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  • Dinthill & Charlemont Student Fighting on School Compound


    This very frightening and disturbing video below shows two female students of two of Jamaica’s prominent High Schools fighting on school grounds. The females caught in the brawl are students of Charlemont High School and Dinthill Technical High School, both of the parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica.


    The Bizarre video showcases the Jamaican high school girls, one clad in her uniform and the other dressed in casual wear exchanging verbal threats which quickly lead to a boxing match and hair pulling. Numerous on-lookers were seen in the video which included both students and adults who stood and watched the fight and did nothing to stop what could have been a fatal incident.

    In Jamaica, surveys have revealed that the most common reason for high school brawls, whether in their uniforms or casually dressed is relationships issues. It is not clear if this was the case for this particular incident but sometimes two females are sharing the same partner and this is revealed to the girls at some point in time and it is then taken out on each other leaving the male to stand, watch and boast.

    The boisterous behaviours portrayed in these high school students are often times stemming from their parents or community cultures or even from the now popular social media where countless videos are uploaded showing how conflicts are handled which often times are through a fist-to-fist combat.


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  • High School Students Attack Special Constable

    A group of five high school students (two girls and three boys) reportedly attacked and injured a special constable at a bus stop in Harbour View, Kingston, yesterday morning. It’s reported that the policeman and his girlfriend were waiting on a bus at approximately 8 a.m. yesterday, when he was pounced upon by the group. He was hit with stones on the arm and back; his girlfriend managed to escape injury by jumping unto a bus that happened to pull up at the time of the attack.

    The policeman was reportedly saved by a passing motorist. He is unsure as to why they attacked him and he was not dressed in uniform at the time of the assault. See related Clovis cartoon depiction below.

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  • 15 students in Sex Orgy

    Yesterday at a house in Washington Gardens, Saint Andrew, police raided what appeared to be a sex orgy. There was a a tip-off by a concerned individual whose suspicions were aroused when uniformed students began filing into the house at mid-morning at Mansfield Avenue, home of one of the students, police staged a swift raid and detained the 18 persons, some said to be in a state of undress.

    I bet some "rass" licks were given out that day. It appears that the students (aged 15-18 years) pretended to go to school (getting up at 6am), putting on their uniform and meeting up at the house. The boys parents were at work. I always say, "never swear for your children." That poor mother and father working hard to get something better for their children and they are in their house having sex

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  • Teens Staged There Own Kidnapping to Get $300,000 from Family

    Two teenage girls (15 years old) from Catherine Hall, left their homes, no one knew where they had gone. Several hours later, both families received a phone call from a man who said the teens had been kidnapped. He demanded $300,000 for their release. The police were contacted.

    On Monday, the girls turned up at their respective homes refusing to explain where they had been.

    According to the police their actions have led them to believe that the alleged kidnapping was a plot to swindle money from their families.

    I can't print what I would do if those were my children. Can you imagine the worry those children put there parents through.

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  • Rat attack!

    MONTEGO BAY, St James - The St James Public Health Department is to embark on a massive rodent eradication programme next week, in an effort to rid the streets of the resort city of Montego Bay of rat infestation.

    A total of $4milion has been identified to fund the initiative.

    Of that amount, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) will provide $3 million, while the St James Parish Council will allocate the remaining $1 million.



    Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie raised the issue of the city’s rodent infestation during last week’s launch of the National Clean-up Campaign in St James.


    “The question of rat infestation in Montego Bay is a major concern,” McKenzie revealed during last week’s press briefing at the St James Parish Council to launch the campaign.

    “...And I would like to advise that effective the second of May, some $3 million have been provided to deal with the question of rodent infestation across the parish,” he added.

    The chief public health inspector at the St James Health Department, Lennox Wallace, told the Jamaica Observer West that the “indiscriminate disposal of waste” has resulted in the rodent infestation “of Sam Sharpe Square and the streets leading to Sam Sharpe Square right up to Fort Street right up to ‘Clock’, that general area of Barnett Street.”

    And, in a bid to clamp down on business operators who seek to avoid paying for the disposal of their garbage, Wallace is calling for a partnership between his department and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) “to seek another way to approach the cost in solid waste management scientifically”.

    “Because you can’t have a supermarket that have 1,700 to 2,000 customers passing through daily, but they tell you that they are generating four bags of garbage. There must be a scientific approach and we, as technical persons are willing to assist to ensure that they pay for what is collected,” Wallace argued.

    “Garbage would have been collected at nights, (but) by the store opens in the mornings, you would have the place littered with garbage. It is not that it is generated by the public itself, but when the businesses are being opened they dispose of the garbage that they would have saved overnight and then that results in the untidiness in the parish.”

    Meanwhile, McKenzie has issued a stern warning to business operators, that commercial waste must not be mixed with domestic waste, stressing that violators will be prosecuted.

    “ I have given the executive director and the team at Solid Waste here to ensure that we monitor the action of the commercial activities and that the commercial garbage is not dumped into residential garbage, because it is the business operators’ responsibility to dispose of their garbage,” McKenzie argued.

    “The law does not respect anybody, so anybody who operates a business — I don’t care where them come from — the law must take the necessary actions against persons who are caught violating the law.

    “ While we want to encourage business and the more business there is, is the more employment that it generates, but we can’t facilitate it at any cost and we hope to engage the [Montego Bay] Chamber of Commerce to raise the concerns that we have and to ensure that those concerns are passed on to their members.”

    In the meantime, Wallace revealed that an education programme will accompany next month’s eradication exercise.

    Turn headline: ‘Indisciminate disposal of waste caused MoBay’s rat problem’

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