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I want back Gully Bop' - Amari vows to fight for ex-lover

Although she throws 'shade' at Gully Bop in her latest single, 'Where is Bop?', social media blogger Amari says the entertainer is still the love of her life.

"We were musical partners. [He was] my fiancÈ and the person who truly discovered me. He was my soulmate, and I need him back in my life. If it doesn't happen in this life, when we die, I hope we will reconcile," she said.

In the song Where is Bop?, she takes jabs at her former lover, leaving many critics saying that her obsession for the entertainer is never-ending.

In addition to alleging in the song that Gully Bop "eats meat", Amari raps that he still lives in his car and still has no teeth.

In an interview with THE STAR in January, Bop admitted to sleeping in his vehicle but insisted he is neither poor nor homeless.

Amari said that in addition to Where is Bop? being a mainstream hit, she believes it will "definitely be a comeback for Gully Bop".

"It is all entertainment. Despite all the realistic statements I made in the song, I did mention that Bop is still a superstar," she said.




She said that the song was originally written to speak about her love for Bop, but she decided to adjust the lyrics after hearing the comments he had made about her in a now deleted Facebook Live video.

In late 2014, a homeless Gully Bop rose to fame after a video of him freestyling went viral. By 2015, Gully Bop had secured work permits for the United States, the United Kingdom and several Caribbean islands. He then proved to be quite the ladies' man, having then 25-year-old Shauna Chin on his arm. Then came Amari, Olive, and recently, Deborrah Nicholson. But according to Amari, Gully Bop will never be happy with anyone except her.

"They only know of the artiste, but they never took the time out to know Mr Robert Lee Malcolm. He is an articulate person. I am the only one who knows of his pain. I was his therapist, and I spent time listening to him and allowing him to cry and let out his frustrations," she said.

As it relates to his new 'wife', Amari thinks it's all fake.

"The media always run with it, from the fake 50 Cent deal to the newborn baby. He needs to come up with some new lyrics to stay relevant. I don't think they are married. I believe he is single, and I don't think she can attribute anything to his life on a professional level. He needs a strong woman. My engagement to him was real," she said.

Amari said she will continue to fight for Bop and has even started the #WhereisBop hashtag.

"My fans are loyal, so they keep me up with his every move, but I have to be cautious because it will seem as if I am really a crazy woman stalking this man. But I imagine being onstage and singing Where is Bop?, and out of nowhere, Bop comes on stage. I wish a promoter could set up something like that," she said.


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