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  • I didn't need Kartel's permission for Shenseea collab, says 'Loodi' producer

    So Unique Records boss Elvis Redwood says he did not need approval from Vybz Kartel to pair the incarcerated dancehall star with young female deejay Shenseea on the hit 'Loodi' single.

    Redwood posted a video online early Wednesday addressing the brouhaha which erupted earlier this week over Loodi, afterhandlers of Vybz Kartel posted on his VEVO page the original copy of the song with Kartel's vocals without Shenseea.

    The post, which effectively revealed that Kartel wrote the entire song, was accompanied by the caption: “My song was never a collaboration!"

    Redwood acknowledged that the song wasn't originally intended to be a collaboration, but noted that, as the owner of the record, So Unique had the right to choose what to do with the track.

    "'My song was never a collabo', Kartel could ah neva ah tell me that cause me know it was never a collabo," Redwood said in the video.

    "What are you blaming me for? For putting Shenseea on a Kartel song without permission?" he asked rhetorically, adding "Mi neva inna the past need Kartel permission to put anyone on a song. Mi just know the do's and the dont's and I always do the do's."

    Redwood noted that he had the Kartel track for a number of years before releasing it. He explained that he did not release the song because he did not want it to overshadow a song by former So Unique artiste Keshan, Tricks are for Kids

    After parking Kartel's solo of Loodi for several years, Redwood said he went to Keshan to do a female version but she refused the chance. 

     "I tried to add two other female artistes and mi still never hear wah mi waan hear. Mi link Blade and him say Romeich have a bad artiste called Shenseea. Mi listen her song, mi link Romeich and say put him artiste on that, him say ah Kartel. I gave him specific instructions, don't touch Kartel hook,  sing over the two verses dem inna the female version, of the song. The plan was to drop the video and the song same time."

    He further laid out the intricacies of how the project was done, and also highlighted when it began to receive backlash from Kartel associates.

    "Mi no go half and half on young artiste, Romeich pay Red Boom fi mix the song, he paid Ruption half a million dollars to shoot the video. Then on the day of the video shoot, somebody got wind of it, 'Elvis ah put out a Kartel song', somebody link him and say 'the song caan go out and Kartel an ruh'," Redwood said.

    "Mi say 'ah PimPim, him say no, tell the man fi link me'. Romeich tell the man fi link me, no call, so mi get the man number. The person name Donwell, mi call, him nah ansa phone. Mi say 'hombre, how yu get involved inna mi project?'. Bout six minutes after that mi send another message, 'hombre, anywhere yu see the name So Unique or Elvis, stay far! If any of your associates have a problem, link me'."

    He explained that the business relationship between himself and Kartel is "good".

    "So Unique ah my label, mi a So Unique Records, mi no answer to no man, mi do mi own thing, as mi say, mi and Kartel good, we ah business associates, we have projects together that ah generate food for both of us," he said.

    "Putting a young artiste on a Kartel song was never an issue. And if it was an issue, why ah now Kartel ah seh - if it is really Kartel - it is an issue?" 


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  • Shenseea made Kartel’s song better - Romeich

    Shenseea's manager, Romeich Major, says he is prepared to endure even more bashing from Gaza fans, as he insists the version of the 'Loodi' song, which features his artiste Shenseea, is better than the original which only has Vybz Kartel.

    "The real people that know music will prefer the collab. If me haffi get a flogging, me a go get a flogging. It (Shenseea's version) sounds way better than the original," he said. "The track that you hear out there now is the exact track that was sent to us, to do it in a female version utilising most of the lyrics, and that was what we did."

    Since news emerged that the song which catapulted the fast-rising dancehall star on to the music scene was not an actual collaboration, Shenseea and her management team have been coming under heavy attack from the public.

    A version of Loodi was uploaded to Vybz Kartel's official YouTube channel with the caption, 'My song was never a collaboration', and that was enough to send social media into a frenzy, as they accused Romeich and Shenseea of stealing Kartel's song and passing it off as their own.

    But in an interview with THE STAR, Romeich sought to set the record straight, stating that he nor Shenseea have never failed to give Vybz Kartel credit for the song.


    Female version


    "I made a general statement about my artiste that she writes her own lyrics. I didn't say Shenseea wrote all her songs, especially Loodi. If you watch closely, most of the interviews that she did, at no point did she ever say she wrote the lyrics. She just say Romeich got the song from So Unique to do and that's what she did," he explained.

    "If you listen the song, a couple changes are there. If a producer send you a track and say change the verse into a female version, what are you supposed to do? He did not say write over the song. I was working with the producer."

    Romeich added that it was his understanding that Vybz Kartel and the producer had ironed out all the details regarding the collaboration, as he has never spoken to Vybz Kartel or any member of his team.

    "In music, one artiste don't normally talk to the other artiste when dem a do collabs, and it's the producer who most times have the talk when it comes to the song, depending on the contract dem sign with the artiste," he said.


