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  • Woman Driving 'Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine' Van Leads Police on High-Speed Chase in California

    A 51-year-old woman is wanted by police after allegedly leading officers on a high-speed chase in a minivan that resembles the "Mystery Machine" in the "Scooby-Doo" animated television series, according to the Redding Police Department in Northern California.

    The chase happened Sunday, and although officers have impounded the "Scooby-Doo" van, the woman -- Sharon Kay Turman-- is still on the loose, police wrote in a news release Monday.

    Police said a Shasta County probation officer first contacted them around 12:50 p.m. Sunday, saying Truman was wanted "for a probation violation" and that she was reportedly operating a Chrysler  Town & County minivan.

    Officers found her in the van later in the day, but she fled, police said.

    "Turman’s speeds increased and she began to show a blatant disregard for motorist safety," police said, adding that she nearly hit four vehicles.

    Though police lost Turman, a California Highway Patrol helicopter later found her -- again driving the "Mystery Machine" van, police said.



    She "fled in the vehicle once again," police said, adding that "her speeds were well in excess of 100 miles per hour."

    Turman was later "spotted by the helicopter abandoning the vehicle in an area of northwestern Tehama County," police said. Though her vehicle was "located and impounded," Turman's "current whereabouts are unknown."

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  • Burnt body of African found in Westmoreland

    The badly burnt body of an African national was found in Westmoreland on Monday.

    He has been identified as Mofolumeso Adunfa.

    Police report that residents in Ashton District discovered Adunfa’s charred body about 10:00 AM.

    The residents called the cops and they arrived and processed the scene.

    Details are unclear but the police are treating the death as murder and are now trying to establish a motive for the killing.



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  • Police Lock up Disable Woman in Trinidad

    An unemployed disabled woman, who said she has been trying without success to get a disability grant for eight years, was yesterday convicted for possession of 14 grammes of marijuana and fined $2,500.

    Michaeline Wall said she planned to take the drugs for the pain in her feet.

    Wall, 26, was born with club feet. The condition is also called congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), a deformity involving one foot or both feet. The affected foot appears to have been rotated internally at the ankle. Without treatment, people with this condition often appear to walk on their ankles or on the sides of their feet.

    When she appeared before San Fernando Magistrate Brambhanan Dubay, Wall admitted that she had the drugs in her possession.

    Sgt Gordon Maharaj told the court that at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday at George Street, La Romaine, Wall was asked if she had anything illegal in her possession. She took a black bag containing 11 packets of marijuana out of her pants pocket.

    Wall showed Dubay her feet and said: “I bought it (the marijuana) to easy up the pain.”

    Told by the magistrate that there were tablets she could take, the unemployed woman said after using painkillers, the pain would return. Wall aspires to become a welder.

    Dubay fined her $2,500. In default of paying the fine Wall will serve 12 months in prison. She was given two months to pay the money.

    No disability grant

    As she was led out the court in handcuffs, the magistrate warned Wall: “Do not get tied up in this marijuana thing again.”

    After her release Wall told reporters that she had completed a course in basic welding seven months ago. She said she wants to become an offshore or underwater welder. “I can handle my stories,” she said.

    Wall, of La Romaine, also said she had been applying for a disability grant for the past eight years but without success. She said she was told that her father was a working man. Wall denied this as she told reporters that her father was ill.

    Attorney Frank Gittens said he will assist Wall to get the grant.

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  • Gully Bop finds love again – In new relationship with female artiste

    Dancehall artiste Gully Bop appears to be dating fellow female artiste A’mari aka DJ Mona Lisa as he has officially called it quits with his on-again, off-again relationship with his former fiancee, Chin Chin.

    Gully Bop is happy exploring his feelings for A’mari with whom he has recorded the singles, Cheater Girl and No Ordinary Girl.

    “Like how God send Chin, ah so him send A’mari. Chin come inna the relationship fake, and she come outta it fake. Chin water tank dry up. From A’mari come inna mi life, mi feel the realness, mi know real people. Mi a street yute, mi can read mind and mi love the heart weh she have, she never born with no grudge. Right now, mi spirit tek her, but mi no know what can happen inna the future,” Gully Bop said.


    A’mari believes that she has connected with Gully Bop, in a way that even Chin Chin could not do. She said Chin really broke Bop’s heart again with her statements during a recent ER interview on TVJ where she said she could never go back to him.

    “All he needs is somebody to be loyal. I have nothing to gain by being with Gully Bop. It is just destiny. Chin broke his heart, the things she said during that major interview, it hurt him what she did. He cried when he watched it and that is why when he was doing Cheater Girl in the studio with me, he was crying. It purges his soul when he sings songs,” she said.

    A’mari said she has met three of Gully Bop’s seven brothers and met all his friends.

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