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  • J'can comedian proposes to male lover onstage

    Jamaican comedian Gabre Nelson recently proposed to his male companion at a live show in New York. The comedian, who placed second in the Comedy Buss competition in 2007, told THE STAR that he reserves the right to propose to a male if he so desires.

    "It's freedom of speech in this country, so I can pop the question wherever and whenever I feel like. I had fans in the audience, so I had a level of support. However, after I left the venue, I was told that there was an uproar by some persons. When they first heard about the proposal, some people started to make noise, then when they saw that it was a male everybody became silent. I don't know if they were shocked," he said.

    The comedian further stated that he went ahead with his decision to propose to his companion on stage, after a fellow comedian decided to sing Buju Banton's Boom Bye Bye during his set.

    "I came second in Comedy Buss, so number two is certainly my number. They were describing me as a gay man on the show, then a comedian went up there and sang Boom Bye Bye. So I went up there, performed the same song, and then I proposed to my male lover, whom I have been with for eight years.

    I went on my knees and he said, 'Yes'," Nelson proudly said.

    The comedian, who now resides in the US, says he has no interest in Jamaica.

    He also said Jamaicans are backward as it relates to their acceptance of the homosexual community.

    "I don't need to come to Jamaica. Maybe for a three-day visit, but nothing much. I am still very much a comedian, but I am mostly into business, and I have my own fanbase on Facebook and Instagram. Your sexuality does not have anything to do with your personality, and I don't see the need to hide that I am gay. I knew I was gay from age six, but I never got involved with a man until I was 25," said the father of three biological children.

    However, Comedy Buss winner Rohan Gunter, who was also booked for the show, said Nelson's proposal stunt showed poor judgement.

    "He wasn't booked for the show, he was just invited. It seems he planned the entire thing because he even had people with cards supporting the proposal. I think it was inappropriate because it was a family event. We also had a hard-core Jamaican audience in the venue, so his action could have caused a violent outbreak. Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, but at the same time, you have to be careful of your actions because some people were genuinely upset and left the show, while others threw things at him onstage," Gunter said.




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  • Whereabouts of 3-y-o girl a mystery after mom's body found

    Shantel Dyer and her daughter, Orlandi.

    The whereabouts of three- year-old Orlandi Miller remains unknown Thursday morning, following the discovery of the decomposed body of her 24-year-old mother Shantel Dyer last evening.

    Dyer's body was removed from a concrete vault at her home in Pee Wee Lane, Negril, Westmoreland. Her common law husband, who is said to be in America, is being sought in connection with her murder and the disappearance of the child.

    Before he left the island towards the end of April, the three lived together at the Negril home.

     It is speculated that Dyer, who was said to have been in an early stage of pregnancy, was killed by her boyfriend who accused her of getting pregnant by another man. 

    The police confirm that acting on a tip that Dyer was killed, her mother contacted the law enforcers who subsequently destroyed the vault discovered in the house where they discovered the decomposed body, tightly wrapped in over 30 garbage bags and three white sheets.

    The body was positively identified as that of Dyer's by family members by a tattoo.


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  • UPDATE: Mentally challenged inmate allegedly started fire

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — OBSERVER ONLINE understands that a mentally challenged inmate housed at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre allegedly started the fire, which is currently wreaking havoc at the facility.It is also alleged that the inmate was beaten by others being held the facility.

    The inmates are currently being relocated to an undisclosed location after the fire destroyed the section of the prison that is used to house mentally challenged inmates.

    Correctional officers have since surrounded the perimeter of the prison to prevent inmates from escaping.

    One correctional officer told OBSERVER ONLINE that if one of the three fire trucks on location had parked closer to the perimeter fence near to the burning section, the fire could have been easily contained.


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  • Man shot dead after 'attacking female cop with rifle'

    A man was fatally shot after he reportedly held up a police woman with a rifle at the intersection of Old Hope Road and Caledonia Avenue in St Andrew late Tuesday.

    Reports are that at about 9:20 pm, the plain clothes female cop was driving her vehicle along Old Hope Road, when on reaching the intersection with Caledonia Avenue, she was approached by two men on foot - one of whom was armed with a rifle. 

    The suspect pointed the weapon in her direction and ordered her from the vehicle. However, the female cop managed to pull her licensed firearm and opened fire hitting one of the men while the other escaped.

    The injured man was rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital by the police where he was pronounced dead. Police are now searching for his crony



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  • Cop pepper-sprays colleague by accident

    Policemen posted in the Kidd Lane community, off Spanish Town Road, to deter criminal attacks from opposing gangs, got into action yesterday while our news team was roving the Kingston 13 area.

    But this time around, there was no issue among gangs. Instead, cops were tasked with putting an end to a dispute between a man and a woman, who residents say are a couple.

    About 1:30 p.m. the woman was walking along Kidd Lane with our news team, showing THE STAR the water crisis which exists in the community, when she was attacked by her boyfriend.

    The two were in a tussle while residents beckoned to the police who were seated in their service vehicle.

    The cops exited the vehicle and began to separate the two, however, the boyfriend would not relent.


    Pepper spray


    He hit the woman, causing her to fall the ground, while bleeding from above her right eye.

    THE STAR had to take cover as the crowd grew. In a bid to subdue the irate man, one of the policemen used pepper spray.

    Some of the spray got into the eyes of the other cop, rendering him partially sightless and crouching to the ground.

    Back-up was called, and about five minutes later four service vehicles arrived on the scene to help the cops.

    The pepper-sprayed cop was placed inside the service vehicle, and the injured woman was assisted.

    However, THE STAR is not certain if the woman pressed charges.

    Many residents could be heard shouting to her not to press charges saying, "A man and woman thing."

    Meanwhile, the St Andrew South police are monitoring the area as thugs have made the lives of residents miserable with gun violence and the ongoing gang feud.


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