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  • He is a control freak': Shanique Myrie denies beating husband, says she walked out of marriage

    Shanique Myrie is no stranger to troubles.

    The woman shot to fame afer she complained that she was finger raped in Barbados by a female immigration officer and locked in a dank filthy room before being deported back to Jamaica in March 2011.

    For her ordeal, Myrie was awarded some J$4 million by the Caribbean Court of Justice.

    But now Myrie is on the different side of the law. She has been arrested and charged with second degree assault by authorities in Hartford County Maryland, for the alleged beating of her husband, Troy Pusey.

    Pusey reported to police that Myrie had chased him with a knife, kicked him in the groin and punched him on his arm. She was subsequently arrested and charged.

    But Myrie has denied Pusey’s claims and says her spurned lover is making up stories to taint her in a bad light.

    “He is a control freak. I left him because he wanted to control my every move. I couldn’t talk to anybody, if a man looked at me he would say I caused it. I could not go anywhere unless he was with me. He was too controlling so I walked out of the marriage,” she told Loop News.

    Myrie accused Pusey of lying to the police and the court.

    “He is an ex-US Army man. How could I ever beat him up? He is lying. I never even touched him,” she said.

    She said Pusey was on a deliberate smear campaign. Myrie said she decided to back out of representing the People’s National Party as councillor in the local government elections after her estranged husband met in an accident in the United States and she had to care for him.

    “He said he doesn’t know what he would do if I left him. I fixed him up. He looked like a country boy when I met him on Facebook just before I won my case. I took care of him when he met in an accident, that’s why I decided to step away from politis. He was in a bad way. This is the thanks I get,” she said.

    Myrie also accused Pusey of contacting the Jamaican and Barbadian media and displaying the couple’s dirty linen in public.

    She faces a maximum sentence of seven years if found guilty.


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  • It’s a Big Deal: Dancehall artiste Chris Martin inks deal with KFC

    Dancehall act Chris Martin can now add another feather in his fedora.

    After releasing the now ubiquitous hit, I’m a Big Deal, Martin has joined forced with fast food giant KFC- a move that marks his first major corporate brand partnership.

    The song will underscore KFC’s newest marketing push which is dubbed the ‘2016 Big Deal’ campaign, has been described as a natural fit. Chris Martin is joined by fellow musician Busy Signal; both having just dropped their latest track “Steppin” together last month.

    Tina Matalon, Marketing Director, KFC Jamaica is thrilled to be working with Martin and Signal: “Working with Chris has been great! Once Chris took ‘BIG DEAL’ to another level with his hit song, we just knew we had to do something with him at some point. And then having Busy on the track as well added some spice to it, making it hotter than ever. ”

    This is the first time that KFC Jamaica has used a celebrity endorsement in a 360 degree visual campaign. For Martin, working with the KFC family has also been a wonderful experience. “When I sang I’m a Big Deal, it was just great that KFC has a meal called Big Deal. It’s a wonderful thing for me” said Martin.

    As for the core message behind the song, it was never about feeling full of himself; but had to do with empowering an individual’s sense of self.

    KFC’s popular BIG DEAL meal has been Jamaica’s favourite for decades.  Three pieces of delicious KFC Chicken available in all three flavours: Original Recipe, Hot ‘n’ Spicy and KFC Jamaica’s very own signature BBQ sauce and is available at all 34 KFC restaurants island wide.


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  • Gunmen sent apology to family of schoolgirl they shot

    Stick it, you sorry bunch.

    Criminals on Thursday reportedly sent heart-felt apologies to the family of a 15-year-old schoolgirl they shot the day before while trading bullets with rival hoodlums in a brazen daylight gun battle in West Kingston.

    The lawless savages, in asking for forgiveness, told the teen’s family the girl wasn’t their intended target, in what is being described as a strange twist in the case.

    Loop News was informed by residents on Thursday of the sickening apology from the criminals, who had been trading bullets with no regards for the lives of the innocent around them.

    Police later confirmed that gunmen had indeed sent an apology to their victim’s family.

    The teen was traveling along Beeston Street when she was caught in the middle of a sudden shootout between members from rival gangs. She was injured to the leg.

    The incident was the latest in a string of gang-related shootings over the past few weeks that left West Kingston residents fearful.

    More than five people have been shot and injured in the community.

    Meanwhile, police say they have now identified a number of suspects behind Wednesday’s shooting that shattered the teen’s leg.

    They have since launched a massive manhunt for the suspects and have warned that “no stones will be left unturned” in the search for these persons.

    Wednesday’s attack has triggered anger in the area, which seems out of control despite a robust police presence.

    "We want an end to this senseless violence," said a woman from the area.



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  • Miss Kitty apologises to everyone, except Yanique

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall judge Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton has issued an apology following last Saturday’s on-air spat between herself and host Yanique Barrett.

