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  • 18 y-old con 50 y-man 100,000 because she Claimed she was pregnant

    A 50 year old man from Rema (Wilton Gardens), is now the laughing stock of the district. It appears an 18 year old woman from the same district tricked him into giving her a total of 100,000.00 dollars by claiming she was pregnant. Information reaching THE STAR is that two weeks ago, relatives of the 50-odd-year-old man attacked the teenager after her best friend made it known that the pregnancy was false. 
    "Yu see how woman wicked, dis young girl deh wid di ole man and trick him say she pregnant jus' fi get money," a resident and cousin of the teen, 32-year-old Joseph Williams told THE STAR.
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  • Body of 3-y-o girl fished from sea after dad warned of murder-suicide

    The St James Police are now searching for Roosevelt Thomas for questioning in connection with the death of his 3-year-old daughter.

    He’s also known as ‘Skinny’ from a Flanker address in Montego Bay, St James.

    The dead girl has been identified as Leashay Thomas, who lived with her mother in Flower in the parish.

    Leashay’s body was found floating in the waters of the Dump Up Beach in the second city Tuesday morning.

    Loop News understands that a man, said to be the father, called a family member to say he was going to kill his daughter and dump her body at the beach.

    He also threatened to kill himself, Loop News understands.

    Thomas reportedly went to the child’s mother, took the child away and sent a text to his own mother to say the child was at the beaches.

    The matter was reported to the police, who conducted a search of the area Monday night but to no avail. They found the body Tuesday morning after returning to search for the missing child.

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  • Women fight over bus

    Two women came to blows over seats in a going from Portmore to downtown Kingston. Come on now is that necessary. People can fight over some stupid things though.
    This was reported by
    the "Jamaica Star." apparently the people on the bus and surrounding area love deh drama.

    "The women were arrested after they traded fists over the scarce and precious commodity called a bus seat.

    The incident occurred about 4:30 p.m., during the peak hour traffic, after a bus plying the Portmore to downtown Kingston  route stopped in Parade, downtown Kingston, to pick up and let off passengers. It is reported that persons rushed into the bus to secure the limited number of seats causing them to become scarce quickly. One of the women sat on a seat and placed her belongings beside her. Many persons attempted to sit on the seat but were prevented by the diminutive female."


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  • Gully Bop's former Rep says the Artiste is out of control, doing drugs & allegedly broke

    Gully Bop's Booking Agent and Publicist Carl Durrant, says he'll no longer be handling the Artiste's affairs.
     Durrant who has been dealing with Bop's affairs since his split from girlfriend and manager Shauna Chin,  says  Gully Bop is out of control, making it difficult to work with him. 
    He also says Bop has been a very stressful client to deal with, and that the situation is now affecting his health.
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  • Men in billion-dollar cocaine bust released

    The four men nabbed Saturday morning in the billion-dollar cocaine bust off the cost of Westmoreland have been released.

    The men were released Sunday but are expected to be questioned further.

    They were arrested around 2 o’clock Saturday by a joint police-military team and a boat with cocaine weighing over 600 kilos (over 1,322 pounds) in the Belmont area.

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