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  • European Women Travel to Jamaica to Rent a Dread/Rasta! [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

    It’s a big difference between “dread ”, “rasta” and the mystic Rastafari people who follow theteachings of His Imperial Majesty.  Due to the influx of tourists and poverty, many mask under tall hair/locs posing as Rastafari people, but in actuality are charlatans and impostors.   

    Watch this controversial Jamaica documentary co-produced by 4th edition!

    When white women flock to Jamaica for a little fun in the sun, the R&R they’re often looking for is not “Rest and Relaxation” but to “Rent a Rasta” according to director J. Michael Seyfert. His eye-opening expose’ of the same name sheds light on a barely acknowledged form of sex tourism, namely, white women who visit the Caribbean Islandsto get their groove back with the help of black locals. This documentary claims that, each year, as many as 80,000 females from a variety of relatively-wealthy Western nations descend on Jamaica alone.


    All these guys are paying her attention, telling her she’s really beautiful, and they really want her. It is like a secret, a fantasy, and then you go home. While this glimpse into the ladies; rationale for their no-strings liaisons is certainly informative, the picture is actually far more grimacing when chronicling the history of Jamaica.  Winding its way from the days of slavery, through the rise of the Rastafari ,to the present Jamaica has been at the mercy of colonialism and opressoin since it was first discovered.

    Framed from this perspective, we suddenly see a persistent pattern of utter subjugation and economic inequality, with islanders providing service only to be the latest form of exploitation. Please share this film and its teachings on sexploitation, a subject, that is rarely touched.


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  • Boston Jerk centre reopened

    Boston Jerk Centre in Portland has been reopened after a month of closure that affected the livelihood of more than 20 vendors.

    The Portland Health Department closed the centre because of below accepted levels of hygiene.

    Some shop owners tried to attend to some of the conditions laid down for reopening but the standards remained unmet for the facility for weeks. The closure led to a protest two weeks ago by vendors who blocked the road and carried placards.

    However, when visited the facility yesterday (Wednesday) evening jerk vendors were seen busy at work at freshly painted and renovated stalls serving customers.

    Vendors said they were elated that the facility has been reopened and that it should be at full operation by the weekend.


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  • BREAKING NEWS: “My Dream” Singer Nesbeth Wife Has Died!

    Nesbeth has lost his wife, Ann Marie Elliott, after a prolonged battle with cancer. She had been his long-time girlfriend before they wed in a beautiful ceremony on March 24, 2013.

    "It is with deep regret that Entertainment Soul, the management of reggae recording artiste Nesbeth must inform the public of the untimely passing of his beloved wife Ann-Marie Elliott who died in the US on Wednesday, February 17th of undisclosed complications," a statement said.

    "The family of the singer would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt love and continued support in this time of grief while requesting that their privacy be respected as they bereave a great loss.”

    The artiste has been riding high in recent times off the success of his My Dream single.

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  • Popular Jamaican doctor and comedian gets BBC feature

    Gynaecologist and comedian, Dr Michael Abrahams is going places, literally.

    Abrahams was recently featured on BBC Newsday for his creative, musical take on the Zika virus.

    The song which is titled, We nuh want ZIKV, hears Dr Abrahams telling people to “mash up all mosquito breeding site” and he also warns pregnant ladies, to protect themselves and their babies.


    “It took me by surprise. I just did it to warn Jamaicans. The feedback has been good. It is good PR for my country so I like that,” Abrahams told the STAR.

    He says minister with responsibility for health, Horace Dalley encouraged him to do the song.

    “I had CHIKV and I made a song about it. So  One day Horace Dalley asked me why I don’t do a song about ZIKV so I went to Wayne Armond and he made the rhythm and I told him we needed to put it out visually as well,” he said.

    “I posted it on my Facebook page and YouTube channel and that was it. I am happy to know that it is being recognized globally. The ministry of health posted it as well. It makes us look good and the ministry of health could use a makeover anyway,” he added.

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  • Angry Mob of 2,000 Attacks, Stones Gays in Jamaica


    A terrifying scene from Jamaica yesterday.

    Jamaican police had to fire tear gas into a crowd of 2,000 people in St. Andrew after they had gathered around a pharmacy because three men whom they had branded as homosexual were hiding inside.

    The police were reportedly taunted as they ushered the three “visibly terrified” men out of the pharmacy and into police vehicles. One of the men was hit with a stone as he was escorted to a waiting van (above).

    According to the Jamaica Observer, “One man in the crowd was determined to get a chance to beat them and hurled insults at the police when they drove out of the premises. ‘Unu can come save them nasty boy yah? Them boy yah fi go down,’ the man bellowed.”

    Another woman told the paper: “Jamaica has lost its way if men think they can openly flaunt being gay without any consequences. We don’t want that kind of open gay life in this country.”

    In Jamaica, homosexuality is punishable by up to nine years in prison

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