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Amari says Gully Bop picture with 50 cent is a fake


Amari says Gully Bop picture with 50 cent is a fake. Is Gully Bop lying to the media??

Yeaterday a picture with Gully Bop and international recording Artise 50 cent went viral on social media. Thereafter Gully Bop took to the airwaves to say that the picture was authentic and that there were big plans ahead and for collaboration with himself and 50 cent.  It was also suggested that Bop would be making appearances in huge international tv shows including “Power”

But his ex lover Amari took to social media minutes ago to say that she actually made contact with 50 cent Managment team who had no clue who Gully Bop is.  She went on to say that a deep look of the picture shows that it’s fake and suggested it was a photoshop. Amari went as far as saying that the suite that 50 cent  was wearing was the one which he wore in his bankruptcy court case. She pointed out that Gully Bop was standing in a bathroom which is of a different background from 50 cent.

“Photo shop fake picture of 50 cents and Gully Bop. Look at zoomed in image on right…gully bop in bathroom. Shower curtain or closet racks exposes him while 50 cents has on clothes worn to court couple months aback. A woman fingers put on Bop shoulder. Expert photo editor! How 50 cent look so taller than Gully Bop and Gully Bop real tall?” – Amari

This new development has left social media asking if Gully Bop is lying to the media to build back his career which has gone stagnant.

Read below earlier story carried by the Star:


Gully Bop hints at collab with 50 Cent

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop has hinted at a possible appearance in 50 Cent’s breakout series, Power.

The entertainer, while speaking with THE STAR Online, confirmed that photos of himself and the G-Unit Boss were 100 per cent authentic.

“Dem real man. Why would a big artiste like Gully Bop Photoshop a picture?” he said.

“Mi did go fi a meeting with 50 and we talk fi bout 20 or 30 minutes. Di man rate Gully Bop and him team. All di people dem round him rate Gully Bop,” he said.

The entertainer, who has been relatively absent from the music scene in recent times, is currently in New York and is hinting on big things to come as he rubs shoulders with some big names in the business.

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