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  • Street Dances to be staged island wide during Independence celebrations

    The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC)  has secured $5 million to promote street dances across the island during the independence celebrations.
    This was disclosed by Minister of Culture and Entertainment, Olivia Grange, at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on July 22.
    She noted that the money is a special allocation from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF).
     Street dances, the Minister said, are an integral part of the Independence/Festival culture of the island and therefore it is important that this aspect is given special attention.
    Meanwhile, Executive Director of the JCDC, Dr. Delroy Gordon, said that several activities have been developed for Independence/Festival, which include  street dances at numerous locations.
    Band wagons, he noted,  will be traversing the parishes putting on shows at least three times per day.  At the end of the day a show will be held and a street dance hosted.
    The theme for independence is: ‘Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright’.


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  • Don Andre responds to Spice Sumfest diss: 'If you don't have any haters you ain't poppin'

    "If you don't have any haters, then you ain't poppin''. At least that's how Don Andre puts it, after being dissed by female entertainer Spice at the just concluded Reggae Sumfest festival. 

    Spice hurled insults at Don Andre, through a remixed version of his 'Tom Cruise' single she created, making fun of the entertainer and the single's dance move.
    Speaking in an interview with the Zee, Don Andre says this isn't the first time Spice has done this. 
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  • Tami Chynn & Wayne Marshall welcome baby number 2

    Entertainer Wayne Marshall and wife Tami Chynn revealed on Sunday that they had welcomed their second child, a son, named Atlas Levy Mitchell.

    Chynn shared a photo of her bundle of joy alongside her husband on Instagram,which she captioned, “We are so blessed and happy to welcome the newest member of our growing family."

    “Atlas Levy Mitchell we love you to the moon and back. May you realize and accept that every good desire and love is already yours as you have entered into this beautiful world,"added Chynn on Instagram.

     Atlas Mitchell was born on July 23.

     Marshall and Chynn have been married for six years and have two sons:Giomar (from Marshall's previous relationship) and Jaxen.

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  • Politician Under Investigation After Sources Say HE Gave Duppy Flim Boat To Escape On

    Marlon Perry2

    After updating the nation almost daily about their quest to

    capture the country’s most wanted man, Marlon ‘Duppy Film’ Perry, the security forces have gone eerily silent, and efforts to get an update last week proved unusually challenging.

    But a source has claimed that the silence of the security forces should be expected, as the word on the ground is that Perry has received assistance from a major political figure and has fled the island.

    “The man gone and the police and soldiers know, so that is why them not saying anything. Is him boss who big in politics arrange the boat that moved him after him hid out on the south coast,” the source claimed with authority. When the chief of police in St.Thomas was asked if they would look into it he said he would and if a politician did assist him, the public will know.

    The source did not go as far as to give the name of the politician but an investigation into the matter has begun.

    While the police say they cannot confirm this claim at this moment, it has been more than 250 days since Perry was accused of killing Corporal Kenneth Davis and Constable Craig Palmer in St Thomas, and earned himself the dubious distinction of becoming Public Enemy Number One.

    Assistant Commissioner Derrick ‘Cowboy’ Knight, who heads Area 5, which includes St Thomas where Perry normally carried out his criminal acts, also had no information on Perry fleeing the island.

    “Up to last week Monday when we met and reviewed issues around him he was still here, somewhere in St Thomas there. So, if he left, it happened between Monday and when you called just now,” said Knight.

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  • Pickersgill’s home robbed of millions in jewellery, thousands in US, local currencies

    Member of Parliament Robert 'Bobby' Pickersgill and an assistant have been robbed of $2.5M in jewellery and a quantity of United States and local currencies.

    The robbery occurred at Pickersgill’s Millsborough Avenue home in Barbican, St Andrew, according to prosecution.

    The items — $2.5M in jewellery and US $3,800 belonging to Pickersgill, and US$3,800 and J$200,000 which is that of his assistant — were snatched from a vault in the bedroom of the People’s National Party MP, between June 10 and July 10

    Neither Pickersgill nor the woman was at the house at the time of the incident.

    Pickersgill gardener — Cedrick Dougharty — has since been collared in the theft.

    On Friday, Dougharty pleaded guilty to the deed before Parish Judge Vaughn Smith in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, in Half-Way Tree.

    Dougharty — who looks at least a decade older than his 36 years — cried as he admitted taking the items from his boss’ home.

    Tears could still be seen running down his cheeks after he was removed from before the court and placed in the holding area with other inmates.

    The Long Lane, Stony Hill Road resident was remanded in police custody until September 5 when he will be sentenced.

    He was ordered to give his fingerprint to the police.


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