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  • Brother and sister die in Spanish Town accident

    The two persons involved in the fatal car accident in Spanish Town on Saturday morning have been identified as siblings, 15 year old Chevelle Lewis and 24 year-old Germaine Lewis.

    Reports are that about 7 am, Germaine Lewis was driving a car along Brunswick Avenue when he lost control of the vehicle which smashed into a wall, then ploughed into the verandah of a dilapidated house.

    The siblings died as a result of injuries received in the accident.


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  • Put a shoe over his nose': Reactions to man with 'fits' highlight ignorance about disorder

    man, who appeared to be in his early 30s, stood in the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre on Tuesday with a worried look on his face.

    Moments later, without warning, the man collapsed, triggering shock and panic among a small group of persons who were waiting for buses in the St Andrew-based transport hub.

    “Lord him dying, you don't see the man collapse and a dead!” shouted one man.

    “Unnu throw some water on him, give him some rubbing alcohol,” one woman screamed.

    These suggestions did nothing to assist the man who by this time was shaking violently, displaying signs that he was suffering from a seizure.

    Persons around him watched wide eyed as the ordeal unfolded.

    The development would continue until a woman who was close by came to the rescue of the male and attempted to turn him on his side, to ensure that he did not injure himself while having the seizure.

    While this played out, more onlookers gathered at the location shouting out different instructions - some reflecting lack of knowledge about what was happening.

    “Place a shoe over his nose,” one woman shouted.

    Her suggestions would later be shot down by a man who came to help the woman who was holding the man on the ground. While providing the assistance, the man attempted to inform and educate persons around that the man who was on the ground had epilepsy and just needed someone to protect him from injuring himself while he had the seizure.

    Medical experts explain that epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

    A few minutes later the man regained consciousness.

    Incidents such as the one above are situations that unravel across Jamaica on a regular basis with persons who have epilepsy, the Jamaica Epilepsy Association told Loop News in an interview a few minutes after the ordeal.

    Officials from the association have however raised concern that despite efforts to inform persons about the disorder, the lack of knowledge on the medical condition was doing more harm for persons who have the disease.

    “You find in some cases persons with epilepsy are shunned by even their family and loved ones and this is something we are trying to change through educational campaigns,” one member of the organisation told Loop News.

    The Jamaica Epilepsy Association, a not-for-profit agency formed in 2002, is headquartered at the Andrew’s Memorial Hospital in Kingston.


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  • Jamaican woman caught smuggling cocaine into the US in coffee

    Jamaican citizen, Sherese Lee Ann Drake was arrested on Wednesday by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in New York after she was found hiding cocaine in bags of coffee in her attempt to smuggle the drugs into the US.

    According to a release from the CBP on Friday, Drake arrived at the John F. Kennedy International Airport from Montego Bay on April 13, and presented herself for inspection. 

    During the examination of her suitcase, CBP officers removed a plastic coffee bag that contained a white powder.

    Drake was escorted to a private search room where CBP officers probed two bags of coffee, all of which contained a white powder that tested positive for cocaine.

    In total, approximately 3 pounds of cocaine was seized, with an estimated street value is more than US$50,000.

    “This seizure is another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of illicit drugs,” said Robert Perez, Director of CBP’s New York Field Operations.

    CBP officers placed her under arrest and turned her over to the Port Authority Police Department. 

    Drake now faces state narcotics smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

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  • Magnum Divas will be back on Saturday

    The STAR was reliably informed that Miss Kitty and Yanique, the two divas, will be back for this Saturday's airing of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

    "The show is better with the two of them," a source close to production team told The STAR.

    Miss Kitty and Yanique were suspended for one week each after a spat on live television two weeks ago.

    The women are said to be at odds over the use of the word diva, a moniker which Miss Kitty had attached to herself.

    Yanique, having dubbed herself the Curvy Diva, found herself on the wrong side of Kitty's friend ledger.


     News Credit : Jamaicastar
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  • Pastor says pouring hot water on man was ‘spiritual warfare’

    The pastor who along with his wife held a man so that their daughter could pour hot water on him on Saturday, told iWitness on Wednesday that they are engaged in “spiritual warfare”.

    The incident took place in a drain along the public road in Hopewell, Mesopotamia, near the home of the pastor and his family.

    The victim, 37-year-old mason Cuthbert “Mafia” Victory of Caruth Village, Mesopotamia, suffered burns to his back, shoulders, chest and face.

    The incident gained national attention on Wednesday when a video of it emerged on Facebook.

    There has been widespread condemnation of the act by the pastor, Nigel Morgan, his wife, Althea Morgan, and their daughter.

    Mr. Morgan is a former teacher who now works at the Ministry of Culture.



