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  • Promoter defends J'can male strippers

    Promoter defends J'can male strippers

    Event promoter and marketer Maestro Debonair has come out in strong defence of his male monthly stripper event, Male Revue. The promoter received some amount of backlash on social media after he posted photos of some of his male stripper employees wearing skimpy clothing on his personal page.

    However, he believes Jamaicans ought to be more open-minded. He also pointed out that the bulk of the backlash comes from insecure men.

    "Men are generally insecure. If you want to look at the amount of domestic violence cases that ended tragically, it shows that as men, we are very insecure when it comes to our women," he said.



    "So, naturally, male strippers are going to be disliked by most men because they won't like the idea of sending their woman out to a male strip club. There is going to be backlash, but that helps to promote and create a curiosity. It's mostly restrictions and the forbidden that are found to be the most tempting," he said.

    Debonair also rubbished accusations that his sexuality was compromised by his decision to endorse male strippers, while comparing it to male dancers in dancehall.

    "Anybody that knows me can tell you that I am strictly for the ladies, so there is no question about that. Ever since male strippers have gained prominence, people tend to ascribe certain sexuality stereotypes, but I am really not sure why. Male exotic dancing promotes sexual freedom and sensuality," he said.

    "You have a lot of men in the dancehall who wear tight clothing and they are dancing more than the females, and dem a wine up in a crowd. So, to question the sexuality of a male stripper who wears costumes and dances for an all-female audience is absurd. For me, personally, it's ladies only."


    potential to grow

    Despite the backlash, Debonair believes that male exotic dancing has the potential to grow in Jamaica because women are becoming increasingly independent.

    "Women have been empowered lately. They are earning as much as men, and gender roles have changed a lot. Women are calling more shots than they did 10 years ago, and independent women feel empowered, so it's a necessary entertainment medium," he said.

    Debonair also stressed that he does not book his male strippers to offer sexual services. He added that the company has been targeted by homosexuals, but they have declined such services as the company strictly focuses on the pleasure of women.

    Male stripping events under the Male Revue banner are held monthly in Kingston, every other Saturday in Montego Bay, and every Saturday at Shades in Ocho Rios. The company also offers male exotic dancers for hire to women for bachelorette parties for as much as $20,000 for a 60-minute show.

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  • Macka Diamond injured after shots trigger 'stampede' at Ghetto Splash

    Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond injured her ankle during a stampede during the Ghetto Splash show at the Waterhouse mini-stadium in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew.

    She plans to do x-rays on the ankle on Thursday because the swelling hasn't gone down. 

    "I am in a lot of pain, I hardly could sleep last night. I twisted my ankle running from a stampede after shots were fired at the Ghetto Splash event. Mi did done perform and backstage ah hold a vibe and take picture with the fans. I was sitting down on a chair when mi hear the shots fired. Mi see Don Mafia ah run like Usain Bolt and the whole crowd ah move towards me and mi ease up offa the chair and ran. I was going to run in the direction of my car, but too many people were stampeding in every direction," she said. 
    "Mi run towards a tent, and mi dive down and go inna the tent, and luckily it was the first aid tent, and one of the guys iced it for me, and i called Prang the dancer and he helped me to my car," she said. 
    On Wednesday, a video showing a wigless Macka Diamond performing alongside emcee Sample Man, went viral all over the Internet. During the performance, her wig fell off but Macka Diamond did not miss a beat and continued to reel off hits. But as happy as she is at the public attention, she is in a lot of pain.
    "All when mi lie down, mi ankle ah hurt me, mi ice it last night and the pain ease up so I could sleep.But I am going to get some x-rays done," she said. 
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  • Amari says Gully Bop picture with 50 cent is a fake


    Amari says Gully Bop picture with 50 cent is a fake. Is Gully Bop lying to the media??

    Yeaterday a picture with Gully Bop and international recording Artise 50 cent went viral on social media. Thereafter Gully Bop took to the airwaves to say that the picture was authentic and that there were big plans ahead and for collaboration with himself and 50 cent.  It was also suggested that Bop would be making appearances in huge international tv shows including “Power”

    But his ex lover Amari took to social media minutes ago to say that she actually made contact with 50 cent Managment team who had no clue who Gully Bop is.  She went on to say that a deep look of the picture shows that it’s fake and suggested it was a photoshop. Amari went as far as saying that the suite that 50 cent  was wearing was the one which he wore in his bankruptcy court case. She pointed out that Gully Bop was standing in a bathroom which is of a different background from 50 cent.

