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  • Jamaican Gangsters Warn School To Return Gun Taken From School Boy!

    Threats from thugs have forced the dean of discipline at a St Andrew-based high school to flee the institution, while other teachers and administrative staff operate daily in an atmosphere of fear.

    Administrators at the school say they have taken several steps to restore calm at the institution, but some teachers told The Sunday Gleaner that they remain concerned.


    The threats started late last year after a male student was searched and a firearm found in his possession. The gun was seized and the student arrested by the police.

    This did not go down well with thugs from the area who demanded that the gun be returned and threatened that students and staff at the school would be harmed.

    “It is something that we are trying to work through because you know that in any community where we have this type of find, there is going to be some amount of fear,”the school’s principal told our news team last week.

    “As a school, it is something that we are really trying to get over, we are trying to get back to some amount of normality, and to not aggravate the situation any more,” added the principal.


    He said the dean of discipline involved in the seizure of the gun has been on special leave since the incident as the Ministry of Education decides if she should return the school.

    In the meantime, the school has advertised the post as it prepares for the seeming inevitable decision that the long-standing dean of discipline will not return.

    “The dean of discipline left out of fear. She opted for special leave arrangement, which the ministry has granted. We are waiting on them now to see what they say,” said the principal.

    “I come to work as usual. It is just like anywhere else in Jamaica where you have to exercise your own personal safety. It is the same at work. I don’t see any difference,”offered the school’s vice-principal, as she tried to reassure qualified personswho may be willing to apply for the post.

    “It is not like when it just happened. There were threats and so on but it cool down now,”said one female security guard who underscored the loss to the school if the dean of discipline does not return.

    “All I know is that anybody who they get, I would like them to be as strict as she was. Yousee all the children out here now? Once they have class and she is passing through, you would see all of them just get up and move to their class,” added the security guard.

    The principal said that the school has made improvements to its perimeter fence as well as its internal operation while employing security guidelines specified by the Ministry of Education.

    The school has also been working with churches, parents, teachers, and certain other groups in the community to reduce the threat.

    “This is a very unfortunate incident, and it has definitely been something of concern. It is not something you want to happen,” said the principal.

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  • BREAKING: Schoolboy footballer Jordan Foote dies after battle with cancer

    Holy Trinity Manning Cup footballer Jordan Foote has lost his battle with cancer.

    Jamaican Schoolboy Football announced Foote's passing in a Facebook post on Saturday morning.

    "SchoolBoy Football team would like to offer our condolences to the family of Holy Trinity high School player Jordan Foote who has lost the battle against cancer," the post said.

    Foote had been diagnosed with bone cancer last summer and missed the entire 2015 schoolboy football season. His left leg was amputated five inches above the knee in November, with several organisations donating money towards helping to pay for the surgical procedure on the youngster.

    However, Foote's football coach Devon Anderson reported last month that the cancer had worsened and indicated that the situation was dire.

    "We just have to hope for the best but expect the worst, and know if the inevitable comes, it comes, but I hope it doesn't come for now," Anderson, the coach of Holy Trinity's Manning Cup team, said.

    Foote was an outstanding player for Holy Trinity before being diagnosed with the disease last summer, helping the team reach the Super Cup finals in 2014. In an interview with Loop News in November, he expressed confidence that he would one day play football again.

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  • Gay Man beaten and left for dead in Sandy Gully

    A young man had to be rescued from the Sandy Park Gully, in St Andrew, where he was left for dead early Saturday morning.

    The man was said to be beaten and thrown in the gully by a group men.

    He was left with wounds to his head and other sections of his body.

     “First me think it was a girl,” Lance Brown, a man who saw him in the gully Saturday morning, told Loop News.

     Brown said he thought the person was dead until he went down into the gully and saw that he was still breathing.

     According to Brown, the victim said he had stopped in the area to make a call when he was attacked by a group of men who, after savagely beating him, threw him into the gully.

    Brown — who came upon the man in the gully around 7:30 am — called the Matilda’s Corner Police.

     He was taken from the gully by a team from the Half-Way Tree Fire Station which was summoned to the scene. The man was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies for treatment.

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  • New Cabinet to be named Monday

    JLP Spokesperson Kamina Johnson Smith says Prime Minister Andrew Holness will name his Cabinet by Monday March 7. 
    Mrs Smith says while the intention is to swear in the Cabinet by Monday, a release from Kings House says the ceremony will take place at 2pm. 
    She adds that the government will be establishing a new ministry to deal with economic growth and job creation. 
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  • Mystery murder: Who would hurt Karetha?

    The mystery into the murder of National Commercial Bank worker Karetha Robertson deepened Friday night as the police moved hours after the killing to rule out robbery as a motive.

    There was rampant and uncontrolled speculation over what could have led Robertson to meet such a brutal fate. But Senior Superintendent Arthur Brown — in whose South St Andrew Division Robertson’ body was found with a bullet wound to the head — said the police have so far found no motive for the murder.

    “We have some leads but we have no motive at this time,” Brown told Loop News.

    Robertson was reportedly attacked by two men who bundled her into a motor vehicle and sped off, after she arrived at her Portmore, St Catherine home late Thursday night.

    Her body was found Friday morning in Pembroke Hall, in St Andrew, with a bullet wound to the head.

    A Toyota Rav4 sports utility vehicle, which was being driven by Robertson, was found at Hillary Avenue off Red Hills Road in St Andrew.

    Robertson — who worked at the Constant Spring branch of the NCB — was scheduled to leave the island Saturday for the USA where her mother and son live, a non-law enforcement source told Loop News.

    She’s said to have worked late Thursday night to clear her desk before starting her vacation.

    As news of the tragedy spread, associates turned to Facebook to share their sadness.

    "Who would do a thing to hurt you like that?" asked one friend on the social media platform.

    A client of Karetha, who described her as a "truly special human being", said he was "totally sickened" by her passing.

    "She handled most of my transactions for the last three years," he said. "I am praying for her family, friends and co-workers."


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