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  • Shenseea made Kartel’s song better - Romeich

    Shenseea's manager, Romeich Major, says he is prepared to endure even more bashing from Gaza fans, as he insists the version of the 'Loodi' song, which features his artiste Shenseea, is better than the original which only has Vybz Kartel.

    "The real people that know music will prefer the collab. If me haffi get a flogging, me a go get a flogging. It (Shenseea's version) sounds way better than the original," he said. "The track that you hear out there now is the exact track that was sent to us, to do it in a female version utilising most of the lyrics, and that was what we did."

    Since news emerged that the song which catapulted the fast-rising dancehall star on to the music scene was not an actual collaboration, Shenseea and her management team have been coming under heavy attack from the public.

    A version of Loodi was uploaded to Vybz Kartel's official YouTube channel with the caption, 'My song was never a collaboration', and that was enough to send social media into a frenzy, as they accused Romeich and Shenseea of stealing Kartel's song and passing it off as their own.

    But in an interview with THE STAR, Romeich sought to set the record straight, stating that he nor Shenseea have never failed to give Vybz Kartel credit for the song.


    Female version


    "I made a general statement about my artiste that she writes her own lyrics. I didn't say Shenseea wrote all her songs, especially Loodi. If you watch closely, most of the interviews that she did, at no point did she ever say she wrote the lyrics. She just say Romeich got the song from So Unique to do and that's what she did," he explained.

    "If you listen the song, a couple changes are there. If a producer send you a track and say change the verse into a female version, what are you supposed to do? He did not say write over the song. I was working with the producer."

    Romeich added that it was his understanding that Vybz Kartel and the producer had ironed out all the details regarding the collaboration, as he has never spoken to Vybz Kartel or any member of his team.

    "In music, one artiste don't normally talk to the other artiste when dem a do collabs, and it's the producer who most times have the talk when it comes to the song, depending on the contract dem sign with the artiste," he said.


    No issue


    "I don't know the arrangements that were made between them. Everybody is attacking me and the artiste Shenseea. We are not the producers of the song, so go and look for So Unique Records and ask him. The producer link me and ask me to do a collab with my artiste with Vybz Kartel. Who wouldn't want to do a feature with Kartel? There is no issue between Vybz Kartel, Shenseea, and Romeich. The issue would have to be between Kartel and So Unique Elvis."

    When THE STAR questioned Romeich about whether or not he had been in touch with the producer at the centre of all the drama, he said he has not been given an explanation on how the current issue with the song could have arisen. He also said that the producer is also trying to get to the bottom of things and has refused to give any statement to the media until then.

    THE STAR tried to contact Elvis of So Unique Records, but our efforts were unsuccessful.


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  • Spice Gets Emotional After Son Says She’s Always Working!

    The ‘Queen of Stage,’ real name Grace Hamilton uploaded a screenshot on the chat to her Instagram account, “Some one just help me cry 

    cause only god alone knows how hard this is for me,” the hard-working single mom wrote.

     Spice has been playing the roles of both mother and father to her children, Nicholas and Nicholatoy, since breaking up with longtime fiancé Nicholas Lall last year August.
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  • Bad Boy Trevor gets freakier - Actor promises crazy sex games at erotic party

    Actor promises crazy sex games at erotic party

    Popular actor and adult entertainment coordinator Garfield 'Bad Boy Trevor' Reid is inviting all 'open-minded' adults to join him at an event dubbed Adult Swim, the Ultimate Erotic Party.

    "We do crazy sex games where couples can get involved, as well as erotic games that people find really entertaining and funny. Even if you're not taking part, you'll find it really fun just watching," he said.

    "People used to go to Hedonism, but some people can't afford to go there, so what we want to do is bring Hedonism to the people," Reid added.

    The event will see its second staging take place on Monday, but it is the first time that Reid will be hosting. He said his years of experience in the adult entertainment business is what will set this particular event apart from the rest.

    "Being that I keep Gal Farm Sundays, and I host Lucky 38, and I do Hedonism Thursdays, I have some knowledge of what audiences really want without the barefaced thing. So, I'm trying to make this one more for the audience, than trying to put on a show for the audience," he explained.

    The lingerie and poolside-themed event is slated to be held at House of Angels, at 2B Downer Avenue, New Kingston. It will feature Bad Boys Entertainment's male strippers, female strippers, topless models, Hype Honeys - who will facilitate body bars, as well as exotic entertainers Lady Icebox, and Nadia. Free masks will also be distributed.



