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  • Serious injury in fight between politician’s son and music producer

    Charges have been laid against a son of Central Manchester Member of Parliament (MP) and former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, and a popular dancehall music producer after a physical altercation between the two men in St Andrew last Friday.

    Reports, including from the police, are that the producer, Andrew Myrie, otherwise called 'Anju Blaxx', was hosting a birthday party at his home in an upper St Andrew community, when Bunting’s son, Bent, a businessman, knocked at his door complaining about the music that was being played.

    An argument reportedly developed between the two, which escalated into a fight.

    Bunting, it is reported, suffered a fractured jaw during the fracas, while Myrie sustained injuries to his face and a cut to one of his fingers from a piece of broken glass.

    Both men were taken to the Constant Spring Police Station, where they were each charged with the offence of wounding.

    "It was just a fist fight between two men. Tensions escalated and it got out of hand between them,” a source close to the incident told Loop News.

    “The media is just blowing it out of proportion because Bunting got a fractured jaw. But the two of them were charged with wounding," added the source.

    It was not Anju Blaxx's first run-in with the law, as in August 2017 he pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to aiding in the making of a false declaration to Jamaica Customs back in 2013. He was fined $250,000 for the offence.

    Previously, the producer was on a list of Jamaicans who were indicted by US prosecutors in North Dakota for alleged involvement in lottery scamming.

    In February 2015, he was arrested by law enforcement officers on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering. But the charges were dismissed in August 2016.

    Anju Blaxx, who is the head of UIM Records, is known for several hit songs, such as Tommy Lee Sparta's 'Psycho' and Bugle's 'Nuh Compatible'.


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  • Probation for student who rubbed tampon blood on Jamaican's bag

    Brianna Brochu, accused of contaminating her black roommate's belongings at the University of Hartford, addresses the court during a hearing, Tuesday. (PHOTO: AP)

    A white former Connecticut university student accused of smearing body fluids on her black Jamaican-American roommate's belongings has been allowed into a probation programme that could result in criminal charges being erased from her record.

    A state judge in Hartford on Monday granted 18-year-old Brianna Brochu's request for accelerated rehabilitation. Misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace charges will be erased if she successfully completes two years of probation and 200 hours of community service.

    Police said the former University of Hartford student wrote on Instagram in October about rubbing used tampons on her roommate's backpack and putting her roommate's toothbrush "where the sun doesn't shine." She also called her roommate "Jamaican Barbie," and wrote that she put moldy clam dip in her roommate's lotions and spit in her coconut oil, police said.

    Her roommate, Chennel Rowe, said she developed throat pain. Rowe attended the court hearing and did not oppose the probation program request Monday, saying she hoped Brochu would "change her ways."

    Civil rights advocates called for hate crime charges. State NAACP President Scot X. Esdaile called it "blatant racism," but Hartford State's Attorney Gail Hardy said there was no evidence of hate crimes.

    Brochu's attorney, Tom Stevens, has said Brochu and Rowe had a falling out and Brochu's actions were not racially motivated. Both women had asked school officials for a change in roommates.

    Stevens apologized on Brochu's behalf Monday. He said Brochu wanted to apologize sooner, but he advised her not to because of a potential civil lawsuit.

    Brochu, of Harwinton, had told police her actions were in retaliation for Rowe's "rude behavior" and Rowe posting videos of her sleeping and making fun of her snoring.

    Brochu also told authorities that she did put tampon blood on Rowe's backpack and licked Rowe's plate, fork and spoon, but denied doing anything else. She said she lied in the Instagram post in an attempt to "appear funny," a police report said.

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  • Gunmen Spray Cab With Bullets After Driver Missed His 'Stop' in Spanish Town

    A taxi driver and his 50 year-old passenger are now in hospital battling for life after they were shot and seriously injured by a gunman in Spanish Town over the weekend.

    The news of the incident and why the attack reportedly took place have left a number of residents of the town baffled.

    "The gunman took the vehicle as a passenger and upon reaching his destination, requested a stop. It appeared that the driver passed the stop by a few metres," said a resident from the old capital, who is close to the matter.

    What took place after has left persons in shock.


    Reports are that the gunman came out of the vehicle and immediately opened fire, hitting both the driver and the 50-year-old passenger.

    Some persons in the area heard the explosions and came to assistance of the injured men, who were rushed to hospital and both admitted in serious condition.

    The attacker fled the area.

    The Spanish Town police are investigation the incident.

