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  • Moncrieffe Bloodbath! Employee Kills Boss Over Non Payment Of NHT Contributions

    Sources have confirmed that a former employee, employed to Moncrieffe’s Patio Shop attacked his bosses after he found out that they were failing to make payments to the NHT after deducting money from his salary for years.

    The employee was said to have worked with the Moncrieffe’s since he left school.
    He was said to be in the process of buying a house through the NHT; however when he visited the NHT offices he was told there was no records of any contribution made in his name.The employee visited the Moncrieffe’s 2 times to ascertain why money taken from his salary was not being paid over to the NHT. Sources say he was fired.

    He returned on Friday for a meeting which went south when he learnt that there was no money forthcoming. In a bloody, murderous rampage at Moncrieffe’s Patio Shop at 471/4 Old Hope Road, St Andrew, co-founder Barbara Moncrieffe was killed; her husband, Vassell, as well as cousins – 19-year-old Jadene Wilson, acting assistant manager, and 18-year-old Jenelle Roach, acting secretary – seriously injured.


    The police were unable to give details of the incidentbut people who claimed to be eye witnesses said the male employee went to the business place on Old HopeRoad in StAndrew around 12:30 pm where an altercation ensued.

    According to Director of Bogues Brothers Industries LimitedArthur Bogueswhosebusiness is right beside Moncrieffe’s Patio Shophe initially was unaware of the incident,

    but soon sensed that things wereamiss.

    I’m a justice of the peace in thisareaand when I came backfrom lunchI  passed and I sawa group outside the shopitdidn’t looked like the usualgroupI saw a communitymember limping around thereand I asked if everything okaybut nobody said anythingso Iwent to my office,” Bogues toldthe Jamaica Observer.

    Bogues stated that by the time he reached overhe saw Moncrieffe’s wifewhohe saidlooked like she had already diedon a piece of board being taken fromthe building.

    He said from what he understoodMoncrieffe was dealt a blow to the head by apiece ofpipe and his wife assaulted by a hammer.

    Bogues said the two injured women worked as secretaries with theMoncrieffe’s establishment.

    When me come overme see Mr Moncrieffe a di door a hold di door and blooda flow fromhimI was going to assist him to a car when he said ‘nono‘, hiswife is in the office and itseem like she deadso him know from then that shemight be dead,” the man stated.

    The Moncrieffes lost their Kingston home to an electrical fire sometime last year.

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  • Man who murdered his common-law wife is posting on his Facebook that he's sorry [See What Was Posted]

    Phillip Brown the man who killed his common-law wife Thursdays posted on his Facebook account less that 24 hours that he's sorry and going to turn himself in after the body of his common-law wife was found wrapped in a tarpaulin in gully near the Crystal Towers Apartment complex 

     Detectives assigned to the St Andrew Central Police Division have listed 29-year-old Phillip Brown of Crystal Towers, Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, as wanted.

    The police reported earlier that Wilson’s body was found about 9:05 am.

    The police are asking anyone knowing his whereabouts to contact the Half-Way-Tree Police Station at 926-2551, police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311, or the nearest police station.


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  • BREAKING: UK 'deportees' being processed, fed after controversial flight to Kingston

    Nearly 50 Jamaica-born individuals are being processed and fed by personnel at the Mobile Reserve headquarters in Kingston on Wednesday.

    The deportees, forcibly removed from the United Kingdom and returned to their homeland by plane on Wednesday morning, arrived around 10:30 am at the Norman Manley International Airport.

    Speaking with Loop News, immigration officials disclosed that, after processing, the deported individuals will be released.

    Dozens of men and women were observed at the processing area, some with as many as five suitcases.

    The controversial deportation flight triggered protest in London on Tuesday, with at least one migration support organisation describing it as racist.

    Unity Centre, a migration support organisation based in Glasgow, said in a statement, that it spoke to more than 50 of the passengers who were booked on the flight, all of whom came to the UK as children and have failed to regularise their immigration status over the years.  

    "In the last few weeks, hundreds of individuals previously released on bail and temporary admission have been detained, in a deliberate act to prepare for this charter flight to Jamaica," Unity Centre said in a press release.

    "Many individuals have ongoing immigration cases and most cannot afford to pay the huge legal fees to regularise their stay. Everyone we have spoken to has been here since they were children and have no family or friends in Jamaica," the organisation continued, noting "Their lives are here in the UK. Everyone we have spoken to has British family, children and partners, even grandchildren and extended family."

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  • Jamaican Government sell wi out' ...Deportees furious after returning to the island this morning


    Approximately 42 deported Jamaicans arrived at the Mobile Reserve on South Camp Road in St Andrew from the United Kingdom this morning where they were processed. 

    With family members, bystanders and the media converging at the location, the deportees masked their faces, and some even threatened reporters with violence.

    The consensus among the deportees seems to be that the Government of Jamaica has sold them out.

    Seon Clarke, who had been living in the United Kingdom for over five years, was furious when he spoke to STAR Online.

    “The Jamaican Government is selling us out. Dem tek 20 grand fi each head, and these governments in these countries are using racism to deal with us,” said Clarke, admitting that he was charged for possession of marijuana while living in the United Kingdom. 

    Another deportee, who asked not to be named, said, “Jamaica sell  wi out,” before he was whisked away in a car.

    STAR Online learnt that only 20 families showed up to receive the 42 deportees.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade said in a statement that it was aware of the planned deportation of the 42 Jamaicans by way of a chartered flight. The ministry said that the Ministry of National Security advised that such flights have been used for this purpose for several years. 

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  • Mother and daughters killed in Hanover identified

    Adanique Cunningham and her two daughters, Jayanna Coote, 7, and Shanique Coote, 4.

    The police have revealed the identities of the woman and her two young daughters who were slain in Hanover on Wednesday morning.

    The deceased have been identified as 39-year-old Adanique Cunningham and her daughters, Jayanna Coote, 7, and Shanique Coote, 4, all of Green Island in the parish.

    Reports are that about 7:00 a.m., the two girls' parents had a dispute at the father's home, and the altercation developed into a fight.

    A machete was reportedly brought into play, and the woman and her two daughters were chopped to death.

    The alleged 61-year-old machete wielder was subsequently taken into police custody.



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