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  • Free little McKenzie’: Crawford says minister’s son should be allowed to work at Gov’t agency if qualified

    Controversial politician Damion Crawford has dismissed as rubbish opposition to the hiring of the son of Local Government minister Desmond McKenzie at the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

    Crawford took to Twitter on Tuesday evening after reports of Marcus McKenzie’s alleged appointment to the NSWMA triggered a social media firestorm.

    “So are we saying a politician son should not be able to work with government even if he is qualified for the Job? #Rubbish,” Crawford said in the first of a series of tweets.

    “If I was Desmond McKenzie’s son I would sue my father because I should be able to apply and work anywhere,” he continued with the hashtag #FreeLittleMcKenzie. “Hear ye hear ye a politician child can only be a fisher man… wait no his dad might manipulate the laws of the sea.”

    In a press release, the NSWMA said that the reports stating that Marcus McKenzie was hired by the Authority were “erroneous”.

    According to the Authority, the younger McKenzie had applied to the NSWMA “for a vacant and established position that was advertised nationally for the past few months and not filled”.

    NSWMA said that Marcus McKenzie was assessed to have the requisite qualifications for the post, but the Authority discovered in its due diligence that he was the son of the local government minister.

    “The Minister was alerted and he advised that his son should not be hired at the Authority,” the NSWMA said in the press release.

    Crawford, to emphasise his point, raised hypothetical situations with similar ‘conflicts’.

    “Suppose (Security Minister) Bobby Montague’s brother wants to be a police is he disqualified?” Crawford asked.

    He continued the rant on Wednesday, saying: “Good day children of JLP families don’t vote for ur parents if they win u won’t get a work thank u.”

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  • Yaneek Page caught in crossfire of ‘Fluffy/Curvy drama’

    An unfortunate turn of events greeted entrepreneur trainer and founder of Future Service International Yaneek Page as she was somehow dragged into the crosshairs of a messy war-of-words between fans of media personalities Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett.

    Page, who shared a bitter tweet that was directed towards her on Tuesday, April 5, responded by saying: “But see yah! This perverse subculture of throwing dirt at all & sundry because we 'bad & nuh tek chat' SMH.”

    The tweet that was directed to her was from @ReggaeMusicFM which wrote, “Wi nuh care ifa @yaneekpage yanqiue barrett or Yannick from #France. Dont diss di TOP GYAL A ROAD Khadine Hylton #NoBeef #FiletMignon.”

    The simmering tensions between the self-proclaimed 'Curvy Diva' Yanique Barrett and fellow media personality, Miss Kitty, the Fluffy Diva, boiled over live on national television during last Saturday’s Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show.

    The two personalities seemed to be engage in a 'tracing match' on live TV that has dominated social media with fans weighing in on the 'cass-cass'.

    After a high-level meeting on Tuesday, which included executive producer Mark Kenny, sponsors and other stakeholders – the decision was made for the two self-proclaimed 'divas' to apologise to viewers for their verbal spat during this Saturday's live broadcast of the show.


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  • Girl shot in West Kingston crossfire

    A little girl was rushed to hospital on Wednesday afternoon after she was shot and injured by gunmen in West Kingston.

    Police reports reaching Loop News is that the child was traveling along Beeston Street when she was caught in the middle of a brazen daylight stand off between members from rival gangs.

    "The man them a shoot off a each other and the little girl was shot and injured in the cross fire," said a source from the area.

    The Head of the Police Division has since confirmed the reports. Police have launched a search for those responsible.

    West Kingston residents, in past weeks, have been left living in fear because of constant infighting among criminal gangs, according to the police.

    In the last two months, more than five people have been shot and injured in the community.


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  • Miss Kitty memes explode on social media

    Social media has exploded with memes and jokes poking fun at popular media personality Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton.

    From corned beef cans with company’s logos replaced by Miss Kitty’s head and re-branded ‘manufactured beef’ to a sandwich cookies renamed ‘Duplicitous’ – Miss  Kitty’s memes have exploded.

    The word duplicitous was used by Miss Kitty during a verbal spat with fellow media personality Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett during Saturday night’s live broadcast of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show.

    The hilarious memes seem to be part of the reason Miss Kitty has been one of the most popular keywords searched over the last few days.

    However, Miss Kitty  seems to be keeping it cool on social media as she continues to post her daily positive quotes.

    Miss Kitty came under intense scrutiny from social media users following her on-air spat with the Curvy Diva.

    Some social media users were quick to blame the self-proclaimed ‘Fluffy Diva’ for starting the on-air spat.

    Both Miss Kitty and Curvy Diva are expected to make public apologies during Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall live show on April 9.

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  • Man Chops of his Boyfriend penis in Portmore

    A man suffered severe injuries to his penis after it was allegedly bitten by his male lover in Portmore, St Catherine on Friday night.

    The incident happened along the Green Bay Main Road close to the Rodney’s Arms Restaurant.

    The victim, who is a primary school principal, was seen bleeding profusely on the roadway and the police were alerted. When the cops arrived they were informed that the victim and another man went to the location and an argument developed between them. The argument turned bloody and the man was savagely bitten on his penis by his aggrieved lover.

    But his woes did not end there as his white Mitsubishi Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was used to run him over.

    The vehicle was found abandoned at the Bay Side round-a-bout and is now parked at the Bridgeport Police Station.

    He was assisted to the Spanish Town Hospital by the police where he was admitted in serious condition. Doctors are reportedly trying to repair the damage he suffered to his member.

    The Greater Portmore Police have confirmed the incident but reported that the victim has not pressed charges or offered any information

    Police have confirmed that the area close to Rodney’s Arms is a regular haunt for homosexuals who visit the area to make out.

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