    He is said to conduct a children’s Christian ministry on the ground floor of his house and was a featured act at the launch of the National Gospel Fest at Victoria Park on April 3.


    “No comments please. This is a spiritual warfare,” Mr. Morgan told iWitness News outside his home in Hopewell Mesopotamia, where the incident occurred


    “No comments. There is nothing about that video. You all have to put up the whole thing,” said the pastor who was standing in his yard along with his wife and another person sometime after 8 p.m. when iWitness News visited.

    Mrs Morgan, an office worker at a local newspaper, told iWitness News that there are four parts to the video and said the burn victim assaulted her.

    “There is one, two, three, four parts,” Mrs Morgan said, as her husband remarked, “Don’t get involved.

    “Do not get involved. No comment. This is spiritual warfare,” he said, adding, “I am not giving you anything to put.

    “We are praying. I am praying. All my prayer warriors are praying,” Mr. Morgan further said.

    “God has the final say and God is in control,” he further said, as his wife added, “It is before the court.”

    Asked if someone had been charged, Mr. Morgan said, “Charged for what? You said you spoke to the guy… He is doing all the talking. This is a spiritual warfare. It is in the hands of God and he will fight and he will deliver.”

    Pastor Nigel Morgan performing at Gospel Fest on April 3. (Photo: Facebook)

    Pastor Nigel Morgan performing at Gospel Fest on April 3. (Photo: Facebook)

    Mr. Morgan added: “Play the whole video where we were praying for him and we were blessing him and he was cursing bad word in that house and smoking marijuana and I was praying for him.”His wife added: “My comment — That is part four of the video. Where is part one two and three?”

    Mrs. Morgan said that the man was spitting at her and slapped her, adding that August would be 24 years since she has been married and her husband never slapped her.

    “There isn’t an issue. His sister is angry that they didn’t have their way,” Mr. Morgan said, but did not elaborate.

    Asked how do they feel about the fact that hot water was poured on the man, Mrs. Morgan said, “That is part four.”

    “Show the whole video,” Mr. Morgan added. “That is what we are saying. You don’t doctorate video for your own cause to make somebody look back. Show the whole video. That is libel and that is wrong. That is sinful and that is why the prayer warriors are praying whole night. Maybe after they done pray and God — God will expose; then the Lord will show the whole video,” Mr. Morgan said.
    He said he went to visit another friend, who also wasn’t at home, so he stayed and was relaxing with her boyfriend near the Morgans.Meanwhile, Victory told iWitness News separately Wednesday night that he had gone to visit a friend on Saturday but the friend wasn’t at home.

    Victory said Morgan called out to his host and told him not to encourage Victory to come to the area because whenever he does, he causes “thing”.

    “I ain’t trouble him and he throwing wud. I give him back wud. The wife ain’t like what I tell him, the wife leave from upstairs and come straight over in the neighbour yard and assault me.”

    Victory said he walked away from Mrs. Morgan, who he said pushed him when he was in the road. He said he pushed her and Mr. Morgan came and rubbed something in his face, saying, “The blood of God; the blood of God.”

    Victory told iWitness News that a tussle ensued and he ended up in the gutter and his head was struck against a wall.

    He said when he regained his strength he was “conquering” the Morgans.

    Victory sustained burns to both sides of his body. (IWN photo)

    He said one of them called out saying, “Bring the stuff! Bring the stuff!”

    Victory said the Morgans’ daughter came with an electric kettle and poured the hot water on him.

    In the video, Mrs. Morgan can be seen pushing Victory onto a wall as he struggled to get away after being douse with the hot water.

    Victory said after he got away, he went to the river to cool the burns before seeking medical attention.

    He said he and Mr. Morgan had an exchange of word about three years ago and every time he goes to the neighbour’s house Mr. Morgan throws words at him.

    Victory told iWitness News that he has lodged a report with the police about the burning incident, but they are yet to make an arrest.

    He said the doctors said he suffered first-degree burns and that the water that was poured on him was mixed with oil.

    Victory said the hot water was poured from his right side. (IWN photo)

    Victory said it is very difficult for him to sleep.

    The father of two daughters, 18 and 7, the younger of which is still in school, said he does he not know how he will be able to support his children.

    “I ain’t have no money right now,” he told iWitness News.

    He said he has not seen the Morgans since the event, adding, “I ain’t wah see he neither.

    “Telling you the honest truth, I ain’t wah see he right now. I just want them dey keep their distance, the police do what they have to do and I seek my justice.”

    Victory said that he is hoping that the matter would be brought to justice swiftly.

    “If I ain’t get my justice how I want it, I tekking it in my hand,” he said.

    He told iWitness News that he wants to be compensated for loss of income, and compensation for the burns he suffered.

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