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  • Pastor tells Church Members to drink Anointed Rat Poison and now 5 are dead

    According to Popular UK Website Unilad This priest tried to prove his congregation were above death by feeding them rat poison and the results were disastrous…

    Priest Light Monyeki from Soshanguve, South Africa, took it upon himself to prove his follower’s were superhuman and immortal, with a seriously dangerous stunt.

    The priest declared to his congregation they should not fear death, as they will not die, before proceeding to pour bottles of water contaminated with rat poison into their mouths…

    He said:

    We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. Death has no power over us.

    Horrifyingly, many of his followers ran forward to take a fatal drink from the treacherous bottle.

    The priest took a swig from the poison fluid before pouring it down the throats of his loyal congregation.

    Disastrously, yet predictably, the members of his church started to complain of stomach pains and by the evening, five of them were tragically dead.

    A further 13 more were taken to hospital for the ingestion of the lethal drink, but despite all of this Monyeki allegedly denied responsibility.

    Surely he’s not referring to his poison drink as a ‘good thing,’ as I do not see how this could be possible in any way considering it killed five of his members…

    The horrendous incident has sparked a police investigation, but no arrests have been made at present.

    This is extremely dangerous and beyond stupid.

    It’s sad to think his followers put so much faith and trust in him, which ultimately cost them their lives…

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  • Babsy Grange’s mother dies at 90

    Raphaelita Walker, the mother of Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, has died at the age of 90.

    Walker died peacefully at her home in Toronto, Canada, on February 14 surrounded by family and friends, including Minister Grange and her husband of over 50 years, Gifford Walker.

    Considered a stalwart in the Jamaican community in Toronto, Walker was an integral member of several organizations including the 55-year-old Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), the largest and oldest community Jamaican organization in Canada; PACE (Canada), Project for the Advancement of Childhood Education, which adopts basic schools in Jamaica; and the Jamaica Independence Church Service committee, which plans the annual event to commemorate Jamaica’s independence.


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  • Jamaican among persons nabbed in US immigration sweep

    A Jamaican has been numbered among almost 700 immigrants who were arrested by agents during an extensive raid in the United States.

    The raids were carried out last week amid concerns raised by advocates and immigrants over the ramped up operations on the heels of President Donald Trump’s executive order which significantly expanded Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) deportation priorities. 

    ICE has insisted that those targeted during last week's raid were immigration fugitives, re-entrants and at-large criminal immigrants. They were held during raids in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and San Antonio.

    Information is that the Jamaican immigrant was among 41 persons nabbed in New York City. He has a criminal conviction for first degree sexual assault of a child under the age of  11.

    Most of the others arrested were from Latin America, especially Mexico.

    ICE said of those arrested, some 75 per cent were criminal aliens convicted of various crimes, including homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, drug trafficking, battery, assault and weapons charges.


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  • HOPE: Doctors reattach Hanover woman's severed hands

    The woman, whose hands were chopped off by her estranged Haitian husband Monday, has been given a chance to use the limbs again.

    Doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital spent over 12 hours Monday reattaching the arms that were severed in a machete attack in the woman’s Hanover community of Mt Peto.

    Still, a senior medic at the hospital said it was far too early to determine if the operation will be successful.

    "It takes weeks to months before you can say that," the medical official told Loop News.

    The woman is said to be conscious but in a critical state.

    Meanwhile, up to Tuesday evening suspect Justin Cisceron, hadn’t been charged.

    Cisceron allegedly attacked the woman around 7:10 am as she walked to work.

    He reportedly chopped her to her back and hacked off her hands before fleeing the scene.

     He was apprehended hours later at his St James home.

    The two reportedly got married in 2015 and separated December 2016.


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  • Man knocks out wife’s teeth & stabbed her after she refused an abortion! [MUST SEE IMAGES]

    According too Nigerian human rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, a lady has lost her teeth after her husband allegedly knocked them off, because she refused to abort their baby.

    Here’s what he wrote;

    This guy is going to prison to cool off his temper. If you agree, “Yes prison”. If you don’t agree, say “No prison”.


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