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Man shot dead by police, firearm recovered in Westmoreland

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A man was shot dead and a firearm recovered during an operation in Little London, Westmoreland on Wednesday.

The dead man has been identify as Desmond Tomlinson o/c Black Ice of Delveland district in the parish.

Reports are that approximately 3:40 p.m., members of a police team went to Delveland main road where they saw Tomlinson acting in a manner that aroused their suspicion.

Police said they approached Tomlinson and he pulled a gun from a bag and fired at members of the team and then ran.

The police said they returned the fire. During a search of the area, police said, Tomlinson was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police said he was also found clutching a.38 Smith& Wesson Revolver, with serial number erased, three (3) live .38 rounds of ammunition and three spent casings were also found.


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