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  • Jamaican musician imprisoned on drug conviction in Barbados

    A Jamaican musician has been slapped with an 18-month prison sentence in Barbados for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the country.

    Dervent Anthony Bartlett, 38, reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of possession, trafficking, intent to supply and importation in a magistrate’s court in Barbados last week.

    He was reportedly caught attempting to smuggle 1.5 kilogrammes of marijuana into the Caribbean territory.

    Reports were that Bartlett went through the Grantley Adams International Airport last Tuesday, where his luggage was searched by Customs officials, but no drug was found during the search.

    However, suspicious personnel handed the Jamaican over to the police, who interviewed him before taking him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where an x-ray was conducted.

    The result confirmed that Bartlett had 102 packages inside his intestines.

    In court, he was convicted for all the offences he was charged with, and sentenced to 18 months on the count of trafficking, but was reprimanded and discharged on the counts of possession, intent to supply and importation.

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  • BREAKING NEWS The clock in Half-Way-Tree on fire.

    ST ANDREW, Jamaica — The landmark clock tower in Half-Way-Tree Square, St Andrew caught fire this morning.

    The fire appears to have started with the clock but the cause at this time is unknown. Smoke was seen coming from the top of the tower some time after 9:00 am. Firefighters and police were summoned to extinguish the fire.

    There are no reports of injury.

    The Victorian style clock tower was built in 1913.




    There was a $2 million renovation done on the clock in 2003, which included the installation of a Global Positioning System traceable digital clock and electronic chiming system.


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  • 11 arrested for lotto scamming in St Ann

    The St Ann Proactive Investigation Unit (PIU), headed by Detective Sergeant Kirk Nicholls, has arrested eleven persons over the past two weeks who have been allegedly caught with lotto scamming paraphernalia.

    They have been charged for breaches of the law reform fraudulent transaction special provisions act of 2013, after they were formally interviewed with their lawyers during the course of last week.

    The operations that led to the arrest of the individuals were carried out during three operations in Belle Aire, Runaway Bay; along the Drax Hall Main road and Madras District in Watt Town, all in St Ann.

    The first operation that took place in Belle Aire in Runaway Bay, saw the arrest of four adults and two juveniles on Saturday, August 18 at about 5 am.

    Those arrested and charged were: 22-year-old Kadeejha Williams, unemployed of Belle Aire, Runaway Bay and Salt Marsh Trelawny; 24-year-old Aldane Reid, unemployed of Belle Aire, Runaway Bay; 27-year-old Renardo Vidal, unemployed of Belle Aire, Runaway Bay and Hague Trelawny; 24-year-old Errol Rhoden and two 17-year-old juveniles - also of Belle Aire and Trelawny.

    Police said they were all found in a dwelling house with identity information of persons overseas and lottery scamming information on devices. Police said they also found 17 cell phones, two laptop computers, two tablets and three note books.

    On Sunday, August 15, at about 6:45 pm, two men were held along the Drax Hall main road after lotto scamming paraphernalia were discovered in the vehicle in which they were travelling.

    The men arrested and charged were: 27-year-old Shawn Watson, a welder and 24-year-old Duvan Brooks, a mechanic- both of Kinloss, Clarks Town in Trelawny.

    The items seized from the motor car in which they were travelling were: a laptop computer, three cell phones, two transaction receipts and JMD$299,000. 

    In addition, the devices when checked along with the receipts contained identity information of persons living overseas, congratulatory letters of sweepstakes winnings and other information.

    Another operation was also conducted in the Madras community of Watt Town, St Ann on Wednesday, August 17.

    Those taken into custody were:  Twenty-five-year-old Leon Higgins, unemployed; 22-year-old Sara Lee Johnson, a student, 34-year-old Andrine Downer a bartender and another man- all of Watt Town, St Ann.

    Police said they were held with a computer, five cell phones, one thumb drive and a note book.  Higgins, Downer and Johnson were charged, while the unidentified man is to be interviewed and charged later this week.

    In the meantime, Det. Sgt. Kirk Nicholls said that ten of the persons caught in the three separate operations were offered bail in the sum of $100,000 and are to appear in the St Ann Parish Court on October 6.

    The recent operations follow the arrest and charge of five persons three weeks ago on similar lotto scamming allegations.

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  • Police must take responsibility for stabbing of inmate in hit-and-run death of Trelawny inspector’ — JFJ

    Rights group Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) has said that police should take responsibility for Sunday’s stabbing of the drive suspected of mowing down an inspector in Trelawny.

    “The police have care and responsibility for people who are in custody. There is no way someone in their care should be stabbed up,” JFJ Executive Director Horace Levy told Loop News Monday.

    “They must take responsibility for that,” Levy said.

    The suspect was stabbed Sunday by another inmate in a Trelawny police lockup and was taken to hospital with nonlife-threatening wounds.

    The stabbing occurred a day after the suspect was apprehended by police on Saturday.

    The man reportedly hit and killed Inspector Mark Gibbs during spot check operation Friday in front the Clark’s Town Police Station in Trelawny.  

    Gibbs had reportedly instructed him to pull over his vehicle but he disobeyed the instruction and mowed down the inspector.

    On Monday, Levy said that the police are responsible for the wellbeing of those in lockups. That care, he said, could have taken the form of isolating the suspected hit-and run-driver or monitor him closely.

    He added: “They [inmates] shouldn’t have weapons and should be properly searched so the police are negligent in that regard.”

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  • Usain Bolt gets caught in bed, kissing & dancing with three different women having FUN! [MUST SEE STEAMY VIDEO + PICTURES]

    Usain Bolt knows how to set records.

    The Jamaican sprint legend scored another triple-triple off the track after winning three gold medals during the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Bolt has been making headlines over the weekend after risqué photos started circulating online with him and a 20-year-old Brazilian student named Jady Duarte in bed.



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