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  • Ishawna Fires Back at FootaHype and Nikki Z

    Foota Hype took jabs at Ishawna, saying she’s only hot on social media and an unsuspecting cyber brawl on Instagram between Bounty Killer and Foota Hype feuding over Ishawna.

    The “Legendary” singer seems to be the hot topic on everyone’s lips once again. The ongoing feud was revived during an episode of Onstage where popular DJ Foota Hype, stated that ex-lover Ishawna was only ‘social media hot’.

    She took to Instagram to share her views on the squabble by releasing 3 snippet videos of her new song produced by Down Sound Records – Which comes as no surprise to anyone – entitled “Social Media Hot.” The single is packed with hard-hitting lyrics aimed at Foota Hype & Radio personnel radio diva, Nikki Z.


    She sings, ” Big up all a me fans, a it put me weh me deh. Me nah look no bly or support from no hypocrite like Nikki Z”. She also lyrically attacks Foota, “You think you a God for music, but we nuh need you. over 16 months run off and you still a carry belly like a alien breed you.”


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  • Tami Chynn, Wayne Marshall expecting baby number two

    It seems like 2016 is shaping up to be very prosperous for the Chin- Mitchell clan.

    Entertainers Tammar Anika Chin- Mitchell and Wayne Mitchell known professionally as Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall are about to land a refresher course in 'newborn-ology' as the couple is expecting another child in late 2016.

    On Saturday, news of the family's impending arrival broke via Marshall's Instagram page.

    Shortly after, Chynn's sister Tessanne reposted the image and seemed every bit excited for the new addition:

    "And on top of having an amazing time at an amazing wedding,I get to finally release this secret !!! I'm gonna be an Aunty again !!! Congrats @iamtamichynn @waynemarsheezy #GladBagBussFiTrue #AuntyTess #GodIsGreat !!!!"

    The two married in 2010 after four years of dating. They are proud parents to two sons: Giomar (from Marshall's previous relationship with Regina Macallum) and Jackson Benjamin.

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    As if Jamaica’s election wasn’t excitement enough, a Jamaican artist who goes by the name REAL  OVERDOSE decided to something that I have never heard of in my almost 40 years of being on this earth. HE TODAY HELD HIS OWN FUNERAL ALTHOUGH HE’S STILL ALIVE AND HEALTHY! ABSURD, CRAZY OR DESPERATE .. Just add all the adjectives to describe this madness !



    WHO IN GOD’S NAME DOES THIS? Isn’t this calling death upon yourself? Sources in the community told us that this FUNERAL is causing quite a road block  and it is going on right now as I am writing  this. Funeral procession, Hearse and all these things. Desperation to the thousandth power! The funeral had mourners and just about everything that takes place at a funeral !! Heard he even held a dead yard set up the night before with mannish water and ghost whisperers.

    I guess he’s trying to live up to his name .. REAL OVERDOSE.. Smh .. THE CRAZIEST PR STUNT I HAVE SEEN TO DATE LORD !!! Faints  I think he overdosed on madness ..LOL


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  • I just gave Bop a one par' - Chin refutes 'back together' claims

    Diamond Music Empire recording artiste Chin Chin has refuted claims on social media that she has been reunited with Gully Bop.

    "Gully Bop called me because he needed help, so I was just helping him, I am not going to turn my back on him. He had called me from the Virgin Islands and Miami saying he didn't have anybody to pick him up. At first, I thought it was a set up but I went anyway because mi caan turn my back on him, so we picked him up at the airport and mi give him a one par, and immediately it all over the Net, but me and Bop not together, people just need fi come outta mi life," she said. 

    Several Internet blogs published stories that the two were united and pictures of the two at the airport were circulated via social media. 

    Bop was quoted by The Star as saying he was still in love with his ex.

    "Yuh see di love weh me have fi Chin, it strong," he reportedly told The Star. "So all when me a say me and her nuh deh, a just talk mi did a talk true mi did hurt." 

    Late last year, Chin Chin and Bop had a much publicised brouhaha that led to Chin hitting him with a padlock. Diss songs and acrimonious interviews followed, but the public is still enamoured with the two dancehall personalities. 

    "People will always talk, but mi a live my life, and at this time, that doesn't mean that me and Bop ah go de back again," she said. 

    Chin Chin will be shooting a video for her My Life and Why singles this month. 


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