    No issue


    "I don't know the arrangements that were made between them. Everybody is attacking me and the artiste Shenseea. We are not the producers of the song, so go and look for So Unique Records and ask him. The producer link me and ask me to do a collab with my artiste with Vybz Kartel. Who wouldn't want to do a feature with Kartel? There is no issue between Vybz Kartel, Shenseea, and Romeich. The issue would have to be between Kartel and So Unique Elvis."

    When THE STAR questioned Romeich about whether or not he had been in touch with the producer at the centre of all the drama, he said he has not been given an explanation on how the current issue with the song could have arisen. He also said that the producer is also trying to get to the bottom of things and has refused to give any statement to the media until then.

    THE STAR tried to contact Elvis of So Unique Records, but our efforts were unsuccessful.


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    Lunch money for late students at a Corporate Area high school has been shortened following a late fee policy that was installed by the new principal, which requires pupils to pay a fee of $50 or $100 upon entry.

    THE STAR has been informed that after the school bell rings, depending on arrival time, students who want to enter the compound must pay the fee.

    A student who spoke to THE STAR said, "If you reach 8 a.m., yuh haffi pay $50. Later than 8 a.m. and you pay $100. I know a lot of children who have to pay, and some go hungry."

    The student informed our news team that arriving before the 7:45 a.m. start of school is key.

    "You pay the security first, then you enter and go to the dean of discipline for a receipt. The name of the teacher whose class you should be in at that time is written on the receipt. You show it and enter the class," the student said.

    The student population has met the three-month-old late fee policy with resistance, and THE STAR understands that the subject is a hot topic at the school.

    "The children dem still come late, but if you are late more than three times you can get suspended because they keep track of it. It unfair and a lot of students talk up about it because dem lunch money a shorten," another student said.

    Up to news time, the school board chairman, Silvera Castro, could not be reached for a comment on the issue. Repeated calls to his cell phone numbers went unanswered.

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  • So Unique Records mum on Kartel-Shenseea 'Loodi' mix up

    So Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood is staying mum as controversy continues to swirl around the hit single, 'Loodi', featuring Vybz Kartel and Shenseea.

    On Monday, handlers of Vybz Kartel posted the original copy of the Loodi song with his vocals sans Shenseea on his VEVO page, effectively revealing that Kartel wrote the entire song, with the caption: “My song was never a collaboration!”

    The revelation raised the ire of Kartel fans who have long complained that Shenseea had not been giving the 'World Boss' enough credit for helping to launch her into the mainstream.

    When contacted by a Loop News reporter, Redwood said "no comment".

    However, a former So Unique Records artiste, Keshan, said she had been aware of the Loodi song long before Shenseea decided to add her vocals to the song.  She claimed she actually turned down the offer to do the collaboration in 2015. 

    "It (Loodi) was never really a collaboration in the first place, so I chose not to do it. I knew it wasn't a collaboration because it is on the same 'riddim' as my song 'Tricks Are For Kids' which was released in 2014; both songs were supposed to be released at the same time, and were supposed to be part of a juggling riddim. Elvis (Redwood) held back 'Loodi' and, in 2015, linked me about doing a collaboration on the song, I asked: 'why not release the song as it is?'. He said no and so I said no. The song wasn't meant to be a collaboration; a lot of industry people knew that," Keshan said. 

    "When Tricks are For Kids was first uploaded to youtube, Gaza fans were saying that Elvis also had another  song for Kartel called 'Double Six (Loodi)' but that Elvis did ah hold it back. I don't know the intricacies of the business relationship with Elvis and Romeich and Shenseaa. I had turned it down in 2015 because I  didn't feel comfortable doing that at the time," Keshan said. 

    Keshan burst on the scene in 2014 as a So Unique artiste recording four collaborations with Vybz Kartel, namely Don't Lie,Kill or DieBubble Up Yu Body and the breakout song, The Goods which had almost a million views when the song first came out.

    Industry insiders speculate that Kartel's handlers released the song because of an interview Shenseea's manager gave over the weekend that suggested that Shenseea had written her lyrics on the 'Loodi' song and this revelation was a bit of payback. 


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  • Gun-toting man outside carnival party arrested

    The Half Way Tree police on Sunday night arrested a man who was seen walking around with a gun in his hand in the district, where annual carnival festivities were being held.

    "We are aware of the incident and can confirm that the man was arrested and is currently being questioned at this time," a senior officer from the St Andrew Central Police Division told Loop News on Monday morning.

    Reports are that the man - identified as a local businessman - was seen parading with the gun along West Kings House Road and other sections of Half Way Tree minutes after he left a popular carnival party.

    Alleged eyewitnesses said the man appeared to be drunk at the time.

    A video of the man walking around with the weapon has been making the rounds on social media. It is not clear if anyone was harmed by the man. 

    There are further reports that the man has now been charged with illegal possession of a firearm and resisting arrest. Loop News is unable to confirm this at this time. More details later.


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