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  • Flash flood watch issued for the entire island

    Image result for flash flood JAMAICA

    A flash flood watch has been issued by the Meteorological Service for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes.    

    The watch will remain in effect until 5:00 pm on Saturday.

    The flash flood watch means that flash flooding is possible, and residents are advised to take precautionary measures, keep informed by listening to further releases from the Meteorological Service, and be ready for quick action if flooding is observed, or if a warning is issued.           

    The Met office said unstable atmospheric conditions associated with a trough over the central Caribbean were expected to influence weather conditions across Jamaica from Friday until Sunday.

    The projections were for heavy rainfall to affect sections of most parishes at different points over the period.

    A few weeks ago, heavy rains swept the island and led to extensive flooding in several communities, particularly in Clarendon.

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  • Cops question mother after two girls found dead in St Andrew apartment

    Photo of the two young girls whose bodies were found in an apartment on Saturday

    Police are now questioning the mother of the two young girls whose bodies were found inside an apartment at the Washington Court complex, off Washington Boulevard in St Andrew, on Saturday. 

    "We can confirm that the mother and several other persons are being questioned in relation to the case," detectives from St Andrew Central police division told Loop News.

    Police said so far no one has been charged in relation to the development but hinted that things could change as the investigations progress.

    Two girls said to be ages five and six were pronounced dead at the Bustamante Children's Hospital on Saturday morning after they were taken to the facility by family members.

    Details are unclear as to what caused the death but sources say strange marks were found on the bodies of the children.

     Sources claim the children were left at home unsupervised. 

    The death of the children has left residents in the area in shock.

    “Have mercy on us father what is this I am hearing why Lord why,” one woman said as she wept openly and had to be consoled by close relatives.

    The woman made the comment metres away from where a team of detectives were seen carrying out their investigations.



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  • JUST IN: Two infant girls found dead inside St Andrew apartment

    Persons react to the death of the children at the Washington Court apartment complex in St Andrew on Saturday morning.

    Two infant girls were pronounced dead at the Bustamante Children's Hospital on Saturday morning after they were rushed to the facility by family members.


    Details are unclear but reports reaching Loop News are that the girls were found inside an apartment at the Washington Court complex, off Washington Boulevard in St Andrew. Sources say strange marks were found on the bodies of the children, ages five and six.


    The police have launched a probe into the incident. According to sources, allegations are that the children were left at home unsupervised. 


    More details later as Loop continues to track the development.


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  • Man Baby Mother doused his Girlfriend with bleach

    A woman was sent dashing out of her boyfriend's house in her panties after his babymother walked into the house and saw her half-naked in the bed.

    Yvette Newton confessed to dousing the woman with liquid bleach, but rejected a suggestion to pay $25,000 to the victim when a judge attempted to settle the matter through mediation yesterday.

    Newton pleaded guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. It is alleged that on Saturday April 1, the complainant was at her boyfriend's house lying in bed while he was preparing breakfast.

    "I looked up and saw a woman I didn't know with a bottle of fluid. She threw it in my face and say 'dutty gyal, weh you a do inna mi bed?," the complainant's statement, read out by the court clerk, indicated.


    In my underwear


    "My boyfriend then came into the room and held the woman and I ran out of the house in my underwear," the complainant said

    After Newton pleaded guilty, presiding judge Chester Crooks offered to resolve the matter in court through mediation. However, the parties failed to come to an amicable agreement over the cost of the damage that was done to both parties.

    Newton claimed that she also suffered damages, and was forced to spend $10,000 to nurse injuries she sustained.

    "When mi catch har inna mi bed, mi baby-father used a mop stick and hit me and that is when I throw the bleach pon har," Newton explained.

    But the father of her sixteen year old daughter refuted those claims. "I wouldn't hurt any of them," he said with a grin much to the amusement of the court.

    The parties are to return to court on May 19.

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  • Entertainer George Nooks held with cocaine — police

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police this morning reported that popular entertainer George Nooks was yesterday arrested and charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

    The police reported that 56-year-old Nooks of Widcombe Heights, Kingston 6 was spotted acting in a suspicious manner by lawmen on an operation in his community shortly after 9:00 pm.


    He was accosted and a bag he was carrying searched. The bag was found to contain just under two ounces of cocaine. He was subsequently arrested and charged.


    He was offered bail in the sum of $80,000 and is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday, May 17.


    Nooks is well known for songs such as Money in My Pocket and his cover of Al Green's I'll Be Standing By (as God Is Standing By).

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