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  • FORCED TO CARRY 26 BODIES ... Tivoli resident says he can't eat meat after ordeal

    Tivoli Garden resident Ricardo Richards said he was beaten by members of the security forces to carry the bodies of 26 humans and 11 dead dogs during the May 23, 2010 security operations.

    Richards, now 34, told The STAR yesterday that while some people may chose not to remember the events of eight years ago, the painful memories are etched in his mind.

    "Mi go through it. Mi nuh lose mi life cause me still deh yah, but mi lose nuff. Me did gone crazy, gone gone gone. One time yuh couldn't catch me yah suh," he said.

    The security operations, which were undertaken to capture the fugitive, Christopher "Dudus" Coke, resulted in the death of 69 civilians and a soldier. Hundreds of persons were detained and properties damaged and destroyed.

    Richards, who until now, has been silent, said he lost his babymother and several friends during the ordeal. He also said that he was forced to remove bodies that were in the community.

    "To be frank with you, me alone tek up 26 dead body and 11 dead dogs," he said.

    "Dem have yuh up and down, dem know say shot still a fire a me dem tek push round deh suh fi go out deh, nuh matter what type of dead body mi afi tek it up. Mi affi a tek up body from up the road a come down," Richards told THE STAR.

    "A nuh like say me just see dem and a tek dem up, mi get wul heap of beating, wul heap. Nuff beating from police and soldier. When mi say lick mi can tell yuh bout lick. Mi never have no choice at all. Mi a big baller and mi think that woulda help mi when mi show dem certain things, but no. After that dem lock mi down for how much months, none of my family couldn't find me."

    He told THE STAR that when he finally got released he was scared.

    "When mi come a road mi fraid of mi own shadow. If me hear a vehicle a come mi just go hide out. A serious thing, a nuh joke. A nuh everybody in yah bad, this a ghetto, things can gwan and yuh nuh know bout it and dem a beat yuh fi talk all things yuh nuh know," Richards said.

    According to Richards, the situation has affected even his relationship with relatives who are members of the security forces.

    "Mi have a lot of police family, soldier family and not even dem mi nuh see dem and reason wid. When mi see dem mi just try wul mi calm. It never pretty, one of the time me give up on life, a just the mercy of God."

    Richards told The STAR that the ordeal of having to carry the bodies led to him deciding he could no longer eat meat.

    "If me see the meat and it look certain way me vomit," he said.

    Still haunted by the memories of eight years ago, Richards said he would never want to experience a security operation like that again.

    "If me have an idea say something like that a gwan again, mi gone far a some countryside cause dem nah go catch me again. Next time mi nuh must live fi can tell the tale. Maybe mi nuh must get wul pan fi get beating, maybe a shot mi get. A soldier ever point a gun pan yuh yet and say yuh must say yuh final prayer? A dat me go tru," he said.


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  • Six-month-old among three shot off Maxfied Avenue

    A six-month-old was among three people shot and injured by gunmen along Ramsay Road, off Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew, on Tuesday.

    Reports are that about 8:30 am, men travelling in a motor vehicle went to the community and opened fire at a group of people.

    The men then escaped from the area.

    Three people - including the baby - were subsequently found suffering from gunshot wounds. They were rushed to hospital where they have been admitted.

    There is now a high police presence in the area.

    According to law enforcement officials, there is an ongoing feud between rival gangs on Ramsay Road and surrounding areas.


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  • Five killed in Hanover road crash




    A two-vehicle collision in Hopewell, Hanover on Sunday night has left five people dead.

    The police have not yet released the identities of the deceased.

    Reports are that about 10:00 pm, two Toyota Corolla motorcars, travelling in the opposite direction, collided along the Orchard main road in Hopewell , close to a gas station.

    Five passengers in one of the vehicles suffered multiple injuries and died instantly. The number of occupants in the other car has not yet been confirmed, but it is understood they were rushed to the hospital.

    The car in which the five persons who died were travelling was reportedly extensively damaged.

    The Sandy Bay police are investigating.

    Loop News is tracking this developing story. More details later.


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  • Teen attempts suicide after being punished

    Image result for jump from roof

    A male student of a Hanover high school is now in hospital, following what police sources have described as a case of attempted suicide.

    Information reaching The STAR is that the student was spoken to repeatedly by his parents with regards to his low grades, and the amount of time he spends on his cell phone.

    The STAR was told that his father had taken away one phone from him, with the hope that he would pay more attention to his schoolwork.




    However, while the boy and his mother were at home recently, it was discovered that he had acquired another cell phone, for which his mother reprimanded him.

    A few minutes afterwards, a loud sound was heard and it was discovered that the boy had climbed to the top of the family home and jumped.

    He was taken to hospital, and admitted in a serious condition. An appeal for blood donation towards his treatment is now out in his community.

    If he survives the ordeal, the boy could be later charged with attempted suicide.




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  • Marvin thanks Spice for 'not knowing him' - But popular dancer still hurt by artiste's comments

    Popular dancer Marvin Di Beast said although Spice denied knowing him in a recent interview, he is glad for the highlight that she gave him.

    "Mi give thanks fi weh she do, enuh, cuz it just give me a bigger look and give me wings. She just open up people eyes fi go search for who mi is," he said between laughter.

    When asked about Marvin in a recent interview, Spice firmly stated that she was unaware of who he was, but admitted that she knows Shelly Belly.

    "What is up with Marvin the dancer? Why does he do all of these things? I see him climbing on top of trees," the interviewer said, to which Spice responded, "Who is that? I don't know him."

    "It's a brown skin guy. He hangs from trees and he dances and humps the girl and he hangs from railing," the interviewer continued. However, Spice was adamant that she had never met him.

    Marvin told The WEEKEND STAR that he feels hurt by Spice's behaviour and stated that although they are currently not on speaking terms, they had been friends for years.



    "I danced on her sets at Reggae Sumfest, BritJam, and other normal events. We used to be on the road together, so it strange she don't know me now," he said.

    "Me hurt at what she said cuz if she never wah talk about me all she had to do was say next question and talk about something else. Me no respect what she do. If me deh anywhere and Spice song a play me never back down and say me nah dance with a girl cuz is her song a play. Me still show me respect because all a we a product of dancehall," he added.

    Marvin said the two have kept their distance following a particular incident more than a year ago.

    "I was dancing to her song, Sheet, and fell off a building and everyone tink me foot did break. So she make a post say me a dance to her song and say me foot break but me foot never break," he said.

    He said Spice later called to check on him and he told her that he had only received a few scrapes and bruises.

    "Me ask her fi take dung di post and she tell me say she a go take it dung but she never do it. Me do a few interviews and mention say she never take it down. It was a big ting and me lose a lot of shows because of it," he said.

    According to Marvin, Spice was just being spiteful because she and his girlfriend, fellow dancer Nickeisha, are not on speaking terms.

    "Me wish her nothing but love and success in her career, enuh, and me glad for all of what she accomplished. When me hear say she was on Love and Hip Hop, me happy fi her ... and a cheer fi her. Me really feel a way say she say she nuh know me, but me thank her for the highlight same way," he said.


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