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  • Pay up or die! Extortion Video Frightens Business Owners

    Some business operators in Manchester have become anxious following the emergence of an alleged extortion target video, which identifies over 40 businesses whose operators are being ordered to comply or die.

    The 12 minute-long video surfaced on Facebook on Monday, and features the ‘Order of the SM’ logo, the same logo which appeared on extortion letters that were sent to 45 business operators in Clarendon and Manchester demanding up to $100,000 in extortion money in March.

    The video opens with a voiceover saying, “Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos.” This is followed by the words, “We are Coming!”

    bloodied bodies

    The video continues to show the pictures of several establishments in Manchester, juxtaposed with images of bloodied bodies, coffins, and bodies inside a morgue, all accompanied by an eerie soundtrack.

    Upon learning that their establishments were featured in the video, some operators said they are taking it as a serious threat and will be contacting the police.

    “I feel really bad because Jamaican business is not going well, and when we get these types of request [extortion] it’s not good for me or the country,” an electronic store owner lamented. He added that he received an extortion letter in March, and turned it over to the police.

    Similarly, the operator of a jewellery and gift store in Mandeville said she is worried her establishment was included in the video.

    “This is a serious issue because I thought this [extortion] thing had died a death, based on what happened previously. We were told that there are additional extortion letters that were not sent, and I told myself that we were fortunate that we did not get any. But with this now, I’m beginning to think we are up for some problems,” the store owner said.

    situation disturbing

    The operator of a salon and barber shop which was identified in the video said she finds the situation disturbing, and will get the police involved if anybody contacts her.

    “It’s not like there’s any money making in the shop so I don’t even know what to think,” she said.

    However, the operator of a flower and gift shop identified in the video told THE STAR he believes it is a hoax, and he is not worried as he did not receive and extortion letter.

    Head of the police’s communications unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay has the video, and said she will see to it that the relevant personnel review the content and determine how to proceed.


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  • Be killed or go to jail - Cop sends warning to scammers

    Head of the Police Area One Fraud Squad Sergeant Kevin Watson is concerned that some influential persons in society are condoning the actions of lottery scammers.

    "One of the things that I am concerned about is when you have persons in society who you would look up to, persons who you would consider educated, some of these persons have certain influence and you hear them on the media, and they are saying that when you get rid of lottery scamming, you're sending the youths to carry out other criminals activities," he said.

    Watson's statement comes after eight Jamaicans were last week extradited to the United States to stand trial for lottery scamming. They are Dahlia Elaine Hunter, Kimberly Carlo-Jean Hudson, Kazrae Gray, Dario Palmer aka 'Innocent Palmer', Jason Joseph Jahalal, O'Neil Brown, Alrick McLeod aka 'Birdman' or 'Z-Bird', and Xanu Ann Morgan.

    Lavrick Willocks is said to be the ringleader in the alleged scam that has bilked at least 90 mostly elderly US residents out of more than US$5.7 million.




    One of Willocks' former co-defendants, Sanjay Ashani Williams, was convicted after a trial in North Dakota in 2015 and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for selling victim lead lists used in international cyber-fraud. More than 10 other defendants have entered guilty pleas in related cases in North Dakota.

    In light of these arrests, Watson is warning persons to resist the allure of the illicit means of acquiring easy money as it will not end well for them.

    "I have always said that once you get involved in lottery scamming there are really only two outcomes: either you end up getting killed by other criminals or you are going to be arrested. And all what you have gained through lottery scamming, you are going to lose it," he said.

    "We have encouraged the next generation to not get involved in crime because once you are a lottery scammer, the law will catch up with you, and that is the best of the two."

    Commenting on the development, Central St James Member of Parliament Heroy Clarke said, "The chips have to fall where they may."

    "If somebody is going against the law, then we have to allow the law to run its course, and if that is the end result of their investigations, as long as the investigations are fair, we have to just stand by it," Clarke said.

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  • Dancehall Selector Gets 200K Money Pull Up For Ishawna ‘Equal Rights

    Ishawna’s new controversial single ‘Equal Rights’ is already making rounds in the Dancehall scene.

    The track which glorifies men giving oral sex has become an overnight anthem for the ladies.

    Ishawna performed the single for the first time Saturday night in Falmouth, Trelawny at Royalton White Sands and got an overwhelming response from her female patrons.

    A Dancehall selector also reportedly walked away with over $200,000 JMD in ‘Money Pull Up’ after playing the single over the weekend at a popular event.

    On Sunday the former Downsound Records artist also shared a video of the song being played at a party in Kingston after getting backlash from Jamaican men online.

    “When dem say ur song nah go ever play in parties/dance!!!!! Who vex??!!!,” she wrote on Instagram.





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  • Too much sex under my window - Prostitutes run business in old couple's yard

    While prostitution, the so-called world's oldest profession, is widely seen as a source of pleasure, for 84-year-old Franklin Henry of Falmouth, Trelawny, it is causing him much distress and sleepless nights.

    Prostitutes and their clients, who blend business and pleasure along Falmouth Street, also known as 'Back Road', have converted Henry's yard into their 'romping shop'. They use a secluded spot under his bedroom window as a sinful haven for their 'moaning' and 'groaning.'

    "They have chosen right under my window to do what they are doing," complained Henry, who is clearly not amused by the antics of the nightly invaders. "... They behave in a most disgraceful manner ... the foul language and the threats of fights. Friday to Sunday are the worst times, especially between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m."

    Henry told THE WESTERN STAR that his 82-year-old wife has to wake up daily to the sight of condoms strewn all over the yard, which has been her much- cherished home since 1976.

    "It is a cruel time for us," bemoaned Henry, who is a devoted Christian and still sings on the choir at the Falmouth Anglican Church.

    With his appeal to to various entities, including the police, the municipal corporation, the public health department and the National Solid Waste Management Authority yielding no tangible results, Henry is now at his wits' end.

    "Believe me, I sometime harbour thoughts of taking the law into my own hands, but at my age, I cannot take prison life," he said.

    As if the sleepless night are not enough misery, Henry also has to live with the stench of the urine deposited in his yard by his unwelcome guests.

    "When the sun beats down on the urine and the condoms, the stench is unbearable," said Henry.

    "I cannot even open my window to enjoy the wind coming from the north."

    The Trelawny police have acknowledged getting numerous complaints from Henry about the unholy situation in his yard and have promised to take measures to arrest the situation.

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  • Over 12 Thousand People On Police Radar For Lottery Scamming

    National Security Minister, Robert Montague, speaking at a post sectoral press conference at the ministry’s headquarters in Kingston, this morning revealed that they are some 12 to 15 thousand persons are on the police radar, for lottery scamming activities.

    He says the police have re-engaged and restarted the Lottery Scamming Task-Force, which was placed under MOCA some time ago.

    In the meantime 8 Jamaicans were extradited to the United States on Wednesday, to answer to charges related to lottery scamming activities.


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