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  • Curvy Diva' responds to breast implant rumours

    Popular radio and television personality Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett, has addressed rumours that she has had breast enhancement surgery.

    In an official statement to the media, Barrett said, “When someone is considered a sex symbol there is always going to be rumours and questions about what is real or fake. People should refrain from making snap judgements though when they aren’t aware of the facts. Not everyone with a nice body has done surgery, so that should never be the assumption.”

    “I’ve always projected a positive self-image and will continue to inspire young girls to love themselves and always be confident regardless of their body type,” added Barrett.

    Barrett confessed that she doesn’t “mind being the centre of attention “and encouraged fans to keep the positive and negative comments coming

    Barrett became the subject of plastic surgery rumours online after she posted photos on her Instagram page, which revealed visibly larger bust.

    She also added fuel to the fire when she posted a video on her Instagram page with stocks of 100 dollar bills at the Brit Jam party flaunting her body.

    The self-proclaimed Curvy Diva is the face of the Magnum 2016 Calendar, has been dominating events as a vibrant hostess.

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  • British police reportedly tell London club owner to ban Jamaican Dancehall Music

    The owner of a nightclub in London says he was told by police to stop playing Jamaican dancehall music.

    Roy Seda, the owner of Dice Bar in Croydon, told international media that Jamaican dancehall music (referred to as "bashment music") was considered “unacceptable” by the police and he has been forced to have his DJ’s sign contracts that state that they will not play the genre.

    The police, however, say this is not the case. According to an official press release, the cops say they have not “requested a ban on any type of music”. They also added in their release that, “the licensee volunteered not to host bashment music events in order to tackle the issues in his venue and make it safer.”

    When Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora caught wind of the story, many took to social media to express their outrage, calling the police’s actions and language discriminatory.

    “That’s outright discrimination," said one Facebook user.

    Another added, “After all Jamaicans have contributed to British society, this is how they treat us and then they want us to forget slavery.”

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  • Boy said abandoned by friends while drowning

    WHAT should have been an unforgettable experience for 12-year-old Nicholas Maxwell ended in tragedy after he went to a river in Tredegar Park, St Catherine, on Sunday morning with his friends


    The body of the Jonathan Grant High School first form student was found yesterday about 9:00 am by his relatives, who had been searching for him from the previous day.

    The lad, who had never known the joy of swimming in a river, had, along with three of his friends, left his home in the Waterloo community in the parish and had travelled about a mile-and-a-half on foot to get to what that the residents call ‘Badmind River’.



    “A the first time him a go river; him jus bad lucky,” one of his cousins was overheard saying.


    According to Nicholas’s aunt, Allison Johnson, who was among a crowd of people at the river yesterday, her nephew drowned shortly after he and his friends arrived there. She claimed that his friends, instead of returning to the community with news of the tragedy, lied about Nicholas’s death and pretended that they had not seen him.

    Johnson said that she and Nicholas’s parents had left him at home with his older sister and cousins and that she was informed that he left about 9:00 am with his friends who returned about an hour later.

    She said that some time after, the boy’s sister noticed his absence and started asking for him. But his friends, with whom he had left the home, denied knowing his whereabouts.

    “The little youth dem never waan come talk, dem say dem never go river wid him, they even came to the home calling him after dem come back from the river,” Johnson said.

    “It was after his parents came home in the evening about 7:00 and were searching for him, and a lady hold on to one of the boys who had gone with him to the river, he said he was there, and they saw when he drowned and they ran,” Johnson alleged.

    A young man, who identified himself only as Collin, said he was among a group of friends and relatives who found the body, which they fished from the river using a piece of bamboo.

    Collin said they had visited the scene on Sunday night and had found his clothes, but because of the darkness they could not find his body. As a result, they called off the search until early yesterday morning.

    The grieving parents were spotted at the scene looking on in despair, but were too distraught to speak.

    However, Johnson said that her nephew will be greatly missed by his family.

    “Nicholas is so kind and gentle-spirited and he is easy to get along with,” she said, her use of the present tense suggesting that she had not accepted the fact that he was dead.

    Meanwhile, a detective from the Spanish Town Police Station who was at the scene, said that the boy’s death is being investigated as a suspected case of drowning.


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  • Man Drown in Kingston Harbour

    A body was pulled from the Kingston Harbour at 6:45 am this morning by the Marine Police.

    When Loop News arrived on the scene three policemen were present.  

    According to the lawmen, the man’s body had been in the water for some time.

    Onlookers and passer-bys occasionally peeped over at the man’s body, as it lay clad in a yellow shirt and black pants, on a concrete slab.

    Speculations among the people, who sat watching the policemen, were that the body pulled from the water was likely to be that of a homeless man.

    Crime scene investigators from Central Police Station arrived at 7:20 am to process the scene.

    The man's identity remains unknown.

     Source Loop
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  • Fake US employment agency busted — police

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Thirty-three-year-old Andre Bowen of Port View, Kingston 20 has been charged with ten counts of obtaining money by false pretence and fraudulent conversion.

    Allegations are that while employed to a legitimate agency for recruiting students for work and travel programmes in the United States, Bowen posed as an agent of an unregistered agency and fleeced students of US$15,000, claiming that the monies were fees to help them secure jobs overseas.

    A report was made to the Fraud Squad of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC) when the students discovered that no jobs awaited them. 

    He was remanded when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court and is to reappear on Thursday.


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