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  • Tony Matterhorn is now Married to his long time girlfriend

     Dancehall selector and recording artiste Tony Matterhorn has tied the knot with his long time girlfriend.

    The artiste whose real name is, Dufton Taylor, took to Instagram to share  photos of his wedding on Sunday sharing a photo of the beautiful couple on their big day.

    Blessed Sunday from the #TAYLORS,” He worte. “ when ur blessed by God it’s a beautiful thing when they go low we go real high #heartattacks #headaches for some we say it’s #Taylorsforlife.”




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  • Babsy expresses regret after Spice performance, urges against ‘rush to judgement’

    Entertainment Minister, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange has expressed regret at what she described as “shortcomings” at Saturday’s event to celebrate Jamaican athletes, held at the National Indoor Sports Centre.

    Organisers have been criticised after dancehall entertainer Spice delivered a performance that many consider too raunchy for an audience that included Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Governor General Sir Patrick Allen among other dignitaries.

    “I note some of the comments directed at Spice for her performance on Saturday night.  I do not offer a defence for Spice who is a talented and bright performer, fully capable of producing lyrics in celebration of our athletic heroes.  I would however, caution against the issue of vitriolic comment and a rush to judgement in this matter,” Grange said in a statement.


    The entertainment minister said the shortcomings “overshadowed what was otherwise seen as a well-produced event”.

    “Most things went well but a few very important things did not on this occasion.  Like our athletes we will review, improve and keep pushing ourselves to higher levels of performance,” Grange said.

    She added: “As the Minister, I express sincerest regrets for these shortcomings and going forward, to ensure the highest levels of planning and execution of these national events, I have asked for a review of our procedures and agreements and a review team is being put in place”.

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  • We didn't cut Spice's set - Organisers claim innocence after artiste's shocking outburst

    The organisers of the Rio Sports Gala and Awards ceremony have denied interrupting the set of dancehall artiste Spice last Saturday night.

    The deejay prematurely ended her performance at the National Indoor Sports Centre, and blasted organisers on Sunday hinting that they had cut her set. But Lenford Salmon, the producer of the event, denied this, saying the artiste's DJ is to be blamed.

    "We did not cut Spice's performance. The incident that occurred was from her side! We asked all the acts scheduled to perform to come to a technical rehearsal the day before and every performing artiste showed up, except Spice. We even asked them to bring their own disc jocks because we know how technical this issue could get. Spice and her people came when the show had started and her DJ was in a tizzy! He was even saying to our technical operator that he isn't even sure that the CD would work and that was even before Spice went on the stage. He took over the console, played the music, and so said so done!" explained Salmon.




    Salmon revealed that during the planning of the event, there was a discussion as to which artiste the athletes would want to see perform and Spice was mentioned. "Spice's name came up as one of the artistes the athletes would have liked to see and we discussed it with Headline Entertainment. But we knew that her dress, lyrics, and dancers may not have been appropriate for the event, and her team assured us that she would dress appropriately and adjust her lyrics, so we would have nothing to worry about. She, however, did not stick to that agreement," he said.

    Salmon has shunned speculations of prejudice saying that the organisers have worked with other controversial artistes successfully because they followed instructions. "We have had other controversial acts such as Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and even Mavado conformed to occasions as family oriented as Grand Gala. All we had to do was speak to their management and every single one of them conformed. We try to integrate these artistes because we don't want persons thinking only negatively of dancehall as it is our culture," he said.

    Carlette DeLeon, a representative from Headline Entertainment, confirmed that it was an error on the part of Spice's DJ which caused her performance to be cut. DeLeon also pointed out that it was Spice's technical team which was asked to attend the rehearsal and not the artiste.

    Spice walked off stage on Saturday after asking for the rhythm for her song, Indicator, and it was not forthcoming. But after she exited a group entered and began dancing to the very same song.




    On Sunday, Spice blasted the show's organisers, via social media, saying there was no technical difficulty. "I'm not bashing these lovely dancers who I love dearly, but they were dressed in short shorts and bra top on stage wining and a skin out. Girls wining on man back it up and all, but I wore a dress and it was inappropriate," she posted on Instagram. "Or is it because I'm not from 'uptown', it wasn't OK for me to sing my own song but they could dance to it? I wonder what they expected me to sing ..." Efforts to speak to Spice yesterday proved futile.

    Salmon said the dance group which performed after Spice had brought their own CD and again pointed out that there was no interference during the artiste's set.

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  • SPICE: NO Sex For One Year! Romping Shop Closed Till Further Notice!

    Dancehall Entertainer Spice is a single woman and she has confirmed this status a few times since then. Adding to enjoying her newly single status, Spice took to her social media account a few moments ago, to declare that she will be going CELIBATE for one entire year! Yes guys,   NO BEDROOM ROMPINGS OF ANY SORTS. Her romping shop is closed! You know what, sometimes a woman has to do just that and focus on finding and renewing herself! GO Spice! Take a look at the very provocative picture she used for her announcement.


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  • Etana says sorry after being lashed for supporting Trump

    The following is a statement from recording artiste Etana in the wake of the furore over her statements support for US presidential candidate Donald Trump on popular entertainment programme ER last week.

    “My recent remarks were made against the background of the real fear of terrorist attacks and acts of random violence that is so pervasive in the US right now.

    “But I realise now that I cannot give in to this fear... we cannot build walls to lock ourselves in and other people that we fear or we run the risk of isolating ourselves and losing our humanity, a quality we must protect at all costs.

    “We must not allow fear to allow us to lose the best part of ourselves, the ability to love unconditionally, and to connect with our fellow men and women, regardless of their beliefs, religion, or ethnicity. We are all one, each of us are connected. I will not give up the fight for the poor and oppressed and those who hail from the Wrong Address.

    “I did not intend any offence and if my statements provoked any such emotion, I apologise.

    “I stand with every black family who has had a member shot by police and my heart bleeds each time there is a new one. I am extremely passionate about change for us all. I have uncles, a son, and a brother in America and I am seriously worried each time they go out their front door. 

    “I apologise for the hurt you feel and I hope that you will not use one blunder to judge who I am. 

    “I stated in the recent interview that my views did not have anything to do with my music and that was said in context of my views on the Republican representative and I assumed that would have been understood. I write my own songs from life experiences (very real to me), which you have all been able to relate to. Jamaica, and all my fans across the world, I am sorry for hurting you. When you hurt, I hurt. 

    “I am Jamaican, whenever there are issues in Jamaica, America, Canada or the UK we all cuss or have colourful conversations about our issues. I simply stated my views on the change I'd like to see. I would never bash or turn my back on the country I love and the people who sang Wrong Address and other songs I have written so passionately. My statements did not come off right and I won't blame Anthony Miller for that. I take full responsibility for all that went wrong.

    “Please do not forget all the good I have done. I am not offended by any passionate remark, I know you are angry. I love you all unconditionally and nothing will change that.

    “One perfect unconditional love. Etana."

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