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  • Cockroach milk is the new craze - scientists say it is the next super food

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    Would you drink cockroach milk if your life depended on it?

    Already some Jamaicans have scoffed at the idea of consuming the milk, which according to scientists is rich in protein, fat and sugar, and could be the next super food.

    “There must be other things weh can eat or drink other than roach milk, nuh care how good it is and which scientist test it,” Kingston resident Cynthia Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.

    Miguel Clarke, another Kingston resident,  told THE WEEKEND STAR that he would earn from cockroaches than consume their milk.

    “Nuff cockroach deh bout. Every day mi kill dem. Mi see man farm all roach so mi would do that but mi nah put that a my mouth. Yuh mad? Man eat all kinda thing still, enuh, but cockroach? Fi wah?” he asked.

    Today is being observed worldwide as World Milk Day. Researchers have said the milk of a pregnant cockroach packs more protein than cow's milk.

    Professor Marvin Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR that he does not know much about cockroach milk but notes that there are many studies being undertaken to find cheaper foods.


    “I know that with the World Health Organisation they have been examining cost-effective solutions to improve dietary quality, especially in areas that are considered lesser developed countries, and one of the strategies involves using proteins in insect. That includes insects that are very common and easy to harvest,” he said.

    Reid, the acting director of the Caribbean Institute for Health Research at the University of the West Indies, said the consumption of foods is often linked to the way people are socialised.

    “From a stomach perspective, all that it sees is molecules. For the stomach, a protein molecule is a protein molecule irrespective of where it comes from and if it’s easily digestible. From a nutritional standpoint, if it is easily digestible and it has high proportions of essential amino acids, then from that stance we have no reservation in recommending it,” Reid said.

    According to USA TODAY, a  retired professor of biology at the University of Iowa said the production of cockroach milk is very time consuming.

    "It takes 24 to 48 hours to produce "half of a drop" of cockroach milk," Barbara Stay, a cockroach milk researcher told USA TODAY.

    Stay said she never tasted cockroach milk, stating emphatically that: Cow’s milk is good enough for me." 


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  • Man who recently chopped traffic cop in Christiana now charged

    The man who last month attacked and chopped a police corporal who was on traffic duties in Christiana, Manchester has been slapped with a charge of wounding with intent.

    “I can confirm that the attacker has been charged,” said Wayne Cameron, the Superintendent in charge of Manchester Police Division.

    The police, however, did not give the name of the accused man.

    Reports are that the corporal was in uniform driving a service motorcycle in the town of Christiana on Tuesday, April 17, when the machete-wielding man walked up to the officer and chopped him in the face.

    The man, who is said to be of unsound mind, then chased the officer, who fell to the ground and got up in a flash in an attempt to elude his pursuer.

    The attacker was eventually shot and injured by a licensed firearm holder who was in the area.

    The police said the wounding with intent charge was laid against the man who remains in hospital under police guard. He was reportedly mobbed by citizens after the attack on the lawman.

    He suffered a broken leg among other injuries,.

    As for the injured policeman, he had to undergo corrective surgery and has since been released from hospital, Cameron said.

    Videos of both the attack on the lawman and some of the mob handling of the attacker were circulated on social media.


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  • Two Jamaicans make false claims as Grenfell Tower fire victims

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Two Jamaicans, a man and a woman, pleaded guilty to fraud today following reports that they falsely claimed that they lived in the Grenfell Tower in London that caught fire in June last year.

    Elaine Douglas, 51, and Tommy Brooks, 52 reportedly received £125,000 after they claimed they were Grenfell victims and had been staying with friends on the night of the fire.


    According to Sky News, Douglas has been housed at a hotel in Kensington for 276 nights at a cost of just over £55,000 and after complaining about the food in the hotel, she was given a pre-paid credit card, running up charges of more than £11,000.


    She reportedly had a pre-paid Oyster card so she could travel free of charge.


    In the meantime, Brooks spent 243 nights in hotel accommodation, costing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea more than £49,000.


    He racked up charges of £9,000 on a pre-paid credit card and was also given an Oyster card.


    The accommodation, plus financial support, added up to £67,125.35 for Douglas and £58,396.89 for Brooks.


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  • Chozenn's 'Bawl Out' banned by LOVE FM

    Chozenn in a screenshot of a video for his controversial 'Bawl Out' (Jesus Name) song.

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    Chozenn's 'Bawl Out' remake of the raunchy Dovey Magnum song on a dancehall rhythm has been banned by LOVE FM.

