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  • Moncrieffe Bloodbath! Employee Kills Boss Over Non Payment Of NHT Contributions

    Sources have confirmed that a former employee, employed to Moncrieffe’s Patio Shop attacked his bosses after he found out that they were failing to make payments to the NHT after deducting money from his salary for years.

    The employee was said to have worked with the Moncrieffe’s since he left school.
    He was said to be in the process of buying a house through the NHT; however when he visited the NHT offices he was told there was no records of any contribution made in his name.The employee visited the Moncrieffe’s 2 times to ascertain why money taken from his salary was not being paid over to the NHT. Sources say he was fired.

    He returned on Friday for a meeting which went south when he learnt that there was no money forthcoming. In a bloody, murderous rampage at Moncrieffe’s Patio Shop at 471/4 Old Hope Road, St Andrew, co-founder Barbara Moncrieffe was killed; her husband, Vassell, as well as cousins – 19-year-old Jadene Wilson, acting assistant manager, and 18-year-old Jenelle Roach, acting secretary – seriously injured.


    The police were unable to give details of the incidentbut people who claimed to be eye witnesses said the male employee went to the business place on Old HopeRoad in StAndrew around 12:30 pm where an altercation ensued.

    According to Director of Bogues Brothers Industries LimitedArthur Bogueswhosebusiness is right beside Moncrieffe’s Patio Shophe initially was unaware of the incident,

    but soon sensed that things wereamiss.

    I’m a justice of the peace in thisareaand when I came backfrom lunchI  passed and I sawa group outside the shopitdidn’t looked like the usualgroupI saw a communitymember limping around thereand I asked if everything okaybut nobody said anythingso Iwent to my office,” Bogues toldthe Jamaica Observer.

    Bogues stated that by the time he reached overhe saw Moncrieffe’s wifewhohe saidlooked like she had already diedon a piece of board being taken fromthe building.

    He said from what he understoodMoncrieffe was dealt a blow to the head by apiece ofpipe and his wife assaulted by a hammer.

    Bogues said the two injured women worked as secretaries with theMoncrieffe’s establishment.

    When me come overme see Mr Moncrieffe a di door a hold di door and blooda flow fromhimI was going to assist him to a car when he said ‘nono‘, hiswife is in the office and itseem like she deadso him know from then that shemight be dead,” the man stated.

    The Moncrieffes lost their Kingston home to an electrical fire sometime last year.

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  • St Catherine couple convicted for sex assault on 9-y-o

    A St Catherine couple will be sentenced April 6 following their conviction Thursday for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl.

    Jody-Ann Lindo and David Walters were convicted by a jury in the St Catherine Circuit Court for the acts that occurred seven years ago.

    Lindo was convicted on charges of indecent assault and aiding and abetting indecent assault.

    Walters was found guilty for indecent assault and carnal abuse.

    The crimes occurred on separate occasions in January 2010 when the complainant, who was 9 years old at the time, went to spend time with Lindo and Walters.

    On the first occasion — the child who was allowed to spend the weekend with the couple — was awoken by Lindo and taken to a room where she was forced to perform oral sex on Walters, who then had sex with her.

    On a subsequent occasion the complainant again went to spend time with the couple during which time Lindo used her finger on the child.

    The matter was brought to light after the complainant had to seek medical attention.

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  • Police still puzzled by murder of 3 businesspeople in Hanover

    Detectives are yet to identify a motive for Friday night’s murder of three businesspeople in Dias, Hanover.

    Police are, however, said to be working “assiduously” to solve the killings that are being described as “senseless”.

    Gunmen started their carnage after 8 o’clock, leaving 49-year-old Peter Aitchison, 49-year-old Noel Mair and his 47-year old spouse Marcia Johnson, all of Dias, dead.

    Reports are that about 8:20pm armed men went to a restaurant in the Dias square, operated by Aitchison where they opened fire killing him and Johnson.

    The men then went to a bar operated by Mair in close proximity and shot him dead.

    The murders come while the community is still mourning another triple killing of two children and an adult.

    In that incident in January, 44-year-old Hopeton Lee, Kimani Johnson, 5 and one-year-old Daquan Davidson, all of Williamsfield in Dias, were shot dead by heavily armed men who invaded the community.

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  • Tears flow as Portia bids PNP farewell

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Loyal supporters and members of the People's National Party (PNP) were overcome with tears as Portia Simpson Miller made her final address as party leader this afternoon.

    The supporters were moved to tears after Simpson Miller ended her address in which she spoke about her love for the party and her rise from humble beginnings to become the first female vice president and president of the party as well as the country first female prime minister.

    Councillor Venesha Phillips, who was seen rushing out of the National Arena in tears, had to take a moment to compose her self.

    "She has been here longer than I have been and it is a bitter sweet moment and I know Dr (Peter) Phillips is capable but some of us have been so close to her so it's just a lot of emotions, a lot of what ifs, but the PNP is the party that still has the people's best interest at heart," she said.


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  • JLP politician charged with forging Portia’s signature, ripping off telecoms executives

    Businessman and politician Peter Sangster has been charged by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) in relation to the forging of former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s signature, among other things.

    The alleged forgery relates to a document purporting to approve “waiver” of levy owed by a telecoms company of which Sangster was a director.

    Sangster is also accused of soliciting and obtaining payment of several thousand US for the "waiver".

    Sangster — who was a candidate of the Jamaica Labour Party (East Kingston and Port Royal) in the 2011 General Election — was taken into custody Tuesday, Loop News has been informed.

    The Cherry Gardens, St Andrew, resident was charged Friday with obtaining property by false pretence and uttering forged document, police sources informed Loop News.

    Sangster, 47, is expected to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this week for a possible bail application.

    Sangster is believed to have forged Simpson Miller’s signature in 2013 to give the impression that she waived the multimillion dollar levy owed by Jamus Communications Ltd.

    Jamus Communications was three years earlier granted a licence under the JLP government to provide telecoms service in Jamaica.

    MOCA detectives believe that Sangster — who was caretaker for the East Kingston Constituency at the time — solicited and obtained monies from Jamus Communications operating partners Ricardo Cruz and Saul Perez to secure from the government the waiver of the levy overdue to the Universal Service Fund.

    It is believed that cash, in excess of US$150,000, was transferred to Bank of America accounts in New York — one under the name Peter and Tania Sangster and the other Sangster Group LLC.

    MOCA last year obtained a court order in the US to search for Sangster’s assets in that country and to secure the banking records of Peter and Tania Sangster and Sangster Group LLC.

    It is believed that LIME — as the company was then called — terminated Jamus Communications’ services due to the overdue levy which was about US $570,000 at the time.    

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