    The event's poster boasts of a live orgy, and according to Reid, anything can happen when the event kicks off.

    "If you know me well, you know that I don't plan these stuff. I work off the vibes of the audience," he said.

    "They call me Mr Unleash because a me say unleash yourself. It's for you to just let go and catch a vibes. It's not only about the dancers. We put women on stage to dance with their boyfriends and give them lap dance, and women buy lap dance fi each other," he added.

    The rules of the event are simple. According to Reid, "You can't use your phone there. What happens at the party, stays there."

    He also warned that 'male on male' sexual acts will not be condoned.

    Those wishing to indulge in the freaky party will have to fork up $1,000 presold for females, $1,200 males, or $1,500 at the gate.


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  • Promoter defends J'can male strippers

    Promoter defends J'can male strippers

    Event promoter and marketer Maestro Debonair has come out in strong defence of his male monthly stripper event, Male Revue. The promoter received some amount of backlash on social media after he posted photos of some of his male stripper employees wearing skimpy clothing on his personal page.

    However, he believes Jamaicans ought to be more open-minded. He also pointed out that the bulk of the backlash comes from insecure men.

    "Men are generally insecure. If you want to look at the amount of domestic violence cases that ended tragically, it shows that as men, we are very insecure when it comes to our women," he said.



    "So, naturally, male strippers are going to be disliked by most men because they won't like the idea of sending their woman out to a male strip club. There is going to be backlash, but that helps to promote and create a curiosity. It's mostly restrictions and the forbidden that are found to be the most tempting," he said.

    Debonair also rubbished accusations that his sexuality was compromised by his decision to endorse male strippers, while comparing it to male dancers in dancehall.

    "Anybody that knows me can tell you that I am strictly for the ladies, so there is no question about that. Ever since male strippers have gained prominence, people tend to ascribe certain sexuality stereotypes, but I am really not sure why. Male exotic dancing promotes sexual freedom and sensuality," he said.

    "You have a lot of men in the dancehall who wear tight clothing and they are dancing more than the females, and dem a wine up in a crowd. So, to question the sexuality of a male stripper who wears costumes and dances for an all-female audience is absurd. For me, personally, it's ladies only."


    potential to grow

    Despite the backlash, Debonair believes that male exotic dancing has the potential to grow in Jamaica because women are becoming increasingly independent.

    "Women have been empowered lately. They are earning as much as men, and gender roles have changed a lot. Women are calling more shots than they did 10 years ago, and independent women feel empowered, so it's a necessary entertainment medium," he said.

    Debonair also stressed that he does not book his male strippers to offer sexual services. He added that the company has been targeted by homosexuals, but they have declined such services as the company strictly focuses on the pleasure of women.

    Male stripping events under the Male Revue banner are held monthly in Kingston, every other Saturday in Montego Bay, and every Saturday at Shades in Ocho Rios. The company also offers male exotic dancers for hire to women for bachelorette parties for as much as $20,000 for a 60-minute show.

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  • Macka Diamond injured after shots trigger 'stampede' at Ghetto Splash

    Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond injured her ankle during a stampede during the Ghetto Splash show at the Waterhouse mini-stadium in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew.

    She plans to do x-rays on the ankle on Thursday because the swelling hasn't gone down. 

    "I am in a lot of pain, I hardly could sleep last night. I twisted my ankle running from a stampede after shots were fired at the Ghetto Splash event. Mi did done perform and backstage ah hold a vibe and take picture with the fans. I was sitting down on a chair when mi hear the shots fired. Mi see Don Mafia ah run like Usain Bolt and the whole crowd ah move towards me and mi ease up offa the chair and ran. I was going to run in the direction of my car, but too many people were stampeding in every direction," she said. 
    "Mi run towards a tent, and mi dive down and go inna the tent, and luckily it was the first aid tent, and one of the guys iced it for me, and i called Prang the dancer and he helped me to my car," she said. 
    On Wednesday, a video showing a wigless Macka Diamond performing alongside emcee Sample Man, went viral all over the Internet. During the performance, her wig fell off but Macka Diamond did not miss a beat and continued to reel off hits. But as happy as she is at the public attention, she is in a lot of pain.
    "All when mi lie down, mi ankle ah hurt me, mi ice it last night and the pain ease up so I could sleep.But I am going to get some x-rays done," she said. 
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