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  • Deportees stranded! No family, friends to meet some kicked out of the UK

    A large crowd gathered yesterday outside Harmon Barracks at Mobile Reserve, family members among them, awaiting the release of just over 30 Jamaicans who were deported from the United Kingdom.

    Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area 4, Devon Watkis, told journalists at a press briefing on the compound that 32 Jamaicans, including six women, were sent back on a chartered flight. He said a woman, who was identified by the UK press only as ‘Sophia’, who had been separated from her three children since October, was not among those deported because of “litigating” issues.

    The deportees arrived in the island shortly before 1:00 pm at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston where they were met by a team from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, a team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a group from non-governmental organisations, before being transported to Harmon Barracks.

    Yesterday, some family members waited with bated breath to see relatives, some of whom left the island as children, while others, who had no ties to the island, were met by hustlers waiting to provide phone calls and accommodation.

    Sherene Dean-Collins, her son Laffihama Morgan and his infant son Raheem were among those waiting outside the facility where the deportees were being processed. The woman and her son were awaiting the release of her younger son, François Somers.

    Dean-Collins told the Jamaica Observer that her son was being deported because of immigration issues. Those issues, the Observer learnt, involved domestic violence. Somers, 22, left Jamaica when he was eight years old.

    “Mi nuh really feel nuh way about it. A fi dem country and a fi dem rights. Mi nuh really know how the immigration system stay so we have to just work with what dem do. Him never get a criminal case yet enuh but dem just a deport him,” Morgan said, adding that his main concern is that his brother does not know Jamaica.

    Others who had no family members or friends to meet them were perplexed about their next move. Some were assisted by a woman who gave her name as ‘Tasha’. She told journalists that she has been assisting deportees for the past five years.

    “Mi come over here come help dem when dem come. Mi give them a phone call so that dem relative can come pick dem up. Yuh affi help people because yuh nuh know what can reach you [as] a three children mi have,” she said.

    Tasha, who lives across from Mobile Reserve, said her earnings from helping are on and off. She would not disclose how much she is paid for a call on her cellphone but said that “some come without a dollar” and she still allowed them to phone family members.

    Several hustlers openly cursed journalists and camera crews, arguing that they were not getting any business because deportees were not stopping for fear of being captured on camera.

    Several exited the processing centre with rags, towels, and shirts covering their faces, while some used the infamous chequered bags, carrying their belongings to hide their faces.

    One woman, who had been in the UK for 16 years, while hiding her face, shouted that she was coming home to her “big house”. The woman said she was not successful in getting “straight” because her application had been denied several times. She added that the “customary” way of getting married to a citizen to then gain citizenship could not be done because she was already married. She left in a waiting motor car.

    Meanwhile, several refused to leave the compound insisting that journalists had to first leave, while a handful strutted through the gates noting that they were not criminals and had nothing to be ashamed of.

    The Observer asked one man if he was being treated satisfactorily while at the detention centre to which he responded, “I wasn’t there.” Asked where he was, he shouted “home” to the amusement of the crowd gathered.

    ACP Watkis, who said that there was an initial projection of more than 32 Jamaicans, said that those being deported had committed criminal acts and immigration offences.

    “Where it has become necessary to identify and ensure the monitoring of any individual, and that is determined based on the nature of the allegation against them, there are established processes both legal and law enforcement-initiated and in all instances they will and have been applied,” he said.

    Up to press time, Watkis told the Observer that some were still being processed and that none had so far been identified with outstanding criminal records here.


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  • JUST IN: Delus Made Video Of Him Holding Gun To His Head

    Delus Made Video

    Delus Made Video Of Him Holding Gun To His Head


    According to information gathered, recording artiste Delmark Spence Jr popularly known as Delus sent a video of himself holding a gun to his head moments before he committed suicide.

    The amateur video was sent by the recording artiste to his girlfriend, after which – she ran to the house to try and stop him. However, her attempts were proved to be futile as he was already confirmed dead upon her arrival.

    Eye witnesses said that they saw when Delus’ girlfriend got home at about 7 p.m. and ran towards the house screaming “No! No! No!”.

    The deceased house is located across the road from Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship studios where dancehall artiste Laden was currently celebrating his birthday.

    His younger brother Konshens was on the scene in a state of shock, while the police officers processed the scene and removed the body found in a bath tub with a single gun shot wound to the head.

    Since the news broke about his death, online users have been speculating that the suicide was a result of Delus discovering that he was not the father of his child. While others including Dancehall artiste Khago theorised that he may have contracted a deadly sexual disease.


    No official motives for the suicide has been released by the police at this time.


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  • Young woman lost her life over a cell phone, body found in suitcase! [GRUESOME IMAGE]

    The decomposing body of an unidentified woman discovered  on Saturday October 8, 2016 in the Rockfort area of Kingston is of Natasha Guy aka “Nika”, 18 years old. She was found in a black suitcase.

    Based on reports carried out and information received the now deceased left home to an undisclosed location and did not return. Efforts made to contact her by telephone  proved futile.

    The police was alerted and on their arrival at the scene the body of the now deceased was seen in a black suitcase. Rumor has it that Nika might have lost her life over a cellular phone given to her by another female.




    No one knows if the female and Nika were involved or just friends, but all rumors are suggesting that the “butch” might have some knowledge about her murder.


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  • Congresswoman urges Caribbean nationals to apply for citizenship before December 23

    Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke is urging Caribbean nationals who want to file immigration applications and petitions to submit them before December 23, 2016, when several fees will increase.

    Citizenship confers enormous benefits, such as the right to vote, that allow people an opportunity to enjoy the full blessings of American life.

    It relieves and protects those lacking citizenship status, resident foreign nationals, from the fear that any interaction with the law enforcement officials or the court system could result in deportation proceedings and a forced separation from loved ones,” said Clarke, the daughter of the Jamaican born councilor Dr. Una Clarke.

    “Citizenship makes it possible to fully enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. As the daughter of parents who came to the United States from the nation of Jamaica and the representative of a community that includes immigrants from around the world, I am hopeful that individuals who are eligible to apply for citizenship will complete the required paperwork and submit their forms before fees increase on December 23.”

    She said her staff stands ready to assist interested individuals by inquiring about the status of pending applications as well as provide references to local organizations that assist in completing the application process and paperwork.

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  • A 32 Year Old Mother of 3 Hangs Self After Husband Cheated


    A 32-year-old woman was found hanging outside her home yesterday in St. Thomas.

    Catherine Edwards, also known as Nancy, was a stay at home mom with 3 children, Monica the eldest, age 14, Dwayne Age 9 and a 11 month old baby. It is alleged that she had an arguement with her baby father over an ongoing affair with a co-worker of his.

    Several nights ago, an arguement ensued between the two, where Catherine was physically abused by her baby father and hasn’t been seen since. Catherine told several neighbours that she cannot live without him and would kill herself. Unfortunately no one took her seriously.

    The mother of three was reportedly discovered by her eldest child at about 6:30 A.M. hanging by a rope from a nearby tree.

    Police are investigating.


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