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  • Usain Bolt’s secret lover reveals how she rejected his kinky threesome demands! [MUST SEE]

    Olympic sprint king Usain Bolt ‘two-timed his girlfriend with secret lover and asked her for a threesome’
    Usain Bolt allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with model Nailah Dillard
    Dillard, 27, says that she met the Olympic champion for first time in 2013
    They saw each other on-and-off for a year before she broke things off
    Bolt has hit the headlines for his womanizing ways in past few weeks

    Usain Bolt cheated on his ‘First Lady’ Kasi Bennett with a model on-and-off for a year, it has been alleged.

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world’s fastest sprinter pestered her for a threesome and enjoyed several evenings together after meeting at an athletics gala in late 2013.

    Nailah has spoken out after revelations came of Bolt’s womanising antics since winning two gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world’s fastest sprinter Usain Bolt pestered her for a threesome

    Bolt has become known for his womanizing ways since once again championing at the Rio Olympics

    Nailah said she and Bolt first met at an athletics gala in late 2013

    She said of their meeting: ‘We made eye contact and there was an instant attraction.

    ‘He got me up against the wall, trying to woo me. I can’t say I was impressed.

    ‘He may be a world class athlete, but at the end of the day he’s a normal man.

    ‘I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is kind of cool’, but I asked him: ‘Where is your girlfriend?’

    They swapped numbers and Bolt, 30, sent her several texts asking for a threesome, which Nailah refused.

    But she flew out to Jamaica to see him, where he took her on a night out to a strip club, reported The Sun.

    Bolt, who won two gold medals at Rio, has a long-term girlfriend Kaci Bennett

    After several more visits and trysts with the sporting sensation, Nailah ended their relationship in 2014 when she suspected he was seeing other women – and believes that Bolt was still seeing her when he was with Kasi.

    She said: ‘I don’t know if she knew about me, but he was following me on Instagram so it wouldn’t be hard to check.

    ‘He’s not monogamous, and that’s a big reason why he and I ended.

    Nailah said the reason she ended things with Usain Bolt was that he failed to be monogamous

    ‘He’s the type of person who wants his woman to be faithful, but he wants to be open with other women.’


    It comes after a wild end to the sprinter’s third and apparently final Olympics where he won another three gold medals, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

    He was pictured twerking with an unknown brunette and kissing another women in the club hours after his heroics inside the Olympic Stadium where he confirmed his status as the greatest ever sprinter.

    Kasi Bennett is Usain Bolt’s long term girlfriend

    Bolt has been spotted out and about with a number of mystery women since Rio

    He also attracted the attention of Jady Duarte, who shared photos of herself in bed with the superstar on WhatsApp.

    The intimate photos show the star curled with the student at 7am local time. Speaking to local newspaper Extra, Duarte said that the impact of the pictures had left her mortified.

    She explains: ‘It’s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.’

    Duarte did not reveal what happened next – other than to say: ‘It was not a big deal. It was normal.

    A Brazilian student Jady Duarte shared two saucy pictures of herself in bed with the star on Snapchat

    ‘I’d rather not talk about it – in order not to complicate matters. Like I said, it was normal.’

    She also claimed to have no idea who Bolt was. She said she was at the club with friends when ‘Bolt spotted her’.

    She said: ‘He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn’t know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar.’

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world's fastest sprinter Usain Bolt pestered her for a threesome

    Nailah said she and Bolt first met at an athletics gala in late 2013

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  • Security guard killed during taxi fight

    A security guard of Canoe Row, Old Harbour, St. Catherine was shot and killed while travelling in a public passenger vehicle on Alpine Avenue in the parish on Monday.

    Reports from the Old Harbour Police are that about 10:45 p.m. Oscar Fothergill was a passenger in a taxi, when an altercation allegedly occurred.

    A struggle ensued during which Fothergill was shot in the head.

    Fothergill was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    The Old Harbour Police are investigating the matter. 

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  • PROTEST IN HAGLEY PARK: School accused of ripping off students in overseas programme

    A massive protest is now underway along Hagley Park Road where a group of more than 150 students are protesting at the HECOIN education institute.

