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  • I just gave Bop a one par' - Chin refutes 'back together' claims

    Diamond Music Empire recording artiste Chin Chin has refuted claims on social media that she has been reunited with Gully Bop.

    "Gully Bop called me because he needed help, so I was just helping him, I am not going to turn my back on him. He had called me from the Virgin Islands and Miami saying he didn't have anybody to pick him up. At first, I thought it was a set up but I went anyway because mi caan turn my back on him, so we picked him up at the airport and mi give him a one par, and immediately it all over the Net, but me and Bop not together, people just need fi come outta mi life," she said. 

    Several Internet blogs published stories that the two were united and pictures of the two at the airport were circulated via social media. 

    Bop was quoted by The Star as saying he was still in love with his ex.

    "Yuh see di love weh me have fi Chin, it strong," he reportedly told The Star. "So all when me a say me and her nuh deh, a just talk mi did a talk true mi did hurt." 

    Late last year, Chin Chin and Bop had a much publicised brouhaha that led to Chin hitting him with a padlock. Diss songs and acrimonious interviews followed, but the public is still enamoured with the two dancehall personalities. 

    "People will always talk, but mi a live my life, and at this time, that doesn't mean that me and Bop ah go de back again," she said. 

    Chin Chin will be shooting a video for her My Life and Why singles this month. 


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  • Dancehall artiste Gully Bop part ways with another manager!

    Dancehall artiste, Gully Bop and his manager, Karl Durrant are today at odds over whether Durrant still holds the above position.

    The news follows a revelation made by Bops’ ex-fiancé, Shauna Chin who told the STAR that the entertainer was no longer being managed by Durrant. Chin was being interviewed by the STAR after news surfaced that she and Bop were headed for a re-union.

    However, while answering questions regarding her and Bop’s apparent ‘makeup’ Chin let it slip that Bop and Durrant’s work relationship was on the rocks.

    “He and Karl Durrant had a falling out and so I’m helping him to get a new manager so he can get back on his feet,” she said.

    “Bop and I are not getting back together but I still care about him and want to see things work out for the best for him so I’m helping him out with some things.”

    She went on to say that she will not be taking up the job as Bop’s new manager as she doesn’t want to complicate things between the two.


    When questioned on the issue at hand, Bop did not get into details. He stated instead that whatever Chin said was the truth. “I am not signed to anyone innu so whatever Chin say a so it go,” he said.

    When the STAR contacted Durrant however, he seemed unaware of the recent developments.

    “I spoke to Bop this morning and he didn’t say anything to me about that,” he said while explaining that Bop was not officially signed to him as an artiste.

    “I have 14 artistes that I officially represent. I did not sign Bop. He asked me to help him out when the whole Chin/padlock saga went down and I agreed. Right now, I’m no longer representing him in any way as far as business is concerned. I have nothing against him and wish him all the best in the future,” he added.

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  • Popular Jamaican doctor and comedian gets BBC feature

    Gynaecologist and comedian, Dr Michael Abrahams is going places, literally.

    Abrahams was recently featured on BBC Newsday for his creative, musical take on the Zika virus.

    The song which is titled, We nuh want ZIKV, hears Dr Abrahams telling people to “mash up all mosquito breeding site” and he also warns pregnant ladies, to protect themselves and their babies.


    “It took me by surprise. I just did it to warn Jamaicans. The feedback has been good. It is good PR for my country so I like that,” Abrahams told the STAR.

    He says minister with responsibility for health, Horace Dalley encouraged him to do the song.

    “I had CHIKV and I made a song about it. So  One day Horace Dalley asked me why I don’t do a song about ZIKV so I went to Wayne Armond and he made the rhythm and I told him we needed to put it out visually as well,” he said.

    “I posted it on my Facebook page and YouTube channel and that was it. I am happy to know that it is being recognized globally. The ministry of health posted it as well. It makes us look good and the ministry of health could use a makeover anyway,” he added.

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  • Dancehall artiste Masicka says Foota Hype is hurt because of his relationship with Ishawna

    Dancehall artiste Masicka was not mincing words when he expressed that dancehall selector Foota Hype was harbouring “kitty” feelings towards him.

    Masicka was speaking in an interview with Winford Williams on Onstage when he made the statement.

    Williams referred to comments made by Foota in a previous interview.


    “Foota Hype rate yuh, but him no know wah yuh up to,” he said.

    But Masicka believed that Ishawna was the basis of Foota’s assessment.

    “Foota Hype obviously a carry feeling because me do a song with Ishawna so probably a dat. You know Foota Hype always carry feelings when it come on to Ishawna,” he said.

    “Him no really waan nobody beside Ishawna. Me do a song wid Ishawna so basically him probably a carry kitty feelings,” he continued.

    While he was adamant that Foota Hype is speaking from a place of hurt, he maintained that the relationship he shares with Ishawna is strictly musical.

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  • Mavado Claims Former Manager Julian Stole Money


    Mavado Gad Claims Former Manager Julian Stole Money



    Dancehall star Mavado aka “Gully Gad” took to social media to call out his former manager Julian Jones-Griffith for allegedly Ripping off and scamming promoters by taking deposits for shows that he was never informed about . Gully Gad claimed to have parted way with Jones-Griffith saying; “I ran this white thief along time ago”.


    As the saying goes there is always two sides to a story as Vado’s former manager Julian Jones-Griffith also came out swinging in response to the artiste calling him a scammer.

    Julian took to his instagram page to give his side saying Gully Gad was the one ripping off promoters and that the $25,000 USD the artiste had received from rapper Drake to build a library in his community went into the “So Special” singers’ pocket and no library was ever built.

    Julian went on to make even more serious claims saying the artiste informed the police where to find guns in the Cassava Piece community and also alleged that Vado was an informant in a U.S visa fraud case few years ago where he provided information about other dancehall artiste to regain his US Visa. 




                    JULIANS INSTAGRAM POST


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