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  • Jamaica closing in on 33 straight hold on Carifta Games title

    Jamaica’s junior athletes are well on their way to win the Carifta Games for 33 straight years after ending Sunday’s second day of the three-day championship at the multi-purpose Ergilio Hato Stadium in Willemstad, Curacao with 54 medals.

    The 54 medals comprise of 23 gold, 19 silver and 12 bronze.

    The medal haul is 41 clear of nearest rival Trinidad and Tobago with 13 (five gold, two silver and six bronze.

    The Bahamas are in third place with 17 medals, which comprise four gold, seven silver and six bronze.

    Guyana with six medals (four gold, one silver and one bronze) and Barbados with nine medals (two gold, four silver and three bronze) complete the top five.

    On Saturday’s first day Jamaica took charge with 28 medals, 19 clear of second place Trinidad and Tobago.

    For Jamaica, the women’s team has so far won 30 of the medal haul of 54. The 30 medals comprise 11 gold, 13 silver and six bronze.

    The men’s team had won 24 medals (12 gold, six silver and six bronze).

    The highlight for Jamaica on day two came from the Boys’ Under-18 x4100-metre relay team of Michali Everett, Tyreke Wilson, Xavier Nairne and Michael Stephens, who smashed the games’ record by dipping under 40 seconds to clock 39.97.

    The Bahamas were well beaten into second place with a 40.77 clocking, while Trinidad and Tobago finished third in 40.84.

    The Jamaican quarter lowered the previous mark of 40.40, set in 2016 by Jhevaughn Matherson, Christopher Taylor, Dejour Russell and Michael Stephens.

    The blistering 39.97 clocking was faster than their Under-20 4x100-metre relay team, which won gold in 40.10.

    The team, which comprises Christopher Taylor, Jelani Walker, Tyreke Bryan and Delano Dunkley, easily won the gold medal with Trinidad and Tobago finishing second for the silver medal in 40.24 seconds.

    The Bahamas ended third in 40.59 seconds.

    Jamaica were denied a clean sweep of the sprint relays through a disqualification as the Girls’ Under-18 4x100-metre relay team had its number taken down.

    The quartet of Briana Williams, Kevona Davis, Britany Anderson and Michae Harriott won the race in a record 44.35, but the team’s glory was short-lived following the disqualification, which placed the Jamaicans out of the race.

    The Girls’ Under-20 4x100-metre team of Kasheika Cameron, Aneka Brissett, Taqece Duggan and Tissanna Hickling clocked 44.83 seconds for the gold medal.

    Only three teams showed up for the final with The Bahamas finishing well behind for silver in 46.45. The Turks and Caicos Islands took the bronze medal in 48.85.

    Jamaica were also dominant in the 400-metre hurdles with one-two finishes in three off the four finals.

    Sanique Walker set the tone by winning the Girls’ Under-18 400-metre hurdles final in a new record time of 58.95 seconds as her teammate Taffara Rose was well beaten into second with a 1:00.95 clocking.

    Walker smashed the previous mark of 59.50, which was set in 2016 by Shiann Salmon, also of Jamaica.

    Nicolee Foster clocked 58.84 to win the Girls’ Under-20 400-metre hurdles final as her teammate Shiann Salmon finished second in 59.59.

    The other one-two finish for Jamaica came from Ronaldo Griffiths (52.01) and Timor Barrett (52.32) in the Boys’ Under-20 400-metre hurdles final.

    Barbadian Rasheeme Griffith denied Jamaica a sweep of the gold medals with victory in the Boys’ Under-18 400-metre hurdles final.

    Griffiths clocked 51.64 for the gold medal with Jamaican Rovane Williams finishing second in 52.69 and his teammate Dashinelle Dyer, third in 53.02.

    Jamaica ended the day with three records. The other record was achieved by Daniel Cope, who won the Boys’ Under-18 shot put gold medal with a throw of 18.17 metres to erase the previous mark of 17.75 metres recorded in 2016 by Zico Campbell, also of Jamaica.

    Meanwhile, Kingston College’s Carey McLeod continued his good form by handing Jamaica gold in the Boys’ Under-20 long jump with an effort of 7.62 metres.

    McLeod achieved the gold medal jump with his third attempt after opening up with 7.19 metres.

    The other Jamaican, Ryan Brown, finished fifth with 7.23 metres.

    Jamaica also had one-two finishes in the Girls’ Under-18 discus throw final and the Boys’ Under-18 3,000-metre final.

    Marie Forbes won the Girls’ Under-18 discus final with a throw of 43.62 metres, achieved on her fifth attempt, and Kimone Reid finished second with 40.39 metres.

    Jamaica also secured a gold medal in the triple jump through Safin Williams ,who won the Boy’ Under-17 final with an effort of 15.11 metres.

