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  • NCB worker found shot to death in St Andrew

    The body of a National Commercial Bank worker was found in Pembroke Hall, St Andrew on Friday morning with a gunshot wound to the head.

    She has been identified as Karetha Robertson.

    Police report that when Robertson arrived at her Portmore, St Catherine home on Thursday night, she was attacked by two men who bundled her into a motor vehicle and sped off.

    Her body was found hours later.

    A Toyota Rav4 sports utility vehicle, which was being driven by Robertson, was found at Hillary Avenue off Red Hills Road in St Andrew.

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  • The educational background of Mrs Portia Simpson- Miller. The woman is far from dunce!


    MRS MILLER holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration, also a Certificate in Public Relations and Advance Management from the Union Institute and Univerisity of Cincinnati, Ohio. She also completed the Executive Program for Leaders at John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.



    Most who make those distasteful comments about Mrs Miller being dunce, are not even knowledgeable of what State Harvard University is located. Smh.
    Mrs. Miller’s political career began in 1974 when she joined the People’s National Party serving as a member of the City Council of Kingston; she later became a Member of Parliament in 1976. She has served as Minister of: Labor and Welfare, Sports, Social Security and Sports, and Tourism. Her first Ministerial appointment was as the Minister of Labor, Welfare and Sports in 1989.



    Mrs Miller: was named as one of Time Magazine “100 Most Influential Persons in the World” in 2012.
    -She Is Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister.
    -Received the Bureau of Women’s Affairs Award for outstanding contribution to the advancement of women’s affairs in Jamaica.
    -Was the leading architect of Jamaica’s Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development


    Mrs. Miller inspires me because she reminds me that it doesn’t matter where you are from, it doesn’t matter your financial or social situation, you can be whoever you want to be with hard work, determination and a never-give-up spirit. Mrs. Miller is an unpretentious, real woman who doesn’t apologize for who she Is, or where she comes from. I may not support her political party, love her fashion sense, or agree with the direction in which she took my home country, but I can support and raise my hat off to the fabulous, formidable, tremendous woman that she is.











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  • From husband to helper - Spouse reduced to maid duties after court ruling

    From husband to helper

    Spouse reduced to maid duties after court ruling

    Residents of a St Catherine community have been left in shock after they discovered that a highly reputed man from the area has had his 'status' reduced from that of a husband to that of live-in helper at his own home.

    Reports are that the man was dragged before the court by his wife recently, and a ruling was made against him that he should vacate the premises.

    However, after his things were thrown from the matrimonial home, he begged and beseeched to stay at the house.

    He was allowed back at the dwelling, but this time not as a husband. Instead, he now plays the role of a domestic partner who cleans and washes everything, including his wife's undergarments and other private items of clothing.

    Residents say the matter is really a sad turn of events as the St Catherine man was once looked upon highly in the community and now he is seen as a shadow of his former self.

    "Yes, man! Him affi wash every piece of clothes if him want to stay, and if him refuse she bad him up and run him out on the street," one amazed resident revealed to THE STAR.

    "Is a good yute but him soft, and that's why the woman a tek advantage of him," another resident said.

    The residents are of the view that the man needs to find a way of getting out of his predicament and retake his manly position in the community or get out of the area altogether.

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  • 'Hungry' chain grabber sentenced to 9 months in prison

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — A gold chain robber was slapped with a nine-month prison sentence for snatching a motorist's chain from his neck while he was in his car in downtown Kingston.

    Ricardo Barton, 22, was sentenced by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey after he pleaded guilty to simple larceny on Tuesday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

    Barton, in his defence, told the court: " I was really hungry."

    The magistrate then asked Barton why he shouldn't be sent to prison and he replied: " I am the father of two and a half children."



    During further questioning from RM Pusey, Barton disclosed that he was previously convicted for ganja, simple larceny and assault.


    Before he was sentenced, he asked the magistrate, "Cyaa beg you little leniency?"

    "Did you have any on the man and his gold chain?" RM Pusey responded.

    Tanesha Mundle

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  • Couple kidnapped and badly beaten in St Ann

    The St Ann police are yet to make a breakthrough in the kidnapping of a couple in Moneague, St Ann allegedly by five armed men on Tuesday morning.

    The couple was badly beaten by the men in a bid to get them to hand over the keys to their minibus and valuables at their home, which the men had entered.

    The couple was left in the Worthy Park Estate area of St Catherine by the men, who took the minibus.

    Reports were that about 4:30am, the man of the house was surprised when he went outside the house to drive to Ocho Rios for his regular morning trip to Kingston.

    He was pounced upon and forced back into the house by three men, two of whom were armed with guns.

    The men beat both him and his wife, and took money and other valuables from the house.

    Two other men who were outside keeping watch, who were also armed, drove the car in which they had all come to Moneague, while the three who had entered the house drove the bus with the couple to Worthy Park, where the couple was left in a cane field.


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