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  • BREAKING: UK 'deportees' being processed, fed after controversial flight to Kingston

    Nearly 50 Jamaica-born individuals are being processed and fed by personnel at the Mobile Reserve headquarters in Kingston on Wednesday.

    The deportees, forcibly removed from the United Kingdom and returned to their homeland by plane on Wednesday morning, arrived around 10:30 am at the Norman Manley International Airport.

    Speaking with Loop News, immigration officials disclosed that, after processing, the deported individuals will be released.

    Dozens of men and women were observed at the processing area, some with as many as five suitcases.

    The controversial deportation flight triggered protest in London on Tuesday, with at least one migration support organisation describing it as racist.

    Unity Centre, a migration support organisation based in Glasgow, said in a statement, that it spoke to more than 50 of the passengers who were booked on the flight, all of whom came to the UK as children and have failed to regularise their immigration status over the years.  

    "In the last few weeks, hundreds of individuals previously released on bail and temporary admission have been detained, in a deliberate act to prepare for this charter flight to Jamaica," Unity Centre said in a press release.

    "Many individuals have ongoing immigration cases and most cannot afford to pay the huge legal fees to regularise their stay. Everyone we have spoken to has been here since they were children and have no family or friends in Jamaica," the organisation continued, noting "Their lives are here in the UK. Everyone we have spoken to has British family, children and partners, even grandchildren and extended family."

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  • Jamaican Government sell wi out' ...Deportees furious after returning to the island this morning


    Approximately 42 deported Jamaicans arrived at the Mobile Reserve on South Camp Road in St Andrew from the United Kingdom this morning where they were processed. 

    With family members, bystanders and the media converging at the location, the deportees masked their faces, and some even threatened reporters with violence.

    The consensus among the deportees seems to be that the Government of Jamaica has sold them out.

    Seon Clarke, who had been living in the United Kingdom for over five years, was furious when he spoke to STAR Online.

    “The Jamaican Government is selling us out. Dem tek 20 grand fi each head, and these governments in these countries are using racism to deal with us,” said Clarke, admitting that he was charged for possession of marijuana while living in the United Kingdom. 

    Another deportee, who asked not to be named, said, “Jamaica sell  wi out,” before he was whisked away in a car.

    STAR Online learnt that only 20 families showed up to receive the 42 deportees.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade said in a statement that it was aware of the planned deportation of the 42 Jamaicans by way of a chartered flight. The ministry said that the Ministry of National Security advised that such flights have been used for this purpose for several years. 

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  • Triple murder in Spanish Town [Graphic Image]

    Three men were killed in a shooting incident in Thompson Pen, St Catherine on Sunday at around 12:30 p.m.

    Earlier in the day, there were reports of heavy shooting in the vicinity of Thompson Pen Main Road between Lauriston main entrance and the Brooklyn area.

    A fourth person was also injured in the attack.

    According to resident reports, the shooting incident may be a  “reprisal killing” as another man was allegedly killed in Jones Avenue at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday while coming from a street dance.

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  • Marvin’s Wife Says Both Him & DHQ Nickeisha ROBBED her! [MUST SEE POST]

    Lisa, the estranged wife of Marvin The Beast has accused the popular dancer and his new girlfriend DHQ Nickeisha of theft.

    Lisa was left furious Monday morning after she allegedly couldn’t find her belongings as she was packing for her vacation in Cuba“(Money Beast, Marvin The Beast & DHQ Nickeisha), yall stars & (travelling) with my f**king suitcases to Guyana,” She wrote


    “Wtf…. (I’m) here looking for my stuff to pack for Cuba & u stunting coming (out) the airport in my sh*t… nah yall beyond (ruthless),” she added.

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  • BREAKING NEWS: 19 Y-Old Hangs Self In Portland!

    The body of a teen was discovered  early this morning hanging from a tree inside his backyard, in the district of Fairy Hill, Portland. The deceased whose name is Tradane was only 19yrs old.

    It’s alleged that he told a few friends in a whatsapp group of his plans to commit suicide, but no one really took his threats serious. I was sent a photo of what Tradane used as hiswhatsapp photo profile (photo below).

    Apparently the teen was expressing feelings of depression for awhile now, as recent as yesterday evening. But no one believed that he would’ve taken his own life.The signs are there parents and friends.


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