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  • She died - Elderly woman who accused clergyman of taking funds intended for her burial has passed

    Jean Blake, the senior citizen whose car was sold by her pastor and the proceeds used to purchase a vehicle for himself, has died.

    Barbara Blake, the sister of Jean, 74, told THE STAR that she died peacefully at home last Saturday after a lengthy battle with cancer.

    "She was ready to go. On Good Friday, she was shouting 'Please come for me, please come for me'," Barbara said.

    Blake's story first appeared in THE STAR on March 17. Barbara admitted that there now is a shadow of uncertainty cast over the retired teacher's funeral expenses as she had planned to use the proceeds from the sale of the car to do that. She said a group of past students who Blake taught at St Jago High School reached out before Blake passed and promised to help in any way they can.

    One of those past students is Hubert Smith.

    "Miss Blake was very instrumental in grooming the troublesome boys at Jago then. She was really that kind of disciplinarian," he said.




    Jean Blake, in a letter, dated April 8, 2014, purportedly written to one of her church sisters, said Kevin Campbell, her pastor at the Prophetic House of Worship Church, was to use her Nissan Sunny motor car, as she had got too sick to drive. She instructed the church sister to take the car from Campbell and sell it for no less than $360,000 because she felt like the end of her life was near. She said the money should be used to bury her.

    "She was ready to go, that was why she asked about the money for the funeral," Barbara said.

    Campbell, in an interview with THE STAR last month, said the car was a loan, but he said that the vehicle was later turned into a gift. He said any suggestion to the contrary should be seen as "false, phoney, and erroneous" and of the "devil".

    Attempts to contact Campbell proved futile up to press time yesterday.


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  • Tesha Miller hit with $100 fine

    Reputed gangster Tesha Miller has been fined the maximum $100 after pleading guilty to one of two counts of making a false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials.

    The sentence was handed down by Parish Judge Sancia Burrell in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this afternoon.

    "I hope you are prepared to satisfy the maximum fine and I hope you are able to call a relative or family member to help you if you can't manage it," Burrell said before imposing the fine.

    It triggered discussions among the small number of persons inside the courtroom, some of whom openly expressed disbelief.

    "Write to the persons you voted for and tell them to have a conversation about the fine, but we are not going to discuss it here," Burrell said.

    Miller was facing two counts of making a false declaration.

    He pleaded not guilty on the second count and was freed after prosecutors offered no evidence against him.

    On the charge for which Miller pleaded guilty, prosecutors alleged that on April 4, the alleged Clansman gang leader made a false declaration at the Norman Manley International Airport that his name was 'Marlon Williams'.

    That was the same day on which Miller was deported from the Bahamas where he had been held weeks earlier.

    Miller had long been listed as a person of interest.

    After being in the custody Jamaica authorities for almost a week, he was charged with the offences of making a false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials.


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  • Rasta beaten after chanting fire on meat

    A Rastaman, who refers to himself as 'Honourable Prophet Peter Hylton', was beaten and left for dead by a group of men after he chanted fire on a group of jerk chicken vendors in Garden Pen in Eltham, Spanish Town, last week, for preparing something that smelt like dead dog.

    Hylton told THE STAR that he was in the community about 8 p.m. last Wednesday when the stench of rotted meat wafted through the air.

    "So when mi smell it, mi ask a little yute wah dat and him point to the jerk chicken pan," Hylton said. "So mi start chant down pollution, and mi hear one of them start call mi Rasta dog, so I said that I am a honourable, and I should be respected."

    Hylton explained what he smelt that day, "Because the jerk pan old, it smell like when dog a bun (burn)."




    According to Hylton, the argument had got rowdy and he decided to walk away when he was attacked by one of the men.

    "I hear dem a say 'He is coming', but because I didn't do him anything, mi nuh run. Then I see this man come with this big board knife and just start beat mi with it," Hylton said. "Him coulda kill mi because everybody draw up their shop doors. All the people dem who live close by just go into them house."

    When Hylton visited The Gleaner's offices last Thursday, he was seen with multiple plasters over his body.

    "A up a UC (University Hospital of the West Indies) mi a come from," Hylton said. "After dem done beat me, I was unconscious for about two hours cause mi never get up until about 10 o'clock."

