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  • Man Drown in Kingston Harbour

    A body was pulled from the Kingston Harbour at 6:45 am this morning by the Marine Police.

    When Loop News arrived on the scene three policemen were present.  

    According to the lawmen, the man’s body had been in the water for some time.

    Onlookers and passer-bys occasionally peeped over at the man’s body, as it lay clad in a yellow shirt and black pants, on a concrete slab.

    Speculations among the people, who sat watching the policemen, were that the body pulled from the water was likely to be that of a homeless man.

    Crime scene investigators from Central Police Station arrived at 7:20 am to process the scene.

    The man's identity remains unknown.

     Source Loop
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  • Fake US employment agency busted — police

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Thirty-three-year-old Andre Bowen of Port View, Kingston 20 has been charged with ten counts of obtaining money by false pretence and fraudulent conversion.

    Allegations are that while employed to a legitimate agency for recruiting students for work and travel programmes in the United States, Bowen posed as an agent of an unregistered agency and fleeced students of US$15,000, claiming that the monies were fees to help them secure jobs overseas.

    A report was made to the Fraud Squad of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC) when the students discovered that no jobs awaited them. 

    He was remanded when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court and is to reappear on Thursday.


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  • Hanna’s clutch: Are clutch handbags appropriate for work?

    Last week when Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna, rocked a super-hot locally made suit paired with a clutch handbag to the reopening of parliament, some social media users used the opportunity to poke fun at the minister's handbag choice.

    “A clutch, really, that’s not appropriate for work,” said one social media user, with a host of others adding similar sentiments that Hanna’s clutch was out of place.

    According to one social media user, the clutch was too elegant for the occasion, while paying compliments to the MP’s outfit. 

    So what is a clutch and when do you rock it? 

    A clutch is a small handbag, that comes in a variety of styles from envelopes to minaudières, and is usually worn with formal evening outfits.

    However in recent times, given the multiplicity of types of clutches that have popped up, the clutch has now become popular a fashion staple for daytime outfits too. 

    According to the Daily Mail, a third of British women have ditched big bags for smaller clutches and grab bags.

    With medical experts having also embraced the clutch trend, saying that heavier handbags have been linked to ailments such as backaches, muscular pain and even the early onset of arthritis.

    Now that we know that clutches have become popular daytime bags here are some tips on how to rock a clutch handbag. 

    •  Make the distinction between a night time and daytime clutch. Colours and materials will help to define where you rock the clutch. Envelope type clutches are usually more suited for the day while a satin clutch is more suited for a cocktail party, but is way too formal for work.

    • Match your clutch with your shoes. However, avoid overmatching your clutch with your entire outfit, a funky colour clutch can make your outfit pop.

    • Leave extra stuff at home or for a bigger handbag, over filling the clutch makes it look tacky –keep it simple. 

    •  It’s all about how you hold your clutch, never hold it like you are holding a suitcase, keep your grip loose making the bag look comfortable and adding to your overall appearance. 

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  • New Gov't still can't say when budget will be ready

    Finance Minister Audley Shaw was not in a position up to the end of last week to give a timetable for the presentation of the 2016/2017 budget.

    “I’m not able to give you the new timetable as of now but we are working on it because there are issues we have to work out,” Shaw said in an interview with Loop News.

    “There’s a new ministry of job creation and economic growth that we have created. We have to make sure that we plug that into the budget…,” the minister said. “I can’t say how many weeks delay but there is a delay.”

    He added: “We will be announcing the new schedule as quickly as possible.”

    One of the issues faced by the JLP administration, in putting together the budget, is that it only came to power on February 25. The national budget is usually presented in April of each year. 

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  • Scammers Rob QQ of $3.8m - Deejay's bank card information stolen

    Dancehall artiste QQ celebrated his birthday last Wednesday, but what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life turned out to be the complete opposite as he was allegedly defrauded US$32,000 ($3.8 million).

    The STAR understands that the entertainer found out he was US$32,000 poorer when he tried to use his Bank of America card at an ATM machine in New York last Wednesday.

    "He went to use his card at a machine and it wasn't working so he contacted the bank," his father, GQ, explained. "When he got in touch with the bank they told him he had no funds in the account and he asked them how that was possible. They explained that he had been spending huge funds over the past few days doing online shopping, but QQ was not the one making the purchases."


    black box


    He said the bank is doing some investigations to find out how the entertainer's personal banking details could have gotten into the hands of fraudsters.

    "The bank is looking into it, but they said these persons could have got their hands on QQ's information through a black box. A black box is something that the fraudsters put into the ATM machines to access your information without you even knowing it."

    When asked whether the matter was reported to the relevant authorities, GQ said an official report is yet to be filed because the banks are carrying out their internal investigations.

    "The bank says they have to carry out their investigations before getting the police involved. They say they are going to send him (QQ) a form for him to fill out and on that paper he should state the last time he used the card so that they can find the source of the scamming."

    The STAR sought to find out whether the information given by GQ was official bank policy and was informed by a former Bank of America employee that the entertainer's father is right about the bank having to carry out their own investigations, but says that a report should be filed with the police immediately after finding out about being scammed.


    internal investigations


    "Yes, the bank has to do their internal investigations, and, yes, it takes up to 10 days for the persons to get the forms they need to fill out to follow through with those investigations, but with something as serious as scamming a report should be filed with the police immediately," she said. "The bank will need to do their own investigations to make sure that the person reporting it isn't involved but the police should be made aware of the situation."

    She also confirmed that if the investigations prove that the cardholder was indeed a victim of fraud, the bank will reimburse the account holder within 90 days (information also given by GQ).

    According to the entertainer's father, the incident has left QQ very sad and upset.

    "He is very upset because he works very hard and cannot understand why people would want to just take other people's hard-earned bread." GQ told The STAR that he came forward with the story because he wants to make others aware of the situation. "I want others to know that this thing is still going on, especially fellow entertainers. They travel very often and use their bank cards freely so I want them to take precaution when they're doing so."

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