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  • Jamaicans vote for 'more pay'! JLP wins Election!

    The Jamaica Labour Party has sent the People’s National Party back into Opposition, delivering a crushing defeat to the incumbent in the 17th General Election since Adult Suffrage in 1944.

    With 63 parliamentary seats up for grabs, the JLP is expected to win 33 seats to the PNP’s 30.

    Pundits had anticipated a tight contest between the country’s two main political parties.

    The PNP, led by outgoing Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, was seeking a second consecutive term. Boasting its achievement of passing 10 IMF tests under the economic reform programme,  the party had urged Jamaicans to 'stay the course'  and not be swayed by "empty promises" being made by the Andrew Holness-led JLP.

    The most publicised 'promise' of them all was the JLP’s vow to remove personal income tax for everyone who earns a basic salary of $1.5 million or less per year. It was part of a 10-Point Plan for Growth and Job Creation presented by Holness and the JLP earlier this month.

    Critics, including Finance Minister and PNP campaign director Dr Peter Phillips, blasted the plan as “unworkable”. But the promise resonated with many Jamaicans, who have been facing economic hardship under the very austere IMF programme.

    “The PNP are arrogant and the Jamaican people have spoken,” declared senior JLP member, Delroy Chuck amid jubilant supporters at the party headquarters at Belmont Road, Kingston on Thursday.

    Holness led Jamaica for just over two months before his party lost 2011 elections by a 2-1 margin.

    Simpson Miller became Jamaica's first female leader during a year-and-a-half stint in office that ended in 2007 with a defeat to the then Bruce Golding-led JLP.  She was returned as Prime Minister in 2011.



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  • Prime Minister-elect Holness vows to keep campaign promises

    Prime Minister-elect Andrew Holness vowed on Thursday to deliver on his campaign promises and change “the way government works” by offering more transparency and accountability.

    “We have carried a message of hope,” Holness said. “A message that Jamaica can  be a better place.”

    He continued: “The people of Jamaica have accepted our message but this is not the end of a journey. It is the beginning of changing Jamaica.”

    Holness’ Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) sent the People’s National Party (PNP) back into opposition, delivering a crushing 33 to 30 seat defeat to the incumbent.

    The JLP won against the background of a strong election campaign in which it vowed to remove personal income tax for everyone who earns a basic salary of $1.5 million or less per year.

    It was part of a 10-Point Plan for Growth and Job Creation presented by Holness and the JLP earlier this month.

    “The cost of victory is accountability… to keep the commitments that we have made,” Holness said.


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  • Warmington Calls Soldier An 'Asshole

    Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for South West St Catherine Clifford Everald Warmington caused quite a stir, after he called a member of the Jamaica Defence Force an a**hol*.

    The incident occurred about 11:40 am at the entrance of the Old Harbour Primary School, St Catherine.

    It was an angry Warmington who shouted, "You have no authority to order me! Let the police address me! You are an a**hol*! Don't say nothing!"


    The incident occurred after the soldier tried to inform the candidate that he had to go inside the polling station alone, which angered him.

    Warmington’s angry tirade was met with cheers from a number of persons wearing shirts with his photo and name attached.

    The JLP candidate had gone to the venue to express his discontent about clerks working at polling divisions 20 and 40 inside the venue.

    He said they were slowing down the process and that he had already complained to Director of Elections Orrette Fisher.

    "It means that when the process concludes, they must be allowed to vote," Warmington said.

    Meanwhile, persons commended a policeman, who helped to tone down the irate candidate.

    Warmington was later seen telling persons to obey the police and that he only respected the police command.

    Meanwhile, both the JLP and the People’s National Party (PNP) contenders were seen throughout the constituency with scores of persons in their respective party colours parading in vehicles.

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  • JLP supporter alleges voter fraud

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Tamara Henry-Smith, a Jamaica Labour Party supporter, is alleging that People’s National Party (PNP) supporters voted under dead names at the Mountain View Primary School in St Andrew Eastern this morning.

    Henry-Smith claimed that she recognised names of people she knows to have died in the community in which she has lived since birth.

    She further claimed that one of the persons who arrived to vote claimed to live at 118 Lane, where she (Edwards) lives, but the young lady was unable to identify Henry-Smith or her mother who she says is a well-known cook in the community.

    Mountain View Primary is the same polling station where Angela Brown-Burke and PNP supporters clashed with JLP supporters this morning.



    The constituency is being contested by the JLP's Fayval Williams and the PNP's Andre Hylton.

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