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  • Cop pepper-sprays colleague by accident

    Policemen posted in the Kidd Lane community, off Spanish Town Road, to deter criminal attacks from opposing gangs, got into action yesterday while our news team was roving the Kingston 13 area.

    But this time around, there was no issue among gangs. Instead, cops were tasked with putting an end to a dispute between a man and a woman, who residents say are a couple.

    About 1:30 p.m. the woman was walking along Kidd Lane with our news team, showing THE STAR the water crisis which exists in the community, when she was attacked by her boyfriend.

    The two were in a tussle while residents beckoned to the police who were seated in their service vehicle.

    The cops exited the vehicle and began to separate the two, however, the boyfriend would not relent.


    Pepper spray


    He hit the woman, causing her to fall the ground, while bleeding from above her right eye.

    THE STAR had to take cover as the crowd grew. In a bid to subdue the irate man, one of the policemen used pepper spray.

    Some of the spray got into the eyes of the other cop, rendering him partially sightless and crouching to the ground.

    Back-up was called, and about five minutes later four service vehicles arrived on the scene to help the cops.

    The pepper-sprayed cop was placed inside the service vehicle, and the injured woman was assisted.

    However, THE STAR is not certain if the woman pressed charges.

    Many residents could be heard shouting to her not to press charges saying, "A man and woman thing."

    Meanwhile, the St Andrew South police are monitoring the area as thugs have made the lives of residents miserable with gun violence and the ongoing gang feud.


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  • Jamaican lotto scammer called victim 500 times for money

    Raven Shakes covers her face as she enters US District Court in St George on June 5, 2017. (FOX 13 News/Facebook)

    A Jamaican convicted of lottery scamming in the United States called her victim 500 times over a four-month period to collect money, according to court documents.

    Raven Shakes, 27, of a Massachusetts address, reportedly scammed a 84-year-old Utah woman out of US$160,000 (J$20.8 million).

    She was sentenced on Monday to four years and three months in prison and possible deportation back to her home country of Jamaica after she pleaded guilty to mail fraud.

    Court documents state Shakes called the victim in 2016 and told her she had won US$11.5 million in a sweepstakes. She told the woman she was automatically enrolled in the sweepstakes because she paid her utility bills. Shakes told her to send money for payment of taxes and other fees associated with claiming the multimillion-dollar prize.

    Attorneys had said Shakes was organized and called the woman to collect money nearly 500 times over the four-month time period.

    Inside the courtroom, Shakes reportedly begged the judge to show mercy.

    "The crime I committed was mail fraud," Shakes was quoted as saying by Fox 13 News. "I trusted people I did not know. I should be been more careful. I am truly sorry for the loss of the victims. In the future, I will not make this mistake again."

    The victim meanwhile tearfully recalled how Shakes befriended her.

    "You became a friend to me," the woman said to Shakes in court. "We talked about your mother and my kids and grandkids.

    "You told me, 'Sweetie! I would never scam you.'"


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  • Caribbean Islands Urged To Prepare For Heatwaves

    Image result for Heatwaves

    KINGSTOWN, St Vincent (CMC):
    Caribbean islands especially those in the south have been urged to prepare for heatwaves as they will be a feature of the 2017 rainy season.

    That is the warning issued by Dr Simon Mason of the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology in his presentation  – “Caribbean Heat outlooks: Research and product development” to the participants attending the Caribbean Regional Climate Outlook Forum which opened here on Wednesday.

    Simon said in the past, not a lot of emphasis was placed on heatwaves but data gathered from islands over the years, has shown that this  is a growing challenge. “It’s time to investigate the problems of heatwaves and the best way to deal with it in this region,” said Simon who pointed out that in the United States of America heatwaves kills more people than tornadoes while in 2003 heatwaves killed 30,000 in France.

    A heatwave is a prolonged period of excessively hot weather, which may be accompanied by high humidity, especially in oceanic climate countries.

    While definitions vary, a heatwave  is measured relative to the usual weather in the area and relative to normal temperatures for the season.

    Despite the region commencing the Hurricane season on Thursday, the CIMH is projecting that islands in the South of Caribbean will receive less rain and hotter days.

    “The projection is for as much as one third of the total days for the rainy season will be warmer than normal so the advice is for people to be ready for the heat,” he said.

    Simon said that with the elderly being particular vulnerable, steps must be taken in advance to assist them to cope with the effects.

    “Most parts of the Caribbean are having growing elderly, the heatwaves can kill them, so understanding how to deal with this weather will be very critically in order to reduce the impact,” he said.

    Besides impacting on the elderly, a heatwave could affect productivity.

    However, he noted that the CIMH is not projecting drought conditions for the region because the overall outlook is for above average rain for the entire rainy or hurricane season which officially ends on November 30.


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  • Florida man sentenced for role in Jamaican lottery scam

    The scheme involved the targeted victims receiving telephone calls and being informed that they had won more than US$1 million in a lottery, and needed to pay money in advance to claim their winnings.

    A South Florida resident has been handed to a prison term for his involvement in a Jamaican-based lottery scam.

    Claude Shaw, 49, of Miramar, Florida was on Friday sentenced to serve three years in prison and three years’ supervised release by a district court judge in Fort Lauderdale.

    He was also ordered to pay US$128,440 in restitution.

    This was after Shaw had pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud on March 22.

    The allegations were that between September 2013 and August 2015, Shaw took part in a scheme to defraud victims in the United States.

    The scheme involved the targeted victims receiving telephone calls and being informed that they had won more than US$1 million in a lottery, and needed to pay money in advance to claim their winnings.

    Indications are that victims sent over US$100,000 to Shaw, who then forwarded some of the money to Jamaica.

    None of the victims of the scam received any lottery winnings.


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  • Councillor likely to replace Portia as MP shot

    The shooting is reported to have happened at the compound which houses the constituency office, at about 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.

    Karl Blake, the People's National Party (PNP) Councillor for the Greenwich Town Division in South West St Andrew, the constituency of former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miler, has been shot.

    The shooting is reported to have happened at the compound which houses the constituency office, at about 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.

    An assistant to Blake is reportedly dead as a result of the incident, which was confirmed by the PNP on Twitter on Sunday night.

    The party's tweet said Blake was in hospital undergoing surgery.

    Indications are that Blake is heavily in the reckoning to replace Simpson Miller as Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency.

    The details of what took place at the constituency office are still not available, and will be revealed as soon as they are forthcoming.


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