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  • Luciano's US visa cancelled after 'cannabis extract found in herbal medicine'

    Reggae star Luciano is facing yet another obstacle in his life as his United States visitor's visa and work permit were cancelled by American law enforcement officers last weekend.

    The artiste, who was scheduled to perform at the Philadelphia Jerk Festival at Fairmount Park on Sunday, announced this development via social media. 

    “I sincerely regret the inconvenience and disappointment that this will cause as I am also deeply devastated. Please pray for me while I face yet another major obstacle in my life," the post from the beleaguered singer said. 
    The post revealed that a search by customs officers turned up a herbal medicine that contains cannabis extracts. 
    “I regret to announce that whilst crossing the border from Canada into America by air on August 25th, 2016, I underwent an abnormal interrogation during which my personal hand luggage was searched. During the search, a mixture that I normally use as a herb medicine for my throat was found and after numerous tests it was claimed to be illegal because it contained cannabis extracts. The herbal liquid was a very small amount (less than one gramme), but as a result my visas were revoked and I was denied entry into the US," the post explained. 
    "Please note that this will not affect any bookings that I have in countries anywhere else in the world, apart from North America. So please keep the faith... Jah Bless,” he continued.
    Luciano had several gigs lined up in California, British Columbia, Washington, Arizona and Oregon from September 2 to 17.
    He has had a tough year, as he lost his son in a fatal stabbing a few months ago. 
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  • Jamaican man in immigration custody to be deported next week, Jamaica don't want him back

    Image result for Jamaican man in immigration custody to be deported next week

    The federal government says a Jamaican man who has been in immigration custody for five years is now set to be deported.

    Government lawyers told Ontario Superior Court in Toronto on Tuesday that Alvin Brown, 40, is scheduled to leave Canada on Sept. 7.

    However, Brown’s lawyers are skeptical, noting Jamaica has failed in the past to give him travel documents.

    Brown, a permanent resident of Canada since he was eight, has been found inadmissible back into Canada because of his drug and robbery convictions. He has been detained at Toronto East Detention Centre since September 2011.

    “I think I will never get out again,” Brown told the court on Tuesday. “It’s been five years and there’s been no progress so I don’t think I’ll ever get out of jail.”

    Brown said he feels “good” about being deported to Jamaica and said “I will be free.”

    Ontario’s top court ruled last year provincial courts have jurisdiction to hear detention matters and Brown is seeking his release in Superior Court.

    Critics say the immigration system is broken because it can lead to indefinite imprisonment.

    Federal Court normally deals with immigration matters but critics say it provides little oversight of what can amount to indefinite imprisonment.

    Last month, detainees went on hunger strike to press for an end to the practice.

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    Police high command has launched a probe into a video that has surfaced showing a cop accepting what appears to be a bribe from a motorist on one of the island’s roadways.

    The 20-second video shows a cop standing alongside a parked motor car, talking to the driver who appears to have been pulled over for a traffic violation. But, instead of taking action, the police officer appeared willing to turn a blind eye for the right price.

    “Fold it, roll it,” the police officer can be heard telling the motorist.

    “Sure yuh nuh want pay taxes,” he adds as the driver hands him an item that appears to be money.

    The motorist responds, “Bwoy yuh nuh easy enuh”, with a chuckle.

    After the cop walked away from the vehice, the driver tells a passenger in the car that he gave the cop $3,000.

    A senior cop told  news sources on Tuesday that the video shows that, despite efforts of the police high command to clean up the force, some  policemen are finding creative ways to carry out their illegal actions.

    The probe comes just a day after another group  of lawmen were placed under investigation when a video surfaced showing them giving instructions to a male on how to perform his sexual acts on a prostitutes. Police had swooped down on the location alleging they were searching for drugs and guns.

    Watch the video of the alleged bribery.


