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Marvin’s Wife Says Both Him & DHQ Nickeisha ROBBED her! [MUST SEE POST]

Lisa, the estranged wife of Marvin The Beast has accused the popular dancer and his new girlfriend DHQ Nickeisha of theft.

Lisa was left furious Monday morning after she allegedly couldn’t find her belongings as she was packing for her vacation in Cuba“(Money Beast, Marvin The Beast & DHQ Nickeisha), yall stars & (travelling) with my f**king suitcases to Guyana,” She wrote


“Wtf…. (I’m) here looking for my stuff to pack for Cuba & u stunting coming (out) the airport in my sh*t… nah yall beyond (ruthless),” she added.

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  • Mad on bad Added Nth nu bloodclaat go so hey gal stop gwaan like u want flap me Fren cause it nah work suck u mada
  • Slim Added Wtf
  • Trex Added Tk u sound like u did deh deh ....yourvbeak caah shut..
  • Tk Added But a so dem would a brave enough smh I don't believe this
  • Tia Added All who a chat bout a lie, shut unnu trap. None a unnu nuh onow shit but unnu deh yah a chat off unnu beak. Kmft
  • Jen Added I know for a fact it's true. Marvin even thief Lisa clothes and jewelry that I see Nikki ina. Oh please.
  • moesha Added How u people know a lie,,work for ur own
  • alecia Added Lol y r u so mad woman if they have ur stuff and u just a miss them that simple mean say u have too much and Marvin move on u should too
  • Mrs.chambers Added Lol @itz Garcia
  • Itz Garcia reid boo Added gurl u an the man lef y spreading rumors about these couple omg.if u did lock u fowl door e cock wouldn't stray

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