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  • Curvy Diva’ silence on boob job rumour

    Popular radio and television personality Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett, is remaining tight-lipped about whether or not she has had breast enhancement surgery.

    Barrett, the mother of a pre-teen daughter, became the subject of plastic surgery rumours online after she posted photos on her Instagram page, which revealed visibly larger bust.


    She also added fuel to the fire when she posted a video on her Instagram page with stocks of 100 dollar bills at the Brit Jam party flaunting her body.

    “Boob job looks good mama…” one commenter posted.

    “Fake [breast].. Look gud thou,” added another.

    Why unu care if she gets inplants or not… me personally won’t say ntn on tht cause idk…,” another post read.

    “What’s the big deal about plastic surgery?” asked one commenter. “Everybody who can afford it doing it including myself.”

    Another clearly disappointed commenter wrote, “Boi mi shame always thought your curves were real”.

    When Loop News reached out to Barrett on Monday, she did not confirm or deny the rumours. Instead, she said she would be issuing a press release soon.

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  • Driver Jumps From Car Moments Before It Catches Fire

    A driver had to make a hasty retreat after the Mazda motor car he was driving caught fire today in the vicinity of the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) in Kingston.

    The driver of the vehicle, Rohan Bailey, escaped unhurt.

    "I just heard a bang and then saw smoke coming from the bonnet, so I got out and ran for safety", said Bailey.

    The vehicle drew the attention of several onlookers as it burned on Shannon Drive (the road adjacent to the KCT).

    The police were on the scene.

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  • 20-year-old cop killed in horrific Hanover crash identified

    The identity of the police officer killed in a motor vehicle collision along the Orange Bay main road in Hanover on Sunday has been released.

     The deceased cop has been identified as 20-year-old Daemoy Witter, a police constable assigned to the Negril Police Station in Westmoreland.

    Reports from the Green Island Police are that about 3:30 pm, Constable Witter was driving a Honda Civic motorcar when on reaching a section of the roadway he allegedly lost control of the vehicle, which collided into a Toyota Coaster transporting tourists.

    A Toyota Altis which was being driven by another officer also crashed into the Honda Civic. Constable Witter was pronounced dead at hospital while the injured officer and a tourist were treated for minor injuries and released. One Canadian national remains in hospital for observation.

    Pictures circulating online show the mangled remains of Witter's Honda Civic in the aftermath of the accident.

    Investigations continue.


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  • Hanover Police Officer dies in motor vehicle crash

    Hanover Police Officer dies in motor vehicle crash

    A constable assigned to the Area One Division died as a result of injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle collision on the Orange Bay Main Road in Green Island, Hanover about 3:30 pm on Sunday.

    While details from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) were sketchy, it is understood that two lawmen, including the now deceased constable, were travelling in separate private motor vehicles when the one in front lost control of his vehicle, which crashed into a Coaster bus transporting tourists.

    It was reported that the second cop’s vehicle slammed into the first cop’s car, resulting in the front car being smashed into pieces and the death of the constable who was in that vehicle.

    The identity of the deceased constable was not made available by the CCU, which promised to follow up with more information as these become available.

    Hanover ,Hanover Police Officer

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  • 25 ways a trip to Jamaica will make you a happier person

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – Buzzfeed, a global network site for news and entertainment, which has been steadily gaining popularity, has listed 25 ways a trip to Jamaica will make a person happier.

    Jamaica’s beaches, mountains, food, music (Chronixx and others), sunrise, sunset, Blue Mountain coffee, Bob Marley Museum, view, tropical flowers, accessibility to bars and weed, were a few of the things heavily credited as factors that can make a person happier.

    In the article written by Annie Daley, it stated that despite the poverty and heavy violence “Jamaicans as a whole maintain a fiercely positive and unified spirit”.

    Below is the list compiled by Buzzfeed:



    1. The beaches are seriously beautiful;

     1. The beaches are seriously beautiful.

    How can you not be happy at a beach like this? This is Port Antonio’s Winnifred Beach, a super local, laid-back spot that doesn’t attract many tourists. And there are tons of other equally stunning beaches scattered throughout the island.

    2. And you can eat and drink all the deliciousness you want on beaches;

    Jerk on the beach? Fresh fish on the beach? Red Stripe on the beach?

    3. There are also beautiful, beautiful mountains;

    3. There are also beautiful, beautiful mountains.

    And not just any mountains — the Blue Mountains, home of the famed Blue Mountain coffee. The mountains, just outside of Kingston, are the biggest in all of Jamaica, and one of the longest ranges in the entire Caribbean. They get their blue tinge from a layer of mist that surrounds the mountains — and they are absolutely breathtaking.

