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  • Jesus Christ divinely impregnated me – 15-year-old girl claims

    Pregnant 15-year-old girl claims Jesus Christ is the father of her unborn child!

    Latifah Smith-Nabengana says she was visited by an “Angel of God” in July 2015, who told her that she had been chosen to bear the son of Jesus Christ.

    “He told me that he was a Nephilim, like those described in the Bible,” explained the young girl. “He told that he had a message from Jesus, He said that I was going to be pregnant, and that I would give birth to a son, Jesus’ son.”

    Nephilims are indeed mythical creatures mentionned in the Genesis 6:4 : “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

    This type of creature have been almost unheard of over the last few thousand years, so the teenager’s claim has surprised everyone in her family when she announced it to them. Being very religious themselves, they rapidly accepted her claim and showed flawless support for the 15-year old.

    The medical doctor who has been following her pregnancy, Dr. William Franklin Murphy, says he is aware of his patient’s version, but is unable to either confirm or invalidate her claims.

    “For all I know, her pregnancy seems normal,” claims the gynecologist. “Her claims of “Virgin pregnancy” are technically true, but that doesn’t mean there was a divine intervention. I can tell you that it’s a boy, but there no way for me to determine if it is Jesus’ son until he is born. If she asks for a DNA test at that time, then we can tell you who the father is.”

    The teenager’s claim has stirred quite a controversy that has reached far beyond her religious community.

    While most people have shown their support to Ms. Smith-Nabengana, others have launched various accusations on the social media, ranging from fabricating the whole story to sleeping with a demonic creature known as an incubus.

    Latifah Smith-Nabengana says she wants to demand a paternity test as soon as her son is born, to prove that she is telling the truth. In the meantime, her story will continue to generate a lot debate and stir a lot of emotions across the United States


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  • Breaking News: JLP Supporter Crushed To Death By Truck In Portland (Gruesome Pic)

    This is the horrific moment a young girl was knocked over and crushed to death under the wheels of a truck as she walked across the road.

    the truck driver waiting in a queue of traffic moving slowly forward over the pedestrian crossing in broad daylight in portland.

    The young girl , 21, can be seen walking across the road, apparently expecting the truck driver to have seen her.

    But as she strolls in front of the vehicle, the driver continues on, knocking her forward before she disappears under the wheels.

    Even when the driver lorry bounces into the air as it rides over her, the driver fails to stop and then disappears from the scene, leaving the young girl lying in a pool of blood in the road.

    See Pic Below:


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  • Chin Chin tells Shauna Chin: 'Stop using my name for cheap publicity and hype

    Gully Bop's former manager, recording artiste Chin Chin (formerly known as Shauna Chin) claims actress Shauna Chin is using her lawsuit threat against her as an opportunity to pick up cheap publicity in the local papers.

    Chin Chin and the actress Shauna Chin have been embroiled in a legal dispute over the 'Shauna Chin' stage name, with the actress serving a cease and desist order to the controversial dancehall personality.

    "Leave my name out of your mouth. You are just using my name to try to be recognised in your own country that you ditched for how many decades now. We know say yu spit pan stone and fling behind yu when yu left on the iron bird . Again Miss big Hollywood actress Shauna Chin, stop using my name to create a hype for yourself," Chin Chin said in a press release.

    "I don't want to sit on this issue because it's not going anywhere, I have better and bigger things to do. My name has been in the media in Jamaica for a year and you didn't wanna sue then why sue now? You claimed my name has tarnished your professional reputation when that sounds like a big lie. If you were so accomplished in your field, no one could mistake you for me, a mere dancehall artiste? That sounds like yu want some cheap publicity," the Diamond Music Empire recording artiste, formerly known as Shauna Chin, added.

    The actress is most known for her guest starring role on Jamaican television series The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate and the Festival De Cannes award winning short film Choices. Meanwhile, the other 'Shauna Chin' exploded on the dancehall scene in late 2014 with her highly-publicised romance with deejay sensation, Gully Bop.

    "Once she began using the name to perform on largely popular billed shows such as Sumfest, my legal team initiated the cease and desist process," said the actress in a release last week.

    However, Chin Chin said: "If a company wanna hire you for a set they would know the difference because you are a actress and I'm known for what I'm known for as a dancehall personality. Your corner is dark if people don't know the difference by now.  Instead, you came in the papers with a whole resume of what you do and don't do. Instead of feeding the homeless in LA, why don't you do that for your fellow countrymen? Now you wanna pop up out of nowhere talking about claiming name... again, and for the last time, my birth name is Shauna and my pet name is Chin, my entertainer name is from Gully Chin to Chin Chin. I can't stop my fans or anyone else to call me by that name." 

    Chin Chin also threw some shade at the actress' relative anonymity in Jamaica. 

    "As you can see on social media , my fans in Jamaica don't know you, until now when you're claiming name. Please stop riding off my name and career for your publicity and promotion. How about coming here on a trip and help single mothers who are struggling, and others who need help here. We as the lucky ones who get the break should look back on our lives and help our black maroons. For the "big" Jamaican actress you are, you should be showing your face more often in the papers and represent your country. I am going to be working on my video shoot this weekend for hit song, My Life'." 



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  • Portia threatens to sue Andrew over comments

    Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is threatening to take legal action against Opposition Leader Andrew Holness over comments he made during a television interview on Tuesday.

    Simpson Miller claims Holness defamed her character when he labelled her a ‘con woman'.

    The Prime Minister’s lawyer, Bert Samuels, has written to Holness demanding an apology. She stated her intentions to take the matter to court if an apology and compensation are not forthcoming. 

    In the letter sent to Holness, Simpson Miller also demanded that the apology be approved by her and aired on Television Jamaica as well as published in the Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer newspapers.

    The frequency of the publications must also be approved by the Prime Minister. 


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