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  • The Demon Wanted For March Pen Road Massacre


    Detectives from St. Catherine North Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) have listed 40-year-old Marvin Campbell, otherwise called ‘Fat Man’, ‘Bigga’, ‘Pastor’ and ‘Fitzroy Campbell’ as wanted.
    He is of a March Pen, Spanish Town address and is said to frequent the Shelter Rock, Greater Portmore, Dela-Vega City, Quarry Hill, Lakes Pen and New Nursery communities all in St. Catherine.
    Campbell is of dark complexion, stout build and is about 155 centimetres (5 feet 1 inch) tall.
    He is wanted for incest.
    Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Marvin Campbell is being asked to contact the Spanish Town Police at 984-2305, CIB headquarters at 922-2380 Police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311, or the nearest Police Station.


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  • Breaking News: JLP Supporter Crushed To Death By Truck In Portland (Gruesome Pic)

    This is the horrific moment a young girl was knocked over and crushed to death under the wheels of a truck as she walked across the road.

    the truck driver waiting in a queue of traffic moving slowly forward over the pedestrian crossing in broad daylight in portland.

    The young girl , 21, can be seen walking across the road, apparently expecting the truck driver to have seen her.

    But as she strolls in front of the vehicle, the driver continues on, knocking her forward before she disappears under the wheels.

    Even when the driver lorry bounces into the air as it rides over her, the driver fails to stop and then disappears from the scene, leaving the young girl lying in a pool of blood in the road.

    See Pic Below:


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  • Gully queens' recruit young boy ... father tries to rescue 14-y-o living among gays

    Image result for Gully queens

    Detective Inspector at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), Claudette Hepburn, has confirmed that at least a handful of minors are living among homosexuals in gullies in the Corporate Area.

    Hepburn says although CISOCA has received reports and acted on them, the minors always manage to elude the police.

    She noted that the police are wary about how they approach retrieving the minors.

    “These are children that we are dealing with. I can't send officers to run in the gully along with these men, these men are quite dangerous. Also, we don't want it to be said that the police are using force on them because they are of a different lifestyle. CISOCA never discriminates,” she continued.

    She mentioned an incident where a father journeyed from Clarendon to retrieve his son who was lured to the gully by an individual he contacted online.

    The police, along with the father, tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the youngster.

    “The police assisted the father down there on two occasions. The last occasion, when the police was there, the little boy came out of the gully and said 'Daddy', and by the time the father said 'Son, why yu do that to me', the little boy ran right back into the gully,” Hepburn said.

    She is concerned that if parents are not more vigilant about how they allow their kids to surf the web, it could lead to dire consequences.

    She acknowledged that it would take a collaborative effort between CISOCA, parents and corporate groups for children to be removed from the gully and adults who are sex offenders to be brought to justice.

    “If we get the minors who are willing to give statements, we will take action. And if they are not willing to give the statements, I am going to put them before the Family Court as children in need of care and protection,” she said.


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  • 7 Star General La Lewis Living Conditions XPOSED! [MUST SEE IMAGES]

    7 Star General La Lewis Living Conditions XPOSED!


    “Met look how di bwoy LA Lewis Mashup mi family house. Them go to Jamaica the other day and di bwoy and him babymother lock out mi family out of the yard him call all police and the police tell him that him bright fi lock the people dem out off them yard. Met look how the man deal with the place dirty house and a walk round a brag,him get notice and don’t want to get out but him and his family dem a guh get bailiff.People can Suh nasty and a walk round a brag. Delacre Rd off Waltham park rd.”


    “This chatty chatty man really live like this”

    “so ah desso deh 7 star general live:(no sir!”

    “a mussi him a de fish weh sleep inna dat dutty tank nightly,luk all pon the damn floor my word….den unu really lease/rent out unu place tuh legal mad ppl?!?!?”

    “but from u see LA Lewis him have a sour smell bad look so tbh I’m not SUPRISED that his habitat looks and smell just like him”











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  • JUST IN: Delus Made Video Of Him Holding Gun To His Head

    Delus Made Video

    Delus Made Video Of Him Holding Gun To His Head


    According to information gathered, recording artiste Delmark Spence Jr popularly known as Delus sent a video of himself holding a gun to his head moments before he committed suicide.

    The amateur video was sent by the recording artiste to his girlfriend, after which – she ran to the house to try and stop him. However, her attempts were proved to be futile as he was already confirmed dead upon her arrival.

    Eye witnesses said that they saw when Delus’ girlfriend got home at about 7 p.m. and ran towards the house screaming “No! No! No!”.

    The deceased house is located across the road from Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship studios where dancehall artiste Laden was currently celebrating his birthday.

    His younger brother Konshens was on the scene in a state of shock, while the police officers processed the scene and removed the body found in a bath tub with a single gun shot wound to the head.

    Since the news broke about his death, online users have been speculating that the suicide was a result of Delus discovering that he was not the father of his child. While others including Dancehall artiste Khago theorised that he may have contracted a deadly sexual disease.


    No official motives for the suicide has been released by the police at this time.


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