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  • Three killed in fire at nightclub in St Mary

    The remains of the nightclub, which fire destroyed Thursday morning.

    St Mary has again been rocked by tragedy as three persons reportedly died in a fire at a nightclub in Trinity in Port Maria on Thursday morning.

    The victims have not yet been identified, and firefighters are still at the scene.

    Initial reports are that about 3 am, residents saw fire coming from the nightclub and alerted police and fire personnel.

    Two fire units from the Port Maria and Ocho Rios Fire Department responded to the blaze.

    The cause of the fire is not yet known.

    A large crowd is now gathered at the scene.

    It is the second major tragedy to hit Port Maria residents in as many weeks, following last week's gruesome killing of Neville Tucker, otherwise called 'Syrup', of Rectory Street in the town. Tucker was chopped to death and his house set ablaze with his body inside.

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  • Shot fired at windshield wiper hits female motorist in Liguanea

    Screenshot of a video showing an alleged eyewitness in Liguanea, St Andrew detailing his account of an incident which left a woman nursing gunshot wounds.

    Police are now in Liguanea, St Andrew following a shooting incident which left a woman nursing gunshot wounds.

    Details are still unclear at this time but reports are that sometime on Thursday morning, explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Sovereign Centre, and the woman was subsequently found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

    When contacted by Loop News, police confirmed the shooting but could not immediately provide further details.

    But while the lawmen attempt to gather more information, a windscreen wiper who plies his trade in the area has alleged that he was target of the shooting.

    The man claimed that a licensed firearm holder became incensed at him and subsequently chased and fired wildly at him.

    "He ran me down and selected his gun and fired it... it whistles across my ear and ended up hitting the woman," he said in a video making the rounds online.

    Another windscreen wiper supported his claim in an interview with Loop News.

    “The man was approached by the man who wipes windows and after an argument, he pulled his firearm,” the alleged eyewitness said.

    The alleged eyewitness said the woman was inadvertently hit by gunfire while heading out of a business place.




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  • Children set homeless man on fire

    A policeman from the Half-Way Tree Police Station has confirmed that a homeless man received serious injuries after he was set ablaze by a group of youngsters in Half-Way Tree last week.

    The policeman, who spoke under condition of anonymity, stated that although no one has yet been arrested for the incident, he has a strong feeling who the attackers may be.

    "You have some little youth who just come out a night time come make bare mischief. Nuff a dem no homeless but dem idle. When dem nah beat dem, dem take weh dem tings, and now them just set the poor man ablaze. Thankfully him survive," he said.

    It is alleged that early last Thursday morning, children poured gasolene on the man and set him ablaze as he slept.

    He received injuries to his left arm and side, and right foot. He was rescued by taxi drivers who chased away the youngsters.

    As the graphic photograph of the man made the rounds on social media, persons expressed outrage.

    "Years ago I was certain these acts would never happen in Jamaica," said TV personality Dahlia Harris.

    "We are producing heartless human beings conditioned by the rampant cruel and inhumane behaviour they have seen all around them. Children live what they learn, said social commentator Esther Tyson.

    Other persons have stated that something should be done about these 'street children'.

    Last week, another homeless man was left nursing injuries to his chest after he was allegedly stoned by a group of boys in the Corporate Area.

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  • Father wants back name from 40-year-old 'jacket'

    Hurt that his girlfriend gave him a 'jacket' 40 years ago, John Brown* is today taking aim at the 'son' who carries his name.

    "I get to understand that the man got a visa on my name and is travelling on my name, and I want my name to be stripped from him," the senior Brown said.

    Brown, who is now in his 70s, told The STAR that he was involved with a woman from Red Hills Road, St Andrew, who got pregnant and told him the child was his. They agreed to name the child John Brown Jr.*

    "I had this lady who had a youth and she gave the yout my full name. The yout is not my yout. I told her at the beginning that he was not my yout," he said.

    Following a DNA, which confirmed that he was not the father of the younger Brown, the 'father' now wants his name back.

    "Him have me name so him have me identity. Plus, he is saying that I am his father, which I am not. I want to know how I can get the name stripped from him," he said.

    *Name changed to protect identity


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  • Police name five wanted men from Grange Hill

    (From left) Richard Hamilton, Burton Shearer, Haldane Hamilton and Isaiah Perry. (PHOTOS: JCF)

    Westmoreland police have listed five men from Grange Hill in the parish as wanted and said the suspects are being asked to turn themselves in to the police by midday Thursday,.

    The list was released by the law enforcement officials on Wednesday evening, following the shooting death of seven people including two children in the community.

    Listed as 'wanted' are:

    - Isaiah Perry, otherwise called ‘Matthew Perry’ or ‘Cat’ of Kings Valley, Grange Hill, who is wanted for shooting;

    - Richard Hamilton otherwise called ‘Brutus’ or ‘Mad Move’, 23-year-old, of Paul Island district, Grange Hill, Westmoreland. He is of dark complexion, slim build and is wanted for murder and other related incidents in the division.

    - Haldane Hamilton otherwise called ‘Fishy’ of Paul Island district, Grange Hill. He is of dark complexion, medium build and about 5 feet 11 inches tall. He is wanted for murder;

    - Jeffery Ramdass otherwise called ‘Boogie’ 30-years-old, of Paul Island district, Grange Hill Westmoreland. He’s of dark complexion and slim build and is wanted for murder; and

    - Burton Shearer otherwise called ‘Bap’, 49-year-old of Church Lincoln district, Grange Hill, Westmoreland. He is of dark complexion, slim build and 5 feet 11 inches tall. He is wanted for murder.

    "These men are considered armed and dangerous; as such their whereabouts must be reported to the police immediately through Crime Stop at 311, 811 or the Police 119 emergency number," said the police who released the photos of four of the suspects.

    The lawmen are also reminding people that "it is not only an offence to harbour criminals and provide a safe haven for them but it also places the lives of family and friends at increased risks of attack."

    A total of seven persons were killed in a number of attacks on communities in and around Grange Hill since Tuesday morning, which the police have linked to a lotto scam-related feud.



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