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  • Breaking News:Usain Bolt confirms Rio Olympics will be his last


    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AFP) — Usain Bolt has confirmed this year's Olympics will be his last, snuffing out the possibility of extending his career to the 2020 games in Tokyo.

    The Jamaican sprint king had raised the prospect of prolonging his Olympic career in January after revealing that his coach Glen Mills had suggested his fitness would carry him through to Japan.

    However, Bolt told AFP subsidiary SID in an interview that the curtain would come down on his Olympic career in this year's games in Rio de Janeiro, where he is targeting three more gold medals.

    "It'll definitely be my last Olympics," Bolt said. "It's going to be hard to go four more years for me, to keep the motivation that I want, especially if I accomplish what I want to in Rio.



    "It's going to be hard to keep the motivation to go on for four more years, so it'll definitely be my last one."


    Bolt, who already has six gold medals from his stunning performances in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, has repeatedly said he plans to hang up his spikes for good after the 2017 World Championships in London.

    He hopes to have taken his tally to nine gold medals by the time competition in Rio has concluded in August.

    "My biggest dream at the Olympics is to win three gold medals again. That's my focus, that's what I want. And that's what I'm aiming for because that's my goal and that's my dream," Bolt said.

    Bolt, meanwhile, reiterated his desire to make more record-breaking history before he retires, saying that he is determined to become the first man to go below 19 seconds for the 200 metres.

    "I've said the only big thing, big time I want to run is the 200 metres," said Bolt, who holds the world record of 19.19sec for the 200m, set in Berlin in 2009.

    "I'd love to try to go sub-19. That's the only thing I would really, really want because that's one of my goals.

    "I've always talked about and always wanted it so for me, that's something I look forward to."

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  • Alleged robber shot and injured, abandoned by accomplice

    The man eyewitnesses say is the alleged robber hides his face from onlookers.

    ST ANDREW, Jamaica — The flow of traffic on Hagley Park Road in St Andrew has been severely disrupted following a shooting incident in the vicinity of The Domes, which left one man injured. The area has been cordoned off by the police.

    OBSERVER ONLINE understands that the man was shot twice in the leg by a licensed firearm holder whom he allegedly attempted to rob after midday.

    Alleged eyewitnesses say the licensed firearm holder was in the process of doing a transaction when the alleged robber struck.

    However, luck ran out on the alleged robber as, after he was shot, his alleged accomplice — who was waiting on a motorcycle — fled the scene, leaving his injured colleague paralysed on the sidewalk.



    The police and the Independent Commission of Investigations are currently processing the scene.

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  • SHOCKING VIDEO: Girl Lit Her Privates On Fire At A Dancehall Competiton


    Popular viral video blogger “Princemarni & Suzan #Mr.OxtailBone” got the shock of a lifetime while appearing as a guest judge for Florida’s Dancehall King and queen when a contestant tried to make her routine stand out by setting her private area on fire. This proved to be a very disastrous move on her part has the alcohol used for the dare devil stunt quickly caught on fire and immediately got out of control.
    According to the blooger Princemarni: “Lastnight I couldn’t believe what I witnessed, I was a special guest judge at Florida dancehall King and queen this girl pour rubbing alcohol on her pants and lit the shit on and couldn’t get it out, but as u can see later in the video she came back out and danced and u can see the burn on her legs but at the end of the competition we made sure she won tragic smh”


    “Ooooooo God Lol she got d fire pum pum Lol dem gal yah do anything fi recognition Lol fire p#ss.y dwrl help her help her”


    “Ridiculous, stupid, insane retarded & dumb this is just sick what the f*** is wrong with people?”

    “Yall couldn’t call 911 for di girl and uno see her pum pum a bun up bwoy prince uno wicked sah am laughing so hard right now that if I was there last night I could have used my tears to put out the fire, suh she rather win than to go get her crotches checked out at the ER… Weh the world a come to fada gad”

    “Oh so yall made sure she won? Lmmfao. Say man ain’t nobody gon call 911 and get her some medical attention? Yall just gon make sure she win tho huh? And what’s wrong with her? Is she mentally challenged? She barbecued her p#ss.y on stage and actually came back out and danced again? Her p#ss.y probably look like a pork rind now. What was the cash prize a million dollars? I have so many questions!”