    The students are accusing operators of the school of fleecing them of millions of dollars.

    "The operators of the school told us that they could get us on an overseas work programme," one student told Loop News.

    She was part of a large group gathered at the location demanding that the funds be repaid.

    "Right now students paid as high as $70,000 for their fees and are being given the go around," said another angry student.

    According to a school notice, a large firm in the United States had contracted HECOIN to provide its students with internship opportunities. However, the school has said that the operators of the company where the students were supposed to go overseas cannot be located.

    HECOIN is registered by the Ministry of Education and, according to its website, has campuses in nine parishes of Jamaica.


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  • WAR IS ON: Mavado sends WARNING to Demarco and Popcaan! [MUST SEE POST]

    Image result for mavado vs demarco

    The feud between dancehall artistes Mavado, Demarco, and Popcaan has seemingly escalated with the artistes levelling disrespect against each other courtesy of new songs.

    The feud, which started following Demarco and Popcaan’s decision to counteract Mavado and Alkaline single Farewell, is now the most talked about in dancehall circles with fans already taking sides with their favorite artistes.

    Record producers Notnice and DJ Frass, who are both at the helm of the feud, producing tracks for Popcaan and Mavado, respectively, were both cautious with their words when contacted by The STAR.

    Notnice, who is no stranger to feuds, having come up under Vybz Kartel’s stable, told The STAR that he is simply doing his work. “I am just producing music and doing my work. Tell dem sey efforts to get a comment from Notnice proved futile,” he said. DJ Frass toldThe STAR that he was busy trying to make international hits.

    Social Media

    Demarco, who was friends with Mavado prior to forming an alliance with incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, told The STAR that he was not doing any interviews at this point. However, he proceeded to taunt Mavado about his former profession on social media by posting a photo of a barbering tool on his Instagram page, in addition to releasing a new diss song aimed at the artiste titled King Kong.

    King Kong is a direct response to Mavado who compared Demarco to the King Kong Guerrilla character in his song Dem Run Een, due to his physical appearance. Nevertheless, Demarco appears to have owned the name and went to extreme lengths to prove that Mavado is somewhat an underachiever in dancehall due to his inability to make an international hit record despite being signed to a major label.

    “Barber dem not even rate you in Cassava Piece … rapper groupie a wah do him? Bout Big League, yu lighter than saw dust, do song with every rapper and can’t buss,” Demarco sings in King Kong.

    Mavado, who also tackles Popcaan in his diss record Dem Run Een, took to Instagram to respond to Demarco’s song. He posted a screenshot from one of his fans stating that Demarco’s arguments against him were recycled.


    “Some bwoy sey dem a mek diss song and all dem do a recycle some old lines that #Kartel use in 06 … lines like barber bwoy and gay bredda and cut inna face. Smh dem lines deh stale out now a just trace di pussycat dem trace, nuh gangsta thing dem nah deal wid at all,” he posted.

    Popcaan’s effort titled Dutty Dread and produced by Notnice sees the deejay reminding Mavado of his affiliation with Vybz Kartel. “Yu nuh bad like my fada Adidjah Palmer … gwaan itch up inna yu league weh a corner … di world dun know yu a barber,” he sang, also taking jabs at Mavado’s barber past.

    Popcaan’s manager, Sharon Burke, had denied that a feud was brewing between the artistes recently. However, the records have been telling a different tale

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  • MoBay taxi driver suspected of committing suicide

    A Montego Bay taxi driver was found dead Tuesday morning at his home in what St James police suspect to be a case of suicide.

    The deceased has been identified as 64-year-old Easton Grant of a Melvin Hall Avenue, Montego Bay, St James address.

    Reports are that early Tuesday morning, residents discovered Grant's body with a rope tied around his neck, hanging from a grill at the side of the house where he lived. 

    The incident has resulted in the termination of orientation proceedings at the nearby Corinaldi Primary School, along Corinaldi Avenue, in the resort city.

    The police and a large gathering of onlookers are currently on the scene.

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