    Renardo Johnson took the Boys’ Under-18 3,000-metre final in nine minutes 30.61, just ahead of his teammate Tarees Rhoden, who clocked nine minutes 30.69.

    Twenty-six coutries and territories in the region are fielding more than 600 junior athletes at the games.

    Jamaica have won the games for 32 straight year and 40 times of the games’ 45-year history.

    The last Jamaica lost was in 1984 when The Bahamas won at home.

    Last year, Jamaica won a record 86 medals comprising 43 gold, 28 silver and 15 bronze.


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  • Stripper sells used panties online - Coco De Thick makes millions from erotic website

    One Jamaican woman said she has been earning millions from her website, on which she sells her used panties to interested clients, and offers others a number of other services.

    Kyla Ramsay, a 20-year-old exotic dancer who goes by the stage name Coco De Thick, said she launched her website,, in January to allow persons to pay a subscription fee to see erotic photos and videos of her. She said a friend gave her the idea to offer her used panties for sale on the website as well.

    "My friend said guys like things like these. It's a fetish for them. They want to smell you. I thought this is so weird, but after having it up on the website, I realised that guys really do buy them. They want it to be shipped to them in ziplocked bags so the smell don't come out," Ramsay told THE WEEKEND STAR.


    Foreign countries


    The used undies go for US$50 (Approximately J$6,420), and Ramsay said she has been getting clients from various foreign countries such as the United States, Australia, and France. She said she wears the panties for a couple of hours, and sometimes works out in them to ensure they capture her 'essence'.

    "They (clients) say I smell good. I feel good that I'm pleasing somebody somewhere with my underwear," Ramsay said.

    Since its launch in January, Ramsay said she has sold about 20 used panties, and the orders keep coming in. But the majority of her earnings come from the other services on her website, such as subscriptions for her premium Snapchat, and costume videos.

    "Just last month I made over US$6,000 (approximately J$770, 591), and overall I think I've made about J$2 million from my website alone," Ramsay said.


    Unfazed by critics


    From her website earnings, Ramsay has launched a beauty line called Khighlash Beauty Collection, which includes lashes, lipsticks, lipgloss and brush sets.

    Despite her success, Ramsay admits that people constantly bash her. However, she said she is unfazed by the critics.

    "I'm making money in my comfort zone. I go to my bed with US$1,000 in my account and wake up with US $1,600. I'm doing very fine. I'm making money just taking pictures. That's smart. It's marketing and promotion for my website to make more money," Ramsay asserted.

    Though Ramsay, who is a past student of Happy Grove High in Portland, admitted that she never liked school, she said she has a solid business head, and is planning on expanding her website to include an erotic calendar.

    Having established a comfortable life for herself, Ramsay said she would advise others who are interested in this kind of business to give it a shot.

    "You have to be bold. Just make up your mind that you want to do it and don't care. You have to be strong mentally and emotionally," she encouraged.

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  • HE WASN’T A THIEF’: Family, friends say man who died in stolen bus crash was no crook

    Some people have moved to clear the name of one of two alleged thieves who died when the stolen Hiace bus they were travelling in fell off a precipice in the Cave Valley area in St Ann last week Tuesday.

    Relatives and friends of 25-year-old Rolando Laoe, a labourer of 2 Greendale Close, Kingston 19, claim that he was merely a passenger in the stolen bus after hitching a ride with the other alleged bus thief, who has been identified as 34-year-old Marvin Murray, a labourer  of Waltham Avenue, Kingston 13.

    "Him beg a ride from a boy, never know say a thief them thief the bus, and the bus crash...," one of Laoe's relatives, Angelina Laoe wrote on Facebook.

    However, police reports give a different account of the crash.

    Police said that, at about 4 am, Murray and Laoe stole a 15-seater Toyota Hiace bus from a yard in the Wild Cane community of Cave Valley last Tuesday.

    Further reports are that, while the men were making their escape, they lost control of the vehicle and it fell over a precipice on the Bottom Cascade main road at about 7:45 am.

    Both men sustained serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital, where one was pronounced dead. The other injured man later succumbed to his injuries.

    Laoe's cousin, Ramona Mona Shandalan appeared upset over the allegations against her late relative.

    "There is no more to the story more than he died yesterday after meeting in an accident Sunday, simple!!! Sighs #RIP cous kmt...." she wrote on Facebook in response to queries on how he died.

    Several friends of Laoe supported his family members’ claim that he wasn’t stealing the bus. Others just expressed shock at his death in the crash.

    Daneille Bell commented: "Jahh knw yoooow, nobody don't really knw we tomorrow may bring a swear RIP."

    Shannakaye Rowe posted, "When am going to wake from this dream am. In everything is just not the same without you Rolando Laoe I really missing you.. I know you are gone forever but you will always be I'm my heart."

