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  • Teens Staged There Own Kidnapping to Get $300,000 from Family

    Two teenage girls (15 years old) from Catherine Hall, left their homes, no one knew where they had gone. Several hours later, both families received a phone call from a man who said the teens had been kidnapped. He demanded $300,000 for their release. The police were contacted.

    On Monday, the girls turned up at their respective homes refusing to explain where they had been.

    According to the police their actions have led them to believe that the alleged kidnapping was a plot to swindle money from their families.

    I can't print what I would do if those were my children. Can you imagine the worry those children put there parents through.

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  • Rat attack!

    MONTEGO BAY, St James - The St James Public Health Department is to embark on a massive rodent eradication programme next week, in an effort to rid the streets of the resort city of Montego Bay of rat infestation.

    A total of $4milion has been identified to fund the initiative.

    Of that amount, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) will provide $3 million, while the St James Parish Council will allocate the remaining $1 million.



    Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie raised the issue of the city’s rodent infestation during last week’s launch of the National Clean-up Campaign in St James.


    “The question of rat infestation in Montego Bay is a major concern,” McKenzie revealed during last week’s press briefing at the St James Parish Council to launch the campaign.

    “...And I would like to advise that effective the second of May, some $3 million have been provided to deal with the question of rodent infestation across the parish,” he added.

    The chief public health inspector at the St James Health Department, Lennox Wallace, told the Jamaica Observer West that the “indiscriminate disposal of waste” has resulted in the rodent infestation “of Sam Sharpe Square and the streets leading to Sam Sharpe Square right up to Fort Street right up to ‘Clock’, that general area of Barnett Street.”

    And, in a bid to clamp down on business operators who seek to avoid paying for the disposal of their garbage, Wallace is calling for a partnership between his department and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) “to seek another way to approach the cost in solid waste management scientifically”.

    “Because you can’t have a supermarket that have 1,700 to 2,000 customers passing through daily, but they tell you that they are generating four bags of garbage. There must be a scientific approach and we, as technical persons are willing to assist to ensure that they pay for what is collected,” Wallace argued.

    “Garbage would have been collected at nights, (but) by the store opens in the mornings, you would have the place littered with garbage. It is not that it is generated by the public itself, but when the businesses are being opened they dispose of the garbage that they would have saved overnight and then that results in the untidiness in the parish.”

    Meanwhile, McKenzie has issued a stern warning to business operators, that commercial waste must not be mixed with domestic waste, stressing that violators will be prosecuted.

    “ I have given the executive director and the team at Solid Waste here to ensure that we monitor the action of the commercial activities and that the commercial garbage is not dumped into residential garbage, because it is the business operators’ responsibility to dispose of their garbage,” McKenzie argued.

    “The law does not respect anybody, so anybody who operates a business — I don’t care where them come from — the law must take the necessary actions against persons who are caught violating the law.

    “ While we want to encourage business and the more business there is, is the more employment that it generates, but we can’t facilitate it at any cost and we hope to engage the [Montego Bay] Chamber of Commerce to raise the concerns that we have and to ensure that those concerns are passed on to their members.”

    In the meantime, Wallace revealed that an education programme will accompany next month’s eradication exercise.

    Turn headline: ‘Indisciminate disposal of waste caused MoBay’s rat problem’

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  • BREAKING: St James father who murdered daughter has been killed

    The St James father who turned himself over to the police in relation to the murder of his 3-year-old daughter before escaping on Thursday, has been killed.

    He was found dead last night, around 9 o’clock, in a house in Montego Bay with a bullet wound to the head, Loop News has been informed.

    Roosevelt Thomas escaped custody hours after he was brought in by a pastor on Thursday. He as being questioned by the police in the presence of his attorney when he reportedly jumped through a window.

    Little Leashay Thomas’ body was fished from the waters of the Dump Up Beach in Montego Bay, St James on Tuesday, hours after her father took her from her mother’s home in Flower in the parish.

    Loop News understands that Thomas called a family member to say he was going to kill his daughter and dump her body at the beach.

    He also threatened to kill himself, Loop News understands.

    Thomas reportedly went to the child’s mother, took the child away and sent a text to his own mother to say the child was at the beaches.

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  • 5-year-old boy found naked behind grown woman

    Children's Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison is commending a fast acting parent who immediately reported her friend to the police after reportedly catching the woman sexually assaulting her five-year-old son.

    The incident is said to have occurred in St Catherine last week, and Gordon Harrison said that if proven to be true, it is a reminder that there are persons in the society with "all sorts of devious motives that they would wish to direct at your small children".

    Reports reaching THE STAR are that the 32-year-old accused woman, who is a family friend, went to visit the house where the child live.

    The parent is said to have then left her child in the care of the family friend. However, the parent returned unexpectedly and found her friend engaged in sexual activities with her son.

    It is reported that she saw her son naked behind the woman. The parent immediately reported the incident to the police and the accused woman was taken into custody.

    Under the Sexual Offences Act, an adult commits the crime of sexual touching if he or she counsels or inciting a child to touch, directly or indirectly, in a sexual manner. The offence carries a maximum term of 10 years imprisonment.

    "I think it's important that when matters like this are discovered persons be a part of the process. I am very happy that in this situation the mother was so quick to observe what was happening so that she can now be a part of the process in terms of giving statements, attending the court, so that this woman can be held accountable to what she did," Gordon Harrison told THE STAR last night.

    She said too that a number of boys are being abused the vast majority of which may be unreported.

    Gordon Harrison said parents can never be too careful as many times sexual offences against children are committed by someone known to the family.

    "It's a very serious lesson for all of us. We have to watch out for our children, we have to be careful who we let into our space. We have to be careful who has access to our children. You need to be almost like a police officer over your children," the Children's Advocate said.

    Source; The Star


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  • Shebada sympathises with victims of Franklyn Town fire

    Well-known comedian and actor Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay has expressed sympathy for victims of a fire that left 11 homeless in his Franklyn Town, Kingston hometown on Wednesday morning.

    "Jamaican people born fi suffer," a clearly frustrated Ramsay told Loop News while shaking his head at the scene of the fire. 

    The actor, who still lives in the community, was also seen hugging some of the victims as he offered emotional support.

    Police report that a total of 11 persons were left homeless as a result of the blaze that gutted a four bedroom house.

    Reports from residents are that at about 7:30am, persons in the area saw smoke coming from the premises and raised an alarm.

    Fire fighters were quick on the scene but were not able to save the building.


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