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  • Bus Crash in Mount Rosser And Caught On Fire In The Gully [WATCH VIDE]

    at should have been a fun-filled day on Easter Sunday turned into a fiery tragedy as a Coaster bus overturned into a gully and burst into flames near Faiths Pen in St Ann.

    The driver, 22-year-old Dwayne Shadey, is the only known casualty as he succumbed to injuries he sustained from being flung from the vehicle.

    According to initial reports from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), the bus was travelling from Linstead to a beach in Ocho Rios, when the accident took place around 10:15 am.

    Loop News was told by a representative from the CCU that other persons were injured in the accident, however they are unable to verify an exact number or confirm their condition.

    More details to come.


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  • J’can dancer accidentally lights vagina on fire, wins competition

    A Jamaican dancer made international headlines late last week when she accidentally lit her vagina on fire during a dance routine.

    Fire Gyal Flexi’s dance routine involves putting a wee bit of rubbing alcohol on her clothing near her private area, lighting herself on fire, then quickly extinguishing the flames. 

    However, things went terribly wrong at the dance competition when Fire Gyal Flexi poured more rubbing alcohol than usual, suffering first-degree burns on her vagina.

    Despite the first degree burns, Fire Gyal Flexi won the competition and is expected to compete in an international fire-dancing contest in Jamaica later this year.

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  • Bloody Easter weekend in the west

    The death toll continues to rise in St. James as five people were killed and one other seriously injured over the Easter weekend.

    Over the course of 48-hours, there were two double murders and a hand-cart operator that was chopped to death. 

    According to Commanding officer for Area One, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Winchroy Budhoo, all three murders are being treated as separate incidents and are not suspected to be related.

    Budhoo told Loop News that double murders are being treated as a form of "organized crime" and are believed to be intra-gang related.

    He also noted that the two double murders which occurred in Anchovy, a quiet rural community, is not a known hotspot for a crime.

    Budhoo stressed the need for the public's support in fighting crime.

    "Murders are being committed in spaces where there are witnesses," said Budhoo, as he urged citizens to come forward with information. 


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  • Gully Bop Baby On the way ? Baby Mother Speaks out [Watch Video]

    Rumors are flying that Gully BOP allegedly has a baby on the way. This photo was posted to someone’s LIKE page on social media, with the caption suggesting that he is about to be a father again. I know that over the past few weeks the artist was accused of sleeping with all these different women.

    Every week he was photographed sucking out the jaw cavities of different females. I didn’t even think the Star still had live ones swimming .


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  • Police Seeking Help To Identify Dead Body Found at Hellshire Beach

    The Portmore Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the body of a male that washed ashore at the Hellshire beach yesterday (Thurs).
    The body was washed ashore about 10:35 a.m. 
    It is of dark complexion and about 5 feet 7 inches long. It was clad in a purple plaid shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black shoes.
    The Police are appealing to anyone who can assist them in identifying the body to contact the Portmore Police at 9-4-9-8-4-2-2, the Hellshire Police at 4-2-4-6-7-5-8, 1-1-9 or the nearest Police Station.
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