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  • JLP mass rally victim was one of St James’ most wanted, says police


    While confirming the shooting deaths of two persons and the injury of three others at a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) mass rally on Sunday, the St James Police have identified one of the victims as one of the parish’s most wanted criminals.

    Dead is 22-year-old Javin Campbell otherwise called ‘Javinci’, who is known to the police as a member of a gang that operates in the Flanker community in the parish.

    According to initial reports, the shooting incident occurred at approximately 10:20 pm – during the JLP mass meeting, being held at the Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay – following a dispute between persons who were in attendance at the mass rally.

    At the end of the shooting two men laid dead while three others received gunshot injuries and were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital for treatment.

    What’s more, the other deceased person has not yet been identified.

    The shooting was contained within the area where the dispute occurred and no shots were fired in the direction of the podium where Opposition Leader Andrew Holness was speaking at the time of the incident. 

    The police have launched an investigation in the matter and will provide further details.

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  • 3 Person Dies Following Shooting At JLP MoBay Meeting [Graphic Pictures]


    A third person has been confirmed dead while a woman is now undergoing emergency surgery arising from Sunday night's shooting at a Jamaica Labour Party mass meeting in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay.

    Early this morning, the police released a statement identifying one of the victims as 22-year-old Javin Campbell otherwise called 'Javinci'.

    The police say he is a known gangster from Flanker.

    to the police five people were shot in the incident.

    Earlier reports had said four people had been shot.

    At the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the injured people were taken for medical attention, scores of persons including high-profile JLP members are now gathered. 

    "I know  one of the young men who was killed personally," said JLP General Secretary, Dr Horace Chang.

    "He is from Flanker, another one is a bus driver from S Catherine. What happened is both frightening and worrying."

    Regarding a possible motive, Chang said he did not want to speculate because any irresponsible statement from any party official could lead to other issues.

    "I am going to allow the police to investigate and come up with their own findings. We have to take a responsible approach. We can't allow ourselves to inflame an already bad situation," he said.

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  • Female vendor murdered in Ocho Rios


    A female vendor was on Saturday found dead with her throat slashed in the Pineapple community of Ocho Rios in St Ann.

    Cavena Collins, popularly known as ‘Tash’, was apparently murdered on her way home.

    The Ocho Rios Police reported being summoned to the crime scene around 9:30am, shortly after the woman’s body had been found.

    One of Collins’ sons reportedly discovered her body and alerted neighbours.

    The deceased also left behind a young baby boy.

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  • UWI student allegedly used ‘scamming’ to pay school tuition


    A University of the West Indies (UWI) student who was arrested on multiple fraud and scamming related charges, after he allegedly defrauded a United States citizen of US$3450 and used it to pay his tuition accused was today hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

    Cheves Allen, who is a second year Actuarial Science student, is charged with transporting money using access device, obtaining credit by fraud, six counts of unauthorised access to computer data, six counts of conspiracy to transport money using access device, five counts of possession of identity information and transporting money using access device.

    He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

    Allegations are that between January 2, 2015 and August 10, 2015, the accused the credit card of a United States citizen, without authorisation, to pay his school fee. An accountant at UWI detected the fraud when the actual credit card holder reversed the transaction.


    The police later carried out a search at Allen’s home and discovered telephone numbers, names, banking information and addresses of US citizens. It is also alleged that Allen runs a business at UWI, where he employs and tutors other students on scamming.

    After the allegations were read, the Judge, Judith Pusey said, “You are what they call an educated scammer.”

    However, Allen’s lawyer painted a different picture of the situation. He claimed Allen did not defraud anyone by using his or her credit card. He said Allen has been working online for an overseas company doing data entry, and he advised his employer to deposit his pay directly to the university.

    As for the US citizen’s information which were found at Allen’s home, his lawyer claims they are not of US Citizens, but that of the people Allen employs to do data entry for the company as well.

    He was denied bail and is to reappear in court on Monday. A fingerprint order was made.

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  • Man bites into a piece of KFC to find a LUNG attached

    A man says he was left disgusted and feeling sick after biting into what he thought was a premium chicken breast from KFC, only to find he'd nearly swallowed a large intact lung.

    Marc Nicholls, from Chevron Island on the Gold Coast, was shocked after chomping down on the grey, brain-like flesh on Tuesday.

    'It was disgusting,' Mr Nicholls, 30, told the Daily Mail Australia. 'It was absolutely vile.'

    Marc Nicholls thought he was biting into a chicken breast, but instead nearly swallowed this


    Marc Nicholls thought he was biting into a chicken breast, but instead nearly swallowed this


    Mr Nicholls, an IT technician, said he stopped at KFC Labrador during his day off.

    He ordered a 3 piece box, with two wings and a chicken breast for $12.50. Instead of a quick, greasy meal, though, he said he got the 'surprise of my life.'

    'I pulled a piece off [of the breast], then found that and spat the rest out,' he said.

    After alerting staff, he was told the flesh could be a lung and that he should contact KFC customer service. He was not initially offered a refund.

    A KFC spokesman said that the flesh was most likely a chicken lung or kidney that was mistakenly not removed during preparation of the food.

    This month there have been a number of nasty incidents involving KFC right across the globe.

    In England, a Wellingborough woman was left horrified when she found her KFC chicken meal was full of raw giblets and uncooked entrails. 

    She says when she held the piece of chicken from her Zinger in her hand she noticed flecks of purple and pulled it apart to find uncooked giblets and entrails had been left inside the meat. 

    In England, a Wellingborough woman was left horrified when she found her KFC chicken meal was full of raw giblets and uncooked entrails

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