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Breaking News: JLP Supporter Crushed To Death By Truck In Portland (Gruesome Pic)

This is the horrific moment a young girl was knocked over and crushed to death under the wheels of a truck as she walked across the road.

the truck driver waiting in a queue of traffic moving slowly forward over the pedestrian crossing in broad daylight in portland.

The young girl , 21, can be seen walking across the road, apparently expecting the truck driver to have seen her.

But as she strolls in front of the vehicle, the driver continues on, knocking her forward before she disappears under the wheels.

Even when the driver lorry bounces into the air as it rides over her, the driver fails to stop and then disappears from the scene, leaving the young girl lying in a pool of blood in the road.

See Pic Below:


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  • Cygon Added photo shop work needs to be better for this to work, who ever you are.
  • ryze Added So if the truck drive over her an gone which wheel dat inna di pic?????
  • Efoff Added Which asshole wrote this? How could someone have the time to take such a good picture if the driver didn't stop as the article states? Stop wasting people's times with your B.S. Plus this happened 2 days ago how come it is not in any major news outlet in Jamaica. Where is the blood? Man oonuh f*ck off and stop waste mi time wid dis f*ckery.
  • N0el Added Police need to train people how to use pedestrian crossing. They be have like cows.They don't wait until the vehicle stopped and the driver recognize their presence
  • gena the pictures can take without the stop but since you think it had stop then why he proceed and Added Howie
  • Dan Added God will take care of him ,these dummies are just plain ignorant, she should be sentenced to death and more.
  • kim Added The driver had to have seen the girl ,you want to tell me he didn't feel when that he ran over something, and if he wasn't gulity why did he run kmt tell bout these dumb ass on the street ,its like ppl ain't free to choose which party to support
  • Gena Added lies how could that pic be taken if the truck didn't stop.... one fool makes many
  • chrissy Added Wow its sad
    You guys must stay home
    And when election come u go vote

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