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Hanover massacre, we’ve just received some gruesome images of a woman who was chopped up by her ex lover for reasons unknown as yet.

Images shows where her hand was sliced off and body was chopped up. Speculations is that the man found out she was dating another man after a week they broke up and chose to take violent actions towards her.


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  • nika Added I want to know the story
  • Lexxie Added Stop that. This happened in the Commonwealth of Dominica my home town. That wasn't the reason y at all. I pray you take down the young lady photos please. Disrespect for the family. Omg
  • Mia Added Wtf yall and allu fake story get that duck out of her
  • Dw mate Added Stop cheating, maybe you'll stay alive
  • SMFH Added That's gros disrespect to post such pics online. The incident took place
    in Dominica and this story is pure bullshit. Where the hell did u guys get this story from. Smfh shame on u guys for posting such rubbish. U could just call the police station in Dominica for the real story.
  • kanisha Added but wat d mother ass wrong with allu fucking ppl how d fuck u'll can put up me bro pic n say is he dat do shit. all fucking ppl need to stop dat madness. wdf wrong with allu fucking ppl off today. in all u fucking ass u'll beyter stop dis fucking shit or else dats all i fucking saying shit will get rough
  • Mario Added Bullshit I ain't go so
  • Clear Chris Name Added please take down this gentle mans pic. he was not the person who did that to the young lady. the person who committed this act is in police custody. The photo of the gentlemen you are seeing he was missing and was found dead. He was brutally murdered. please the family is asking that you stop spreading this false information to people as you are hurting the family. This young man was a respectable young man. you all need to stop this and get your facts right
  • jay Added And the story that goes along with it is so false...SMH.
  • Ms hmmmm Added This happened in Dominica, when this news coming from about Hanover?

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