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Gunmen Spray Cab With Bullets After Driver Missed His 'Stop' in Spanish Town

A taxi driver and his 50 year-old passenger are now in hospital battling for life after they were shot and seriously injured by a gunman in Spanish Town over the weekend.

The news of the incident and why the attack reportedly took place have left a number of residents of the town baffled.

"The gunman took the vehicle as a passenger and upon reaching his destination, requested a stop. It appeared that the driver passed the stop by a few metres," said a resident from the old capital, who is close to the matter.

What took place after has left persons in shock.


Reports are that the gunman came out of the vehicle and immediately opened fire, hitting both the driver and the 50-year-old passenger.

Some persons in the area heard the explosions and came to assistance of the injured men, who were rushed to hospital and both admitted in serious condition.

The attacker fled the area.

The Spanish Town police are investigation the incident.

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