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  • Gangsters fighting for Riverton dump

    The residents of Riverton City said they are imploring the gangsters to cease the gunfire in the Kingston 11 community.

    Speaking with THE STARunder anonymity, one female resident said the ongoing violence has forced her to quit her job.

    "First ting, no staff bus nah enter inna Riverton, and it's rough to walk alone go in sometimes. Dem man ya walk wid dem gun in broad daylight, so you can only imagine what goes on in the nights," she said.

    She stated that there is frequent police presence in the area, but the hoodlums are often 'smarter'.

    "Dem man ya no fraid a police at all. More time, the place come like ghost town and another time the people dem just push out regardless. The pickney dem get use to the sound a gunshot that more time when dem hear it them just continue do whe dem a do unbothered," she said.

    Superintendent Aaron Fletcher of the Hunts Bay police said that he is aware of a flare-up of violence between the Blingas and Shanti gangs.




    "When you study the vegetation and the outlay, they know the terrain so well, so it's easy for them to make good their escape. Now how they conceal their weapon is something else because search as you may, it is a challenge to find them, given the amount of junk and mounds of rubble that is there," he said.

    Fletcher said the dump is of great economic value to the residents and cited it as a major reason for the ongoing feud.

    "What is garbage for others is sometimes useful to them. So from that they get items for the scrap-metal trade, items for recycling and other items which they use in their own way to derive economic benefit," he said.

    He said there have been several shooting incidents in recent weeks and at least one murder, that of a 16-year-old, who is alleged to have been a member of the Blingas posse.

    "The practice is that sometimes when the trucks come in to dump, they (gangsters) will come on them and have them dump the garbage where they want them to," he said.

    Fletcher stated that though the gangsters generate much revenue from the dump, with no one to teach or encourage them how to smartly use the funds, they often purchase high-powered weapons.

    "Based on the gunshots being fired, it is evident that there is a lot of firearms and ammunition in that space but we vow to make the area calm," he said.


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  • Security presence heightened at Wolmer's after social media threat


    There is high security presence at the Wolmer’s Boys’ School in Kingston following the circulation of a voice note with threatening messages purported to be from a student at the school.

    A high level investigative team headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) is currently probing the threat issued against students of the Heroes Circle-based institution.

    “An active multi-agency investigation is now underway and the matter is being treated with the highest level of attention,” police said on Monday morning.

    Additionally, the Police are urging individuals to desist from circulating the audio clip, as it may cause undue anxiety at this time.

    Several attempts by Loop News to contact the school were futile.

    In the more than 10-minute long voice note, a boy can be heard expressing frustration over calling colleagues by phone but not receiving an answer.

    He further complained about being “ostracized” and society putting him in “a box with sickos”. In the long rant, he chided so-called “friends” who don’t remember his name or his birthday, and ignore him when they see him on the road.

    He then lists a number of names, before apparently issuing a violent threat against them.

    Anxiety over the incident has been fueled by last week's mass killing at a Florida school. A former student opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, killing at least 17 people.

    In the meantime, the Police High Command is asking persons who may have information that can assist with the investigation to contact the Counter Terrrorism and Organised Crime Branch (CTOC) at 967-1389, 811, Crime Stop at 311 or by using the Stay Alert App to submit information.

    More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.


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  • 17-Y-O's Decomposing Body Found Chopped To Pieces in Bushes

    The decomposing body believing to be that of a missing Westmoreland teen was discovered in bushes bordering Hanover and Westmoreland on Friday afternoon.

    The investigators have confirmed that the decomposing body is that of missing 17-year-old girl Jaydeen Grant who hails from Argyle Mountain in Westmoreland,  that went missing from her home on Saturday,  February 3.

    The community known as Argyle Mountain lies on the border of Hanover and Westmoreland, the 17-year-old teen resides with her family members in the section which falls in the parish of Westmoreland.

    Last Saturday afternoon she reportedly went missing from the area and after an unsuccessful search was carried out, a report was made at the Bethel Town police station.


    Shortly after 2:00 p.m., on Friday, February 16, residents living at the section of Argyle Mountain, alerted the Ramble police after a farmer stumbled upon a decomposing body in bushes.

