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Serial 'taxi' robbers narrowly escape police dragnet

The two men who are suspected to be behind a series of recent robberies across the Corporate Area that involved them posing as a typical 'robot' taxi operation, narrowly escaped a police dragnet on Wednesday.

Acting on information, a police team spotted a motorcar with the men on board, and ended up seizing the vehicle after it crashed during a high-speed chase in the Olympic Gardens area.

However, the men managed to escape their pursuers.

The seized vehicle is a Nissan Tiida motorcar, which was reportedly rented by the men, based on information from the owner of the vehicle, who was questioned by the police on Wednesday.

The men had apparently switched from the Mazda Demio car that was previously being used to rob unsuspecting passengers who entered the illegal 'taxi'.

Reports were that early on Wednesday morning, the two men robbed a man who boarded the Tiida, in the Cassia Park Road area.

The victim made a report to the Half-Way Tree police, and an alert put out for the changed vehicle.

A few hours later, the robbers were spotted in the process of abducting another passenger, and the vehicle was intercepted by the St Andrew South Police in Olympic Gardens.

The driver reportedly disobeyed the police's signal to stop, resulting in a chase, during which the vehicle crashed and was seized, and the men escaped.                     


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