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BREAKING NEWS: Jamaicans WARNED to be on the look out for DOG & DONKEY meat for the holidays! [MUST WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO]

KINGSTON, Jamaica — As news circulate about the possibility of ‘plastic’ rice being in the Jamaican market, Jamaicans are also being urged to be vigilant when purchasing meat for consumption.

The warning comes from head of Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr Osbil Watson, who was speaking at a press conference today at the Jamaica Customs Agency at Newport East, in Kingston.

The press conference was called to address media reports of the distribution of ‘plastic rice’ in Jamaica, which today prompted the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) to temporarily cease the clearance of rice at all ports of entry.

When responding to a question raised about past allegations of dog and donkey meat being distributed locally, Dr Watson urged consumers to be vigilant.

He pointed out that it is the consumer’s duty to ensure that they verify the origins of meats they purchase and added that, so far, no one who might be involved in selling such meats has been found.


He admitted that he is aware that horsemeat has the potential to be offered for sale from European markets, but insisted that the Government is vigilant in safeguarding consumers.


He said: “We have our officers at our port of entries to verify, as much as possible, that the products that are being imported comply with our local laws and meat requirements.”

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  • Kld Added The bureau of standards is very slack
  • Added Why is the Chinese still a run bushinesses, why them still in the country? at this point not a single Chinese in Jamaica should be able to sleeps at night, they should not be able to walk the streets in safety at no time, where is the bad man them?.
  • Msb Added Where were the officers when the plastic rice came in the country?
  • Naja Added MI tell di youth dem farm!!!
  • Chals Added The government is not doing enough to cease the entry of some of these products! We as consumers should try out Best to eat what we grow.
  • rudy Added This is what we get for being too licky licky. Wi allow the Chinese to operate in our with barely any regulations because them a invest. Big mistake!! Unuh hear Nutten yet, trust mi.
  • Anna Ariel Gayann Added We need to stop consuming imported meats and start supporting our local farmers. Government you need to assist our farmers so they can sell their produce at an affordable cost!
  • Jackie Added It's about time the Jamaican Government step up to the plate and Address these issues,they need to give the Chinese people them back their money for whatever they have invested it in Jamaica and send them back to their country for coming to Jamaica and disrespecting the Jamaican people with they fake food
  • lois Added this is sickening smh
  • shannyboo harding Added Omg their so wicked and disgusting.them Mek mi fraud Fi eat.:persevere::disappointed:

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