    Miss Kitty, in a social media post earlier today, explained her position before apologising to “the show's organisers, the sponsors (Television Jamaica (TVJ), KFC, Magnum, and Digicel), the artiste Shemdon after whose performance I raised the issue, the fans, and last but by no means least, the viewing public”.

    However, the Facebook apology made no mention of Barrett with whom Hylton was embroiled in a two-minute verbal match while viewers, judges and contestants watched.

    The ‘bout’ was brought to a close by producer Sanjay Ramanand. He then gesticulated to the parties that the show should go on.



    The incident has since been a hot topic on social media with many fans blaming Miss Kitty for instigating the argument on live TV.


    The apology in full:

    Following the verbal exchanges last Saturday, April 2, during the live broadcast of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition and reaction by members of the public, I would like to use this medium to address the matter and clarify the issues.

    It was being said in the media that there was a problem or "beef" between the hostess and myself. I had no such "beef" and was surprised to see and hear this being said. I realised that this "beef" was being orchestrated in the media with the intent of stirring unwanted controversy. It is very important to note that I wanted to have no part in any such contrived spectacle for cheap popularity.

    During my years in media and entertainment I have worked assiduously to build my career and brand based on genuine accomplishments and my God-given talents. In an effort to protect those accomplishments and to "clear the air" I addressed the contrived issues during the said live broadcast. Although I tried to deal with the issue decently, on reflection I admit that it was not the appropriate place to mention the matter. I chose it because the matter was raised during the live show the previous week by one of the competition's judges and felt that I had to address it on the same "stage".

    I would like to apologize sincerely to the show's organisers, the sponsors (Television Jamaica (TVJ), KFC, Magnum and Digicel), the artiste Shemdon after whose performance I raised the issue, the fans and last but by no means least, the viewing public.

    In closing, I would also like to thank my team and the people of Jamaica for their continued support throughout the years, including the past few days... so big up oonu good clean self and help me buss a Miss Kitty blank... Lalalalala.... because a progress me say!

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  • Shanique Myrie accused of beating American husband

    The estranged husband of Shanique Myrie claims that he was beaten by his wife, who is now facing charges in Harford, Maryland, for assault. She is to go to trial on May 5.

    But yesterday, Myrie, who gained notoriety five years ago, when she accused Barbadian immigration of cavity searching when they denied her entry into the eastern Caribbean island, claimed that her husband was emotionally unstable.

    Myrie was arrested by the Harford County police following an incident, which allegedly took place on February 26. Her estranged husband, Troy Pusey, alleged that Myrie has been fully abusive to him.

    "He said I chased him down with knife, and I kicked him in his groin, and that I punched him on his hand that he did surgery on, and stuff like that," Myrie told The STAR yesterday.


    protective order

    Myrie was booked to attend court to answer the charges yesterday, but the hearing was postponed.

    "He's just upset because I walked out of the marriage. That's why he's trying to ruin my reputation there. That's why he's doing what he's doing. I'm telling the media in Jamaica, do not listen to him," Myrie told The STAR.

    Troy Pusey had secured a protective order against Myrie which states that she should not "abuse, threaten to abuse, and/or harass" him.

    But Myrie feels she is the victim in the entire matter.

    "I was picked up at the airport because I went away to visit some friends in Florida, and when I was coming back to visit my husband, I was picked up at the airport by police officers. They locked me up for two days. I was on US$50,000 (J$6,080,000) bail, then it dropped to US$10,000 (J$1,216,000)," Myrie explained.

    Myrie is no stranger to the courtroom as she successfully filed a lawsuit against the Barbadian government for mistreating her on a 2011 visit to the country, and won nearly J$4 million in damages.


    personal issues

    The 28-year-old woman had recently announced that she will not be participating in the upcoming local government elections, citing "personal issues" as her reason for stepping aside.

    According to her husband, who is a health worker in the US, he has taken her before the courts because he wants to discipline her for the wrong she has done him.

    He said he met Myrie on popular social media site, Facebook, and a relationship blossomed into a marriage just over three years ago.

    "From there, I thought it was the bomb. She was a little bit spicy, but never abusive. She was like the nicest person I'd ever seen," Pusey said.

    However, he claims Myrie's attitude changed drastically after he filed for her, and she received a green card.

    "When she came up here with me, her mind was not in the marriage, her mind was in Jamaica. She wanted to go back home, saying she don't like it here. We always have arguments," he said.


    very disappointed

    Myrie, meanwhile, said her husband is creating false stories to implicate her in wrongdoing because she recently walked away from the marriage.

    "I've been married to this man for three years and I'm very disappointed in him for really trying to mess up my reputation.

    That's what he's going after, to make me look bad in Jamaica's eyes because he knows that I'm well known in Jamaica. He's trying to put me down to the ground, which he can't, because I'm stronger than that," she said.

    The estranged couple confirmed that a divorce is in order.

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