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Two Jamaicans make false claims as Grenfell Tower fire victims

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Two Jamaicans, a man and a woman, pleaded guilty to fraud today following reports that they falsely claimed that they lived in the Grenfell Tower in London that caught fire in June last year.

Elaine Douglas, 51, and Tommy Brooks, 52 reportedly received £125,000 after they claimed they were Grenfell victims and had been staying with friends on the night of the fire.


According to Sky News, Douglas has been housed at a hotel in Kensington for 276 nights at a cost of just over £55,000 and after complaining about the food in the hotel, she was given a pre-paid credit card, running up charges of more than £11,000.


She reportedly had a pre-paid Oyster card so she could travel free of charge.


In the meantime, Brooks spent 243 nights in hotel accommodation, costing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea more than £49,000.


He racked up charges of £9,000 on a pre-paid credit card and was also given an Oyster card.


The accommodation, plus financial support, added up to £67,125.35 for Douglas and £58,396.89 for Brooks.


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