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  • Usain Bolt’s secret lover reveals how she rejected his kinky threesome demands! [MUST SEE]

    Olympic sprint king Usain Bolt ‘two-timed his girlfriend with secret lover and asked her for a threesome’
    Usain Bolt allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with model Nailah Dillard
    Dillard, 27, says that she met the Olympic champion for first time in 2013
    They saw each other on-and-off for a year before she broke things off
    Bolt has hit the headlines for his womanizing ways in past few weeks

    Usain Bolt cheated on his ‘First Lady’ Kasi Bennett with a model on-and-off for a year, it has been alleged.

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world’s fastest sprinter pestered her for a threesome and enjoyed several evenings together after meeting at an athletics gala in late 2013.

    Nailah has spoken out after revelations came of Bolt’s womanising antics since winning two gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world’s fastest sprinter Usain Bolt pestered her for a threesome

    Bolt has become known for his womanizing ways since once again championing at the Rio Olympics

    Nailah said she and Bolt first met at an athletics gala in late 2013

    She said of their meeting: ‘We made eye contact and there was an instant attraction.

    ‘He got me up against the wall, trying to woo me. I can’t say I was impressed.

    ‘He may be a world class athlete, but at the end of the day he’s a normal man.

    ‘I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is kind of cool’, but I asked him: ‘Where is your girlfriend?’

    They swapped numbers and Bolt, 30, sent her several texts asking for a threesome, which Nailah refused.

    But she flew out to Jamaica to see him, where he took her on a night out to a strip club, reported The Sun.

    Bolt, who won two gold medals at Rio, has a long-term girlfriend Kaci Bennett

    After several more visits and trysts with the sporting sensation, Nailah ended their relationship in 2014 when she suspected he was seeing other women – and believes that Bolt was still seeing her when he was with Kasi.

    She said: ‘I don’t know if she knew about me, but he was following me on Instagram so it wouldn’t be hard to check.

    ‘He’s not monogamous, and that’s a big reason why he and I ended.

    Nailah said the reason she ended things with Usain Bolt was that he failed to be monogamous

    ‘He’s the type of person who wants his woman to be faithful, but he wants to be open with other women.’


    It comes after a wild end to the sprinter’s third and apparently final Olympics where he won another three gold medals, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

    He was pictured twerking with an unknown brunette and kissing another women in the club hours after his heroics inside the Olympic Stadium where he confirmed his status as the greatest ever sprinter.

    Kasi Bennett is Usain Bolt’s long term girlfriend

    Bolt has been spotted out and about with a number of mystery women since Rio

    He also attracted the attention of Jady Duarte, who shared photos of herself in bed with the superstar on WhatsApp.

    The intimate photos show the star curled with the student at 7am local time. Speaking to local newspaper Extra, Duarte said that the impact of the pictures had left her mortified.

    She explains: ‘It’s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.’

    Duarte did not reveal what happened next – other than to say: ‘It was not a big deal. It was normal.

    A Brazilian student Jady Duarte shared two saucy pictures of herself in bed with the star on Snapchat

    ‘I’d rather not talk about it – in order not to complicate matters. Like I said, it was normal.’

    She also claimed to have no idea who Bolt was. She said she was at the club with friends when ‘Bolt spotted her’.

    She said: ‘He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn’t know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar.’

    US model Nailah Dillard, 27, said that the world's fastest sprinter Usain Bolt pestered her for a threesome

    Nailah said she and Bolt first met at an athletics gala in late 2013

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  • Security guard killed during taxi fight

    A security guard of Canoe Row, Old Harbour, St. Catherine was shot and killed while travelling in a public passenger vehicle on Alpine Avenue in the parish on Monday.

    Reports from the Old Harbour Police are that about 10:45 p.m. Oscar Fothergill was a passenger in a taxi, when an altercation allegedly occurred.

    A struggle ensued during which Fothergill was shot in the head.

    Fothergill was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    The Old Harbour Police are investigating the matter. 

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