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BREAKING NEWS!! Toddler killed in hit & run in Ocho Rios! [GRUESOME VIDEO]

Ocho Rios.
Her son got hit .. apparently he was walking behind her while they were all crossing the bypass … when he got hit, the mother picked up her dead son, positioned him in a standing position as if he were still alive standing

She then hugged and wailed, bawling for anyone to help; but it was too late .. !! That’s his sister in the green tshirt .. she lost it .. I have never watched anything so painful inna mi life. This happened yesterday afternoon!

The driver of the motor vehicle later turned herself in at the nearest police station in fear of her own life

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  • donnette thomae Added Jesus strengthen my family
  • Alana Added What is this world coming too. People can go about they business like its nothing but when it happen to u then care. Look at that mother makes me wonder if life it self mean anything anymore cause nobody care for it anymore, men killing there girlfriend, wifes and kids over things that u think to your self are they crazy. I don't comment or like to even read these stuff cause I know the end of all blood on floor and road everyday for dum reason taking a life tht u didn't even bring into the world. The worst thing about this is that its just getting more sick to watch and read everyday.
  • samaria Added I hate the sound of theses people in the back ground saying he's dead already I doubt that they have a child maybe if you people start to exercise the power of the almighty God hoping and praying that God will do a miraculous move nothing beats prayer but instead you keep pronouncing the child dead, Jesus I can't even bear the sight of this I have two sons I wouldn't want this for them, I pray for the parents and the rest of the family and friends cryyyyyy Jesus watch over our children please
  • hya Added extremely painful
  • kimmy Added How she know say him dead is she a doctor and it don't matter its your child .that woman is not a mother so she wouldn't know how it feel .
  • Baby Added So what if he died the woman pikney
  • Lydia Added Am in tears.My heart goes out to the mother and her daughter.Rest in peace little angel
  • Tammy Added It just hurt me soul for the female and male in the back ground emphasize on how him dead already.Your there and not of any help any mother would have done that cry out for help despite knowing the child is dead. All you guys do is quick to snap n video as a incident take place. A set of unemployed non entities. Comfort goes out to the mommy
  • traceyforbes Added Just so sad I'm sorry for the mom it's hard to loss u child I pray gods grace and mercy and u ally we all here for u and ur family
  • Tameka Added :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:it's hurts so much and I don't know them omg ..may his soul rest in peace.

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