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  • Give sex workers legal status - Advocate says laws against practice are outdated

    The Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), a non-governmental, human rights organisation, said it is working assiduously to have sex work decriminalised in Jamaica, so that the practitioners can operate safely.

    Patrick Lalor, who is JASL's Policy and Advocacy officer, told THE STAR that the ultimate aim is to have the sex trade fully legalised, but they will settle for decriminalisation for now.

    "Our advocacy work includes trying to get rid of any punitive laws that we find makes things more challenging for our population and exposes them to Human Immunodeficiency Virus," Lalor said.


    Medical attention


    Currently, there are 5,000 members in the Sex Workers Association, but Lalor noted that this is only 10 per cent of the total number of sex workers islandwide.

    Lalor argued that the stigma and discrimination attached to sex work deters the practitioners from seeking medical attention, as well as legal redress when they are abused.

    He added that they are sometimes forced at knife point to have unprotected sex with clients, and contract sexual infections in the process, but are afraid to seek medical attention because of the discrimination they face.

    Lalor further added that the laws which make prostitution illegal are archaic and do not reflect current realities.


    Made submissions


    JASAL has taken several steps to decriminalise sex work. In 2014, they were part of a group which made submissions to Parliament when the Sexual Offences Act was being reviewed by a committee. However, the process was halted with the change of Government.

    Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck refused to comment on the issue of decriminalising sex work in Jamaica, but he noted that Parliament has selected a new committee to review the Sexual Offences Act, and they will be meeting some time this week.

    To those who oppose the decriminalisation of sex work, such as the church, Lalor said, "Many of the husbands of the wives in church do business there, and what we are promoting is to ensure that their people can carry out their activities in a safe, healthy way, so that these husbands don't take back any STIs to the wives."


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  • Barrett Town is a happy place once more” – Police praised for death of Mobay 6! [GRUESOME IMAGES]

    BARRETT TOWN IS A HAPPY PLACE ONCE MORE”  Sentiments relayed to Downayaad by a resident from that community.

    Was informed of the havoc these men supposedly wreaked upon the community while alive. She shared allegations of extortion… If these moneys were not paid then their victims would be punished…was told that a victim was murdered and her house burnt to ground after refusing to pay the notorious ski mask gang money…the entire community apparently lived in fear on a daily basis .. too afraid to leave their homes … Resident speculating that the 6 were on their way to rob a Pastor when they were surprised by Police. Many in the community have praised the vigilance of local Police and are happy that these men are no longer alive to torment the peace and safety of Barrett Town’s residents. All 6 men of the Ski Mask gang were shot and killed on Saturday night.


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  • Teen shot dead in Hanover

    HANOVER, Jamaica — A teenager was shot dead Sunday night in the quiet community of Claremont in Hanover.

    The deceased has been identified as 18 year-old Royan Gowan of the same community.

    Residents reportedly heard several loud explosions about 10:00 pm and called the police.

    The police upon arrival found Gowan suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head and other parts of the body.

    He was taken to the Noel Holmes Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    One resident told OBSERVER ONLINE, that the community has been left traumatised.

    Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of the Hanover Police Division, Arthel Colley said the police are yet to make a breakthrough in this case.

    He also disclosed that the police have not made any headway in the case surrounding the abduction of 30-year-old Tasha Gordon of a Cauldwell address also in Hanover. 

    Gordon was kidnapped about 8:30 pm last Monday, shortly after businessman Marvin McIntosh, 36, was gunned down at his shop in prospect.

    Residents and the police have been searching the area since, but to no avail. However, the police found nine thousand dollars and a pair of slippers belonging to the woman shortly after her abduction.

    The police had also intensified their search with the use of canine dogs.

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  • JUST IN: Police kill six in St James

    Six unidentified men were killed during an alleged shootout with members of the security forces in St James on Saturday night.

    Reports are that the security forces intercepted men traveling in two motorcars in the Goodwill community about 7:30 pm.

    A firefight ensued and six men, five from one car and one from the other vehicle were shot and injured. They were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

    The security forces are said to have recovered illegal firearms after the shooting died down.

    The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) has commenced their investigation.


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  • Portland man dies in St Mary crash

    A Portland man became the first road fatality in St Mary since the start of the year.

    Larry Jackson — a 24-year-old resident of Lennox district in Portland — died in a two-vehicle collision along the Epsom main road in St Mary Friday night, January 13.

    Reports from the Annotto Bay police are that at around 8 o’clock, Jackson was driving a Toyota Townace, travelling eastwards, when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a Toyota Hiace heading in the opposite direction.

    Jackson and a female passenger were rushed to the Annotto Bay Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. 

    The female remains admitted in stable condition. 

    The two occupants of the Toyota Hiace escaped serious injuries.

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