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  • Step Father Cuts Off 7yr-old Head After Wife Confess Child Was Not His (Gruesome Images)

    It is reported that shortly after 12:00 noon yesterday, residents of the Westmoreland community of heard screams coming from a nearby house. Upon investigating, neighbors found 39 year old James O’Neil clutching the headless body of his 6 year old daughter while the body of his common-law partner lay unconscious on the ground. Circumstances surrounding the incident are not yet clear,

    however, family members allege that Mr. O’Neil discovered that his common-law partner had been sleeping with another man and that the child they raised together was not his. Sources claim that Mr. O’Neil had also threatened to kill both his common-law partner and the child during a recent confrontation. He has since been brought into custody while the Westmoreland police investigate.


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  • Must Read: Woman Brutally Abuse By Husband Tells Her Story – In Marriage For Only 1 Year

    Woman tells how her husband of less than 1 year of marriage changed and tried to kill her.

    This is Ja’Kara Palmore, based in the US, who was recently beaten half to death by her husband of less than a year or marriage. She however summoned the courage to use her experience to reach out to those who are in a similar situation or about to. what she wrote below;
    “I decided to snap a pic of my face today.
    Not for sympathy because I don’t need it! As ugly as I may feel right now, I know that the feeling is only temporary and after having a few conversations with my family and friends I was forced to remember who and whose I AM!!! The beauty in my face was altered but NOT in my heart!!! .
    Yes I am still angry because the man that I trusted with my life and my heart was determined to KILL ME!!! My spirit and heart was BROKEN but the more that I think about it the more that I feel led to share my story!
    Absolutely and because I love him I was blinded by the signs that he had already given me! When someone shows you who they are BELIEVE them! I wanted to see the good in him, I wanted to help him shake whatever it was that had a hold on his mind but a person has to first want that for themselves! As hard as it is I have to forgive that man regardless of what he did to me!
    I refuse to allow this situation to hinder my growth and all the blessings that are in store for me! I trust that God will get me THROUGH this situation and I will come out on top! I AM AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and NO one should EVER have to go through what I went through! If you are in an abusive relationship GET OUT OF IT… Trust GOD!!! And #‎LIVE”


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  • Westmoreland cops clean streets of prostitutes, illegal vendors

    The Westmoreland police appear to be making headway in their drive to rid Savanna-la-Mar, the capital town, of illegal vending and the tourist destination Negril of street-side prostitution.

    “The issue of public order and public safety will be the hallmark of the police in Westmoreland,” David White, the superintendent in charge of policing in the west Jamaica parish, told Loop News.

    Ever since White, known as a strategic thinker and noted for his managerial skills, took over the Westmoreland Police Division, he has been on a drive to restore order in the major towns in the parish, and this sees him attacking illicit vending, prostitution and traffic violations.

    During a recent operation in the uptown section of Great George Street, Savanna-la-Mar, White’s men were able to remove some 50 street vendors.

    The senior cop told Loop News that by early next week, an operation will be conducted to remove the illegal vendors in the downtown section of Great George Street.      

    He said the parish council had requested a hold on the downtown operation to facilitate the completion of market space for the vendors.

    He said too that illegal bars and shops along the Whitehouse main road and Grange Hill are now being targeted. He said that 15 notices have been served on illegal operators with another set to be served in short order. White said that the parish council will aid in the removal process.

    Meanwhile, over in Negril, White said that a number of prostitutes who took up residence under a bridge in the town have been removed and their makeshift homes destroyed.

    “A number of them have been arrested too,” White said. “We are cleaning up Savanna-la-Mar and we are cleaning up Negril.”

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  • Man rapes 12 y-o girl then cuts off his own manhood

    34 year old man rapes his landlord’s 12 then cuts off his own manhood.

    Lekan Daramola was reportedly caught raping his landlord’s 12-year-old daughter. According to reports the 34-year-old was beaten and paraded around the town. He is then said to have grabbed a sharp kitchen knife to slice off his own manhood. A neighbour said it isn’t the first time “Lekan was caught in the act”.

    They said: “Just last year, he was nabbed while raping a street hawker and the area boys beat him almost to death.”They added: “He was given the beating of his life and paraded in the town.

    “In the night, we heard screams in his room and when we rushed there, we found him in a pool of his blood with a bloody knife beside him.

    The neighbour claimed Daramola thought it was “better to cut off his penis”.


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  • Girl survives father's butcher knife, cries for help

    Chopped, stabbed and left to die by her father, the fate of an 18-year-old Jamaican woman now hangs in the balance and her dreams of becoming a doctor may only be realised if Good Samaritans help her lead a normal life.

    Shanna-Kay Campbell, whose father almost butchered her to death three years ago, needs a further $5 million to do a life-enhancing surgery in the United States.

    "I would be able to move on with my life and start going back to school," Campbell told THE STAR.

    "I really want to go to school to become a social worker or doctor because as a social worker I think I could relate to children who have been through what I have been through, and as a doctor I would understand what it is like to be sick and need help."

    Some $7 million is needed to do the surgery, $2 million of which have already been raised.

    Campbell now wears a metal tracheotomy tube, which runs from a hole in her neck and down her trachea (windpipe). It allows her to eat, speak and breathe. Without the tube, the hole in her neck would heal and seal off her windpipe, thus preventing her from eating, breathing or speaking.


    serving time

    The young woman's woes started while she was in eighth grade at the Clonmel Junior High School when she was attacked by her father. She has not been able to attend school since. She stays home these days and tutors herself.

    Campbell still recalls with vivid detail, the horrid incident that took place at her home in Clonmel, St Mary.

    "I was in my yard and my father came up behind me with a machete and drew me into the bushes where he stabbed me multiple times and slashed my throat," she recalled, noting that he had recently returned from prison after serving time for murder.

    She said her father proceeded to do other unthinkable things to her, things she found too unbearable to repeat.

    "Then the police came and they shot him on the spot, and took me to the hospital where I spent three months in the intensive care unit," she explained.

    Now, Campbell has to live with these scars a reminder and she says the tube in her neck area is a source of great discomfort and embarrassment for her.

    "There is a constant pain and I easily catch infections so it smells sometimes. I cough up secretion and sometimes I don't know when it's coming, so sometimes it just flies out," she said.


    breathe properly

    Her only hope at leading a normal life rests in the hands of a team of doctors in Rochester, New York, who have devised a procedure which will heal the hole in Campbell's throat while still allowing her to eat, speak and breathe properly.

    "Sometimes I feel like giving up, but recently, I see like good things are going to happen for me," Campbell said.

    In addition to the hole in her throat, the massive scars on her torso are another set of dreadful physical reminders of the incident. She said her keloid skin makes the scars particularly unsightly, and she would love to have plastic surgery done to remove them.

    But for now, fixing the hole in her throat and removing the tube, is the more pressing issue.

    "I can't forget what has happened, but not seeing the tube everyday will help me to move on with my life," she said.

    Persons who wish to assist Shanna-Kay Campbell can contact her guardian, Sharon Danvers at 353-4901 or make donations to the Old Harbour Scotia Bank branch, account number 408-629, in Sharon Campbell Danvers' name.

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