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  • Two dead, two injured in crash near Sangster airport in St James

    Two men are dead and two others injured following a motor vehicle crash that took place along Queens Avenue, Montego Bay, St James on Saturday morning.

    Reports are that about 6:00 a.m., a Nissan Tiida motor car with four men on-board was travelling along the mentioned roadway when on reaching in the vicinity of the roundabout at the Sangster International Airport the driver lost control of the vehicle which overturned.

    Two of the occupants died on the spot while the other two were rushed to hospital where they are said to be admitted in serious conditions.

    The police, who are investigating, are yet to reveal the identity of the dead men.

    More details later as Loop continues to track the story.

    The crash is the second incident of its kind to take place along that busy main road in the last two days.

    On Thursday two men identified as Kevon Mills and Shadrick Robinson, both of St James addresses were killed when the car they were travelling in crashed into another Honda motorcar that was being driven in the same direction.

    Both cars careened across the road and collided with two other cars that were heading towards Montego Bay.

    Five persons sustained injuries and were taken to hospital, where Mills and Robinson were pronounced dead, and the others were admitted for treatment.


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  • Rasta obeah man in high demand - Pastors, lovers among clients

    Throughout his many years as a 'reader man', Ronnie said he has received many requests from people who want to 'tie' their lovers.

    "A two different tie you have. You buy material like parchment paper and you write up yuh man or woman name on it, and then take a special powder and sprinkle on it. You then tie it with a blue and black thread, and a it that. The next tie, me nuh have nutten fi do with that cause it involves women period and a bag a nastiness," said the reader man who is located in St Catherine.

    He explained that it is not uncommon for both sexes to turn to him for help, especially when a relationship is going sour, and one party wants to permanently hitch the other.

    "If them start live bad all, me would a need to do is light two special candle, pray and sprinkle some a the special powder and dem start live good back again," he said.

    When THE WEEKEND STAR visited Ronnie at his home in August Town, a rural district in North West St Catherine, he was in the process of preparing a bath for a client.

    However, upon seeing the news team, the female client 'went into hiding' inside the reader man's room.

    "A lot of trouble inna the world enuh. Demons deh pon di loose, and this is my gift to help," he said while putting a drop of oil into a basin.

    Located on his veranda is his healing station which consists of a bible, candles, small portions of oils and several species of plants.

    Ronnie explained that anyone can conduct a 'bath' because the materials mostly consists of different types of plants that are usually found in a backyard.




    "Plants are very powerful, and all a person needs to do is believe. A di same medicine dem buy a pharmacy," he said.

    The dreadlocked reader man said that he has a large clientele that stretches are far as the United States and other sections of the Caribbean.

    With more than 20 years of practice under his belt, Ronnie said he has cast out many demons, assisted with marriages and court cases, visas and luck with business through prosperity and protection jewellery.

    "Nuff time people a farrin link me say dem a have problem to get dem green card, and me just do me ting from here so and send some luck dem way. People sick bad over deh, and God help me heal dem from Jamaica," said Ronnie, who had a regular day job until Gold showed him how to heal people.

    He recalled being visited by a female who had a demon living inside her for months. According to Ronnie, she was close to the brink of death because the unclean spirit was feeding on her body and had impregnated her.

    "When she come, the duppy a jump up in her belly. Me and others could a see the ting a move up and dung in her enuh. Me have to look after her and take out the duppy and send it back to who sent it," he said.

    Like other spiritualists, Ronnie said he is sometimes criticised by naysayers who believe his practice is fake. However, he is not fazed.

    "Mi nuh have the power to do anything. A just God tell me what to do. Nuff time people say reader man fake but yet still dem say dem believe inna di bible and inna bible days a whole heap a miracle used to work. Nuff time me see dem bun me out and me live to see all pastor come link me fi mi wash out him house because him say demon a run him out there," he said.

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  • Woman Found Dead at Half-Way-Tree Police Station Lockup

    Information reaching Loop News is that a female reportedly committed suicide at the Half-Way Tree Police Station in St Andrew on Thursday night.

    Reports are that the woman was taken to the station on a warrant for her arrest.

    Information is that the woman was left in the holding area at the station.

    She was later found dead and sources said she reportedly committed suicide.

    However, while police personnel at the station have confirmed the death of a woman there, they have neither confirmed nor denied the means by which the woman reportedly died.

    More details later, stay connected.


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  • Three US cruise passengers missing in St Ann

    ST ANN, Jamaica — Three Americans went missing from the Carnival Sensation Cruise ship, which arrived at the Urban Development Corporation Port in Ocho Rios, St Ann yesterday.

    They have been identified as 35-year-old Glen Triston; 24-year-old Tricia Tahecia Forrester and 42-year-old Clinton Hill.

    Reports are that all three passengers boarded the ship which left from Miami on Monday and arrived in the island at 10:00 am, where the passengers left the ship with baggage said to be for family members.

    At 5:30 pm, an official from the cruise ship in the evening was making checks when it was discovered that they were missing.

    Lawmen are currently investigating.


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  • UPDATE: Two arrested in murder of Chinese businessman

    ST ANN, Jamaica — The Brown's Town police have reportedly made a breakthrough in the murder of 28-year-old Teng Fei Cheng, a Chinese national and businessman of Brown's Town, St Ann.

    Cheng, who owned a supermarket in the town, was shot on Tuesday afternoon. He was taken to the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


    The police believe they now have the two main suspects in custody after they were picked up by detectives last evening.


    The men are expected to be charged soon.


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