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  • Gully Bop and Chin officially back together

    Shauna Chin and Gully Bop back together but trying to keep their relationship quiet.

    It has been just a short time ago that internet sensation turn artist, Gully Bop , and his ‘ride or die’ girlfriend shauna Chin came to an ugly end in their relationship.

    The couple started out a little over a year ago when gully bop got his big break from an internet video and shauna chin appeared to come and sweep him off his feet and into oblivion.

    Chin became Bop’s manager and they seemed as if they were inseparable. There is no way to pinpoint when problems started to occur in paradise as neither Shauna Chin nor Gully Bop made their problems known to the public until the video that ended it all.

    Chin posted a video claiming Bop was trying to kill her and then he posted a video with his side of the story. The video’s continued for more than two weeks and the Chin/Bop couple seem to have been the talk of the town as they even developed their own moniker “Keeping up with the Bops”.

    The couple made some drastic claims against each other as Bop claimed Chin hit him with a padlock in the head after he caught her in the house with another man. Chin claims that this was a lie and she subsequently moved out her belongings from the house with the help of police officers and, of course, she did this on video. She even took the bed from the house under claims that it was her money that was used to purchase it.

    Chin has been dropping hints in the form of pictures on her instagram page that proved she and Gully Bop were back together and just today the couple posted a video showing their rekindled flames.






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  • Wally British Scammed By Shorty ?

    VIDEO: Wally British Scammed By Woman claiming to be Taneisha Palmer, Vybz Kartel’s Baby Mother

    Jamaican Comedienne Wally British posted a video to her Facebook page this morning relating a rather comedic ordeal in which she was scammed by another Jamaican.

    The comedienne/entertainer said she thought this was going to be her big break in the industry after being approached on social media by a woman posing behind a Taneisha “Shorty” Palmer page- Vybz Kartel’s baby mother and common law wife.

    The package had seemed too good to be true but Wally claimed that she became a bit more convinced after scoping out the Facebook page and doing her own assessment of authwncity. The woman claimed to have been admiring Wally British’s talent and was pleased to be offering her an opportunity to be featured on a song with Vybz Kartel who is currently incarcerated.

    Weeks went by and the scammer seem to have been buttering up wally before going in for the kill. It wasn’t until she had made arrangements for the song to be written and she voiced it that the woman asked her for the first portion of money amounting to USD $300!



    wally shorty



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  • Chin Chin tells Shauna Chin: 'Stop using my name for cheap publicity and hype

    Gully Bop's former manager, recording artiste Chin Chin (formerly known as Shauna Chin) claims actress Shauna Chin is using her lawsuit threat against her as an opportunity to pick up cheap publicity in the local papers.

    Chin Chin and the actress Shauna Chin have been embroiled in a legal dispute over the 'Shauna Chin' stage name, with the actress serving a cease and desist order to the controversial dancehall personality.

    "Leave my name out of your mouth. You are just using my name to try to be recognised in your own country that you ditched for how many decades now. We know say yu spit pan stone and fling behind yu when yu left on the iron bird . Again Miss big Hollywood actress Shauna Chin, stop using my name to create a hype for yourself," Chin Chin said in a press release.

    "I don't want to sit on this issue because it's not going anywhere, I have better and bigger things to do. My name has been in the media in Jamaica for a year and you didn't wanna sue then why sue now? You claimed my name has tarnished your professional reputation when that sounds like a big lie. If you were so accomplished in your field, no one could mistake you for me, a mere dancehall artiste? That sounds like yu want some cheap publicity," the Diamond Music Empire recording artiste, formerly known as Shauna Chin, added.

    The actress is most known for her guest starring role on Jamaican television series The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate and the Festival De Cannes award winning short film Choices. Meanwhile, the other 'Shauna Chin' exploded on the dancehall scene in late 2014 with her highly-publicised romance with deejay sensation, Gully Bop.

    "Once she began using the name to perform on largely popular billed shows such as Sumfest, my legal team initiated the cease and desist process," said the actress in a release last week.

    However, Chin Chin said: "If a company wanna hire you for a set they would know the difference because you are a actress and I'm known for what I'm known for as a dancehall personality. Your corner is dark if people don't know the difference by now.  Instead, you came in the papers with a whole resume of what you do and don't do. Instead of feeding the homeless in LA, why don't you do that for your fellow countrymen? Now you wanna pop up out of nowhere talking about claiming name... again, and for the last time, my birth name is Shauna and my pet name is Chin, my entertainer name is from Gully Chin to Chin Chin. I can't stop my fans or anyone else to call me by that name." 

    Chin Chin also threw some shade at the actress' relative anonymity in Jamaica. 

    "As you can see on social media , my fans in Jamaica don't know you, until now when you're claiming name. Please stop riding off my name and career for your publicity and promotion. How about coming here on a trip and help single mothers who are struggling, and others who need help here. We as the lucky ones who get the break should look back on our lives and help our black maroons. For the "big" Jamaican actress you are, you should be showing your face more often in the papers and represent your country. I am going to be working on my video shoot this weekend for hit song, My Life'." 



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  • Marley family sues Fabian

    The Bob Marley Foundation and 56 Hope Road Music Limited have filed a lawsuit in the Commercial Court against entertainer Fabian Marley.

    The Bob Marley Foundation controls the rights to the Bob Marley name in Jamaica, while 56 Hope Road Music controls the rights to the name in the rest of the world.

    News emerged last month that a DNA test revealed that Fabian Marley is not the son of the reggae legend.

    In the documents filed in court on Wednesday, the companies are seeking an injunction to prevent Fabian Marley from using the Bob Marley name or associating himself or any of his business activities with Bob Marley's name or image.

    The court is also being asked to order Fabian Marley to stop using the name Marley and to change his last name.

    They are also seeking damages for Fabian using the Marley name for personal gains.

    The court documents state that the defendant was named Oniel Stanford when he was born in 1968 and changed his name by deed poll in 2012.

    They posit that Fabian Marley markets himself as the son of Bob Marley, which is likely to lead the public to believe that he and his music are associated with Bob Marley. They say he has been asked repeatedly to stop using the name, but has refused to do so.


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    After over 4 years, Dancehall artiste Elephant Man was today freed of rape charges after the prosecution offered no evidence against him.
    The entertainer appeared in the Home Circuit Court this morning on charges of rape, buggery and grievous sexual assault following an incident at his St. Andrew home in January 2012.
    However, the prosecution said it could offer no evidence against the artiste because the complainant has died and was buried on January 17.
    It is not clear how she died.
    It said it would not be allowed to submit the complainant’s written statement under the Evidence Amendment Act.
    Investigators said a woman filed a police report claiming that Elephant Man had sexually assaulted her.
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