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Chin hold on to Gully Bop visa "Chin return mi visa"


Dancehall artiste Gully Bop is asking ex-girlfriend Shauna Chin to return his travel documents so that he may proceed with his career, following their controversial split earlier this week.

According to the artiste, Chin has been making calls to the embassy to have his visa revoked in an attempt to damage his career, which she no longer stands to benefit from.

Chin said yesterday  that Gully Bop has no visa. However, Gully Bop says Chin has the visa in her possession and has refused to return it.

"I don't know where my visa is, she hide mi visa and a tell mi sey a man have it, and when I went to the man he says Chin don't give him nothing. So what is she doing with my passport? I need to go away by weekend and I don't have my passport. I want you to know that the passport is not mine, a just mi picture on it, it belongs to the Government.

Mi want the people know seh a nuh Chin look bout my visa, and the person hasn't cancelled nothing. Even last night me and the person on the phone, so Chin stop lock up mi career. You have been using me to buss yourself and yu fren dem ... You are just a cheater who bring man in my house," Gully Bop said.

Gully Bop also said if his visa is not returned by 9:35 a.m. today, he will be seeking the assistance of the police.

"If mi see 9:35 a.m. and mi passport nuh reach, Chin you are in big trouble. I don't want to put you in jail Chin, so please return my visa. You are telling lies on the embassy and yu better know the embassy don't like that. Mi all deh America a beg Obama fi give back Chin visa ... old deportee. Mi a beg fi di likkle old deportee and look what happen. Mi nuh do no wrongs in America, the only thing I do is love people and people love me back," Gully Bop said.

The 51-year-old artiste says he has been suffering abuse at the hands of Chin for quite some time. He also showed us several bites and other wounds said to have been inflicted by her. Condemning domestic abuse, Gully Bop said he would never put his hands on a woman and has no record of being violent.

"I am not stupid, am not a girl beater. I view abuse as a wicked thing. Man powerful enuh, and I wouldn't want to hurt Chin. Even when she a bite mi, the most I will do is tickle her so that she let go," he said


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