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  • Bikes Explode in Clarendon, 2 dead

    He was reacting to the time – allegedly, nearly five hours – it took for emergency services to remove the bodies of two men who were killed in a motor bike crash in Rhymesbury in the parish.

    The accident occurred at about 3:00 pm, and the dead bodies were reportedly laying out in the open up to at least four hours later.

    “The state of our public services is disgraceful,” Gammon said. “The bodies were taken up about 07:40 pm. That is lack of state resources because, if we had it, the corpses would have been covered and taken away instead of four hours later.”


    He said a JLP government would ensure prioritization of resources that would see persons who are victims of unfortunate circumstances being treated with dignity.

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  • BREAKING NEWS Unruly JLP supporters break down barriers

    ST ANDREW, Jamaica — Unruly Jamaica Labour Party supporters a short while ago broke down the barriers which separated them from members of the media, inciting panic and chaos.

    The incident occurred while Pastor Patrika Hall was halfway through the opening prayer at the party's mass rally in the St Andrew capital.

    Several men stormed the media area as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force rushed to restore order.

    Minutes late,  the lawmen were able to to calm the crowd and replace the barriers.



    In the meantime, the pastor urged Labourites to "get on the prosperity train with Andrew".


    She told the massive JLP base to exercise peace when they arrive at the polling stations on Thursday to vote.

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  • Suspected suicide marked for St Thomas teen’s death

    The small community of Lladeway in St Thomas now mourns the loss of a teen, who is suspected to have committed suicide early Saturday morning.

    Andel Bennett, 17, reportedly took his own life at his home in Ramble District, for reasons unknown by residents in the community.

    According to a report from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Andel was found around 6am, hanging by his neck from a piece of rope that was tied to a tree near the yard.

    The teen, who was found by a horrified relative, had purportedly been seen alive about an hour before his body was discovered.


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  • Pastor Arrested For Lottery Scamming In Westmoreland

    Detectives stationed in the Westmoreland Proactive Investigation Unit captured a minister for breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provision) Act on Cooke Street in Savanna-la-Mar on Saturday.

    Reports are that an operation was completed at the minister’s home on Cooke Street. An inquiry of a room he involved yielded more than 50 sheets of paper populated with character data of individuals living abroad.

    Taking after further examinations, the minister was at the beginning of today captured for his suspected contribution in the illegal lottery defrauding.


    Following further investigations, the pastor was this morning arrested for his suspected involvement in the illicit lottery scamming.

    Credit: Jamaica Observer | Read it here

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  • Tami Chynn, Wayne Marshall expecting baby number two

    It seems like 2016 is shaping up to be very prosperous for the Chin- Mitchell clan.

    Entertainers Tammar Anika Chin- Mitchell and Wayne Mitchell known professionally as Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall are about to land a refresher course in 'newborn-ology' as the couple is expecting another child in late 2016.

    On Saturday, news of the family's impending arrival broke via Marshall's Instagram page.

    Shortly after, Chynn's sister Tessanne reposted the image and seemed every bit excited for the new addition:

    "And on top of having an amazing time at an amazing wedding,I get to finally release this secret !!! I'm gonna be an Aunty again !!! Congrats @iamtamichynn @waynemarsheezy #GladBagBussFiTrue #AuntyTess #GodIsGreat !!!!"

    The two married in 2010 after four years of dating. They are proud parents to two sons: Giomar (from Marshall's previous relationship with Regina Macallum) and Jackson Benjamin.

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