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  • Lisa Hyper Denies Eviction From Home - Artiste says she neither pays rent nor lives in Portmore

    Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper is now rubbishing claims that she has been evicted from a house in Portmore, St Catherine, because of non-payment of rent.

    According to the reports, which have been circulating on several social media pages, the artiste owes $350,500 in rent, and is now staying with family in Seaview Gardens, Kingston.

    However, Lisa Hyper denies those claims, stressing that she does not live in Portmore.

    "That is not true. I don't know who started that rumour, but it's a lie. I don't live in Portmore. I don't even live in a rented house, so I can't owe rent. Furthermore, mi nuh have nobody inna Seaview," she said


    The online report also quoted fellow artiste Spice as saying that the situation Lisa Hyper found herself in was a shameful one. Spice, however, denied that she made the statement.

    "I'm not aware of that. I didn't even hear about it till now, and I certainly didn't comment on it anywhere either," she said

    Currently promoting her latest single, Twist and Turn, Lisa Hyper added that she has been busy in the studio working on several new singles. She also recently performed at a bike show in Negril with reggae artiste Turbulence.

    "Females are definitely gonna love this song. It full a vibes. I also just released a new EP called Priceless, which was produced by AllFaces Ent, which is now available on iTunes."

    She is also gearing up for a show in Canada in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Man bites into a piece of KFC to find a LUNG attached

    A man says he was left disgusted and feeling sick after biting into what he thought was a premium chicken breast from KFC, only to find he'd nearly swallowed a large intact lung.

    Marc Nicholls, from Chevron Island on the Gold Coast, was shocked after chomping down on the grey, brain-like flesh on Tuesday.

    'It was disgusting,' Mr Nicholls, 30, told the Daily Mail Australia. 'It was absolutely vile.'

    Marc Nicholls thought he was biting into a chicken breast, but instead nearly swallowed this


    Marc Nicholls thought he was biting into a chicken breast, but instead nearly swallowed this


    Mr Nicholls, an IT technician, said he stopped at KFC Labrador during his day off.

    He ordered a 3 piece box, with two wings and a chicken breast for $12.50. Instead of a quick, greasy meal, though, he said he got the 'surprise of my life.'

    'I pulled a piece off [of the breast], then found that and spat the rest out,' he said.

    After alerting staff, he was told the flesh could be a lung and that he should contact KFC customer service. He was not initially offered a refund.

    A KFC spokesman said that the flesh was most likely a chicken lung or kidney that was mistakenly not removed during preparation of the food.

    This month there have been a number of nasty incidents involving KFC right across the globe.

    In England, a Wellingborough woman was left horrified when she found her KFC chicken meal was full of raw giblets and uncooked entrails. 

    She says when she held the piece of chicken from her Zinger in her hand she noticed flecks of purple and pulled it apart to find uncooked giblets and entrails had been left inside the meat. 

    In England, a Wellingborough woman was left horrified when she found her KFC chicken meal was full of raw giblets and uncooked entrails

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  • 3 dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – The police are reporting that two children and a woman are suspected to have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in Three Hills, St Mary today.

    They have been identified as 37-year-old Charla Thompson-Young and her two children, 12-year-old Brandon Young and four-year-old Leslie Ann Young, all of Three Hills.

    Reports from the Retreat Police are that about 7:30 am, Young’s sister went to the house where she discovered the bodies and summoned the police. Preliminary investigations revealed that a gas-powered generator, which was housed in the living room, was left turned on overnight with the house locked-up.

     Investigations continue.

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  • BREAKING: Brutal triple murder in St James

    The usually quiet community of Salt Spring in St James, erupted into grief and chaos as three men were shot and killed late Tuesday evening.

    According to initial reports from the St James Police, a group of four men were attacked by gunmen around 11:30pm in an area of the community called Meggie Top.

    The lone survivor of the brutal gun attack, has been rushed to hospital. Loop News understands that the man in reportedly in serious condition.

    A strong police presence is now in the area as investigators comb the scene.

    More details to come.

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  • Jamaica's general election set for February 25, 2016

    It's official!

    Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has announced that Jamaica's next general election will be held on  Thursday February 25, 2016.


    Nomination day has been set for next Tuesday February 9, 2016.


    The Prime Minister made the announcement at a PNP mass rally in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew on Sunday evening.


    "Are you ready to step up the progress?" asked Simpson Miller before she made the much anticipated announcement to the orange sea of supporters that flocked the streets of Half Way Tree.

    The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) also hosted an area council meeting in Spanish Town, St Catherine on Sunday.


    JLP leader Andrew Holness seemed unperturbed by the Prime minister's announcement, stating that his party has been preparing for the election since September 2015.


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