    Others, such as Audreana Pinnock, were overcome with grief.

    Pinnock commented: "Lado why did  you  go and  do  this  to ur self  yow smh I miss you  I wish you were still here to .... around  me when  I come to treez it's jus no longer  the same."

    In the meantime, the local police are still maintaining that Laoe and Murray were involved in the stealing of a bus, which was driven over a precipice, killing them.

    FEATURED IMAGE- Rolando Laoe, one of the deceased men, who succumbed to injuries he received in the crash last Tuesday.


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  • Woman claims - Pastors scammed me out of $5 million

    A retired accountant said she is now at her wits ends after shelling out more than $5 million to two pastors, who claimed to be selling a property, as she is yet to receive the land or her money back after more than two years.

    "I keep getting promises and nothing is forthcoming. I want my money, and I don't want it in pieces because I paid them one time. I told them I'm not trying to punish them. I just want my money," a frustrated Alice Brown* told THE STAR.

    She said the pastors, who are two sisters, told her that they owned the land located in Mona Heights, St Andrew, and they had run into some arrears with the taxes. She said the pastors said they wanted to sell the land because they paid the owed sum and wanted to rid themselves of the property.

    Brown said she had no reason to doubt the women, given their standing as religious leaders, so she gladly entered into a sale agreement with them, dated December 31, 2015. The agreement stated that the property is registered in someone else's name, but the sisters will obtain the title and transfer it to Brown by February 15, 2015.

    Brown provided THE STAR with documentation to show that she paid $5 million for the property, and a further $40,000 for the sales agreement.

    However, she got suspicious when the date passed and she did not receive the title for the land.


    Blaming the government


    "A lot of things I was asking them, and they responded, 'I'd rather not say'. They kept blaming the government for not finalising the agreement with the land title. I even asked her (one of the pastors) which ministry it was, and who they are dealing with from the ministry so I could speak with them, and she said she would rather not say," Brown said.

    After much pressing, Brown said the pastors reluctantly gave her the name of a man who they claimed was the government agent responsible for processing the land title. However, Brown said when she contacted the individual, he said he had no direct business with the pastors and he was not a government representative.

    This, along with several other red flags, caused Brown to contact her lawyer about the matter. They subsequently filed a claim in March 2015 against the pastors and other parties involved in the sale of the property.

    Brown said one of the pastors then contacted her requesting time to repay the money, but that is yet to happen.

    Acting on advice of her lawyers, Brown then reported the matter to the Fraud Squad in April 2015, but to date, no charges have been made.

    Yesterday, the detective corporal, who is investigating the matter, told THE STAR that he recently received the case from his superiors and he is working on the matter. However, he said he could not give a timeline for when an arrest would be made.

    "I understand the fact that she (Brown) is in a situation, and that her money is out there, but things have to be done in a particular way. Given the fact that it is a fraudulent matter, it's not a straight forward thing," the investigating officer said.

    Several calls to the implicated pastors' phones went unanswered.

    *Name changed by request




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  • Woman stabbed to death at St Andrew home

    Police are investigating the death of a St Andrew woman found with multiple stab wounds at her home Tuesday night.

    The deceased has been identified as 56-year-old Utelene Dawn Nugent of a Stock Farm Road, Kingston 9 address. 

    Loop News understands that, at sometime after 8 pm, residents of the community heard screams coming from Nugent's house.

    The police were alerted and, upon their arrival, lawmen found the body of Nugent lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

    Police were unable to confirm reports that Nugent's motorcar was stolen.

    There have been an outpouring of tributes via social media to Nugent, who has been described as a "God-fearing woman" with a "beautiful soul".

    Immaculate Conception Parish and Missions wrote on Facebook that Nugent was "a woman of prayer, a teacher, a friend: author dedicated to this page. We have been blessed by her ministry and passion for the faith."

    Apostle Solomon Ofori said he was shocked when he received the news that Nugent was murdered "in cold blood".

    "Dawn, a lively and charismatic lady, taught me and took me through the ropes of office space planning and management whilst we worked for the same company," he said, adding "Dawn you've gone too soon and you will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Till we meet again, rest peacefully in the bosom of your creator, my dearest friend."

    Meanwhile, others used social media to condemn yet another "senseless killing" of a productive member of Jamaican society.

    One man expressed outrage of the "apparent targetting" of women.

    "This apparent targeting of our women by these weak, sick, lazy hopeless men is real for me today. I feel sadness in every fibre of my being. If the police can't help us and the government continues to appear impotent in their response to this obvious woman targeting group of thugs, clearly we the people will have to take matters in our hands and find ways to protect ourselves and our families and friends," he said.

    Nugent reportedly leaves behind two children, a son and a daughter.



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