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Marvin thanks Spice for 'not knowing him' - But popular dancer still hurt by artiste's comments

Popular dancer Marvin Di Beast said although Spice denied knowing him in a recent interview, he is glad for the highlight that she gave him.

"Mi give thanks fi weh she do, enuh, cuz it just give me a bigger look and give me wings. She just open up people eyes fi go search for who mi is," he said between laughter.

When asked about Marvin in a recent interview, Spice firmly stated that she was unaware of who he was, but admitted that she knows Shelly Belly.

"What is up with Marvin the dancer? Why does he do all of these things? I see him climbing on top of trees," the interviewer said, to which Spice responded, "Who is that? I don't know him."

"It's a brown skin guy. He hangs from trees and he dances and humps the girl and he hangs from railing," the interviewer continued. However, Spice was adamant that she had never met him.

Marvin told The WEEKEND STAR that he feels hurt by Spice's behaviour and stated that although they are currently not on speaking terms, they had been friends for years.



"I danced on her sets at Reggae Sumfest, BritJam, and other normal events. We used to be on the road together, so it strange she don't know me now," he said.

"Me hurt at what she said cuz if she never wah talk about me all she had to do was say next question and talk about something else. Me no respect what she do. If me deh anywhere and Spice song a play me never back down and say me nah dance with a girl cuz is her song a play. Me still show me respect because all a we a product of dancehall," he added.

Marvin said the two have kept their distance following a particular incident more than a year ago.

"I was dancing to her song, Sheet, and fell off a building and everyone tink me foot did break. So she make a post say me a dance to her song and say me foot break but me foot never break," he said.

He said Spice later called to check on him and he told her that he had only received a few scrapes and bruises.

"Me ask her fi take dung di post and she tell me say she a go take it dung but she never do it. Me do a few interviews and mention say she never take it down. It was a big ting and me lose a lot of shows because of it," he said.

According to Marvin, Spice was just being spiteful because she and his girlfriend, fellow dancer Nickeisha, are not on speaking terms.

"Me wish her nothing but love and success in her career, enuh, and me glad for all of what she accomplished. When me hear say she was on Love and Hip Hop, me happy fi her ... and a cheer fi her. Me really feel a way say she say she nuh know me, but me thank her for the highlight same way," he said.


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