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The Face Of A Murderer! Wanted For The Murder Of JC Student!

Look out for the murderer 

The deceased has been identified as 14-year-old Nicholas Francis.

Francis was reportedly on a Toyota Coaster bus, travelling along Old Hope Road, when a man demanded his phone.

After resisting the man's demand, the boy was reportedly stabbed in the chest and hand. He was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was pronounced dead.

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  • michael Added Coward act
  • Peejay the original Added The deaf needs taken out. He doesn't deserve free housing he needs to be 6 ft under ground
  • Anna Added I would torture his ass for years me Nash kill him one time. I am so angry God knows I would hurt this boy.
  • berry Added A him fingers dem fi chop off first and dig out him eye ball an nuh stop torcher him make him beg fi him own death damn shit out all him should a dash way in a fucking condom
  • Tlc Added Look hw di bwoy big to a a small youth n thats what u do stab the youth over him own things b4 u go tek fuck inna u batty if a hype phone u want.
  • Culture Added Dead man walking, if a Westmorland them chop him up long time, police scrap up his clath with shovel!
  • Jaky Added This son of a bitch need to put into a drum of boiling tar and cook like there's no tomorrow, them just a murder people pickney who have future to be the next prime minister,doctor or lawyer,but the no good mother fuck who should have died when their mother was giving birth to them,fuckin parasite,him Fi die slowly, should be protecting the child instead, , damn murderer and is not the first the bitch do it,fuckin face of evil,
  • Melissa Added Waist fish boy don't worry cah your sarrows days a bitter bout the first u kill Nicholas fi I'm own phone you buddy go a prison fi go eat tax pays money a shit you fi eat and a lethal injection pump in a your neck make the hold a Jamaica a watch you a die swoly but surely drango.
  • Determined Added Yes Gawayne. I feel you!!
  • Stacy-ann Added Just one injection and let him die slowly. Wicked pussyole boy go look wuk

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