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  • Granny burnt alive in barrel

    Who is behind the gruesome killing of an elderly woman who was found burnt to death inside a barrel at her home in Iron Gate inChapelton, Clarendon yesterday morning?

    This is what police are trying to figure out after finding the remains 65-year-old Reetel 'Miss Reeta' Crawford.

    Police were alerted to Crawford's house by neighbours who suspected something was wrong when they realised the outside light at her home were left on all day Saturday. The police had to break through a window to access the house.

    There they found the badly burnt body in a clothes barrel inside her ransacked partially burnt bedroom. The bed was not burnt.

    The scene was processed and the remains taken to the morgue where an autopsy is expected to determine the cause of death. Until then, the police say, they are treating the case as a homicide until the investigations are concluded.

    Residents said Crawford had lived in the community for 10 years and has never had a dispute with anyone. "All she do go out  go do her business and come back home and she go to bed early a nighttime," one resident revealed.

    Its understood that the deceased travels abroad regularly to purchase goods for sale. She recently returned from one of her travels. As a result of this, the police say they have not ruled out robbery as a possible motive.

    Crawford The Star was told, is survived by two sons, one in the Unites States and the other in St Martin.

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  • 14 year old boy dismembered and burnt alive

    14 year old Darian Nedd from Trinidad had his arm and leg cut off before being burnt alive after he witnessed a drug deal

    Forced to go into hiding after witnessing a contraband deal, 14 year old Darian Nedd finally met his death yesterday, after two men chopped off his limbs with a cutlass and then set fire to his home, leaving him to die.

    The Form One student, of Red Brick Trace, attended the Siparia East Secondary School. His charred, dismembered body was found around 12.30 am, amid the ruins of the wooden house. His right foot and left hand were missing. It is uncertain whether he was still alive when the house was set on fire.

    Up to late yesterday, police had held a 25-year-old man for questioning. They were also searching for two other suspects. Investigators said Nedd had an ongoing dispute with some men who accused him of being an informant.

    Nedd’s mother, Christine, who sells oysters at Otaheite Junction, said she was not at home when the fire started. Christine said she made several reports to the Oropouche police,  begging for assistance to save her son.

    However, police never arrested the suspects. “My son hiding for months now. He went to live with (name called) but because he had school he came back last week,” Christine said. She explained that hours before his death, Nedd cut the grass around their home and played marble pitch.

    “He was happy. We didn’t think this was going to happen,” Christine said.

    She explained that Nedd loved to fight with his seven-year-old sister Victoria Pekhoo. “Yesterday was the only day I did not quarrel with him. He used to be there, helping me with the oysters. Now he is gone,” Christine said, as tears ran down her swollen eyes. She said around midnight when she finished work, she got news that her home was on fire.


    Her cousin Mitra ran to the house and called out to 14 year old Nedd but it was only when the flames subsided that they found the body.

    A witness, who requested anonymity, said two men were seen throwing flambeaus inside the house which is situated off a bumpy track at the end of Red Brick Trace, behind the SM Jaleel factory. A blood-stained cutlass was also seen at the side of the house but this was hidden before the police came, the source added. Neighbours said they did not know what happened as they were not at home. Nedd’s elder sister Kristie Benjamin said they made several reports of threats to the Oropouche police.

    “Now everyone is living in fear. My brother was like my child. I used to do everything for him when he was a baby,” Kristie wept. Detectives from the South Western Division Task Force yesterday combed through the Otaheite region, searching for the suspects. The police helicopter was also used in the search.

    An autopsy will be done at the Forensic Science Centre in Port-of-Spain today.

    Investigations are continuing.

    Source | Trinindad & Tobago Guardian

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