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Seven months later, St Ann mother still searching for daughter

Stacey-Ann Williams has been missing since April.

“Where is Mummy?… Mi want Mummy.” This is the daily cry of a four-year-old girl, whose mother has been missing for over seven months.  

Stacey-Ann Williams of Harrison Town, near Ocho Rios in St Ann, went missing on April 27 and has not been heard from since by her family members or friends. 

Despite her whereabouts being unknown for several months, her mother, Beverly Wright is hopeful that her daughter will be found one day. 

“We hear nothing at all, but me nah give up. Mi still have hope that she still out there… Every night I go to my bed I pray and I beg God to make her come back home to her family especially her daughter,” Ms Wright disclosed in an interview with Loop News on Tuesday. 

The 22-year-old woman, whose birthday was on November 5, was last seen on Thursday morning, April 27. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a black blouse, blue pants and black shoes. 

Ms Wright explained that when she last spoke to her daughter on that morning, Williams indicated that she was going to pick up her uniform for a school she had recently been accepted into. She was also to visit the bank to pay the fees for the school.  However, her daughter, who is one of four children she has, disappeared on that day and has not been heard from since. 

“I know mi daughter not going away leave her daughter like that. She never go away leave so long and not call me or her father. She never do that. That’s why me know something wrong with her somewhere out there,” Ms Wright said. 

She admitted that her daughter’s disappearance has taken its toll on her. 

“It stress me… Mi blood pressure up and down, mi hardly eating, mi losing a lot of weight and mi inna whole heap a stress,” she disclosed.   

Ms Wright also indicated that her daughter’s four-year-old child has also been affected as she has hardly been sleeping. The little girl also has repeatedly asked to see her mother. 

“Even when she (her granddaughter) come around she asking me where her mother is,” she revealed. 

In the meantime, despite the police having told Ms Wright that they are probing her daughter’s disappearance, she contended that it would “seem that they are not investigating.” 

“Everyday mi look on her house lock up and it just stress me. When mi and her were here, we sit down like sisters, run jokes, watch TV, cook and we eat,” she reminisced, sadly. 

Ms Wright is still continuing her appeal for anyone with information on the whereabouts of her daughter, Stacey-Ann Williams to contact her at 430-0906, the Ocho Rios police or the nearest police station. 


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