    4. And you can stay in them [Places available to stay on the mountains];

    Staying in the Blue Mountains isn’t something most tourists do, because it’s not the beach — i.e. what most tourists go for — and it’s a minor pain to get there (it’s about three or four hours from Kingston, and the drive is rocky and bumpy and twisty and turny all the way up). But I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a true local experience.

    5. And even hike to the top of them for sunrise;

    One of the best parts about staying in the Blue Mountains is that you can hike to the top — Blue Mountain Peak — for sunrise. The peak’s elevation is 7,402 feet, so be warned: This is a huge hike! It’s 14 miles, which will take you about seven hours, and you start at 2 am, so you hike for about four hours in darkness. But it’s so worth it. Hiking by moonlight in Jamaica is as epic as it sounds, and the sunrise will leave you legit breathless.

    6. Blue Mountain coffee is seriously amazing;

    Drinking Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica is like drinking the wine when you’re at the winery: It just tastes better. It’s straight from the source.

    7. There’s happy music playing everywhere;

    7. There's happy music playing everywhere.

    Walking through the streets of Jamaica is not quiet — someone, somewhere, is likely blasting music. 

    8. And thanks to this music, there’s a powerful; feeling of consciousness that will seep into your soul;

    On an even deeper level, the Reggae Revival goes far beyond the catchy songs — locals told me the movement is actually all about “consciousness.” That means that, much like the reggae music from the golden era, the singers and the songs have a social purpose as well as a musical one. In this case, the main purpose is spreading hope and awareness. Many of the Revival musicians grew up poor, and they now sing spiritually-conscious songs of hope to inspire others in similar situations. (For example, in one of Chronixx’s hit songs “Ain’t No Giving In,” he sings, “I know the system have you down and you feel pressed down like 50 feet,” and then encourages everyone to not give up.)

    9. You can visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston;

    9. You can visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.


    10. And even play around in the fields where Marley grew up;

    10. And even play around in the fields where Marley grew up.

    11-12. You can wake up to beautiful views;

    11. You can wake up to views like this.

    13.There are beautiful tropical flowers everywhere you turn.

    No matter if you’re on the coast or in the Blue Mountains or anywhere in between, you’ll definitely see (and smell) some tropical beauties.

    14. And bars, too. So many bars;

    If you want to drink in Jamaica, you will be able to find a bar within 30 seconds. They’re everywhere. Most of them are just little outdoor shacks with one bartender, maybe two, holding down the fort. Also of note: Drinks average about $1.50, and, anecdotally speaking, the bartenders tend to have heavy hands — so you definitely get your money’s worth.

    15. Speaking of drinks, Red Stripe tastes good at any time of day — morning, noon, and night;

    15. Speaking of drinks, Red Stripe tastes good at any time of day — morning, noon, and night.

    In Jamaica, you will very quickly lose track of time. You won’t know what time of day it is, or what day of the week it is. But no matter what, you will know that it’s always time for a Red Stripe.

    16. As does Rum & Ting;

    17. You can smoke pretty much whenever and wherever you want;

    17. You can smoke pretty much whenever and wherever you want.

    Despite its weed-friendly reputation, marijuana actually isn’t 100% legal in Jamaica; it’s simply decriminalized (you can have up to two ounces). Even so, for tourists, it really isn’t a problem. Locals will approach you with their stuff within seconds wherever you go. The worst that can possibly happen is you get a $100 fine.

    18. There are tons of random secret parks and forest patches just waiting to be discovered;

    18. There are tons of random secret parks and forest patches just waiting to be discovered.

    19. The jerk situation is ON POINT;


    20. And the rest of the local food is damn good, too;


    21. There are even a bunch of organic farms you can visit;

    To get a feel for the real and true Jamaica, you’ve gotta hit up one of the organic farms – because farming is such a big part of Jamaican culture.

    22. The Blue Lagoon is a thing that exists;

    22. The Blue Lagoon is a thing that exists.

    Most people know the Blue Lagoon from the eponymous Brooke Shields movie, but Jamaicans have been appreciating the natural beauty of the Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio for far longer. 

    23. There are tons of cute little cottages and Airbnbs;


    24. The sunsets are just magical;

    25. But perhaps most of all, Jamaica is the best place to slow down for a second, breathe deep, and just smile. Because ‘everyting really is irie, mon … just the way it should be

    25. But perhaps most of all, Jamaica is the best place to slow down for a second, breathe deep, and just smile. Because everyting really is irie, mon ... just the way it should be.

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