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  • Ishawna Diss Lincoln 3Dot & Leaks Screen Shots After He Lied About The Two Having Sex [MUST SEE PICS]

    Social media sensation Lincoln 3dot now turn recording artiste has been exposed by Ishawna after he alleges in his song that he had sex with her which led to her beating from FootaHype.


    The song titled “Dem Ah Pree” is a diss song aimed at Footahype which was released yesterday.

    “Weh mi do F**k yo girl the first day mi meet ar, put a hickey pan ar neck mek yo beat ar, she say equal rights and justice so we done know a long time yo did a eat ar,” Lincoln sings

    This triggered an angry response from Ishawna who addressed the issue on Instagram and also shared some screen shots of a conversation between her and Lincoln 3dot over the single.

    “The things we as women have to go through!!!!! Ladies what do we call men weh tell lie pon pussy again????? Mi nuh want nuh BOY or GAL feel like dem can ramp wid mi and tell mi sorry!!!!!! There’s NOTHING worst than a man that tell lies on women!!! STAY OFF MY NAME!!!! Mi sick and tired a unu now!!!! @lincoln3dot @footahypemusic #DoBetter #EqualRights” Ishawna wrote





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  • Kartel's song belongs to me - producer Elvis Redwood

    Record producer Elvis Redwood has cleared the air on allegations that he wrongfully recorded Shenseea on Vybz Kartel’s song, Loodi. According to the producer, who released a video about the incident, the song belongs to him, therefore he is free to add an artiste to the project if he sees it fit.

    He also took full responsibility for Shenseea’s role on the record, noting that all parties involved were aware that the song was not an official Vybz Kartel collaboration.

    “Both versions of the song a mine. My rhythm and Kartel's vocals. Kartel owns his masters, so 50 per cent of it belongs to him, and 50 per cent of it belongs to me. I don’t handle Kartel money and he does not handle my money. When he does his deal he gets his money, and when I domine, I get mine,” he said.

    The producer also said he personally recruited Shenseea to rework the song because he felt the record needed a female voice. Before the release of the record, Redwood said there were persons who tried to stall the release of the track, but none of those persons had the power to make any decision about its release.


    Redwood's video comes after a video of Vybz Kartel's original version of Loodi was uploaded to the deejay's Vevo page on YouTube with a caption saying, 'My song was never a collaboration. However, when checks were made yesterday, the song was removed. 

    But that has not stopped persons from accusing Shenseea and her manager, Romeich, of stealing Vybz Kartel's song and making changes to the track without his permission. 

    Meanwhile, Redwood, who also produced Popcaan's Only Man She Want, also made it clear that Vybz Kartel was compensated for the song.

    According to the producer, he brokered a deal with VP Records for which he was paid and so was Vybz Kartel.

    “Johnny Wonder get Kartel money. I also sent a message to him (Vybz Kartel) that I did a deal with VP and I was told by the correspondent that everything was governed,” he said.

    As for the recent upload of the original version of Loodi on Vybz Kartel’s Vevo page without Shenseea, Redwood said he is unaware of what motivated the move.

    “I received no message from Vybz Kartel saying don’t put out the song. I know what to do and what not to do with Vybz Kartel songs. I have never gone against what I should do as it relates to Kartel’s music,” he said.

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  • Shenseea made Kartel’s song better - Romeich

    Shenseea's manager, Romeich Major, says he is prepared to endure even more bashing from Gaza fans, as he insists the version of the 'Loodi' song, which features his artiste Shenseea, is better than the original which only has Vybz Kartel.

    "The real people that know music will prefer the collab. If me haffi get a flogging, me a go get a flogging. It (Shenseea's version) sounds way better than the original," he said. "The track that you hear out there now is the exact track that was sent to us, to do it in a female version utilising most of the lyrics, and that was what we did."

    Since news emerged that the song which catapulted the fast-rising dancehall star on to the music scene was not an actual collaboration, Shenseea and her management team have been coming under heavy attack from the public.

    A version of Loodi was uploaded to Vybz Kartel's official YouTube channel with the caption, 'My song was never a collaboration', and that was enough to send social media into a frenzy, as they accused Romeich and Shenseea of stealing Kartel's song and passing it off as their own.

    But in an interview with THE STAR, Romeich sought to set the record straight, stating that he nor Shenseea have never failed to give Vybz Kartel credit for the song.


    Female version


    "I made a general statement about my artiste that she writes her own lyrics. I didn't say Shenseea wrote all her songs, especially Loodi. If you watch closely, most of the interviews that she did, at no point did she ever say she wrote the lyrics. She just say Romeich got the song from So Unique to do and that's what she did," he explained.

    "If you listen the song, a couple changes are there. If a producer send you a track and say change the verse into a female version, what are you supposed to do? He did not say write over the song. I was working with the producer."

    Romeich added that it was his understanding that Vybz Kartel and the producer had ironed out all the details regarding the collaboration, as he has never spoken to Vybz Kartel or any member of his team.

    "In music, one artiste don't normally talk to the other artiste when dem a do collabs, and it's the producer who most times have the talk when it comes to the song, depending on the contract dem sign with the artiste," he said.


    No issue


    "I don't know the arrangements that were made between them. Everybody is attacking me and the artiste Shenseea. We are not the producers of the song, so go and look for So Unique Records and ask him. The producer link me and ask me to do a collab with my artiste with Vybz Kartel. Who wouldn't want to do a feature with Kartel? There is no issue between Vybz Kartel, Shenseea, and Romeich. The issue would have to be between Kartel and So Unique Elvis."

    When THE STAR questioned Romeich about whether or not he had been in touch with the producer at the centre of all the drama, he said he has not been given an explanation on how the current issue with the song could have arisen. He also said that the producer is also trying to get to the bottom of things and has refused to give any statement to the media until then.

    THE STAR tried to contact Elvis of So Unique Records, but our efforts were unsuccessful.


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  • Spice Gets Emotional After Son Says She’s Always Working!

    The ‘Queen of Stage,’ real name Grace Hamilton uploaded a screenshot on the chat to her Instagram account, “Some one just help me cry 

    cause only god alone knows how hard this is for me,” the hard-working single mom wrote.

     Spice has been playing the roles of both mother and father to her children, Nicholas and Nicholatoy, since breaking up with longtime fiancé Nicholas Lall last year August.
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