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Shot fired at windshield wiper hits female motorist in Liguanea

Screenshot of a video showing an alleged eyewitness in Liguanea, St Andrew detailing his account of an incident which left a woman nursing gunshot wounds.

Police are now in Liguanea, St Andrew following a shooting incident which left a woman nursing gunshot wounds.

Details are still unclear at this time but reports are that sometime on Thursday morning, explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Sovereign Centre, and the woman was subsequently found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

When contacted by Loop News, police confirmed the shooting but could not immediately provide further details.

But while the lawmen attempt to gather more information, a windscreen wiper who plies his trade in the area has alleged that he was target of the shooting.

The man claimed that a licensed firearm holder became incensed at him and subsequently chased and fired wildly at him.

"He ran me down and selected his gun and fired it... it whistles across my ear and ended up hitting the woman," he said in a video making the rounds online.

Another windscreen wiper supported his claim in an interview with Loop News.

“The man was approached by the man who wipes windows and after an argument, he pulled his firearm,” the alleged eyewitness said.

The alleged eyewitness said the woman was inadvertently hit by gunfire while heading out of a business place.




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