    Officers attached to both Ramble and Bethel Town rushed to the location where the body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

    It is believed that her attackers may have chopped her to pieces and then dumped her body at the section of bushes.

    Our news team also learnt that her death might have come about as an act of reprisal to an incident which occurred in her community last weekend involving her father.

    It is reported that on Saturday, February 3, the teenager’s father got involved in an argument with another man from the community.  A report was made to the Bethel Town police that the child’s father chased the other party with an illegal firearm and fired several shots at him.

    Following an investigation by the police, the father was taken into police custody.

    The police stated that sections of Jaydeen Grant’s parts and her hair were all seen scattered in the bushes.  They are now saying they have not yet taken anyone into custody in connection with her death but they expect to make an early discovery.




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  • Wild, wild Westmoreland: 21 murders there so far this year

    The murder tally in Westmoreland now stands at 21 for 2018, following the discovery of the body of a man with bullet wounds to his head in the parish on Saturday morning.

    The deceased has been identified as 35-year-old labourer, Rohan Eyesst, of Cave in the parish.

    Reports are that about 8:30 yesterday morning, residents summoned the police after the body was stumbled upon in a section of the Little London community.

    Upon their arrival, the police saw the labourer's body lying face down in a pool of blood, with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head.

    The body was removed to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, where doctors pronounced Eyesst dead.

    The police have not yet established a motive for the killing.


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  • Contracted Killers In Jamaica Making 1 Million Just Under 20 Minutes

    The police are taking steps to increase their rate of arrest of persons who are paying gunmen to carry out killings for them.

    Reports on the streets are that 'killers for hire' are now making big money across the island, despite some taking a low of $50,000 to murder their victims.

    Head of Homicide in the Major Investigation Division, Senior Superintendent Cleon March, in an interview with The Gleaner mentioned that this is a business the cops are doing their best to curtail.

    "I think it is something that we need to be conscious about, be more aware and to take steps to mitigate these types of things. But we are aware of the problem and we have already done some work. I mean, it's a part of our everyday reality," said March, who did not say how many of the more than 200 murders recorded so far this year were believed to be contract killings.


    He confirmed that the contract killers are charging varying prices, depending on their targets and how desperate they are for the cash.

    "You know how the streets run, there's no set charge. Depending on what the contractor's opinion of the actual shooter is.

    You have some shooters, because of their own financial background, are on the lower end of the spectrum so they will be quicker to accept a payment that could be deemed to be low, while you have some who are professionals and make a killing by doing this kind of thing, so their fees would be far more exorbitant.

    "There is no set fee but it ranges from $50,000 up to $1 million, or more in some cases," said March.


    "So far the police have found that men are more likely to seek the service of contract killers, and this is not limited to any part of the island."

    "Quite a number of our murders happen in that vein right across the island, Spanish Town, Clarendon, St James, you name it, there are quite a few of our murders that are actually committed by persons who are totally detached from the issue, but they are contracted and motivated by money to go out and carry out these heinous acts for the purpose of reward," said March.

    In recent months, police investigators have theorised that contract killers were involved in the murder of father and son Dennis and Richard Ramdial, in separate incidents.


    Two suspected hired guns have also been arrested in connection with the recent killing of 32-year-old Simone Campbell-Collymore and 36-year-old taxi operator Winston Watson in St Andrew.

    Collymore's husband, Omar, is accused of masterminding those murders and was recently arrested and charged. Law-enforcement sources have claimed that $500,000 was paid for the killing of Mrs Collymore, with the taxi operator being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The arrest of Mr Collymore is one of the few cases where the person who it is believed paid for someone to be killed has been charged, and March admitted that the challenge the police are facing is that sometimes even after arresting the shooters it is hard to get to the actual person who wanted the crime done.

    According to March, in most cases the shooter and the actual client have not met, but an arrangement is made through a contact person.


    One man, who claims to be among the contact persons, last week stated that more and more criminals are getting involved in contract killings because it is an easier way to make money rather than stealing an item and waiting for a sale.

    "The easier way now is to do this. Twenty minutes and you have $1 million. It's a quick-cash way because once the job complete you wi nice," said the source.

    He said the killers charge based on who is paying and how much they are willing to spend.

    "Once you a mention 'bout killing people, it depends on how bruck the person is and if them no know money," said the source.

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