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BREAKING NEWS!! Truth revealed. Khajeel Mais allegedly killed by Patrick Powell’s son!

After years of waiting in agony and heartbreak, the family of 17 year old Khajeel Mais has only been left in turmoil after the man accused of murdering their son in a taxi walked free.

Patrick Powell walked free on October 24th after a prosecution could not adequately support their claims after their key witness changed his statement. Jamaicans were outraged.


Just 24 hours after the end to the controversial case, there are allegations rising from the ash. Allegations from a source within the justice system has claimed that it was in fact, Patrick Powell’s 26 year old son, Jahnai Powell who committed the murder of Khajeel Mais.

Jahnai Powell had also been arrested 2011 after he and others were alleged to have crippled a man in 2009. The current allegations are that junior Powell is the one who shot and killed Khajeel Mais, but senior Powell took the blame as he knew it would be harder on his son, and it could not actually be proven that he was on the scene.

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  • Faggy Added All i wish the same thing that happen to this family reach you, i know this family and i know the pain that they are feeling, it look like you are the girl friend of powell so you know about the killing
  • Keen Observer Added So what happens next?
  • Call me Crzy Added It is crazy how the story changed from an x5 to an x6. The son did used to drive the x5. But if it was indeed the son he could please insanity. I'm no dr but no one in there right mind can tell me he is 100% sane.
  • Lyrics Added Loool what the heck is that Dre dude talking about? Lmao
  • Justice for all Added This is crazy
  • dre Added they were tryna rob sum an one dead the next driver cant testify and convict himself. a so badness go
  • Eye for an Eye Added I can't speak for no one but myself but if it was my child i would kill every mother fucker involved if it's even one but somebody a dead fuck the Jamaica Justice System a jungle justice me thing deh
  • baps baps Added Allen this is not the first time i am hearing this story, him son have anger problem from him a go calabar. Father powell wasnt even on the island when the incident hapn
  • Kay Added Who shit in Allen's :coffee:

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