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  • 12-year-old burnt to death, man shot and killed hours later in Cornwall Mountain

    Detectives attached to the Bethel Town Police Station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of two persons in Cornwall Mountain in Westmoreland that occurred on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12.

    In the first incident that occurred about 6:30 pm, 12-year-old Ajay Stewart was burnt to death during a fire that engulfed his home. Some hours later, about 12:50 am, while cooling down operations were being conducted and the scene was being processed, explosions were heard coming from an area in the community. The Police went to investigate and on their arrival, the lifeless body of 47-year-old Michael Mair was found with multiple gunshot wounds. That crime scene was also processed.

    The Police are at this time appealing to members of the Cornwall Mountain community to remain calm and allow investigators to carry out their duties as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

    Also, anyone who may be able to assist the Police in their investigation is being asked to contact the Bethel Town Police at 957-1658, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest Police Station.

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  • PHOTOS: Nesbeth bids emotional farewell to late wife Ann-Marie

    The heartbroken My Dream singer sat next to his children during the service which attracted scores of well wishers.

    Ann-Marie Elliot died three weeks ago in the United States of undisclosed complications. She was 32.

    Nesbeth teared up last week while performing a tribute song to his deceased wife at a Vale Royal reception hosted by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

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  • Harassed for being black - Woman to sue Chinese supermarket for racial profiling

    Woman to sue Chinese supermarket for racial profiling

    A dark-skinned woman is threatening the owners of a Chinese-operated supermarket with a lawsuit following what she believes to be unfair treatment at the establishment because of her colour.

    "A cuz me black why them accuse me of tiefing," a livid Jacqueline Watson told The Weekend STAR. "I am definitely thinking of suing because they had no reason to stop me besides my colour. The stigma needs to stop. This race thing needs to end."

    Watson was searched by security officers as she attempted to leave the General Food Supermarket, located in the more affluent neighbourhood of Liguanea, St Andrew, on Wednesday. The 50-year-old said that on her way out, her path was blocked by security officers who thought she had shoplifted and requested to search her handbag.

    "I told them to call the police because they are not going into my bag," Watson said.

    The police later turned up and searched Watson. They found no evidence of shoplifting.

    "It's not money I want. It's mostly because of principle," said Watson, while arguing that she was subjected to degrading treatment because her complexion is not of a lighter hue. "I want to make an example of them because no one should actually be disrespected because of their colour."


    eight incidents

    According to Watson, a person of a light complexion would not have been accused by the security personnel of stealing.

    But June Wong, director at the supermarket, believes that the incident is being overblown and that Watson's colour did not influence the decision to search her. She said that the security personnel accost anyone believed to be suspicious no matter their skin colour.

    "Up to Tuesday, two women of very light complexions were taken aside by security because they switched prices on some products," she said.

    Wong told The Weekend Star that the supermarket has been plagued by thieves with an average of eight incidents of theft taking place monthly.

    The three security personnel who were involved in the incident with Watson said that she was trying to take advantage of the situation by seeking monetary compensation.

    "I was standing beside her the whole time and she was saying how she is going to make her pension off a we because she calling her lawyer right now," related a female security officer.

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  • Suspected wife killer still on the run

    The police in St Elizabeth continue their manhunt for a husband accused of repeatedly shooting his wife to death in Southampton, in the southern parish.

    The accused, Verton Salmon, a farmer, reportedly fled the scene of the brutal crime shortly after midday on Wednesday.

    The deceased woman has been identified as 45-year-old Marva Salmon, a beloved hospitality worker at the Santa Crest Hotel and resided at Southampton District in the parish.

    Salmon was allegedly shot seven times by her husband during a heated argument in which she was accused of cheating on him.

    It is alleged that Verton turned the gun on himself but it jammed.

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