    He told THE STAR that he reported the incident to the Spanish Town Police Station.

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  • Pamputtae, MC Nuffy in war of words

    Popular dancehall artiste Pamputtae has lashed out against controversial MC Nuffy, who recently claimed the deejay was envious of Shenseea's success.

    According to Pamputtae, who is now promoting Sticky Wine, Nuffy's comments came following an interview she did on Television Jamaica, where she said some dancehall artistes needed to improve their craft since they are unable to perform.




    The Slim vs Fluffy singer said she did not call Shenseea's name, however, many assumed she was speaking about the youngster, including the talkative Nuffy.

    "I said some people nuh ready yet because dem can't perform and too much auto tune mek dem don't sound the same. Shenseea fans and Nuffy dem tek it up seh a she mi a talk and start attack mi. Nuffy him a seh I am bad mind and a call mi old iron. Mi wi fix him business because if Sting don't keep, him don't get a hype," she said.

    Pamputtae said Nuffy simply wants to be in Romeich's good books since he manages Shenseea.

    "Him want a contract from Romeich Entertainment because him hungry. Weh mi a bad mind Shenseea fah? I work for what I want, and him can't call mi old iron because old iron a sell now. A old iron a feed nuff family," she said.

    Pamputtae also took offence to Nuffy calling her ugly. She said dancehall is not a beauty pageant.

    "The foundation of dancehall is ugly people. Look pan Shabba, Bounty, Vybz Kartel, Yellowman, Ninja Man ... and Alkaline nuh suh cute either. If mi wah brown mi can bleach and if mi wah breasts mi can tek mi money and buy dat. Dancehall is not about buying awards and beauty. I did not call Shenseea's name. Suh mi nuh know weh dem a attack mi fah," she said.

    Nuffy told THE STAR that Pamputtae is seeking attention. He also claims the deejay recently called his phone asking him to help with her career.

    "Pamputtae a pass har place with me after she beg me for attention. She violate but a dancehall and it can't change, dancehall without competition is not dancehall. Yu wi have yu good song and it nah get no hype without competition. But Pamputtae violate mi after she beg me to help out har career," he said.

    Veteran deejay Macka Diamond who was also drawn into the mix after siding with Pamputtae, also told THE STAR that she had no issues with Shenseea.

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  • Violet Brown: The secret to long life is hard work

    Violet Brown spent much of her life cutting sugarcane in the fields around her home in western Jamaica. She attended church regularly, avoids pork and chicken and celebrated her 117th birthday last month.

    On Saturday, she is believed to have become the world's oldest living person following the death of Emma Morano of Italy, born Nov. 29, 1899.

    Brown told The Associated Press she is surprised but grateful to have lived this long.

    "This is what God has given me, so I have to take it — long life," Brown said in an interview in her home in the town of Duanvale.

    Brown is considered to be the oldest person in the world with credible birth documentation, according to Robert Young, director of the supercentenarian research and database division at Gerontology Research Group, a network of volunteer researchers into the world's oldest people. Its website says she was born on March 10, 1900.

    Brown has not yet been declared the world's oldest by Guinness World Records, considered to be the official arbiter of the oldest person title but Guinness depends heavily on Young's group. Young said he has met Brown and examined her birth certificate, which was issued by the British authorities who governed Jamaica at the time of her birth.

    "She's the oldest person that we have sufficient documentation for at this time," Young said.

    Jamaica's prime minister congratulated Brown on Twitter.

    Guinness said it was researching a number of candidates for the new world's oldest person title.

    "It can be a uniquely complex and sometimes lengthy process," Guinness spokeswoman Elizabeth Montoya said. "There is no confirmation of a new title holder until our thorough processes are complete."

    Brown has two caregivers and spends most of the day resting in the home she shares with her 97-year-old son. She is able to sit up by herself and walk short distances. And while she is hard of hearing, she offered swift, complete responses to questions about her life and family.

    The secret to long life is hard work, she said.

    "I was a cane farmer. I would do every work myself," she said. "I worked, me and my husband, over that hill."

    She also credited her Christian faith for her long life.

    "I've done nearly everything at the church," she said. "I spent all my time in the church. I like to sing. I spent all my time in the church from a child to right up," to today, she said.

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