    “Photo shop fake picture of 50 cents and Gully Bop. Look at zoomed in image on right…gully bop in bathroom. Shower curtain or closet racks exposes him while 50 cents has on clothes worn to court couple months aback. A woman fingers put on Bop shoulder. Expert photo editor! How 50 cent look so taller than Gully Bop and Gully Bop real tall?” – Amari

    This new development has left social media asking if Gully Bop is lying to the media to build back his career which has gone stagnant.

    Read below earlier story carried by the Star:


    Gully Bop hints at collab with 50 Cent

    Dancehall artiste Gully Bop has hinted at a possible appearance in 50 Cent’s breakout series, Power.

    The entertainer, while speaking with THE STAR Online, confirmed that photos of himself and the G-Unit Boss were 100 per cent authentic.

    “Dem real man. Why would a big artiste like Gully Bop Photoshop a picture?” he said.

    “Mi did go fi a meeting with 50 and we talk fi bout 20 or 30 minutes. Di man rate Gully Bop and him team. All di people dem round him rate Gully Bop,” he said.

    The entertainer, who has been relatively absent from the music scene in recent times, is currently in New York and is hinting on big things to come as he rubs shoulders with some big names in the business.

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  • Devin Di Dakta gets Grammy Nomination over Vybz Kartel & Alkaline! [MUST SEE LIST]

    59th Annual GRAMMY Awards were released earlier today…

    It hurts a bit to see that no Dancehall Album was in “Best Reggae Album” category, although Alkaline and Vybz Kartel albums “New Level Unlocked” and “King of the Dancehall” have scored great results on iTunes and Billboard.

    Below you can check the Reggae nominees for 59th Annual Grammy Awards.


    Is your favorite album in there?

    Best Reggae Album:


    Sly & Robbie Presents… Reggae For Her – Devin Di Dakta & J.L
    Rose Petals — J Boog
    Ziggy Marley — Ziggy Marley
    Everlasting — Raging Fyah
    Falling Into Place — Rebelution
    Soja: Live In Virginia — Soja

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  • My wife had sex with another man while I was at home

    Dear Pastor,

    I am a 40-year-old man that has been with a lady since 1993. We have broken up a few times, but we eventually got back together.

    We have been trying to have children for a few years now, without any success. She claimed that I was the problem and that I have a dead penis.

    We broke up, and I got into another relationship in which I produced a son. We eventually got back together and got married in 2013.

    After getting married, she refused to have sexual intercourse with me. She is always saying that she is tired. She also refuses to cook for me.

    I had a bank account that had her name in it, but she refuses to put my name on her account.

    My son came over to spend some time with me and I overheard her telling my son that she does not like him. She said that he must not look at her, sit in her chair or watch her television.

    Every time we have disagreements, she calls my mother, father, aunties, uncles and cousins and fill their heads with so many lies that they don't talk to me anymore.



    The other night I was watching television in the living room, and she opened the door and invited a man in and they went into the bedroom where they had sexual intercourse. I did not say anything because she is paying the rent. I just got up and went into my room; we don't sleep in the same room.

    Pastor, I have tried so many times with this woman. We went to counselling with her pastor, and she told lies and began to fake a cry. I am in need of your assistance. Should I leave this marriage and ask for a divorce, Pastor? Please give me your advice.


    Dear D.H.,

    I believe every word you have said, but some people would say that you are not speaking the truth. I have counselled people who have admitted that they have had sex with their spouses in the same house, and that their spouses were aware of it but could not do anything because of certain circumstances.

    It is not unusual for a woman to have sex with another man in her house although she knows that her husband is aware. I will put it clearer to you. Women have come to me with their husbands and have admitted that they have done so. And the husbands said that they were powerless and were not able to do anything about it. The women say that they didn't care how the men felt.

    Some people think that only men are bad, but some women are just as evil and they do things to punish men. To me, they are putting their lives in jeopardy. But I know two of the women who have done so did not care how their husband felt. Yet, these men were still hoping that their women would change.

    Why do these men stay with their wives? The answer is simple. They are broke. They don't have anywhere else to go. These women provide shelter and food. If they were to leave, they would have to live on the streets. May God help a man who has to suffer such abuse.

    You said this woman is paying the rent for the house in which you live. I will tell you straight up. Leave this woman. Get out. Beg a brother or a sister to put you up until you can rent a one-bedroom place and live in peace.

    Don't allow this woman to wipe her feet on you as if you are a floor mat. Whatever wrong you have done, you should not be treated with such contempt.


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