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  • Jamaica seh SHOWA’ and now Montego Bay is flooding with rain,

    Merely 24 hours after the Jamaica LABOUR Party won the Election, the Capital of Montego Bay received a down pour of ‘ SHOWAS’, flooding businesses, cars and homes.

    Residents in the area could be seen climbing poles and hovering for shelter from the heavy rains.  Could the win and constant celebrations be to blame ? Maybe all the chanting and revelry has something to do with bringing down what some see as showers of blessings, since the Government changed hands. I should also add that the JAMAICA LABOUR PARTY was heavily supported by voters living in the capital.


    I guess this is Mother Nature’s way of having her say in this Election..

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  • Mi owe unno a drinks, I’m comin’ home!’ – Labourite celebrates election win in New York

    As news spread of the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) decisive win at the 2016 General Election on Thursday, many Jamaicans at home and abroad could not contain the excitement.

    But one man, Odean Rodney, was arguably the happiest Jamaican man alive – despite not being present to witness his party’s win at home.

    Rodney, who lives in the Bronx, New York , made a video which have gone viral 

    thanking God for the victory and highlighting the work put in by members of his community here in Jamaica.

    “I thank God for this victory! Thumbs to all delegates, to all cluster managers, to every indoor and outdoor worker – me Gadafi owe unno a drinks,” he began.

    “Big up mi mada, big up mi sista and mi bredda weh come out and vote fi Jamaica Labour Party,” he said.


    In the comical three-minute long video, ‘Gadafi’ revelled in the fact that he could come home under a JLP-led government and did hid last farewells to outgoing Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

    “I’m coming home people; I’m done with Portia, bye-bye Portia. I’m coming home!” Rodney exclaimed.

    “Big up West Kingston, big up South East St Catherine, big up South Central St Catherine, oh God big up Fletcher’s Land,’ he continued.

    “Labourites! Labourites! Equal rights and justice! Showa, showa, showa!!” Rodney declared, after which he recited the JLP’s party anthem.

    “I’m going to my church, I’m gonna give my life to God. As fi Andrew – God go wid yuh, God cover yuh,” Rodney said.

    Watch the hilarious video below:

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Payroll Of Some PNP Employees Exposed! [MUST SEE FIGURES]

    Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller has in her office at Jamaica House in the region of 15 Ministers, Advisors, Consultants, and Assistants costing Taxpayers around or well over $60 million per annum, making her the most expensive Prime Minister in Jamaica’s history.

    In fact, her government competes with that of a European monarchical court with a Cabinet of 20 without a doubt the most expensive ever and said to be the largest in Jamaican history.           


    Hon. Natalie Neita Headley, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Sports

    SALARY: JA$5.5 million plus allowance of around JA$900,000 per year + Government Vehicle entitlement


    Hon. Sandrea Falconer, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information

    SALARY: JA$5.5 million plus allowance of around JA$900,000 per year + Government Vehicle entitlement


    Burchell Whiteman, former General Secretary of the PNP and MP

    SALARY: JA$5.5 million plus traveling/ gas money allowance of around JA$800,000


    Mr. Luther ‘Bollo’ Buchanan, Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for No One Knows

    SALARY + Allowance: JA$5 million (Estimate) + Government Vehicle entitlement

    Just to name a few …  Based on the article, it stated that these advisors and  assistants cost taxpaers roughly $60 million per annum!


    The above information was taken from a Blogeyez | Read More Here

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  • No sale of gov't vehicles to former ministers

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Prime Minister elect Andrew Holness has given directives that no government motor vehicle is to be sold to former ministers.

    In a post to his Facebook page, Holness said he met with the Cabinet secretary and the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday to discuss the earliest route to inauguration. He said too that he arranged a briefing on the important activities of the previous Government.

    “As part of our commitment not to be government as usual and to change how government works, I have indicated to the Cabinet secretary, the financial secretary and the permanent secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister that I do not intend to continue the policy of selling government vehicles to the ministers who had use of them,” Holness said.

    The prime minister elect said in his Facebook post that this move will save the government the cost of replacing motor vehicles.



    In November 2012, the People’s National Party Government confirmed that it had purchased several sports utility vehicles (SUVs) for Cabinet ministers.


    Former minister with responsibility for information Senator Sandrea Falconer, in confirming the purchase, had said then that the motor vehicles were provided to a number of ministers who had been driving their own vehicles since taking office.

    Information released by Jamaica House then indicated that 20 motor vehicles were purchased at a cost of nearly US$694,000

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  • Paul Buchanan' laid to rest in West Rural St Andrew

    Jamaicans went to the polls on Thursday in the 17th General Election since Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944.

    However, the 2016 political 'silly' season is not done yet as winning politicians and die hearted supporters utilise their bragging rights.

    Among the losing candidates on Thursday was PNP standard bearer in West Rural St Andrew, Paul Buchanan, who lost to the JLP's Juliet Cuthbert Flynn.

    Labourites in the constituency celebrated Cuthbert Flynn's victory with a mock burial of Buchanan, akin to that of another losing PNP candidate, Imani Duncan Price, in Eastern St Andrew. 

    Check out the photo!

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