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  • 'Hookers' on alert as robbers find prostitutes easy prey in Kingston

    They are the 'ladies of the night' who use the cover of darkness to engage clients of all class and creed in sexual acts, some daring, others life threatening, all in a bid to earn.

    But during a series of interviews with female prostitutes in Kingston over the weekend, it was revealed that the sex industry players are seeing a marked increase in the number of robbery attacks against their members.  

    The women, trying to come up with reasons behind the spike in attacks against them, said they believe that thieves have been driven to the relatively 'soft target' as police clamp down on a wide variety of criminal activities

    "From the other day a pure rob them a rob we, it look like them feel girls out here are easy push over; we want them leave we alone," said one woman who works in the Cross Roads area.

    Added another: "It look like when the police step up the pressure on criminals in some areas, many of them start to seek new ways to earn and this is one area where them come." 

    A female prostitute reportedly died less than a month ago after being attacked, robbed and beaten in the area.

    "The girl was just doing her thing in Cross Roads when bad man attack her," one of the prostitutes said.

    The girl reportedly succumbed to her injuries a few days later in hospital.

    One woman, who says she has been in the trade for more than five years, told Loop News that, in the past month alone, "is more than three times them (criminals) come to rob us right here so."  

    Similar reports have been made by prostitutes in New Kingston.

    "Me can't explain why this is happening but it really affecting us, criminals them just wait until we earn and then come rob us; we need the authorities to look into the matter," said one sex worker who does business in the commercial district.

    But Police in Cross Roads and New Kingston, when contacted by Loop News, said they have not received any reports on the matter.  The police are encouraging the women to share what they know with the relevant authorities.


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  • Jamaican woman becomes Queen in Nigeria

    For scholars of African history and, indeed, the wider society, 2016 may go down as a significant year as far as Rastafarianism and the ‘Back to Africa’ movement are concerned.

    Decades after Rastafarians in Jamaica began to espouse a return to the motherland of Africa, from where their ancestors were shipped to the Caribbean during the slave trade era, from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th, the seed of a Rastafarian brethren has returned to the motherland in a royal capacity.


    Chanel Chin, daughter of Rastafarian reggae artiste Ludlow Chin better known as Bobo Zaro, and Marion Morgan, is now queen of the Iwo Kingdom after her marriage to King Adbul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi earlier this year.

    King Abdul Rasheed, now known as the Imperial Oluwo of the Iwo Kingdom in Nigeria, after his ascendancy on November 10, 2015, had met the 32-year-old woman in Canada, where he resided before his ascension.

    Bobo Zaro is known for songs such as the hit single Pain, a collaboration with Contractor and Capleton, the video of which has been seen by millions of viewers in Africa via Channel O in South Africa and the Sporah TV show via SkyTV.

    Queen Chanel told The Gleaner that she is very honoured to represent Jamaica in such a big way.

    She said: “My ancestors were taken away as slaves, but I have returned to Africa as a queen. One’s destiny cannot be altered. As a young child, I always wanted to come to Africa, but didn’t know how. I feel this is a great opportunity for black people worldwide to return to their home.”

    Indeed, in a Facebook post, Emmanuel Mathias, in support of the queen, declared: “Destiny is powerful, her ancestor was taken away as slave, but she return back home as queen. Let us embrace her and tell her you are welcome back home. This is one giant step towards bringing back home our descendants that great fathers and mothers were casted away.”

    The queen added: “Our forefathers and ancestral mothers were cast away as slaves to never return, but I want Jamaicans everywhere to know that Africa is so nice. The culture and traditions are so rich and lovely. It’s truly something every black person should come and experience.”

    Chanel explained that as queen of Iwo land, her responsibility is to always set a proper example for young girls and women in the community.

    Giving an insight into traditions and customs, she said her dressing and outfits are to always be conservative and respectful.

    “No matter what I wear, my shoulders and full legs must be covered at all times. All of my clothes are custom made to match these requirements. Also, as queen, the king and I like to regularly visit the local schools in the community to remind the children of the importance of education and excelling in all areas of their school work and examinations.”

    The queen said her husband is the first king to actually take the time to visit the children.

    “We believe they are the future,” she remarked.

    In her esteemed position as a Nigerian queen, she said she faces only minor challenges one of which is her being not fluent in the native language which is Yoruba.

    “I know some words. Everyday, I am still learning. Another challenge is that the food is quite different from our mouth- watering Jamaican dishes.”

    The two met in Canada long before the Imperial Oluwo became king.


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  • Cops rescue man being attacked by prostitutes for underpaying

    A man who ventured to a popular spot in Kingston to do business with a group of prostitutes almost lost his life when what should have been a pleasant experience turned sour after a breakdown in negotiations.

    Police report that at about 10:30pm Saturday, the man went to the spot and requested one of the females to engage in what he thought would have been 10 minutes of blissful fun.

    After completing his act, the man allegedly handed over only half of the fee that the prostitute had demanded.

    Police sources told Loop News that the man allegedly ran from the area but was chased, held and set upon by a group of angry women who saw what was happening to their colleague.

    He was rescued by a team of police that was passing the area as the angry women reportedly held the man in a corner and unleashed their anger.

    "Is the most blows me ever see one big man get," a policeman told members of a Loop News team who arrived on the scene as the man was being transported to hospital for treatment.

    Some of the prostitutes accused the man of trying to steal from their earnings.

    "Because we a prostitute, unnu feel like unnu can come take advantage a we and no waan pay," shouted one woman, who reportedly used a belt to whip the man.

    At the time of publication, the man and the prostitutes were neither arrested nor charged with any offence.


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  • Father & daughter Killed by truck after Jordan Foote Funeral

    Father and daughter ran over by truck on their way from Jordan Foote Funeral!!

    A father and daughter are both dead after a truck ran over both victims. Dead are Shavell Dehall and her father nicknamed ‘Papeto’.

    They were killed at the 3 miles intersection as the father was riding home on his motorcycle, after attending the funeral of soccer player JORDAN FOOTE of Holy Trinity on Easter Sunday. It’s alleged that one motorist stopped to give them the right way, but another passing motorist, the truck driver, did not see the pair. Resulting in their gruesome death.

    Both victims were from Macyntire Village. Shavell was a student of Camperdown High.

    There is a video of the accident scene circulating. I was able to view. Terrible scene of the daughter’s remains. She died in the same clothes pictured below. Just sad. Condolences to the family of both victims.



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  • BREAKING: ‘Strong’ earthquake rattles St Elizabeth

    Reports of a strong earthquake, rocking sections of Malvern in St Elizabeth, trickled into Loop News late Sunday evening.

    The minute-long tremors, which took place around 11:50 pm, startled many residents who had retired for the evening in their homes.

    “I felt the house went from side to side when I was watching the TV,” one woman recounted.

    “I could have died and wouldn’t have known,” another told Loop News.

    “I live in Malvern just as the tremor shook the place. I felt it, my house trembled,” a Twitter user shared.

    When contacted, police in Malvern had not received any reports of the earthquake, but told Loop News that so far, no injuries or property damage have come forward.

    More details to come.Source;Loop

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