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  • Shebada Denies Being Engage to a Man




    Popular comedian and actor Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey has sought to set the records straight regarding a story that has been circulating on the Internet since Monday, claiming that he's engaged to a man and moving to England

    The story alleges that the actor is now engaged and moving to England to get married to a man.The story also claims and show a picture with a hand with a ring on someone finger that claim its Shebada's 

    However, he refuted the allegations.

    "When mi see it first, me just smile cause mi a say a weh dem people yah a get dem news," he said. "But just because Shebada name easy fi call mi just low them wid dem lies ."

    Though the story reports that Shebada is engaged he say he is single and definitely not with a man 

    "Nothing like dat , so how mi nuh fi alright," he said. "I don't know where that story came from,so mek them gwan tell lie"

    Shebada added that since the story began to circulate, comments have been made on the situation by persons pretending to be him on Facebook.

    The actor also stressed that he refuses to focus on negative things.

    "No news is bad news, I guess because mi a hot topic once more," he said, laughing. "I'm not focused on things like that though because I'm all about the progress."

    Shebada's new play, 'Bangarang', is currently on tour and will be in England on May 29 and There will be a Mothers Day Fiesta May 9 at Ranny Williams Entertainment Center With other Play Not my child 

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  • Excited supporters shine Gov't members' shoes

    A hilarious scene is unfolding on Duke Street in downtown Kingston as Jamaica Labour Party supporters gather to greet members at the ceremonial opening of Parliament.

    Women with hand rags are rushing to shine the shoes of each government member as they arrive at the JLP staging area at the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union.

    One woman, as she dusted the shoes of Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte, shouted: “My duty this for the day… mi get shoe shining duty”

    “Do yuh work yes!” another woman shouted.

    West Kingston Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie, upon arrival, was given the same treatment, as well as North Central Clarendon MP Pearnel Charles and Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, the MP for St Catherine Central.

    As Audley Shaw made his way to the trade union premises, one woman said “Audley Shaw come, shine him shoes.”

    But another said, “fi him shoes can’t shine.”

    The finance minister’s shoes were shined nonetheless.

    After Daryl Vaz got his shoes shined, he was escorted under an umbrella by one of the excited women


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  • 14-y-o boy found dead in Tivoli Gardens

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Residents yesterday stumbled upon the body of a 14-year-old boy near the Edward Seaga Sports Complex in West Kingston.

    He has been identified as Ryan Clarke of Drecketts Place in Tivoli Gardens.

    Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the boy was last seen by his relatives some time Wednesday morning.

    The police were summoned to the scene about 3:45pm and reported seeing wounds to the neck. Investigations continue.

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  • Photographer's knee broken while dancing with Spice

    When Spice tells you she's the 'Stage Show Boss', believe her or else you just might end up with a broken leg. What was meant to be a fun performance at one of her shows in Connecticut, United States, last week quickly turned sour when the photographer lifted the medium built dancehall artiste while dancing with her on stage.

    "I usually have the ladies contesting me on stage, and this time around, I invited the men. The camera guy dropped his camera, puff him chest, and came out. I saw him going down and he was hopping off the stage and holding his leg," Spice told THE STAR.

    But unlike what many in the packed auditorium and social media believed, he did not suffer a sprained ankle.

    "I don't know if it was the weight on his leg or what, but the knee is broken. He is in the hospital now with some metal in his knee," the event's promoter, Dwight Chambers, said.

    "It will set him back for a while because some persons have to be taking pictures for him now. The fans were enjoying the performance and were calling for a face-off. It is just unfortunate dat Kerry bruk him foot."

    In expressing regret about the incident, Spice said, "I want to wish him a speedy recovery. I really didn't know it was that serious at first. I just thought he hurt his foot."

    However, this incident will not put a damper on Spice's stage show antics.

    "I think now more men will want to challenge me. I think they now realise why I'm called the 'Stage Show Boss'. But, seriously, I want them to be careful and aware," she said.

    Meanwhile, Spice is currently promoting her latest song, Indicator, for which she will be hosting an Instagram dance competition. The winner of the competition will walk away with $100,000.


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  • Miss Kitty returns to Instagram, sends message to haters, says she has nine lives

    Fans of Miss Kitty went into a frenzy Monday afternoon after the Fluffy Diva’s Instagram account was removed from the popular social media platform.

    When contacted, the Radio/Tv Personality said she had no clue what happened to her page which had over 190,000 followers, “I have no idea, we’re looking into it.”



    Thankfully the Diva is back, Miss Kitty made her return Tuesday evening, “Guess who is Back in Business lalalalalalalalala!!!!” she captioned her return-post just moments ago.

    The post included a photo of herself with the words, “Remember every Kitty Kat has nines lives… I am back!!! Who God bless no man curse… lalalalalalala.”


    She also made a second post with a photo-quote, “They tried to bury me but didn’t realize I was a seed.”

    Yuh can’t bury substance…the cream will always rise to the top!!!
    From yuh seh me…mi seh you!!! Nuff love!!!!!!!” She captioned the post.


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