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  • Ninja Man To Be Sentenced Today

    Dancehall artiste Ninja Man and his co-accused are to be sentenced for murder today in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

    Ninja Man, whose given name is Desmond Ballentyne, along with his son, Janeil, and Dennis Clayton were convicted last month for the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson in the Lower Mall Road community of Kingston.


    Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn said the incident with Johnson stemmed from a domestic altercation the day before his demise.

    There was a fight, and Desmond Ballentyne and the co-accused returned the following day with guns and other weapons.

    They chased Johnson and another witness through a fence, and, as Johnson tried to fend off the attackers, shots were fired and he was hit in the side.

    He later died.

    During the trial, the prosecution called a total of seven witnesses including three civilians.

    The case, which was first mentioned in court in 2009, has had 17 missed trial dates and 23 mention dates in eight years.


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  • Vybz Kartel's 'Mhm Hm' Makes it to Google Play Store

    Vybz Kartel's 'Mhm Hm' has been causing quite a buzz on the local market since its release late last month. The excitement surrounding the song has resulted in an upsurge in the sale of products such as Dragon Stout, oats, Supligen and peanuts.

    In fact, so influential is the song that shops and small supermarkets have been selling 'Mhm Hm packages', with all the ingredients mentioned by the 'World Boss' in his song.

    And the excitement doesn't seem like it will end soon as a new game app titled 'Mhm Buck Up Inna' has emerged.


    The app, now available for free download on Google Play Store, has been causing a buzz on social media, with Gaza fans going frantic about it.

    The game features a running man with the face of the 'Teacha' himself, as he hops and jumps towards his target of Supligen, oats and peanuts.

    For each product collected, the user gains 10 points. While collecting these items, the gamer has the pleasure of listening to the track in the background.

    THE STAR was unable to get a hold of the game's creator, but checks to Play Store show that quite a number of persons have already downloaded and tested the game.

    Reviews suggest users have been enjoying the app, many giving it a five-star rating. One user declared that Kartel 'find it again' with the song.

    On Instagram, a post by gossip site Dear Dream shows many users are curious about the game's creator.

    Many have been tagging the entertainer's official Instagram page trying to get the attention of the person managing the page.

    Kartel's official Instagram page has been active over the past few months. And with the administrator seemingly keeping abreast of happenings on the local scene, Instagram users are hoping it will only be a matter of time before they catch wind of the game and repost it.

    With the app new on the scene and the song as popular as it is, it is expected that the game will catch more people's attention in the coming days.


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