    "The song had been playing on LOVE FM at first, but the board has since issued a directive that the song should not be played on the station again, however Chozenn's other songs are still playing," Nadine Blair, programmes supervisor of LOVE FM told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

    LOVE FM is owned and operated by the National Religious Media Commission. After 20 years of existence, Love 101 now ranks fourth among more than 20 stations locally, according to the most recent edition of the All Media Survey conducted and published by Marketing Research Services Limited.

    Blair said that there seems to be a split in public opinion on whether the song can actually bring souls to the Kingdom of Christ. This split was revealed during the broadcast of a LOVE FM programme called 'Campus Connection'.


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  • Mr Vegas deserved the boot’: Church defends decision to eject artiste

    Screenshot of a video showing entertainer Mr Vegas (third right) being accosted by security guards while Pastor Gino Jennings (left), who issued the instructions to the officers, looks on.

    Minister Stephen Baker of the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ has defended the decision to eject Mr Vegas from the church's mid-year convocation on Sunday at the YMCA of Kingston on Hope Road.

    "The Apostle Gino Jennings was making great points based on scripture, but Mr Vegas was merely speaking his opinion, with no scripture to support his argument. When he was asked to quote a scripture, he wasn't answering, he started acting defiant and standing up and talking, he did not act like he was in debate," Minister Baker told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

    "When the Apostle realised that Mr Vegas had no reasonable arguments, he said 'look, it's best we end it here' and that was based on how Mr Vegas was acting. Vegas decided he wasn't sitting down. He wasn't kicked out originally, he could have sat down and listened, instead, he decided he was going to stand up and act (up) and it was then that his mic was turned off," Baker continued.

    Eventually, security personnel were summoned to usher Mr Vegas outside.

    "We tried to escort him out nicely; a security team was asked to usher him out and he started to say 'don't touch me' and said 'you have to get the police to get me out'. It was then that the security team coupled with policemen in the church; they are the ones who got him out. He was grabbed by the arms based on how he was behaving, it was done as decent as it could have been done," Minister Baker said.

    Mr Vegas has since claimed that his shoulder was dislocated but he did not want to sue.

    "In fact, it was Mr Vegas who assaulted a couple of church members, and he pushed at least one of them numerous times; his behaviour was unseemly, and disruptive. He didn't come prepared, that's why the pastor had to end it. He had no strong arguments," Baker concluded.

    The crux of the debate centred around controversial statements made by Pastor Gino Jennings.

    In the controversial speech in a video making rounds on social media, Jennings stated: "You so called Christian looking hoes, jumping in some church, flopping your ankle chains around. On the choir, breasts hanging out, lips all red, nails painted red, purple, blue, green, long like bird claws, all this fake hair, breasts implant, toe nails painted with little fake diamonds in it, your toes ain't richer. You're nothing but a prostitute."

    Members of the congregation cheered.

    He continued: "You're nothing but a singing hoe, a shouting hoe, an organ playing hoe, a choir director hoe. Preacher, if what I just said describes your wife, you are married to a hoe! A man that's a real man don't want his wife out in the street looking like a prostitute and you're a holy woman, or claim you are a Christian. Christian with skin tight pants showing the very shape of your birth canal."

    Minister Baker attempted to clarify the statements.

    "What we believe is the scripture, women must dress in simple apparel as quoted in 1 Timothy chapter 2, verse 9: Women “should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and fold or pearls or costly attire, but what is proper for women who profess godliness – with good works”," he said.

    In an earlier interview, Mr Vegas claimed that he was escorted out when he attempted to have that video played for the church.

    Minister Baker explained that Mr Vegas was not allowed to play the video because the artiste was using it as a diversionary tactic.

    "Pastor didn't allow him to play it because it is a tactic to divert, he had no scripture to support his argument. When Pastor Jennings preached that message, he did not say that women are whores, he was addressing the whole apparel which he described, is the look of a whore: the ankle chain, lipstick, breasts hanging out. He wasn't broad-brushing women, but one must understand that especially in the church today, fake hair, lipstick, false hair, and overly sexy clothes are making women look like whores," Minister Baker said.

    Minister Stephen Baker is the head of the region three of the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ which has been established in Jamaica since the year 2000. Region three consists of  churches located in Portmore, St Mary and Kingston. There are presently 12 branches across Jamaica

    "We stand firm on what we believe and we totally support our pastor and the teachings," Minister Baker said.


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