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  • VIDEO: Pastor Accused Of Killing Room-Mate Now In Custody


    Donovan “Phil” Lawrence was discovered hacked to death in his bed by his room-mate and resident pastor, Sean Lawrence on April 1, 2016 in the community of Linstead, St. Catherine.


    According to Sean Lawrence, who is a resident clergy man of Linstead, he discovered the body of his friend with several wounds to the neck and chest area, shortly after attending the candle light for a soldier who had crashed into a parked garbage truck just weeks before in the same community.

    A very emotional and traumatized Lawrence was seen giving his accounts of what had happened to his friend in a video uploaded by CVM TV for their News Watch program. He stated “no sin goes unpunished… and I will personally do everything in my power to bring this one that come across Donovan to justice”.

    Now it is understood that he is the primary suspect in the murder case and is currently in police custody while investigations continues.

    Since his video was uploaded on-line by CVM TV, he has been criticized by numerous viewers for coming of as ‘fake’ and that his explanations were not adding up.


    “I must say this man look like a good actor something no right”

    “He is a pastor or was. From mi a pickney mi know Shawn because wi live Inna di same area, him a con artist n him act like a woman….so mi naa cuss di ppl dem wehh sehh him look fake. Shawn is a dyam teef n lyad. Him a call dung pan God name, him betta stop it.”

    “Him a cry and all now i can’t see the eye water running down something about this don’t right. Just saying”

    “Cant belive u did this how u and him live u cant trust people”

    “Who cares if all men in the house, who cares if all is gay, who cares if no tears running down his face to suit others. You people are wicked! His friend died a horrible death…… just give condolences and say RIP! People so full of spite they cant give genuine sympathy!”

                                   WATCH VIDEO


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  • Shanique Myrie only wanted money and a green card” – Says Husband Troy Pusey

    Troy Pusey, the husband of Shanique Myrie, has accused his estranged wife of only marrying him for money and to gain access to the United States.

    After marrying someone he loved deeply, the pain of being wronged has stunned him, Pusey told Loop News in an exclusive interview on Friday.

    “She put me through all this for a green card, basically,” Pusey said, adding “I never knew that while we were married, she was with another man.”

    The accusation of infidelity was among a number of shocking allegations made by the Jamaica-born man - who has been living in the US for nearly three decades – against Myrie.

     “After talking to other people about Shanique, I found that she had told them that our wedding was ‘business’ and I was shocked. I was in this [marriage] because I loved her,” he told Loop News.

    Myrie is also being accused of second degree assault against her husband. The case is presently before the District Court of Maryland in the US. She allegedly chased her husband with a knife, kicked him in the groin and punched him on his arm. She was subsequently arrested and charged by the Maryland Police.

    Myrie refuted the allegations in an earlier interview with Loop News while painting her husband as an unstable “control freak” who is making up stories to taint her in a bad light.

    “He said he doesn’t know what he would do if I left him. I fixed him up. He looked like a country boy when I met him on Facebook just before I won my case. I took care of him when he met in an accident, that’s why I decided to step away from politics. He was in a bad way. This is the thanks I get,” Myrie told Loop News in April.

    But Pusey contended that, contrary to what Myrie has said to the media, he was in fact the breadwinner of the household and sent wads of cash to Myrie for a more comfortable life while he worked as a medical technician.

    “I sent her money every two weeks – I took care of all her living expenses because that’s what a husband does, and my love for her was real,” he asserted.

    Pusey claimed that he discovered that, while he toiled for 16 hours at work, Myrie was cosy in the house and bed he paid for with another man.

    “Her friends told me the truth and I confronted her. She swore that none of it was true and that the man was her brother, who I’ve never met,” Pusey said.

    Pusey said his wife was very secretive, calculating and manipulative.

    “She had her phone on her at all times: hidden under the bed, under her pillow, under her arm even when she was doing her makeup and I found that behaviour very suspect,” Pusey told Loop News.

    “I met in an accident and she took care of me for four weeks, but when she saw the disability cheque was coming in slowly and not enough for her – that’s when she decided to run,” he added.

    “In her interview she said ‘I was very controlling’ yet when we talk her tone is almost desperate,” he said.

    One particular text, which Pusey shared with Loop News, reportedly shows a conversation Myrie sent to her husband by mistake: saying how after getting her green card, she was going to leave him.

    Myrie, who faces a maximum sentence of 10 years if found guilty, also has a restraining order out against her as the trial resumes on Wednesday, May 4.

    “If I was a controlling freak like she says, why would she ask me for her wife allowance? Why would you tell me you love me every other day we talk?” Pusey contemplated.

    “I married this woman for love, I gave her all of me and she married me for two things: money and a green card,” he fumed.

    “She thought I was rich because I sent her money like crazy – but what do you do when you want a better life for your partner? You do what you can,” he said.

    Shanique Myrie shot to fame after she complained that she was finger raped in Barbados by a female immigration officer and locked in a filthy room before being deported back to Jamaica in March 2011.

    For her ordeal, Myrie was awarded some J$4 million by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

    See Myrie's previous Loop interview below:

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  • Dinthill & Charlemont Student Fighting on School Compound


    This very frightening and disturbing video below shows two female students of two of Jamaica’s prominent High Schools fighting on school grounds. The females caught in the brawl are students of Charlemont High School and Dinthill Technical High School, both of the parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica.


    The Bizarre video showcases the Jamaican high school girls, one clad in her uniform and the other dressed in casual wear exchanging verbal threats which quickly lead to a boxing match and hair pulling. Numerous on-lookers were seen in the video which included both students and adults who stood and watched the fight and did nothing to stop what could have been a fatal incident.

    In Jamaica, surveys have revealed that the most common reason for high school brawls, whether in their uniforms or casually dressed is relationships issues. It is not clear if this was the case for this particular incident but sometimes two females are sharing the same partner and this is revealed to the girls at some point in time and it is then taken out on each other leaving the male to stand, watch and boast.

    The boisterous behaviours portrayed in these high school students are often times stemming from their parents or community cultures or even from the now popular social media where countless videos are uploaded showing how conflicts are handled which often times are through a fist-to-fist combat.


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  • High School Students Attack Special Constable

    A group of five high school students (two girls and three boys) reportedly attacked and injured a special constable at a bus stop in Harbour View, Kingston, yesterday morning. It’s reported that the policeman and his girlfriend were waiting on a bus at approximately 8 a.m. yesterday, when he was pounced upon by the group. He was hit with stones on the arm and back; his girlfriend managed to escape injury by jumping unto a bus that happened to pull up at the time of the attack.

    The policeman was reportedly saved by a passing motorist. He is unsure as to why they attacked him and he was not dressed in uniform at the time of the assault. See related Clovis cartoon depiction below.

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  • 15 students in Sex Orgy

    Yesterday at a house in Washington Gardens, Saint Andrew, police raided what appeared to be a sex orgy. There was a a tip-off by a concerned individual whose suspicions were aroused when uniformed students began filing into the house at mid-morning at Mansfield Avenue, home of one of the students, police staged a swift raid and detained the 18 persons, some said to be in a state of undress.

    I bet some "rass" licks were given out that day. It appears that the students (aged 15-18 years) pretended to go to school (getting up at 6am), putting on their uniform and meeting up at the house. The boys parents were at work. I always say, "never swear for your children." That poor mother and father working hard to get something better for their children and they are in their house having sex

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