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My lord, have mercy,' Patrick Powell begs judge

Patrick Powell leaves court in a car after being freed of murder last year.

St Andrew businessman Patrick Powell on Thursday morning asked a judge for leniency in the case against him for allegedly failing to hand over his licensed firearm to the authorities during an investigation into the 2011 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais.

Powell testified that, when the request was made for him to produce the firearm, he was in police custody and exercised his constitutional right to remain silent.

"I never refused even in the absence of my lawyer, all I did was insist that whenever I was to be questioned that my lawyer was present," Powell told the Kingston and St Andrew Court.

The businessman begged Parish Judge Vaughn Smith for mercy before concluding his testimony.

"My lord, this is your courtroom, you are god in here, may you have mercy,” he said.

Powell was arrested and charged with murder over the July 1, 2011 shooting death of Mais. But he was freed October 2016 after the prosecution offered no further evidence in the case before the Home Circuit Court.

The acquittal came after the prosecution’s main witness denied giving a statement to police that implicated Powell in the killing.


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