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  • Man Raped by His Own Father Tried Suicide Seven Times But Didn't Die

    Two Jamaican males have decided they will no longer suffer in silence and have come forward with horrifying stories about how they were 'raped' by other males.

    One of the men, George Brown*, a security guard, said his father raped him repeatedly for five years.

    And Paul Black*, who now resides in Canada, said he became suicidal after a family friend took advantage of him.

    "It started when I was seven and lasted until I was about 13 or so. By age nine, everything that is seen on American TV was done to me. The ordeal was cruel," Black said.


    In the case of Brown, he claimed that it was his own father that made his life a nightmare.

    "Me try put it a the back a me mind and shut it out, but it nah work at all. A nuff time you hear dem tings deh happen to girls, but it happen to a lot of youth too. And like we just hide it cause we nuh waah get labelled as fish," he said.

    Brown explained that his father, who was well-respected in the community, began violating him at age 14. "We lived with my stepmom in St Catherine. My mother lived in another parish.


    One Friday night after we finish watching Entertainment Report, me get up and tell him me a go a mi bed, and him hug me up and say, 'Me son, me love yuh'. And when him a let me go, him kiss me on me lips," he said.

    Brown said his father must have noticed the shock on his face because he quickly assured him that he was just playing his fatherly role.

    "Me call me madda and tell her, and she tell me say a lie me a tell, a true me nuh like the strict life," he said.

    Brown said that he brushed the matter aside after a few weeks because there was not a repeat of the incident.

    "He went about his way like nothing happened until I told myself that maybe I was over thinking. But me did wrong because one night him come from work and me stepmom did a sleep and me just feel him on top a me. Me too shame to talk wah happen next," he said.


    Brown said the assaults continued, and each encounter would become worst, especially while he was preparing for CXC.

    "Di dutty man stay up all night and watch di show (for English Literature), and a get erection and a tell me to come sit in his lap. Me fail the exam miserably," he said.

    Brown said the abuse stopped after he confided in a neighbour who threatened his father and told him that he was going to report him to the authorities.

    He said that his father denied the allegations, saying the stories were fabricated. The neighbour, he said, made contact with his mother who eventually came and took him to live with her.


    Brown said he and his father are not on speaking terms. He stated that he is undergoing several counselling sessions, but he still has major anger and trust issues.

    "Me confront him more than once about what he did to me and him act like him clueless to what me a talk bout. Me have a girlfriend, and not even she me nuh tell what happen to me," he said.

    Black also has a similar story of abuse. In his case, it was a male family friend who violated him.


    "The night before I did my Common Entrance Examination, I was badly abused to the point where I passed out and woke up to this man still having his way with me. I went to school the next day with hand towel padding my brief as I was still bleeding badly," he said.

    "I didn't tell my father because he was a very 'dark' man and wouldn't believe. I tried to give him hints though, but the man nearly cut me throat. I want to tell my parents, but I think the shame that would accompany such scenario would be endless," Brown added.

    Brown said that his sex life is basically non-existent, and the ordeal has left him on the verge of committing suicide.

    "Every time I get naked, the scars are there to tell the tale. I am still a virgin. I will never change in a locker room at work because seeing another man naked terrifies me," he said.


    "I've tried suicide seven times most recent last December. A year ago, I took a bottle of Paracetamol and two bottles of sleeping tablets altogether. I spent two and a half days in the hospital, and had to stop from work for a month," he said, insisting that parents need to communicate with their kids.

    Brown has never reported the matter to the police.

    * Names changed to protect identities | Source: The Star


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  • Phone Grabber' Escapes Death in Halfway Tree When Mob Attacked

    A man was lucky to escape with his life in Half-Way Tree on Saturday afternoon after being viciously attacked by an angry mob who accused him of stealing a woman’s phone.

    Reports are that about 1:30 pm, a woman was seen on the Springs Plaza in the commercial district, running and shouting “tief, tief, mi want mi phone” while a young man was speeding away from her.

    A man was subsequently held by a private security officer, and within minutes a crowd descended on the pair and demanded that the man be killed.

    The male security officer tried to take the man away from the growing crowd but the mob was too much for the officer. They rained blows all over the body of the alleged thief, before other security officers joined in the rescue of the man.

    Still, the officers were outnumbered by the angry mob, which included a security guard (from another company), who kicked the bleeding alleged “phone grabber” into his groin, and pulled a ratchet knife from his waist, and attempted to harm the already wounded man. That security guard was eventually pulled away by a small section of the crowd, who begged for “mercy”.



    The man was eventually rescued by the police. But not before being battered and bruised.

    It is unclear if the woman's phone was recovered.

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