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  • PNP caretaker and son shot dead in May Pen

    Carol Ebanks and her son Jevon Myles.

    A People’s National Party (PNP) caretaker who contested for a seat in the last Local Government Election was on Wednesday night shot dead along with her son in May Pen, Clarendon.

    The deceased has been identified as Carol Ebanks, PNP councillor caretaker for the May Pen East Division, and her son Jevon Myles.

    Details are still unclear at this time but reports reaching Loop News are that Ebanks and Myles were at home around 11:00 pm, when gunmen invaded and opened fire on the mother and son.

    Councillor Uphel Purcell of the York Town division expressed sadness over the incident, which he said has left the community in shock.

    "People from the community - the old and the young - loved her," Purcell said, noting that Ebanks was one who usually held a lot of treats at this time of the year.

    More details to come as Loop News tracks this developing story.

    As of December 10, 1,517 people were killed across the country since the start of the year, and as the year inches towards a close, the murder rate has shown no signs of slowing down.


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  • House burnt down after man gives 'bun'

    Last Tuesday will go down as the worst day in the life of Alvin Smalling. Moments after he claims to have been beaten with a stick by his girlfriend, who caught him in bed with another woman, Smalling, 52, watched helplessly as his house was burnt to the ground.

    "She come and start beat mi with a stick but because mi know say mi did wrong, mi nuh say nutten. Then, she went in the house and come out a bawl fire," Smalling said. "She say a nuh she do it."

    An inspector at the Half-Way Tree Police Station told THE STAR that Smalling's girlfriend is not being treated as a suspect.

    "None of the statements that we got implicated her, so no, she is not a suspect," the inspector said.

    THE STAR has not been able to contact Smalling's girlfriend.

    Meanwhile, Smalling, who is now sleeping in a shack he put together on the location where the fire occured, off Molynes Road in St Andrew, said that he cannot envision how he is going to get back on his feet.

    "Boi, I don't know. Right now is the same clothes mi inna from last week," Smalling said.

    The shoemaker said that he and his girlfriend were in an altercation before the fire started.




    "From she see me with the lady in the room, she just get upset and a tek actions towards it," Smalling said. "I know I hurt her, enuh, and mi never waa do that. Mi just never know that she was coming home that evening because she was at her father's house."

    Smalling said that he has not seen his girlfriend or the 10-month-old baby boy they have together since the incident.

    Standing beside the shack, Smalling said that the woman he cheated on his girlfriend with has visited him several times since the incident, but does not have a spare room at her house for him to rest his head.

    Smalling's daughter, Latoya, who was living at the house with her three children, said that she has to be sleeping at friends' houses.

    "Every night we have to beg someone to put us up," Latoya said. "Mi baby have to be staying up at my sister and my son stay with him godmother."

    She said: "I have to be borrowing clothes."

    Persons wanting to assist the family can contact Latoya at 1-876-529-1206.

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    A suspect is in the custody of the Portland police in connection with the discovery of a man’s body in a barrel in Port Antonio on Monday.

    Dead is 37-year-old Kedron Marshall, alias ‘Tete’ or ‘Bull’, unemployed of Ranch Hill in the parish.

    Marshall was said to be of unsound mind.


    Police reports are that the suspect was seen dragging a blue plastic barrel along Norman Lane towards Harris Crescent in Port Antonio.

    Sometime later, at about 7:00 p.m., the barrel was found beside a cook shop with Marshall’s body inside.

    The police were summoned and upon their arrival, the body was seen with the head bashed in.

    The suspect was later apprehended in a section of Port Antonio.

    He is in hospital under police guard after being shot in the leg by police personnel whom he reportedly attacked with a machete.


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  • Man jobless after sexual attack from male boss

    Three years after he left a manufacturing company because he was sexually harassed, Jon Brown* said he is still haunted by the ordeal and worse, cannot get a steady job.

    "It (the incident) cause so much problem with mi family abroad, my family in Jamaica, and even at my shop, and it come een like I am going to lose it," he told THE STAR.

    He said he decided to quit the job after a male manager touched him inappropriately.

    "A supervisor called me to her office and when I went there, the manager was there and we had a conversation. When I was leaving, the manager touched me right here," he said pointing to the right side of his lower body.

    He said he didn't hesitate to show his displeasure.

    "I got real angry and that was when she (the supervisor) told me that he (the manager) was bisexual. Mi say: 'Don't do dem something deh, mi no involve inna dem type of life deh'," he said. "They were going to renew my contract and I told dem not to renew it, I am not interested."




    He said persons at the company openly tried to convert employees to homosexuality, and the females were part of it as well.

    "There was another incident, where I went to have lunch and they were watching homosexual porn on the TV in the canteen," he said.

    However, he said that after he left the company, he protested about not receiving his last cheque.

    "They begged me to come in and they videotaped what I had to say and it was disgusting and I couldn't even get to explain it how I wanted to explain. But I called names," he added.

    Brown now believes he is being targeted by people aligned with his former employers.

    "It uncomfortable when mi even walk inna corporate Jamaica people weh mi don't know seems to know me and me don't know dem," Brown told THE STAR.

    He noted the he was even laid off from the institution he was working at the day after he protested about his treatment at his previous job.

    Since then, he said it has been a struggle for him to keep a job.

    He said that the continued media coverage of sexual assaults in the US has motivated him to come forward with his story, but "Is like me a relive it and it hard cause mi still no get over it," he said.

    *name changed

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  • Teen found dead after boarding taxi in Portmore

    ST CATHERINE, Jamaica — The body of 17-year-old Ariel Lawrence was yesterday found with chop wounds on Portmore Parkway in St Catherine, mere hours after she reportedly boarded a taxi in the area.

    Ariel, who resided in Old Harbour, was reported missing since Monday night after she took the taxi from Portsmouth in Portmore to Spanish Town.


    Reports from the police are that citizens discovered Ariel's body about 1:00 am yesterday and summoned them.


    Police officers said when they visited the scene, they saw her body on the roadway with wounds to the upper section.


    The scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue pending post mortem examination.


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