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  • St. Catherine Principal Charged For Stealing $700,000 from School

    The Police have charged a 51 year old school principal from St. Catherine, Naomi Cunningham, with breaches of the Larceny Act.

    Reports are that on January 13, last year, a lodgment of 20 cheques valued at approximately $700,000 was credited to the school’s account.

    Cunningham, who had access to the account, is alleged to have withdrawn the money via third party Internet transactions and then made into cheques payable to several persons.


    Cunningham was offered bail in the sum of $100,000 when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court this week,

    She’s booked to return to court on January 18, next year.

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  • Khago's skin tone raises eyebrows

    Jamaican dancehall artiste Khago set off a storm on social media this week when he re-emerged from a short hiatus with lightened skin, piercings and tattoos.

    Khago, born Ricardo Gayle, uploaded several photographs onto Facebook and Instagram between Wednesday and Friday, and had many Jamaican fans speculating whether his ‘changes’ were brought on due to the effects of skin-lightening or ‘bleaching’.

    In comparison to previous promotional images of Khago in 2009 – when he burst onto the reggae scene with his number one hit Caan Cool – the entertainer’s skin tone appears to be much lighter in his latest photographs.

    Several fans also took note that he had shaved his dreadlocks, now sporting much shorter hair, which has been dyed blond at the ends.

     “No sah a bleaching a run the place,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

    A man asked: “Is this the Khago sky walker I know???”

    Another fan suggested that the deejay ‘sold out’.

    “Is money ah change the man them? Wah! Khago cut his dread,” the man exclaimed.

    Skin-lightening appears to be a trend in the dancehall industry, said one Twitter user.

    “But wait, how the man get so brown, everybody a get brown inna Dancehall,” the man tweeted.

    On Instagram, dozens of Jamaicans compared the artiste’s change in appearance to Vybz Kartel and Alkaline’s bleaching.

    “So Alkaline bleach and get bigger inna Dancehall so other man a try do it and hope it get him luck,” said one user.

    Another online user posted that the entertainers are now going to extreme lengths to get attention.

    “Man put things inna them eye, man a bleach the skin them get from God just fi stay relevant in Dancehall, it’s sad,” another woman contended.

    After a promising 2009, which saw him get a “buss” on Dancehall extravaganza Sting, Khago continued a dominant spell on local and international airwaves with a series of successful singles including Fresh and Clean, Nah Sell Out andTun Up Di Ting.

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  • Amari threatens to leave Gully Bop as he denies knowing Tizzy, his alleged babymother.

    Gully Bop has denied knowing the woman who first posted images of a woman who calls herself Tizzy who was showed off images of her ‘baby Bop bump’ on  Facebook last week.

    “Me nuh know that girl from Adams. She couldn’t get pregnant by me, but A’mari a make people feed her head with foolishness,” he said.

    The Wuk Offa Me deejay said that there are persons conspiring to end his relationship with A’mari who is also an artiste.


    Gully Bop’s current girlfriend rubbished Bop’s claims,saying that Bop knew the girl but that she had heard that one of Bop’s other friends was the real father.

    that the recent developments regarding Gully Bop being accused of impregnating a girl has only strengthened their bond.

    “At first, I was pissed off, and I still am, but I will stand by him. I was embarrassed, more than hurt because it is a real relationship. It has made the relationship stronger,” she said.
    She said she first encountered Gully Bop’s ‘baby mama’ over a week ago.
    “I saw the girl looking through the window one morning when I was over Bop’s house and she got my number from Bop’s phone and she has been calling me on the phone telling me that she is spending my money that I sent through the Western Union for Bop, but since this week, I have cut off all communication with Tizzy,” she said.
    She said she has also blocked Tizzy on Facebook.
    “I no longer operate my Facebook page, so even if they are saying things, I dont care, they have been deleted and banned….it is way too stressful to communicate with she and her friends,” she said.
    She said that the rocky times have only increased her love for Bop.
    “They don’t want to see us together, so ok, you don’t want to see it, then I am going all the way then, I see Gully Bop as my future husband,” she said.
    Amari has a combination single called ‘Cheater Girls’ featuring Gully Bop.
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  • 8-Y-O Student Died After Teacher Told Her To Stand In The Boiling Sun


    8 Year old Kameisha Butler, a vibrant youngster of the Port Henderson Primary School, sadly passed away just days ago after a delayed surgery to be carried out after it was discovered that the blood vessels had burst in back of her eye.

    It’s alleged that Kemiesha was instructed by a male classroom teacher to stand in the hot boiling sun and stare into the sky for an extended period, as some sort of punishment.

    With that exposure to the sun, the child began to experience pain in the head and neck the following day. This continued and she was rushed to the children’s hospital.

    It was then discovered that a blood vessel had burst in back of her eye. Placed on wait for a surgery; this surgery didn’t went in accordance and little Kemeisha past away. Mr Butler was informed that the teacher who is believed to believe responsible and had fled, is allegedly now in Police custody.

    The first child for the Butlers', 8 year old Kemeisha died leaving 2 younger siblings ages 5 and 2 years old, and while the 5 year old would regularly ask for her older sister, the family is yet to tell her the sad news.

    To add insult to Mr. Butler's grief, sources disclosed that Mr Butler was allegedly called to the school his child once attended, and was given $5,000 JMD. Why was he given this money is unknown.

    "I screamed and bawl out. Morning, noon and night mi bawl. Mi bawl every day;" Mr Butler also stated that Doctors at the hospital treated him with little respect when he pressed for answers. However he was later informed that she died from sun stroke!

    The parents of this young child are struggling to find the funds for her burial. Source had disclosed information, but for now its an allegation, that the so called 'punishment' the teacher gave Kemisha might have caused the 8 year old’s untimely death.

    If these allegations can be proven then the person or persons responsible should be held accountable for this child’s passing also the family’s pain endured.

    It’s alleged that the teacher is no longer working at the school.

    Kemeisha Butler's funeral is scheduled for April 9, 2016. A gofundme was created to assist the family with burial expenses.

    Follow the link if you wish to donate:

    The family mentioned that they are in dire need for assistance with the burial. They have shopped around and found a funeral package for $150,000, but are struggling to come up with the first dollar.

    “We believe inna God. We pray every night we a go bed, he will provide,” said Stephen. If you would like to assist the Butlers, contact them at 856-5255.


    What causes blood vessels to break in the eye?

    Sometimes small blood vessels in the whites of the eyes break and cause a red spot or speck. This is called asubconjunctival hemorrhage. The blood vessels may break because of sneezing, coughing, vomiting, straining, or bending over, but sometimes there is no clear cause.

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  • I care zero what you think about Shebada – Dancehall artiste Spice

    Dancehall artiste, Spice, says she is a Shebada fan, despite what others may think about the popular actor.

    Spice and Shebada shared a photo on Facebook just before they boarded a flight to Miami yesterday (March 31). 

    The caption on the photo reads: “About yesterday in Jamaica before we board the flight look who I saw.

    “The one and only Shebada care zero weh unu TINK bout him. Mi LOVE HIM BAAAD,” added Spice in the caption. 

    Spice also used the opportunity to comment on Shebada’s improved appearance, calling the comedian “clean.”

    “Mi nah lie Shebada …. money do Tings fi yu. Cah yu no look so hungry again mi nah lie look how u clean,” Spice wrote.

    Spice was about to travel to Connecticut while Shebada was heading to Antigua to perform in the play ‘Bangarang.’

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