly and sad.”



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