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  • Holness announces Cabinet: Who's in and who's out?

    Members of Parliament and government senators were sworn-in as Cabinet and State Ministers at King's House on Monday.

    Prime Minister Andrew Holness is also the Minister of Economic Growth and Job Creation, while Horace Chang, Derrick Smith and Daryl Vaz are all Ministers without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister.

    Robert "Bobby" Montague will take on the challenging Minister of National Security portfolio while Audley Shaw, as expected, is the Minister of Finance.

    The Ministry of Education is now the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and will be manned by Ruel Reid, presently the Principal of Jamaica College.

    Former Cabinet ministers under the last JLP Administration, Pearnel Charles and James Robertson, were not named in the Cabinet.

    The complete list of Cabinet members are as follows:

    1. Andrew Holness - Prime Minister; Minister of Defence; Minister of Economic Growth and Job Creation

    2. Horace Chang, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister

    3. Derrick Smith, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister

    4. Daryl Vaz, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister

    5.  Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs

    6. Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance and Public Service

    7. Karl Samuda, Minister of Industry, Commerce & Agriculture

    8. JC Hutchinson, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Agriculture

    9. Robert Montague, Minister of National Security

    10. Delroy Chuck, MP Minister of Justice

    11. Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information

    12. Andrew Wheatley, Minister of Energy, Science and Technology

    13. Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Local Government

    14. Mike Henry, MP Minister of Transport and Mining

    15. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism

    16. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health

    17. Shahine Robinson, Minister of Labour and Social Security

    18. Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Entertainment, Sport, Culture and Gender

    Marlene Malahoo Forte  has been appointed Attorney General. 

    Fayval Williams and Rudyard Spencer are Ministers of State in the Ministry of Finance and Public Service; while Senator Pearnel Charles Jr and Floyd Green are junior ministers in the Ministry of National Security and Ministry of Education, Youth and Information respectively.


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  • Cars set on fire in St Andrew

    Two cars were gutted by fire not far from the police commissioner’s Old Hope Road office before dawn Monday in what is believed to be acts of arsonists.

    District officer Howard Dallington of the Half-Way Tree fire Station told Loop News that the call came in at 2:30am about a car on fire at Hopedale Avenue.

    A Subaru Impreza, engulfed in flames, was put out by the firemen.

    While on the scene, residents led the firemen to 7 Mayfair Avenue where the engine of a Suzuki Swift was burn out. Residents had put out that blaze before the firemen arrived.

    Police believe that arsonists may be to blame for the blaze.

    According to one resident, the area had experienced similar incidents in the past of car tyres being set ablaze.


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  • High School student who beat n kicked young girl now in police custody.

    Do you remember that disgusting video of a High school boy savagely kicking and punching a female student?

    Heard he is now in police custody. Police have not released his name. However, they did say the male student is 17years old. He was picked up after the disturbing video went viral.

    Some of these  boys nowadays have no broughtupsy whatsoever.

    The video went viral after it was posted to social media and users became enraged. Some offered up threats with what they would do to the student.

    This is one of the second videos that social media will have helped to bring justice if the above is confirmed. The first video was that of sexual abuse on a young lady.


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  • Breaking News: Gully Bop heads to doctor after car crash,

    Controversial dancehall artiste Gully Bop has been complaining of aches and pains since he narrowly escaped serious injury after a motor vehicle accident in Montego Bay, St James over the weekend.

    "Mi body ah hurt me all over and mi have splinters in my fingers and my belly from the accident, mi ah go doctor this morning," Gully Bop said. 

    The entertainer said that the accident was caused when his brakes failed while he was negotiating a hill. 

    "Mi just glad say no one was injured, it wasn't a big accident, a vehicle brake up before me, and when mi go fi brake, mi find say mi caan stop, so mi spin outta da vehicle de, and find miself ah head towards the gully, so mi clap back on the road and see the Honda Civic ah head on," he said. 

    "The people dem inna the vehicle start fret when dem see the head on, but mi say 'don't panic' cause mi know mi skill, so mi just bite it in between the two vehicle dem, and then mi click click the emergency brake till mi vehicle come to a stop down the hill. Ah skill mi skill why the accident never more serious," he said. 

    After spending the night at Eden Gardens, where he was shooting a video for the combination single, Cheater Girl, featuring female artiste A'mari. The video was directed by Wayne South/Kaution Films

    "Mi shoot a video Saturday night till Sunday morning with A'mari, and then head down to Montego Bay. It was a close one, the whole ah the man Honda Civic rip up, mi talk to him but ah insurance haffi go fix fi him car,” said Gully Bop at the scene of the accident.

    There have also been reports from eyewitnesses at the scene that the driver of Honda Civic was badly shaken up from the accident. Gully Bop, and his former fiancee Chin Chin, have been involved in numerous motor vehicle accidents over the past year.

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  • Daughter Of Beenie Man Graduates, Dispite Not Passing 3-Years-Old Told By Doctor

    The King Of Dancehall Beenie Man and former Dancehall Queen Carlene’s 17-year-old daughter Crystal Davis recently graduated high school.

    The Veteran Dancehall artiste was an extremely happy and proud parent due to the fact that doctors told him she wouldn’t live to see past 3-years-old however Crystal celebrated her sweet sixteen and now is a high school graduate.

    “So proud of this beautiful young lady Ms.Crystal Davis.” Captioned her grad photo on his Instagram profile.

    beenie man daughter school

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