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  • Commuters complain of stone attacks along Half-Way Tree Road from gays in the gully

    Commuters who walk along Half-Way Tree Road have complained of being stoned by homeless men while using the roadway.

    They allege that the perpetrators are the same homeless men said to be behind a string of recent robberies in the area.

    "Each morning, when I am going to work, they come out and throw stones at people," one woman, who works at a well known business establishment in the area, told Loop News.

    The woman believes the stones are being hurled by the men "with the intention to attack and rob the individuals as soon as they are injured."

    "People (who observed the men throwing stones at members of the public) thought it was a protective mechanism or because they were provoked, but there is more to it," the woman said.

    A man, who also claimed to have witnessed the stone attacks by the men, said a woman was robbed after being hit by a stone a few weeks ago.

    "While heading to work she was hit with a stone and as soon as she fell, one ah dem grab her purse and run," the man claimed.

    Half-Way Tree Police, in response to Loop News queries, said they were not aware of the stone attacks but said they would be investigating the matter.

    Sections of the district have been under the radar following reports of a string of robberies in the area. Cops believe a group of homeless men, who have been living under a bridge located at the intersection of Grove and Half Way Tree roads, are behind the robberies.

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  • Gay Men ATTACKED & BEATEN to DEATH in Maypen, Clarendon! [WATCH GRUESOME VIDEO]

    Two men were beaten senselessly by angry residents in May Pen, Clarendon Jamaica after information circulated in the community that they were homosexuals.

    Jamaicans do score a very low tolerance when it comes to homosexuals, but ZERO whenever they are caught in the proceedings of their sexual desires.

    video was uploaded on social media where two men were seen on the ground, severely beaten, one fatally, while the other sits and is fenced by a huge crowd, also a lone police officer.


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  • 'I DID IT': Baby snatcher pleads guilty to abducting one-week-old child

    A woman charged for abducting a one-week-old baby boy in St Mary in 2013 pleaded guilty to the charge in the St Mary Circuit Court on Wednesday morning.

    She is Dianna Pinnock, of Valley Bush, St Mary and Epworth, St Ann.

    She was charged with abduction of a child under 16.

    A social enquiry report, as well as an antecedent report has been ordered by presiding judge Justice Sarah Thompson-James. 

    Pinnock was further remanded into custody for sentencing on March 31.

    Reports are that the baby boy of Belinda Smith and Donald Martin was kidnapped from his home about 2:00 am on Thursday, August 22, 2013 by persons who kicked in the door to his family's home in Valley Bush, near Charles Town in St Mary.

    Two days later on Saturday, August 24, the Ocho Rios Police acting on information, raided a house on Old Buckfield Road in St Ann, where the child was found awith Pinnock and her companion.

    Pinnock is also before the courts in St Ann for the killing of a retired post-mistress and abducting her six-week old grandson in November of 2013.


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  • Two killed as gunmen shoot up taxi in Mobay

    Two persons were shot and killed and another injured after gunmen opened fire on occupants of a taxi in Montego Bay, St James on Tuesday night.

    The identities of the deceased have not been released by the police.

    Reports are that sometime after 8 pm, a motorcar operating as a taxi was travelling along King Street in Montego Bay when it came under heavy gunfire from persons onboard another motorcar.

    The taxi driver reportedly ran from the vehicle but was chased and shot by the rampaging gunmen.

    Upon the arrival of the police, who were summoned by residents, the bullet-riddled bodies of three persons were spotted.

    They were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where two were pronounced dead and the other admitted in a serious condition.

    No motive has been established for the attack. 


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  • Damion Crawford takes aim at JLP's multi-million $ debushing programmes with funny quips

    Former Member of Parliament for East Rural St Andrew Damion Crawford has weighed in on the controversial $800M "bushing programme" launched by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party ahead of the parish council election in November 2016.

    Crawford — who was denied the opportunity to be the People's National Party (PNP) standard bearer in the constituency in the February 25, 2016 election — asserted that in the wake of the multi-million programme, there should no longer be any bushes in which gunmen can hide from the police.

    "I saw about two months ago when there was an election — a $800million bushing programme. I see now that we have a by-election, another $300million bushing programme,” he said.

    “I am sending a warning to the minister of security that I better not watch my TV and hear the police say that a man was firing shots at the police and escaped in the bushes. Him better escape down the well-manicured streets," Crawford quipped.

    He was speaking Saturday night at a PNP rally at the Falmouth Primary School, in Trelawny.

    Also reflecting on the subject, designated PNP president Dr Peter Phillips questioned how the project was so expeditiously approved, while others are still languishing behind due to the procurement system.

    "I tell you about that programme, it was approved by Cabinet the Wednesday, them sign contract the Friday and dem pay money the following Wednesday," Phillips said.

    He said the procurement system is being blamed by Government for half of the capital budget for 2016/2017 financial year not being spent.

    "You ask them why they don't do it they say the procurement system hold them up but when them want the bushing programme, procurement system no hold dem up. When they want giveaway for few of their supporters, procurement system no hold them up," Phillips said.



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